6. The Classes

The first few weeks navigating the school were like trying to escape a living maze. The many, many staircases in the school frequently moved around and would lead to different destinations every few days. Some doors wouldn't open unless you knew a certain trick while other doors weren't really doors at all. It took a while for Sypriana, even with her great memory, to remember where everything was.

Once or twice, she had run into the old pasty caretaker, Filch, and his equally terrible cat, the scrawny Mrs. Norris — one time, their bulging eyes had landed on Sypriana when she couldn't find her way to the History of Magic class, and they seemed ready to go off on her when Professor Longbottom appeared and escorted her the rest of the way.

Sypriana loved cats, but she understood why a bunch of her fellow housemates wanted to give Mrs. Norris a good kick — she herself wouldn't mind tripping Filch down a few flight of stairs.

Yet, despite these small setbacks, Sypriana absolutely loved Hogwarts, and unlike her math and English classes at her old school, she absolutely enjoyed each of her classes here — she even found Professor Binns' long-winded lectures to be entertaining, sketching out major events as the ghost droned on in class.

The late Wednesday night astronomy classes meant waking up on Thursday mornings completely knackered, but learning the names of the stars and studying the movement of the planets made the rough morning worth it — on those nights, Sypriana felt as though she were inside of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Herbology was one of the more interesting classes as it was the only class taught by two teachers. Professor Sprout and Professor Longbottom played off each other very well, so seamlessly in fact that it seemed like they were a comedic duo at times. The greenhouse was almost never without laughter, and Sypriana found she rather much enjoyed learning how to take care of plants and herbs almost as much as she liked drawing them.

Then, there was Professor Flitwick who was the Charms professor and Elixyvette's Head of House. He was a tiny little wizard — being part-goblin accounted for his short statue — who had to stand on a pile of books to see over his desk and to keep eye contact with his sitting students.

When Sypriana first entered the Transfiguration classroom, she was surprised to find a cat sitting at the professor's desk. She was even more surprised when that cat turned into Headmistress McGonagall! At first, Sypriana preferred the headmistress as a cat because, as a human, Professor McGonagall was very strict and often worn a stern face. However, as time went on, Sypriana found that McGonagall was a very caring old woman who remembered every detail about her students.

Even older than McGonagall was Professor Slughorn, the Potions Master and Head of Slytherin House — he seemed ancient in comparison to the other professors. Sypriana didn't like him much because he played favorites — it was obvious he ignored students like her who did not come from a prominent family. Though he did not hold any blood prejudice because certainly there were a few Muggle-born wizards and witches he favored, he seemed to gravitate towards students like Elixyvette who had a parent working in the ministry.

While Slughorn was looking for a replacement so that he could retire, Madam Hooch, who was very likely pushing a hundred years of age, was still very nimble for her age and refused to hear a word about her retirement. She flew around almost carelessly, showing off to the first years she taught. Under Madam Hooch's tutelage, Sypriana took to flying very quickly, one of the first in her house to get the broom to rise, and found that flying felt as grand as it did in her dreams — though she was forbidden from doing any crazy tricks, she loved the feeling of the wind in her long curls. She wondered how high she could fly and if she could fly higher than Icarus before needing to return to the ground.

Finally, the very last class, Defense Against the Dark Arts, was the most interesting in Sypriana's opinion. Unlike other children, Sypriana had loved learning about the occult as a small child, and now she found out vampires and werewolves, even hags and gnomes, were indeed very real creatures! Professor Brindlemore was a great storyteller — she always had a story or two about whatever magical creature she was lecturing on. Sypriana often wondered if Professor Brindlemore was as old as Professor Slughorn or Madam Hooch, but since Professor Brindlemore kept the hood of her cloak on constantly, Sypriana couldn't tell.

Sharing the class with Slytherin House also made Defense Against the Dark Arts more fun — it would seem that, no matter whether with blood prejudice or not, the houses of Slytherin and Gryffindor would always be at odds with each other. And indeed, Sypriana would often be caught up in the competition, trying to outdo her Slytherin classmates by answering as many questions as she possibly could.

Sypriana didn't know when it happened, but Hogwarts slowly but surely became home to her. Just as magic flowed through her veins, Hogwarts was very much a part of her.

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