My love has not yet realised that in this universe, the Shamed Ones and the Domains were family clans with many more races absorbed into them and their culture. Similar to the ancient Scots, Gauls, Mongol Empire, and Irish. Some Domains were more powerful than others. In addition to this family structure, the Yuuzhan Vong also employed a caste based system which included respective castes for warriors, shapers, priests, intendants and workers. Love affairs between two different castes was considered forbidden. In fact, domain loyalties ran deep. Except where my love' secretions proved much more powerful. Q planned on my love losing everybody, for revenge, but my greater self, knew what that one would do. Yuuzhan Vong children were raised in caste-specific crèches by designated caretakers, and likely did not know their biological parents until they were older. And again my loves biological breeding formed rebel groups into all the Domains and castes. The shamed ones started to follow him as their God on the mortal plan. Especially as they could use the Force(Magic).

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My love chose thirteen, for him, the girls, and myself. In this way, we became a family Domain. We all trained and he used my android body to procreate and unknown to him, to store up semen and other bodily secretions for later use. Our children are mainly myself made more of. One year to be breedable. My conscious in all of us, as we cannot be made indestructible as we are a biological Soong-Type Synthetic intelligence Android-lifeform construct with a positronic brain. We can be detected as a cyborg. By the time he and the girls were eighteen, we had over thirty three of us. We found that it was the majority of our mothers race that put our Harry into this universe of this multiverse. Probably in the hopes he would go insane.

Our mother planned it well, he loves us, but she implanted a disconnect for him, in our deaths. But it seems that he will always make sure one of us is alive, no matter what. He found a way to regenerate our bodies using the stone. So as long as one of our brains survive, we will survive for him and his girls. We lost half of us infiltrating the 'Vong', but we have hid one of us in a lifeless system under stasis, just in case. It should not take more than another twenty years, before we have conquered and freed the 'Vong' culture and species. We are rotating our sleeping sister every five years to stay current with our lovely master. We have realised that the Celestial had cheated and made our master the Chosen of Death. Maybe not Master, but Avatar.