LoK: A journey to remember

This story is written by storly on wattpad.

It is not completed as of right now, and there will be a slight delay for the chapters to be posted here so check them out on

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Author notes/ Bio

I'm doing this since there aren't that many of them out there and the ones out there are good like electrical conduit and dual benders but those are quite dark not saying it's a bad thing... please don't leave.

Anyway, this is a Korra x OC fanfic duh I'm not going to make the reader overpowered or have a dark and gritty past because I can't do that also I don't have a brain big enough to think of anything.

Also, the OC's casual wear consists of a blue shirt, black jeans and a light blue jacket no hood.

Name: Nathan

Age: 16

well, that's it sees you tomorrow or 3 hours from now k bye.