Secret Lessons

Chapter 1

Harry and Hermione were walking through the halls, followed by glares and whispers that had become common place since his name came out of the Goblet of Fire. Hermione had badgered him into going to the library to look up spells that might be useful in the tournament, despite the fact that they didn't know what the first task would be. Just as they were cutting through the courtyard, He noticed Fleur Delacour breaking off from her friends, and marching over to them in a graceful, determined stride.

"I need to speak wiz you, in private." She demanded, standing in front of them.

Harry could feel the stares of his classmates on him and he desperately want to get out of there.

"Can this wait 'til later? I'm a bit busy right now." He said, hoping to find a way out of this.

He didn't know what Fleur wanted, and he didn't really care to find out either. She hadn't exactly been kind to him since coming to Hogwarts. Despite her obvious beauty, he had very little interest in spending any time with the haughty French girl.

"Non." She said, staring at him intently with her bright blue eyes, and crossing her arms under her rather impressive chest.

Harry sighed, knowing she wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Fine." He told her, then turned to Hermione who was busy glaring at Fleur with a disapproving frown. "I'll catch up with you in the library."

"Alright." Hermione said, turning away from Fleur. "Try not to take too long."

With one last glare, Hermione turned on her heel and left, pushing her way through the crowd of students that had gathered to stare at them. Noticing that the crowd had grown, and want to get out of there quickly, Harry motioned for Fleur to follow him as he made his way out of the courtyard. The crowd parted as they approached, gazing alternately between the two of them as they whispered to each other in curiosity. Once they were clear of the other students, and in an empty hallway, Harry stopped and turned to Fleur.

"What did you need?" He asked.

Fleur ignored his question and opened one of the doors along the hallway that led to a cramped broom cupboard. Harry watched her in confusion as she huffed, closed the door and tried the next one. That door led to a mostly empty room, with only an old, dust covered desk at one end.

"Een here." She told him, walking into the room without waiting for him.

Harry sighed in irritation and followed her. She closed the door behind him and cast a few quick spells on it, sealing it shut. Reaching into his pocket, he palmed his wand in suspicion. His worries proved unfounded though, as she pocketed her wand and turned to look at him.

"Ees eet true zhat you were able to zhrow off zhe Imperius curse?" She asked demandingly.

Harry furrowed his brow, wondering why she would ask him about that.

"Yeah." He said slowly.

"I need you to teach me 'ow to do eet." She said, tossing her hair over her shoulder.

"What!" Harry yelled incredulously.

"I need you to teach me 'ow to zhow off zhe Imperius curse." She repeated, glaring at him as if daring him to refuse.

"I don't know how to teach you how to do that. I don't even know how I do it." He explained. "Why don't you just ask Professor Moody? He can teach you."

"Zhat man geeves me zhe creeps." She said, crossing her arms over her protectively. "Non, you weel teach me."

"I don't even know how to teach someone how to throw it off." Harry said in frustration. "What do you expect me to do, just cast the Imperius curse on you until you can throw it off."

"Oui." She said, glaring at him defiantly. "Eef zhat's what eet takes."

"Are you insane!" He yelled angrily. "I'll be thrown in Azkaban if-"

Harry broke off as it clicked in his head.

"That's what you want, isn't it." He said, glaring at her accusingly. "You want me to use an Unforgivable on you so you can get me arrested and out of the Tournament."

Fleur scoffed at him. "I don't need to somezhing so disgraceful. I weel beat you, no matter 'ow much you cheat."

"I don't give a fuck about the tournament!" Harry yelled at her, striding passed her quickly towards the door.

Before he could reach the door, Fleur grabbed his by the arm and pulled him to a stop.

"Wait, s'il vous plait." She said, letting go of his arm and looking at him imploringly. "I need you to teach me."

"Why the hell is this so important to you anyways?" He asked, anger still burning through him.

Fleur hesitated for a moment before answering.

"Many Veela 'ave had zhat 'orrible curse used on zhem. When Monsuier Moody put me under zhat spell, I hated eet. I nevair want to be zhat 'elpless again." She said fiercely.

Harry sighed. "I don't even know how to cast the Imperius curse, or how I can throw it off, let alone how to teach you to do it."

"I 'ave done a lot of research on eet. I can 'elp you learn 'ow to cast eet." She told him.

Running a hand through his hair in frustration, Harry thought about what to do. He had enough on his plate as it was with the Tournament, classes, and trying to figure out who put his name in the Goblet. Plus, he still didn't trust that this wasn't some type of trick to get him in trouble. Her previous behavior hadn't exactly endeared her to him.

"On one condition." He said after a moment.

Fleur nodded and waited for him to speak.

"I want a vow that you won't tell anyone about what we're doing." He told her.

If she gave him a vow not to tell anyone, he could order her to do anything under the curse, and there was nothing she could do about it. Essentially, he would have complete control of her while she practiced throwing off the curse. He was sure she would refuse. Which is why he was extremely surprised when she raised her wand.

"I swear zhat I will nevair tell anyone about 'Arry Potter using zhe Imperius curse on me, or what 'e makes me do while I am under eet." She vowed, the tip of her wand glowing as Harry felt the magic take hold.

"Are you crazy?" He asked, disbelievingly. "You know this means I can make you do anything I want and there's nothing you can do about it, right?"

"Oui." She answered quietly, her cheeks going slightly pink for some reason.

"Bloody hell." Harry said, putting his face in his hands.

There was nothing for it, now, he thought. She'd given the vow and now he would have to help her.

"Fine." He said in a defeated tone, drawing his wand. "Let's get to work."

For the next half an hour, Harry practiced placing the Imperius curse on Fleur. His first attempt failed after less than a second, and his second wasn't much better. According to Fleur, the curse was fairly simple to use, you just needed to want to control someone. The problem was, having control was not something Harry was used to. Rarely had Harry ever had control over his own life, let alone someone else. It took him numerous tries, but eventually, he got the hang of it.

"Imperio." Harry said, his wand aimed at Fleur's chest.

There was no light, no sound, no indication at all that a spell had been cast, but Harry felt the magic take hold. Fleur's face went slack and her eyes glazed over after a brief struggle to gain control of her mind. It was odd, controlling another person. It wasn't like controlling an animated object, like he thought it would, where you had to maintain focus constantly to keep control. Strangely, it was much easier to control a person. It felt almost natural, once you got used to it, like controlling another limb that wasn't connected to your body. A simple thought was all it took to make Fleur do whatever it was he wanted. It made him feel powerful in a disturbing way, leaving him with a feeling of being dirty every time he cast the spell.


Fleur began to spin and twirl around the room with the skill and grace of a ballerina. Her light blue robes flared out from her body as she moved, giving him a glimpse of her long, stocking covered legs as she danced. No wonder she was always so cold if that was all she wore, Harry thought, even as he admired her toned legs. Harry forced her to keep dancing for a couple of minutes, but still felt no resistance to his commands. With a flick of his wand, he ended the curse and Fleur spun to a graceful stop, her face scrunched up in frustration.

"Did you hear it?" Harry asked, referring to the voice he heard in the back of his mind that helped him fight the curse.

"Non." She huffed. "All I 'ear ees your voice telling me what to do."

"You need to question it." He told her. "You can't fight it using magic, you need to use your mind. Think about why you're doing it, why you're listening to the voice. Once you question it, you sort of, push yourself back out of your mind and take control of your body again."

Fleur paced back and forth as she listened, a thoughtful frown on her face.

"Do you zhink eet would be easier for me to fight eet eef you told me to do somezhing I 'ated?" She asked.

"Probably, yeah." He said, looking at her curiously.

"Zhen you need to make me do zomezhing worse." She said with determination. "'Umiliate me, undress me, anyzhing eet takes. Zhe only zhing I ask ees zhat you do not touch me."

"Are you serious?" He asked incredulously.

"Oui." She said with certainty.

Harry shook his head, and sighed. "Fine." He said, spreading his arms and then dropping them to his sides.

"Whenever you're ready." He told her, taking his wand out of his pocket and holding it at his side.

Fleur closed her eyes and took a deep breath. He could feel her magic building like she was preparing for a fight. Harry knew it wouldn't help her, but he didn't say anything, thinking maybe whatever mental preparation she was doing would. Fleur opened her eyes and nodded at him. Harry raised his wand and aim it at her chest again.

"Imperio." He incanted.

The curse took hold of her mind easily, and Harry took a moment to think of what he should make her do.

Tell me about the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you.

"Once, when I was at a café een Paris, I was reading a romance book and lost control of my Allure." She admitted. "One of zhe boys in zhe café lost control. 'E walked up behind me and masturbated unteel 'e came all over my 'air."

Harry grimaced in disgust, wondering how some people could be so weak to lose control of themselves like that.

Tell me something that you don't want people to know.

"I like to put milk eento my bowl before the cereal." She in a dull voice.

Harry blinked, nonplussed by her answer.

"What?" He asked in confusion. "That's, pretty weird actually."

Harry paused, wondering what to do next. Fleur hadn't struggled at all at the questions, and he knew he needed to try something different. Maybe it's time to really push her, he thought.


Fleur began swaying her hips, a seductive smile on her lips as she raised her hands up and undid the clasp at her neck. Walking a few steps closer to him, so that she was within arm's reach, she undid the rows of five buttons that held the top together. The smooth, pale skin of her neck was revealed first, followed by her chest, and the top of her breasts as she opened the last button that rested right between her large breasts. Harry swallowed thickly as he watched her, reaching down to adjust his rapidly growing erection.

Spinning around so that her back was to him, Fleur swung her hair over one shoulder as she turned her head to look back at him. The long, slim fingers of one hand reached up and slid the robes off her shoulder, showing him the strap of her white bra. Grabbing the cuff of her sleeve, she pulled her arm up and out. With her now free hand, she pushed the robe of her other shoulder, pulled her arm out of the sleeve, and the top of her robes dropped to her waist. The white strap of her bra was the only thing that covered her otherwise bare torso.

Giving him a sexy smile, she slid her fingers under the robes at her waist, hooking her thumbs over the top. Popping her hips from side to side, she wiggled the robes down, over her wide hips while bending over at the waist. Slowly, inch after inch, Fleur pushed them down, exposing a pair of frilly white panties and the round, smooth cheeks of her bum. Once the robes reached her thighs, they fell to pool around her feet on the floor, her displaying her stocking covered legs. Straightening up, Fleur reaching behind her back and unclasped her bra.

Holding the bra to her chest with one arm, she turned around to face him again. First, she pulled one arm out of the shoulder strap, then the other, one arm always holding the cups of the bra to her chest. Once both arms were free, she gave him a teasing smile and pulled the bra away from her breasts, holding it out to the side before dropping it to the floor to join her robes. Harry stared as she revealed her large, perky breasts with pale pink areolas and hard nipples. He had to fight the urge to reach out and touch them, to see if they were as full and firm as they looked.

Sliding her hands into the waist band of her panties, she pushed them downed her legs, her breasts dangling beneath her as she bent over. As she stood back up, Harry looked down to see her shaved mound and the lips of her pussy, his cock twitching in his pants. Fleur stood in front of him completely naked except for the black stocking that covered her legs all the way to the top of her thighs. Harry spent several moments staring at her incredible body before he realized he needed to give her another order. At his command, Fleur dropped to her hands and knees and crawled forward, her ass swaying back and forth as she moved to kneel at his feet, staring up at him.

"'Arry, please, let me suck your cock." She begged in a sexy purr.

Looking down at her as she continued to stare up at him, Harry's cock was painfully hard, straining against the leg of his pants. It took all of his will power to wave his wand, releasing her from the curse, rather than going any further. As Fleur blinked, coming back to herself, Harry took a step back and looked away from her, his face flushing as he cleared his throat, feeling suddenly embarrassed. Fleur stood up and walked back over to her clothes, bending over to pick up her underwear from the floor. He couldn't resist the urge to look over at her out of the corner of his eye, watching her breasts bounce as she pulled on her panties.

"Did eet feel like I was fighting zhe curse at all?" She asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"Er, no, no it didn't." Harry told her. "Look, maybe we should call it a day, we've been at it for over an hour."

"Alright, we weel meet 'ere tomorrow after deener." She said, her tone taking a demanding quality again as she put on her bra.

Harry sighed in exasperation. He had been hoping she would be a little less enthusiastic after the last failure. Nodding at her, he walked over to the door and pointed his wand at it.

"Finite." He said, removing the spells from the door.

"'Arry." Fleur called out as he reached for the door knob.

Harry turned to look at her as she started to do up the buttons of her robe.

"Merci." She said sincerely.

"You're welcome." He said, opening the door as little as possible and slipping through it.

Harry walked down the hall towards the common room, hoping that no one was in the dorms this early so he would have a chance to relieve himself. Glancing at his watch, he had the distinct feeling that he was forgetting something. A few steps later, he stopped in his tracks and his eyes widened.

"Oh shit! Hermione's gonna kill me!" He yelled, taking off at a sprint towards the library.

"Where have you been?" Hermione hissed at him angrily as he collapsed in the seat across from her.

"Sorry." He huffed, winded from his long run.

Grabbing a book from the large stack that Hermione had set on the table, hoping the questioning would end there. He really should have known better.

"Well." She said impatiently. "What took you so long?"

"Fleur needed help with a spell, it took longer than I thought it would." He said, trying to stick as close to the truth as possible, knowing he was terrible at lying.

"Why would she ask you?" Hermione asked incredulously. "And what spell did she need help with?"

"I don't know why she asked me, and, um, she, ah, she asked me to keep it a secret, Hermione. Sorry." He said, hoping she would believe him. "Don't worry about it, it's nothing important."

From the suspicious look she was giving him, he knew she wasn't going to let this go for long. He really needed to get better at lying, he thought.

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