2. Diagon Alley

Mr. Wong returned as jolly as ever that weekend to bring Sypriana out school shopping, just as he promised. And he wasn't alone. Holding her father's hand was a little girl Sypriana's age with a large grin and baby fat cheeks that hit the bottom of her large frames. Her name was Elixyvette, Lizzy for short, and both girls had hit it off rather quickly, sharing their excitement over their acceptance into Hogwarts.

Mrs. Marchesi was the only one not as enthusiastic about the gathering, watching Mr. Wong with narrowed eyes. She hadn't yet forgiven him for turning her into a monkey. And fortunately for Sypriana who'd much rather spend her day without her mother hovering over her, Mrs. Marchesi decided to sit out on this outing. Sypriana had let out a breath of relief she hadn't realized she was holding when her mother gave her some spending money and told her to have fun and to take care of herself.

"Where are we going?" Sypriana asked Mr. Wong once her mother retired to the kitchen. Over the week, Sypriana had looked over the list of school equipment she would need, and honestly she had no idea where she'd get a wand or a cauldron — her mother had scoffed at the "absurd list" and wondered out loud if the school intended on its students shopping for supplies at the costume shop.

"The heart of the wizarding London, my dear, Diagon Alley," Mr. Wong answered.

"Diagonally?" Sypriana blinked, quite confused why the heart of wizarding London would be on a slant. "How will we get there?" She wondered if wizards and witches drove cars — maybe their roads were on a diagonal too.

Mr. Wong chuckled and held out his hands. "I'll show you."

"Not side-along apparition again…" Elixyvette pouted but nevertheless took her father's hand. Sypriana followed the girl's example.

All of the sudden, everything went black, and all directions pressed hard against Sypriana. It felt as if she were being forced through a very tight rubber tube. Then, the pressure lifted, and Sypriana was standing in an alcove on a twisting cobblestone path. Her sickly feeling of needing to throw up was soon replaced by excited curiosity.

An assortment of small stores and restaurants lined the winding path — some stores sold robes while some sold strange silver instruments Sypriana had never seen before, the store she stood next to had a stack of shiny cauldrons just outside its door, and there was a lot of hooting coming from a dark shop with a window lined with cages of owls — and towering over the other small shops was a large white building with bronze doors with a little goblin doorman wearing a uniform of red and gold.

Mr. Wong smiled at his Muggle-born ward's amazement. "Welcome to Diagon Alley."

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