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Act II: Growing Pains.

Time was a relative thing. Seekvaira knew this and yet it did not stop the days seemingly turning endless. They stretched for so long she felt she had all the time in the world to prepare herself with her training, with her oratory skills, with her magic. This was not the case. Yes, it felt like it dragged on, but once she started something it vanished until she stopped. Four hours could pass in a flash only for the next one to stretch. She had of course thought about placing a barrier around herself and slowing her body down so that time would, in theory, pass faster.

It had been three months since Naruto left with Wukong, and she had shown up to train a number of times, but the Monkey and Naruto were nowhere to be found. After she had gotten over the shock of where they were and what surrounded them, she had asked. He was apparently taking longer than expected in his first trial and could not be disturbed during it. That didn't sound too right with her. So she had checked with Hanekawa, and the cat hadn't seen him in as long either. Though she could feel him, and he was fighting, what it was she didn't know.

That was a constant worry on her head. She, may have hidden this fact from the Phenex family, it was best to not plague them with such thoughts with how busy they had become. Actually, she hadn't told anyone sans Serafall and that was only in the case that something went wrong as she was there when it all started. The Maou had thanked her with a serious expression on her face. What was stranger though was the way the Fenghuang would all turn their heads off in the same direction at the same time every now and again. They could feel something, but they wouldn't tell her about it. She had a right to know, didn't she?

There was also a pile of work for him that grew by the day. The things she could handle she would. Like negotiating trade, of course after running the final dealings through Raven, or some of his minor contracts. That was something that surprised her. Most people tended to form contracts with humans, being that they were the most numerous creatures it made sense, but no. Seeks had found herself helping dragons, Youkai, a small handful of Fallen and a large number of Devils, there was even a vampire family in the mix.

Some might be wondering why she was doing all this? They'd be right to. Was it because she was a dutiful wife to be? No, well not entirely. She did like the idea of being able to help him where she could, but the idea of him owing her was all the better. Once this stupid training of his was done she was calling it in. A week of his time, no training, no visiting others, just him, her…and Hanekawa she guessed. They were going on a holiday and getting away from all of this mess that was piling up.

So where was she now? Currently stuck in a place where she could not escape the thought of Naruto. Across from her was Lord and Lady Gremory, along with Rias. To her right was, thankfully, Raven, and on the other side of Raven was Riser. They were seated in the Phenex conference room, and if went for the cushions on this chair and the company of the Phenex it would be the singular worst experience of her life. All they were talking about was the material and political value of the marriage. She supposed that is how her agreement had started as well, but now it didn't sit right with her at all.

"Correct me if I am wrong, Lord Gremory," the calm yet stern voice of Raven snapped her attention back to the conversation, "Six months ago, the Gremory Heiress sat at this table wanting to void the contract that was made, or am I imagining that?"

Lord Gremory's smile faltered a little. "You are not."

"When the idea was rejected, did your heiress not then run through the streets trying to slander the name of my house?"

Seeks knew that he could try to argue or refute it, but Rias had made quite the scene, even trying to get interviews on the subject to spread awareness. "That is also true," he said with a heavy sigh.

"Then I ask you, what is to stop her from doing so again this time?"

Lord Gremory looked to Rias who sat a little straight and held her head a little higher before she spoke, "I have been incredibly hasty in my dismissal of the previous contract. Upon reflection my actions brought no shortage of shame to both the houses of Phenex and Gremory. As it stands currently, I hold no emotional or physical attraction to Riser, despite him being a prime example of what a Devil should be. That is not the same for Naruto. I can feel a strong physical attraction," Seeks inwardly cringed at the thought," and in time I am sure it will turn into an emotional attraction as well. This along with a new sense of duty wi-"

Seekvaira held up her head to cut her off, seeing a look of shock flash through Rias' eyes. Seeks turned to Raven, "If I may?" Getting a small nod she looked back to the Gremory group. "As the future Lady Phenex it is my duty to make sure that the clan is constantly moving in a positive direction. Rias, you are a good friend, but your actions so far have shown that you are a risk. There have been multiple instances of you neglecting your duty; two cases being when you withdraw from the Sortie to capture Kuroka Toujou, second being you actions towards the Phenex clan while under a contract to be betrothed into it, which was signed by both heads of house. So I would ask you, not as a friend, but as the future Lady Phenex, what guarantee to we have that you will take this duty seriously?"

She watched the confidence in Rias deflate a little. A part of her felt bad, but she was doing this to protect everyone. What she didn't expect was Riser to shift forward. "An important thing to keep in mind as we go further, a Phenex's responsibility is first to their family, then their clan, then their friends and finally the Underworld at large. I will not come to an agreement that does not benefit my brother first and foremost. This talk of his offspring is of little concern in my eyes as there are plenty of powers that are just as useful if not more so than the Power of Destruction that Rias possess."

Seeks could hug the big idiot, but that would also break the flow of the meeting. For now she would send a small smile his way. She looked back to the Gremory family who appeared to be in thought. "There are a number of things we could do," Lord Gremory started, "to unsure that everyone feels we are moving towards a steady end. As I understand, Naruto has most of his evil pieces yet remaining?"

"I reject the notion," Seeks surprised herself at how quickly she shot it down. "Each generation of Devils competes against one another to prove their strength during the rating games. While my fiancé has shown a distaste for them, he has come to understand that his participation may not be avoidable. That is where the issue stands. I am ready to relinquish my own position and I believe it would be understood, from competing directly against my fiancé, but what if every heiress did, who is there left for him to test against? I believe there are four non-Phenex male members of our generation. Plus, I do not believe that Rias would be well suited to following orders." She saw Lord Gremory maul her words over. Rias was still giving her that same hurt look, she would need to tune that out for the moment as Venelana shifted forward. They were bringing out their big talker.

"Are you sure that the young lord has no need to be here?"

A play to strategically retreat as they know Naruto is away. It was smart. "The last two interactions that Rias and Naruto have had in front of me did not end in a positive light. It might very well be for your benefit that he is not here to comment." Seeks watched Venelana's smile tighten ever so slightly. "But," there it is, that instant relaxation, "It is well known that Naruto has a fondness for Youkai. His sense of justice pushes that forward even more, sometimes more than I would like. It also came to our attention that Rias recently took on Shirone Toujou, or rather Koneko Toujou, as a rook if s-"

"I am not giving up my rook," Rias said and narrowed her eyes. Everyone else in the room gave a tense smile.

"That's not what I was about to suggest. Quite the opposite. The Phenex clan have a high standing with the Youkai of the West and have recently started talking once more with the Youkai of the East. If our allies were unable to show such care and effort to understand their customs and care for them; it would reflect badly, not only on Naruto but the whole of the Phenex clan."

Seeks watched Lady Gremory, if anyone picked up on it first it would be her. She saw the faint sparkle of the eye and the slight spreading of her smile. "You wish to supervise how Rias handles her Rook to see if she is fit to represent the Phenex clan?"

"I do. With myself, Naruto or one of our peerage members checking by every so often."

There was a moment of silence before Raven shifted in her chair. "I believe Seekvaira has found a feasible solution to ease our doubts on Rias' views of duty. Shall we say, two and a half years of supervision? That should allows us a better understanding of her dedication in going forward with this agreement as by that point, Rias should be considered a Mature Devil."

The rest was signing, which she could not take part of. She was neither Lady Phenex nor officially his wife so she could not sign these on his behalf. Riser, his closest of kin, and Raven had more than enough power to do so. Which worked out fine. This was Naruto's plan anyway. At least one step she hoped. The Gremory thanked them for their time while Rias continued to say she wouldn't let them down while saying she knew Seeks would have her back. A part of Seekvaira felt guilty over that. If she truly had Rias' back then the contract proposed would have gone ahead. No, this was due to her interest in keeping Rias as far away from Naruto as possible. In time though they left, leaving Seeks with Riser and Raven. Both slowly turned towards her. "Good job there Seeks."

"You are too kind Riser, Rias did most of my work for me, and I could not have capitalised on it without yourself and Mother setting it up." It was still slightly awkward calling Raven her mother. Each time a little less so. But ever since she had started staying over a few nights of the week, well, Raven had insisted that Seeks was now her daughter. It actually started right after Naruto had left with Wukong. It, um, also lead into the conversation with Ravel about what sex was, which Seeks had to listen to, painfully, while Riser and Ruval pulled faces at her from across the room trying to get her to laugh.

"Whether the work was done for us or not, an unobservant person will let the chance slip by. Though I must say your proclamation was a risky move, Riser."

The young Phenex gave a small shake of his head. "I do not believe so. The Gremory tout their love of family every chance they get. They do little to show for it, but for us to openly proclaim that our family comes before our clan and before the Maou. It should at least force them to remember where they want the public to see them."

"Riser, I have never checked, but how does this resolution sit with you? Rias was meant to be your wife after all." It was something that she had thought of a few times now.

Riser though gave a small shrug before speaking calmly, "I am not bothered. Rias is attractive, yes, but, as was pointed out, she wants all the pros of being an heiress without any of the duty that comes with it. I am actually surprised by how well you are handling all of this."

"Yes," Seeks started dryly, "I am not a fan of the idea, but it holds much more merit than just telling them no. Still the idea of the Gremory trying to dig their claws into my husband makes me furious. Rias is manipulative, she will try to use emotional attachments to make us cave to her. I would advise extra caution if she starts to approach you, Riser."

"There is no need to worry. I know just how terrifying women can be when they are emotional."

Seeks tilted her head to the side and smiled. "Whatever do you mean, Brother?"

"Still scary. You are terrifying, Seeks."

Raven looked at the two of them before smiling. "With you two around I do not feel that fear or retiring. Not like when it was just Ruval."

Riser laughed first, followed by Raven's cute giggles while Seeks melted more and more into the idea of this family.


Kuroka was nervous. It had been four months now since she had made the deal to become Naruto's bishop. She had seen the bounty on her head and was honestly surprised by how little she was being chased. It seemed as though he planned on keeping his word. She hadn't heard from him since then, but she did receive a blank package earlier in the week with photos of Seekvaira with Shirone, well, she guessed it was Koneko now. That didn't sit right with her, no, she would always be Shirone. Yes, Kuroka knew that it was done to attempt to distance the connection of the two sisters from the public, but this was her baby sister. There was a report of both her physical state and her emotional state as well. With Seekvaira's notes that they would be looking at slowly trying to naturally get her to come out of her shell, but she was being well looked after, as per their side of the agreement. Thankfully Naruto and that Maou had been doing a good job of spreading her fame around, there had been a couple of groups of little worth that had tried to get her to jump on board with them. They were honestly little more than thieves, most of them, but she was always being approached by rebels, she just needed to find a good group.

It was the group that she was meeting with now that had her worried. Moreover the group that had broken into the apartment she had been staying in. To say she was caught off guard would be an understatement. If one were to describe her current situation, she was caught wrapped in a towel after just finishing her shower. There were two blonds, one male and one female, the female much younger and she mouthed a small sorry. There was also a teen with silver hair and the faint smell of both devil and dragon on him. He was the strongest here. If she had to guess he was somewhere between Hanekawa and Naruto, at least if that surge of strength he showed in front of Yasaka was his strength. The other two were human, a faint holy aura around them.

It was a weird group. They had been standing there for a little while and she had already gathered just enough senjutsu to pull off a quick jutsu if she needed to. "You're the Nekoshou, Kuroka, right?" The teen with silver hair questioned as he lifted up one of the magazines from her table and flicked through it.

"Who's asking, nya?"

"My boss. She says your survived an encounter with the Azure, she thinks your interesting."

Okay, she really needed to figure out what the deal behind that was. Everyone was treating Naruto like a huge deal, yeah he was strong and she guessed nice, but that title was just thrown around as a way of explaining things. "And if I say no? There are a lot of groups trying to poach me right now, I'm quite the cat-ch ya know?"

There was a small snicker from the blonde girl, she appreciated that. "She said that your compliance was optional. But she wants to talk to you."

"Please, Miss Kuroka, I still need to do my homework tonight, I don't want to fight!" the blonde girl spoke, she seemed too sweet and innocent. Judging from the look the older blond shot her…She figured it was an older brother.

If it was just one of these guys, it would be no problem. But for all of them, well, she'd rather be trying to run away from Hanekawa again, on second thought, no. That was fucking terrifying. "Well, fine, you've twisted my arm. But, can nya at least wait outside while I get dressed?"

The older males looked at her for a moment before the older blond spoke. "Le'Fay, you stay, blow up the room if she tries anything."

"Okay~!" They slowly left, leaving the two girls alone. "Please don't make me do that. Just get dressed, please. I'm one of the only girls over there. It'd be nice to not have to just do guy things all the time."

She felt sorry for the girl, she really did. "Who is this 'boss' of yours?"

"Oh, why? Are you curious?"

Kuroka gave her a flat look. "You broke into my apartment while I was showering in the middle of the night and are attempting to kidnap me."

"No, kidnapping is a last resort." There was a brief silence. "No, you're right, that's kind of messed up."

"Right? So who is this boss that is getting young girls to kidnap older girls?"

The now named Le'Fay sat there thinking for a moment before rubbing the sides of her head. "I don't think I'm meant to tell you."

"Our secret, between girls?"

"For reals?" Kuroka just nodded. Le'Fay was desperate for friends. She didn't picture wherever they were trying to take her to be full of them, maybe she had a rough time growing up as well? "Um, well, between us girls, it's Ophis."

Kuroka froze. "Wait, like the infinite dragon, that Ophis?" There was a small nod from Le'Fay before she put a finger up to her mouth in a 'shhh' sign and giggled. Kuroka nodded and slowly got dressed. This, well this was what she agreed to do. Would Naruto be proud of her, this would be big right? She finished tying her obi and did a small twist and looked herself over in the mirror. The Amy had a decent enough sense of style, but with the money she got from Naruto she'd been able to get proper material and that made a load of difference when it came to chakra absorption and comfort. Well, the absorption was just a bonus. Though the quality did make it easier for enchantments and seals to be weaved into the material. She had a few minor durability ones, which she wasn't super keen on testing. When she was done checking herself out Le'Fay clapped her hands. "Okay, I think I'm good to go now."

Her door slammed opened and the silver haired teen strode back in. "Okay, good. But more importantly, I've been thinking, you're pretty strong."

Kuroka had seen this before and held her hand up to stop him. "No, I'm not fighting you."

"Why not?"

She let out a sigh. "Too much work. Either of the blonds I could probably take with little problem. Your different. Weaker than Naruto, but still strong."

That perked his attention. "Naruto. Is he the Azure?" Kuroka nodded. "How strong?"

Kuroka pursed her lips in thought before shrugging. "Not too sure, I wouldn't have lasted at all against him, and that was before Sun Wukong took him off for training."

"Wait, no. That's not fair."


Le'Fay leaned up beside her and quickly whispered, "Vali always wanted to train under Sun Wukong. Also, do you know what the deal with the Azure is? Everyone has been talking about it back at base." Kuroka gave a small shake of her head and Le'Fay groaned.

"Vali~! What's so special about this guy?"

The Silver-haired teen composed himself with a nod and started to take up his relaxed stance again. "I only know the information second hand. From my gramps of all people. Long story short, the Phenex come in three styles, the Crimson, common, the Golden, rare and the Azure, super duper rare. Their strength also increases as the rarity goes up. Crimsons are already pretty strong, it would be safe to consider a True High-Class Crimson as a Low Ultimate in strength. They are durable and hard to put down. Golden Phenex trade a bit of their regenerative abilities for drastically increased firepower. There are currently two of these in the Underworld, Raven and Ruval Phenex. Mother and Son. His title 'The Golden Son' isn't for nothing. Think of their attacks as like trying to catch a small sun. Having two, one generation after another is unheard of."

Kuroka nodded, as did Le'Fay, to them this was both good information. To Kuroka this was all incredibly valuable. She had been trying to get any and all information she could on the Phenex family without asking them. It turns out that Devils are pretty good at keeping a secret from other races...just not their own.

"Then there is the Azure, as far as we know there has only been one before. It fought Albion and the Red Emperor to a standstill during the Great War, while healing the devils and keeping the lower ranking angels from reaching the front lines. I guess you could say it would be like a true high-class devil with a Longinus, rumour has it that the Azure is the reason why Tiamat is still sleeping in the familiar forest. Nursing her wounds from their last fight. Long story short, whether it was just the times or the actual power of the Azure, when one was last around the Devils were considered the strongest race, with Heaven shortly behind" Vali gave a small shrug. "But like I said, that comes from my grandfather. Could be more of his devil supremacy crap. But if even a fraction of it is true, I want to fight him."

"You'd have to get past his cat first," Kuroka said with a small shrug, "and she is more than enough of a pain to deter most."


"She's really fast, and she was able to hit my energy straight out of me."

Vali walked next to her and slowly put an arm around her shoulder. "You might be my favourite potential recruit yet."


"Because, now I really can't wait to fight this guy. Before it was a mild interest, now I can almost taste it."

Kuroka slowly nodded and looked to Le'Fay who just motioned he was crazy. She had to agree. "Um, okay. But how about that leader of yours?"

"Oh, yeah. Do we need to restrain you, or are you coming willingly. Please say the former."

"Nope, I'm pretty willing right now."

She watched as Vali groaned, oh, he was a battle freak. Great.


Naruto's fingers ground into the soft soil beneath him. His head was pounding, ears ringing. His mind slowly started to focus again as he dragged his legs out of the golden pond and looked up at the monkey sage perched on the mirroring statue. "How the hell am I meant to beat that thing?" He groaned. Ai flew down to his side and dropped off some new clothes and a platter of foods.

"What makes ya think ya have ta?"

Naruto looked at the sage for a moment before grabbing a banana and slowly chewing on it as he sat up. "You said I had to temper my anger."

"I did."

"That's what I'm trying to do."

"You is."

Naruto finished the banana and stretched himself out. "It's been nearly half a year. Can't we just take a break?" He hadn't let this statue filled room in almost six months now. He would sleep on the ground when he was tired or out of energy and then go straight back in. It was an endless cycle of trying to beat that bird. Wukong had stopped coming in with him every time he entered; mostly leaving him to his own devices. It was rough. For months now he had been getting his ass kicked by the bird. But he wasn't stupid, there was some progress being made. He was lasting longer and longer each time and was now able to damage the damned thing.

He watched Wukong scratch at his chin for a moment. "We could, but ya would need ta reign yaself in, Boyo. That might be a good thing ta learn now. Though ya will need ta learn it again once ya finish."

Naruto gave a small nod and sat up. "Okay, so what are we doing?"

"Meditation, calm yaself." Wukong dropped down from his statue and walked forward. He cracked open some fruit and dipped his thumb into it. "I want ya to focus on these lines I draw on ya. Let ya energy flow through them. Don't try ta block it, let it flow. Don't try ta suppress it, jus-"

"Let it flow," Naruto finished getting a small nod from the sage. The juice from the fruit was brushed across his skin and Naruto could feel a slight stinging sensation from it. But he started to focus on calming himself. He looked to Wukong. "Could my clones help?" The sage shrugged and Naruto slowly started to form five clones in a circle around him. Each having the same blood red design on their faces and torsos. He knew what he needed to do, but doing it was a different story.

Naruto paid attention to the lines, picturing them like water to guide his senses, but he could not ignore the fire inside. Wukong never said which energy to let flow. He tried to coax it out, but with the amount of time he'd been bottling it up the energy didn't want to budge. It would take time, and he wasn't all that sure he had a lot of it left before night time.

So he sat.

So he breathed.

So he cleared his mind.

Eventually it started to break down the defences he had built up, and as the last wall broke he was overtaken by the flame. It hurt, it stung in places he hadn't been hit before until it reached white hot and his eyes snapped open. He looked himself over and found he was looking similar to how Wukong had back in Yasaka's garden. Flames covered his body running up the backs of his arms to a mantle of burning feathers. He reached up and touched his hair, like the monkey king's it had turned to flame.

"No, that don't make sense, Boyo!"

Naruto snapped his head to the sage, his vision was surprisingly clearer than ever. "What do you mean?"

"I think what he means my lord, is that while not perfect you have entered what he deems 'Sage Mode'."

"Thanks, Ai."

Naruto watched as the sage paced and forth before slapping his hands together. "Okay, na, this is fine. I think."

"You think?" Naruto questioned and dispelled his clones. None of them had tried using the fire, but they had gotten varied results on trying with demonic energy.

"So, what did ya do?"

Naruto looked over his body again. "I just, you know, focused on my fire."

"Ya fire?"

"Yeah, it's like, there is this burning pit of fire in me, it gets more active the angrier I get."

He watched the sage nodded. "I'll need ta talk ta some others, uh, this isn't what we wanted, but who knows. Let's go fight that bird!"

Naruto groaned but moved towards the pool before he was dragged in. Wukong appeared behind him again on his nimbus as the storms raged overhead. He heard the screech and let more and more of his fire out. It still hurt like crazy, but he was keeping his mind at the least.

This was not too different from what the first Naruto went through. His battle with the Kyuubi for control. He remembered the fear, the excitement and the sorrow that the other him felt. The love as well, for finally meeting his mother. The blue phoenix broke through the clouds with its talons raised to strike.

Naruto flew up, today was going to be full of new, or rather old, things. He knew of the rasengan, he'd even created a version of it out of demonic energy, but it was brittle, not like the chakra variant. He held his hand out and focused, rotation, speed, strength, control. He didn't need to look, he could feel it had formed, then he summoned a handful of clones to take position around him as they all formed their own and flew to meet the phoenix.

The bird screeched again and the first clone exploded forward in a surge of energy before landing its strike and exploding in a blast of blue flames. Then the next and the next. He watched all five connect before slamming his own flaming ball of nature energy into the creature. He watched its head snap back before it started to drop. He frowned, he had hit it harder than that and it was still moving before. He'd also have to come up with a name for that at some point, like the first would have. Something like, 'Sage art: Rising Phenex'.

Regardless he watched the bird drop a little more before flying down to give chase. He closed on it and the creature flipped over and tried to fly. He landed on the back and fully charged up a combustion fist before crunching the back of the bird. It went limp.

It stopped struggling and he let it fall away from him until its shape changed. No longer was it massive enough to block the sky. Now it was small, like him. Not just the size either. The blond hair, the frame, slightly thinner, the stance and some horrid high visibility jumpsuit on. Then it flashed, the change was instant as the him below was covered in this gold and black energy. It flew up to meet him and landed a solid hit. One that he quickly traded.

Naruto had seen this form briefly in his dreams. The purified Kyuubi Chakra mode. They broke apart and looked each other over.

"So I became this, huh?" The first spoke, eyeing him with scrutiny.

Naruto watched him intensely. "Is there a problem with what I am?"

"You won't beat her like this."

Naruto grit his teeth. "I plan to go much further than this, so why don't you just make it easier and let me take control of my energy?"

"You know I won't."

"I had to try."

The first moved and Naruto shot forward hitting it in the side with another combustion fist. It returned the strike with a rasengan barrage from its tails. Naruto pushed through, letting his body take the hits and reform as needed while he grabbed the first tightly and punched it again and again watching the explosions fly out behind and knock the storm away. He lifted both hands up and struck down, knocking the first away and quickly sending a barrage of fireballs chasing after it.

He watched the blasts stream through the sky like falling stars before engulfing the First in a series of micro explosions. Naruto wasn't sure if it would take any serious damage from the hits; then he heard an ear piercing screeching noise. The smoke cleared and he saw two of the rasenshuriken's being held up by tails of the first. He knew he had to dodge those. While he could regenerate from the blast, it would use up way too much of his energy. The first one was thrown and he shot off to break away but it continued to chase as the first appeared in front of him and he widened his eyes as it rose the other rasenshuriken behind it. This was bad.

He may have fucked up. He quickly formed a rasengan and slammed it into the first, thankfully the rasenshuriken it was holding vanished as the first lost control and was blown back by the blast. Naruto turned on his feet and shot a combustion fist as the other, thankfully causing it to become unstable and blow up away from him.

A pair of arms wrapped around him tight. "Your body isn't all that bad. With it I might just beat her."

Naruto struggled but he couldn't get loose. "You already lost once."

"Twice, but I beat that other flame boy that came here to fight me. You don't have much of a chance here."

Okay, if he couldn't break loose he'd force the first to let go. He pulled on more and more of the fire feeling it wrap all over him, feeling it lash out at the first, feeling it crawl on his skin and burn away his chakra. "You'll find that I am a bit different to the first Azure."

The first let go and kicked him away. "You got serious for a moment then," the first said as he dusted himself off, "Not bad, but not good enough. Hey, do you think that cat-girl of yours and that pretty wife would notice if I took over?" It paused and let a smile cross its face, "Would they care?"

Would they? If Wukong was right, Hanekawa might notice the difference in his energy, would she care though? They were pretty close weren't they? But would the First Naruto be able to become him? Or would she like him better? Seeks though, she couldn't sense him quite like Hanekawa could…Would she even know that they changed places? Did she love him like she said she did, or did she love the Azure like so many other devils? He didn't know.

"They would know," whether he said it to the first or to himself he didn't know. He didn't need to right now.

The first shrugged before speaking, "guess I would need to kill them then. You know, can't have anyone let it slip."

Images flashes through his head. Hanekawa lifeless in the dirt, her neck snapped and a hole in her stomach. Seeks, limp in in the fallen's arm. He felt that fire burning brighter now. "You're standing too close," he whispered.


"I've decided that I'm going to burn, my doubts, you, that bitch you can't beat, this rotten place. I'm going to burn it all. You'll never touch them." He let the fire roll over him completely and felt the sudden surge in strength. He summoned a clone to stand on either side of him and had to stop himself from staring. They were covered almost entirely in blue-white flames. Their face still there with large blue rings around their eyes and a burning iris resting in the socket. Their hair acting like the plumage of a bird as it flowed long behind them. He'd get more detail later, for now he needed the threat ahead of him gone.

The two clones vanished in a burst of speed before appearing on either side of the first. Their hands caught by its before each one let out a combustion fist causing a massive explosion that swallowed the three of them. Not wasting time Naruto shot forward. He could feel the first was still alive, falling, he chased and punched, and kicked, and head butted and threw fire and slammed rasengans. He did not relent. The first was fighting back, but it was slower now, weaker now. It punched, he blocked and hit back harder. It slammed him with its tails and he unleashed a beam of fire at it. Their clash continued as they fell towards the bottom of Naruto's mind. There was a crack as they hit the ground. The first kicked him and Naruto lashed out with a flaming fist. The face changed to Hanekawa he punched it, and he punched again as it swapped to Seeks. "No hesitation?" The first taunted and spat some blood up at him.

It evaporated before it landed and Naruto let out a growl. "You lost, let it go," he slammed down on the first's chest before launching another breath of fire down on it scorching the area around them. "I looked up to you. I wanted to be you, but if you'd stoop to this level because of whatever she did. You weren't worth the damn I gave you."

"You know this isn't the end," the first said. It, no, he was softer now. There was a faint smile on his face. "I'll see you again. Hopefully under better times."

Naruto lifted his fist up and poured everything he could into it. "I'll handle it from here. Terminus Fist."


Hanekawa looked off in the direction she felt that pulse. She knew that energy. The Fenghuang were looking as well. Then as once they all moved. Her head snapping to and fro as they pulled together the village they slept in at night. She wondered if Naruto would like it, he'd never seen it yet. She fiddled with the hem of her dress. She didn't get nervous about anything really, unless it came to him. She worried about everything when it came to him and he'd been gone longer then she'd known him. Hanekawa had thought of him everyday, at least once when she woke up, wondering if he would finish that do and another time before she fell asleep wishing his warmth was nearby.

Did he do the same? Did he think of her at all while he was gone?

She watched as the birds finished what they were doing, some had transformed and had started to cook, others were working on outfits and she felt kind of at a loss of what to do. Should she prepare for his arrival, should she just wait? Hanekawa bit at her lip as she felt him getting closer and closer, then he stopped. She watched as Ai quickly came towards them and stopped in front of her. "Lady Hanekawa, let's get you dressed. Don't you worry, we shall make him nice and yummy for you too."

Hanekawa nodded. Ai was the main go between for them and Naruto during his training. Wukong hardly ever left his side, but Ai would come all the time to gather food, or clothes or anything really that the two needed. Hanekawa followed after her to her own tent. There the handmaidens quickly sought about undressing her and placing all manner of clothing, wraps and jewellery on her. She wasn't interested in all of this stuff, but it made everyone around her feel better, and she had seen how Naruto looked at Seeks during the ball. If he liked it she would try it out, but she'd rather be wearing less, not more. They pulled at her hair and plucked at her brows. She had grown somewhat used to this kind of prodding and just let them go about their way pretending she was in a different place. Like meditating, but uh, with a lot of people fussing and prodding and poking. Her own training had been going really well, she still wasn't really able to use demonic magic. She could teleport now, but the distance was really lacking. It also might even just be faster for her to run.

Most of her training was working with Senjutsu, youjutsu and teaching her martial arts. That was a big change for her, normally she just flung herself wildly and her strength and speed would do the rest, but learning how to hit people was actually kind of fun. She couldn't wait to fight Seeks again now that she understood a little what the Queen was doing. Seeks' attacks didn't hurt too much when they hit, but it was afterwards that she would feel her muscles stiffen, and yeah she had seen Seeks a fair bit as she came around all the time, but a lot of the stuff they worked on or worried about at those times revolved around Naruto, they didn't spar all that much.

That might have been because Hanekawa wanted to finish her stuff before she gave Seeks a big surprise. The birds finished doing their poking and stepped away to let her look at herself. They dragged forward a mirror as Hanekawa stretched herself out. The outfit was pretty unrestrictive, not like that dress that Lady Phenex had made her wear. It was soft too. Like Naruto's shirts. Pretty supportive where it needed to be as well, which was good because they had taken her underwear from her. The adornments of jade of sapphire were a nice touch as they held the outfit together. The deep blues and golds of the silk were a little different from what she normally wore, most of the time she was in blacks or whites, sometimes a deep blue, but only when she destroyed her clothes and Naruto gave her a jacket.

It was a change, she looked herself over, the long sleeves that she normally hated, the long dress that she'd normally tear away. It actually felt pretty good. She could get used to it, maybe. Not so much as Seeks seemed to get involved in these things, but every now and again might not be so bad. "You've been awfully quiet, Lady Hanekawa. Is it not to your liking?"

She gave a light shake of her head, "No, I just never really understood why people were so about this until now. It feels pretty good nya-haha!"

She watched as they let out a breath they had been holding. "That's good, we have tried to make it supportive to your style of fighting, so it shouldn't hinder your movements at all, nor should it be easily destroyed. We, uh, also noticed your lack of ranged abilities, so we added some things to help."

Hanekawa understood that it was an area she struggled in. But once she got in close it was no problem, she hardly ever let someone get away. "Oh, I got toys?"

"Um, yes. The adornments should gather that lightning of yours and store it to be thrown, detonating in a condensed blast."

She instantly summoned her lightning and watched as the birds jumped away before she turned it off and started laughing. "Nya-haha," slowly they started to laugh along, maybe a little nervous, "I'm not that silly. I'll try it out later."

"We aren't always sure with you, my Lady, you can be quite impulsive."

"Can I see Naruto yet?"

Ai let out a giggle from behind the others before nodding. Hanekawa didn't need anyone else's opinion as she dashed out of the tent. She saw Naruto was getting a tour at the moment, but that didn't matter it was just a silly village. In a burst of speed she crossed the tent village and slammed into him. He didn't budge, not an inch. She stretched her jaw out and her shoulders, it felt like she hit a mountain. "Ow."

She stiffened as his arms wrapped around her and pulled her in tight. "Looks like ya was missed, Boyo." Hanekawa felt him nod as his warmth started to seep into her. She had missed the feeling and while she could control herself, now, while he was gone it always made her relax knowing he was nearby, feeling him nearby. "We should give the kids some space, Xhiupi, we can do the tour later."

Hanekawa barely noticed the others leave as she rubbed herself into his clothes. "I missed you too, things didn't feel the same without you around." His words caused her to look up, he had warm smile stretching across his face. "I take it you got pretty strong while I was gone?" She nodded quickly. "You'll have to show me when we finish up here."

She frowned. "Do you need to leave again?"

"Oh, no," he held a hand up defensively while he spoke, "I can do the rest of my training here. I got control, kinda, of my anger so now it is just trying to stop my power from leaking all the time. Which is meditation and control."


"Yeah I thought the same, but I have to."

That was good though, he would be here. He would be with her. They could play, they could spar. He'd grown taller, she frowned a little as she stood on the tips of her toes to press a kiss to his cheek. "Don't leave me again. I don't like it."

"I don't either. Now come on, I was told there was a feast that you helped to design."

"We got lots of fish, nya-haha!" She was excited about that. They had even gathered fish she hadn't seen or heard of before and they all tasted really good, they even used these strange spices and herbs , but some of them were a bit better raw.

"Of course we do." What's wrong, didn't he like fish?

She pushed the thought away, they could argue about the greatness of fish another time. For now though she had a better idea of what they could do and started pulling him. "Come on, you need to see our tent."

"A tent?"

She nodded in understanding. "I was surprised too, but wait until you see it." They picked up their pace a little and she felt his opinion on the tent quickly change when it came into view. She had as well. It was like a house, just with a tent top. It was raised off of the ground, there were partitions and even flaps that could be opened for windows. She led him through to the bedroom, closing the partitions behind them before jumping onto the bed and patting the spot next to her. "Come, it's really soft."

She watched him carefully as he slid onto the bed next to her and lay down letting out a groan as he stretched out.

"It's been a while since I've been in a bed."

"Nya-haha, I'll bet." She felt her heart start to beat faster as she crawled over to him. "You know what else we can do in a bed, right?" His eyes roamed over her for a moment and she looked at herself. Oh, she'd forgotten that the bird people had dressed her up. Uh, this could be a problem. She sat up and laughed. "Um, one moment!" She made to move before he grabbed her hand.

"Have you ever undone one of those before?" She shook her head. "Here, it is similar to what Ravel wore once and she wasn't trusting the maids after how long they fussed over her." He slowly stood up and moved around behind her undoing some kind of strange belt thing before she felt it go loose. "You should be able to get the rest easily enough."

Hanekawa nodded and dipped into the closest as she quickly removed the dress and hung it up. She would need his help getting that back on. She Smiled at her own appearance in the mirror, everyone commented on her body, so it had to be pretty good right? Well, so long as he liked it, that was all that mattered. She moved out from the closest and saw him laying face up on the bed. Without pause she jumped through the air and stood over him, naked as the day she was born.

Lemon- Naruto Pov

He had grown accustomed to seeing Hanekawa in little to no clothing. It still did not stop the thoughts of holding her down each time he saw her like this though. He would admit to a handful of dreams doing just that. He sat up and took her hand, dragging her down to the bed. She let out that laugh of hers as they flopped against the sheets and she rolled, moving to his body, and resting her chin on his chest with a wide smile on her face. This would be different to Seeks, their energy, their personality and even their bodies were a contrast to one another. He wasn't sure what to expect.

She moved up and kissed him. Was it their first? He couldn't remember. It definitely felt like it, at least on the lips. He drew his hands across her back, one staying near the small and the other moving to her cheek as she started to hum to herself. He parted his lips and trailed his tongue along hers. He felt her face scrunch up a little before opening her mouth slightly. Her humming stopped as she flicked her tongue out. He felt her stiffen a little before a purr roared out and she probed every portion of his mouth. He could also confirm that she had a cat's tongue and he was not sure if that excited or worried him.

She pulled back and looked at him, her lips pursed as she swirled her tongue in her mouth. "Yummy."

He had to wonder if she was planning to eat him or not. She had tried the first time they met. "Better than fish?"

Her smile stretched wide enough to show her fangs. "We'll see, nya-haha!" She came back down, more confident this time, much more distracting. Naruto felt her feet exploring before finding their target and wrapping around his slowly growing cock. He wasn't sure what exactly she was doing down there as she was doing her best to keep his focus on her face. Little nips and licks before longer drawn out kissed while she rubbed her groin against his stomach. Then she stopped a wide smile on her face as she quickly turned around shoving her ass and pussy in his face while her hands poked and prodded at his dick. "Can I bite this?"

"No!" He heard her laugh again before she gave it a lick. He felt his eyes widen, that texture against it, rough, but slightly wet and warm. He felt her stroke, lick and gently suck on the tip, all the while her hips swayed back and forth in front of his face. He reached up and grabbed hold of her behind. He took notice of her patch of fur, he wondered if that was why the smell was more intense than Seeks. He wasn't sure if he enjoyed it or not, but it seemed to stir a different set of emotions, or rather set a different pace. He traced a finger along her slit finding her little nub and giving it a small pinch. She froze up and a few moments later he felt the spiky points of her teeth resting against his dick. Well, message received as he released the pinch and started to slowly drag his fingers over it and move in to trace his tongue along her slit. She was muttering something to herself, over and over as they continued, her hips swayed and allowed him to dig deeper into her as her tongue continued to explore every inch of his risen phoenix. She also had started to juggle his balls at some point. He wasn't sure when, but he was noticing it now, as she took his member deep, he could feel her fangs gliding down the length as her tongue dragged across the surface. That rough, almost spiky texture bringing a completely new, completely different, sensation.

"Hanekawa, I'm gonn-" She picked up her pace and he just let out a groan before releasing into her mouth. Her tongue started to work him over again gathering it up maybe? Then she started to suck all she could before finally letting go with a loud pop. She turned to face him and Naruto wasn't too sure what she was going to do now. He saw her open her mouth showing it full of his seed before closing it and swishing it around as she shook her head from side to side and swallowed, opening again to show it was all gone. "That part isn't fire."

"Enjoying yourself?" She nodded at his question before grabbing his hands and dragging him up. Naruto wasn't sure what she had planned next, but he'd go along. She put up with him making things up as they went after all. She lowered herself, slowly onto his dick as she faced away and wrapped his arms around her.

Ah, he moved one hand to her breasts and the other between her legs to that little nub. Her hands went to his legs as she slowly lifted herself up and down. It was different, close, intimate, their heat melding together from the friction of their bodies. He could feel her breaths as he traced her clit, he could hear her moans that gave with the rising of her kneaded breast. She craned as he twirled her nipple between his fingers and captured her lips as she panted. She continued to bounce and he felt her lining contract and constrict around him as it squeezed and massaged. Her breathing was becoming haphazard as her nails dug into his legs. He could get behind this fully. He liked his tug of war with Seeks over who was in control, but this sort of primal experiencing each other together was good, the tension, the heat, the passion, all of it swirling as their scents mixed into the air. The slopping sounds as their sexes beat against each other and the purrs and moans that slipped from her between each passionate kiss where she tried to steal his breath. Her breathing became sharper and he felt her walls change, they were baring down on his dick like never before as they tried to wring it clean. She froze, panting as she rode it out and he succumb to her desires releasing again inside of her as she relaxed into his back. They sat there, basking in each other for a moment, two, and the third passed before she turned with him still inside. He was sensitive and felt every iota of fraction she was able to provide with such a simple move. He watched her for a moment as she stared at him.

"Better than fish."

He cracked a smile and started to laugh, had she been thinking about that the whole time? He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a hug as she curled against his chest. "I'm glad, sort of. You aren't going to try to eat me again are you?"

Her smile stretched a little wider as she leaned forward and kissed him. "Maybe."

He wasn't sure if she was joking or not.

"Again?" She questioned and tilted her head.

Naruto widened his eyes before nodded and picking her up.

Lemon- Hanekawa Pov

Sex was great, there was lots of new experiences and tastes and smells. She could feel her body working in ways it wasn't used to. She could feel her senses picking up new delights that they'd never thought about. She could feel this warmth that she'd never dreamed of and she wanted more, more, more. Hanekawa knew that it was different for her and Seeks. Seeks couldn't feel the effect she had on Naruto's mind, nor see things from his view, experience it as he did. So she got like, double the amount, though it was sort of strange watching her fuck herself, she wasn't too fond of that part, but it still felt really, really good. Being carried felt good too. She looked around the room and saw the nearby desk, she'd never used it so it was still pretty clean. They could use that right? Actually, were they meant to have sex in the tent? She never checked. Um, were they gonna get in trouble? Hold on, wasn't there a festival on? The thoughts were snapped away as she felt her back press against the cold wood.

She looked up at him and spun around before opening her mouth up wide. He really liked her tongue, she remembered his surprise, his joy, well now he could experience in a new way. He slowly moved forward and rested the wet tip in front of her. She craned up and gave it a kiss and a lick, it was salty, but not bad, maybe on par with fish. The entire event was better though. He surged forward and her eyes went wide. He was big and now in control as she reached a hand up to his side to steady herself, her other slipping down to find that thing he was playing with. That felt really good, not when he pinched it roughly though, well, that wasn't too bad, just surprising. She popped into his mind quickly and saw his plan, his concern, but she gave him a thumbs up as he started to fuck her throat. It was hard to breath, and she still needed to move her tongue and play with herself. Each breath was like balancing between inhaling a bunch of spit, choking herself and actually getting a breath of air through. She felt a little light headed and tears were forming as he continued. She could feel a mixture of cum, spit and her own juices forming long thick lines between the two as he continued to pound her face with little mercy. She wanted more, needed more.

She wanted him to use her, to make her feel needed, even if just for his lust. She wanted his warmth, she needed his warmth. If he didn't need her than what was her life? There was nothing before she first felt him, would there be nothing again if he left? He tensed and erupted in her throat. She gagged and choked but swallowed it down as he pulled out allowing her to take her first deep breath in minutes. She looked up at him, she didn't want to stop, but all she could feel was concern from him.

Hanekawa couldn't trust her own voice right now as she coughed a little more, instead she sent another image into his head and he listened after checking she was sure. His rough hands held a certain tenderness as he turned her around on the desk and brought her warm slit to his throbbing dick. She spread her legs and heard the wet, slimy, squelching sound of their fluids separating and trying to race together as she rested one leg on his shoulder and the other on the floor. She dragged her hands across her face and scooped them into her mouth, tasting them, experiencing them, savouring them before swallowing.

He grabbed her leg and she scratched the deck as he quelled her itch. He was big, it was tight, he was the only puzzle piece that fit, the only one she wanted to fit. She called him, over and over egging him deeper and deeper, harder, faster. She didn't care who heard, only that his thoughts stayed on her, only her. He was happy, he wanted her, she was happy. That is what she wanted, what she needed.

She felt him start to slow and turned, she wrapped her legs around his waist and started bouncing on his cock while she looped her arms over his shoulders. Holding herself up tight, flush against him as she stared at him. Trying to push her feelings through, her desire. She would burn every moment, every sensation of this time to her memory.

His touch, his scent, his taste. The tingling feeling of his arms rounding her back, that sharp sting of his calloused hand striking her ass. The way his nose scrunched up just before he came, the way his shoulder sagged just after it. The way he called her name, that husky voice. Every portion.

He thrust hard enough to nearly send her off the desk and his hand came down again causing her to let out his name in a scream. Again, and again before he grabbed her hips and drew her flush against his body. He placed her back against the desk and continued, going as deep as he could, hitting a place she didn't know was there as it tingled with a newfound warmth, a burning desire to be touched, to kiss the tip, to be stretched and ripped open.

She screamed out again as he reached a new depth. He was her mate, she was his cat. He lent down, balls slapping against her ass and bit her. She wasted no time and bit back; ignoring the flames that tried to kick her off. She grabbed onto his back and dug her nails in while her legs warped round his waist helping him probe deeper—helping him move faster. His bite was warm, it sent tingles through her skin and a rush of something to where they were joined at the hip. This new feeling, this insane lust, she wanted more, she wanted to taste more of him, she wanted him further inside. Hanekawa had to steady herself, or she might just eat him.

She regretted not doing this earlier, not claiming him earlier. Not letting him claim her earlier. Why had she promised Seeks? Why had she let Lady Phenex make her promise? It was worth the wait though. He tensed and she pulled him as close as he could go, as deep as he could go before feeling his boiling warmth surge into her body, her own breaking forth a moment later swirling it, coating her inside and making it flutter in her stomach. She licked at his neck, it was bleeding briefly before the fire took that from her. They laid there intertwined as he continued to suck at her neck.

She drew her hands up, blood covering her fingers as she slowly ran them through his hair and pulled it closer, she felt his teeth nip at her skin, she wanted to be devoured. To be with him always.

Hanekawa felt him release his bite and she stopped holding him down as he growled, his dick twitched and she felt another few ropes strike deep inside her. He slowly pulled back and looked at her. "Wow, that was something."


She watched his eyes go wide for a moment before he laughed. "Don't we have some kind of celebration to get to?" He pointed out of the tent and she could hear the singing and setting up of instruments.

"After then?"

He leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips, she parted and took all she could of him before gingerly pulling away. "After, now let's get cleaned up."

Lemon End

Naruto let out a groan as he rolled over in bed. Hanekawa was next to him and flashes of the night before started to unfold. Wukong had been talking him up a storm apparently as all the Fenghuang had wanted to see his incomplete sage form. Of course he showed them, and that spurred into a crazy set of events. With them playing fire limbo, drinking and feasting until late in the night. Apparently there would be a few days of reprieve before the next step, one which Hanekawa was allowed to join in for. Speaking of which, apparently her boundless energy, newfound sex drive and alcohol make for a very dangerous, very horny girl. The sun had started to rise before she was finally ready for bed. He didn't imagine he slept long.

He sat up and saw Ai there, inside the room in her human form. She had a simple blue-green gown on and her hair was pulled back into a long ponytail of royal blue while the front portion was a deep emerald green that framed golden eyes and a soft face. "I did not mean to wake you," her voice kept hushed, "I'm just cleaning after your, um, escapades."

He had the decency to look sheepish as she held up one of Hanekawa's bras that had been torn away at some point last night. "Sorry." He crawled out of bed and went to cover himself.

"Don't bother, how many times did I see you naked during your training?"

"It is a little different now that you're well..." he trailed motioning to her new form.

"Look like a human?"


She gave a light shake of her head before pointing to the closet. "There is a spare change of your clothes in there, don't worry, I won't peak. Much." She gave him a wide smile as she continued to clean.

Naruto watched her for a moment before cleaning himself off and getting dressed again. When he finished she was doing the finishing touches on the tent. He moved to the desk and wrote a note for Hanekawa, letting her know he was just going for a walk around the village, and left it where he had been sleeping before signalling Ai to follow him.

They stepped out into the sun and he winced, it was already high in the sky. Probably around midday, yeah he had slept in. "I never asked you, was unsure if it was alright too, and the whole training thing…But do you want to be my familiar?"

He watched her tilt her head for a moment. "I see no problem in it. Though I am hurt you waited this long. Half a year I spent cleaning up your mess and making sure you were fed and watered."

"When you put it that way, it sounds like I'm your pet," he muttered out.

Without missing a beat she quipped back, "You're not?"

He narrowed his eyes on her and watched as she hid a giggle behind her sleeve. They wandered around for a bit and Ai filled him in on what most of the tents were for and whose belonged to whom before they came to a hot spring at the top of the mountain, with Wukong and a bunch of humanoid Fenghuang already inside with him. Naruto took this moment to look to Ai. "I haven't seen any males around…" he left it open.

"That would be because there aren't any. Fenghuang are all female. Any child we have that is female will be Fenghuang, and if it is male then it will be of the father's race."

He nodded, that seemed pretty rough but they appeared to be doing okay for themselves, well maybe not. He didn't know all that much about them, but their numbers here seemed pretty small. "I hadn't asked until now, because of how busy it has been…but why did you girls want to meet me so much?"

Ai looked at him for a moment before giggling again. "We want you to become our king, silly."

"Uh huh."

She let out a small sigh and stepped closer. "We are a very long lived people. Very prideful too. Our current leader has been in charge since the last Azure left her there. Now that there is a new one, it is time for you to take the throne, when your training is done. It also means you can bed any of us whenever you want. Be it as a bird, a human or a mixture of both. I know that humans have grown quite fond of monster girls of late."

Naruto slowly raised a hand to his brow and another to stop her. "How old are you, Ai?"

"Oh, I'm only seventeen. I'm still a hatchling compared to most here. Why?"

"This is a lot," he sighed, "are you okay with all of this?"

She shrugged. "You and Sun Wukong are the only males I've ever interacted with. Between the two of you, I am pretty sure on which one I would rather."

"Okay, we'll have to talk to my family and Seekvaira about this."

"That is fine, we already did. An understanding was met."

He would seriously need to start getting involved in these talks about his future. "And that is?"

"Oh, well, your title of Phoenix king, we wanted Fenghuang but relented, will be official but the ruling will be done by our current leader. You will visit every now and again for a week or so of trying to breed us all and we all continue our lives. The stipulation is at least twice a year. During those two weeks, hopefully more, we lavish you with gifts and try to get you to stay and father many, many hatchlings. Any females produced will be cared for by us, any males by the Phenex family."

Naruto nodded as he dragged a hand down his face. "I assume that there was a contract written up?" Ai nodded. "Okay, I'll need to read that at some point. And you guys are all fine with this?"

Ai nodded again. "We share everything. It is part of our culture. Lady Hanekawa seemed against it at first, as did Lady Seekvaira. But after explaining that they would be able to join in and experiment with us, along with the fact that they would be welcome to relax at any time and be treated as your wives, while we your concubines, they accepted."

Okay, he got the picture. Long story short, he is a stud for the Fenghuang and will be given the title of King for it. It wasn't a bad deal he guessed. He looked to Ai. "And you are sure you're okay with it?"

"Why wouldn't I be? The whole family decides on it together. I also voted for you. Also can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to be the youngest for I don't know, like five hundred years?"

She seemed to be getting defensive about it. Naruto just held his hands up to try and placate her. "I just didn't want you jumping into something without knowing was all. If you're all on board and my family has already signed on it then I guess I'm here for you."

Her defence broke and he saw her get worried maybe? "Don't you like us?"

"No, I didn't mean it like that, it is just a lot to take in. I woke up thinking I had two girlfriends, and now I apparently have tens of them."

"Thirty-nine, not including Lady Seekvaira and Lady Hanekawa, or any other young minx you come across in your journeys. I should also state that the benefits gifted to Lady Seekvaira and Lady Hanekawa are to be given to any other female you choose to partner with, as written in the contract."

He vowed that he needed to find out just what was in this contract before he left, with that he let out a sigh and headed towards Wukong and his apparent soon to be mating partners. "Hey, Boyo, are ya done banging that Hanekawa?"


Azazel sat at his desk with a heavy frown as he read over the report. Turns out Naruto was right, the containment tank wasn't good enough. The creature had escaped and he had gone full biblical on the area, but he wasn't sure if he got the blob or not. Then there was Kokabiel who was trying to start some sort of anti-races club. He'd told the man to calm down on all the hatred, but he wasn't too sure he would listen. That would be an issue for another time.

He had finished work on the items for Naruto and Hanekawa, he had actually sent a message out to them to stop by at some point. Which kind of brought him to the current situation. He had gone to check the containment cell, but it appeared the creature had broken out minutes before he arrived and the lab was in a panic. So he started blasting. He may have also spoken to Michael about the whole situation. Oh yeah, he knew that God was dead, which made this situation all the worse. So was Lucy. They were in a shit spot. If this Kaguya was able to fight on their level they'd need something as strong. Well, Sirzechs maybe, he was stronger than most others, but he wasn't OG Lucy strong, the ones after him were nothing. Lucy made Michael look like a baby, and it was actually Lucy that made Azazel stop fighting heaven a few times.

That man was downright terrifying.

He dropped the report on the table and let out a sigh. His eye looking over to Raynare in the corner. He wished she was a bit more confident. Currently she was stressing over her appearance, he could have sworn with the amount she smoothed out her skirt she might do a better job than an iron. He wasn't sure how he felt about her growing infatuation with the Phenex boy. Ever since he returned from that training trip of his she had been following his exploits like a manic addict.

There was a knock at the door and his head snapped up. "Lord Azazel, your visitors have arrived."

"Send them in," he replied before cleaning up his desk. This also sent Raynare into a panic as she proclaimed she wasn't ready yet. He, uh, would need to do something about her. A minute later the doors were opened and in strode Naruto and Hanekawa. He inwardly relaxed a little, Seekvaira was a good girl but she was way too stiff. Made everything feel too formal. Too Important. Hanekawa was another story entirely. He couldn't get a gauge on her strength, then there was that whole mind reading thing she could do as well. He was keeping that close to his chest as that could be helpful in the future, but it also made conversations difficult. He was used to being a tricky bastard okay?

They were both in pretty casual wear, jeans and shirts, with Naruto wearing a pair of sunglasses, he could see some blue colouring on the skin around his eyes that was just visible; Hanekawa though may have picked the shortest pair of jean shorts he had ever seen. They were almost covered entirely by her shirt. "No Seekvaira today?"

Naruto walked forward and just gave a shrug. "Training her new Queen and settling into the new territory in China. She doesn't believe that you're a threat to us anymore."

That was good news. He had heard that the Phenex had acquired territory in China and that it was to be ruled by the brothers and their wives. With Seekvaira there it was more than likely in good hands. "Why don't you two take a seat, then we can talk some things over?" The pair sat down and he nodded to Raynare who quickly grabbed them some drinks. "That creature that I showed you?" He saw Naruto nod before continuing, "It uh, may have escaped?"

"Thought so," Naruto said as he rolled his shoulders, "That's why we're here and not at the lab?"

"It is being rebuilt. I did my best to dispose of it, but I am not sure if it is dead or not. I am planning on sending out some fallen to try and track it down."

He expected outrage or anger, but the blond just waved it off. "I wouldn't worry too much about that. Its name is Zetsu, in case you were wondering. That's what the first me called it. Its a parasite, probably is already hiding in someone else's body making it hard to track, or has already returned to Kaguya, making tracking it pointless."

"Is it okay to just let it run away though?" He was a little confused on the reaction.

"Well, we can either try to chase it, or spend those resources on preparing to fight her. Honestly I'd rather the second one. We are going to have to fight her either way, and no Lucifer this time around."

"No God either…" Azazel mumbled out. He noticed the room went quiet and slowly looked up. Raynare's clipboard fell to the ground as her jaw dropped. Hanekawa frowned and shifted in her seat while Naruto had pulled his glasses down showing that intense blue fire inside them. "I, uh, said that out loud didn't I?" He got a series of nods. "Well, um, the Maou already know, just, please don't tell your generation?"

"You want me to lie to Seeks?"

"No, she doesn't count and you know that."

There was a faint laugh from Naruto before he sunk deeper into the chair. "So let leaves Michael and myself that have actually seen her fight before."

"Yeah, about that…Michael said that God removed his memories of the fight."


"There is some good news though."

Naruto rolled his eyes and fixed his glasses up before leaning forward. "Okay, let's hear it."

"I finished those things you two asked about, also, Heaven, well rather Michael, asked me to let you know that they want to talk."

"Are they a bunch of school girls?"

Azazel got a small laugh out of that. "No, not quite, they thought it best that I pass on the message first as a sudden envoy could be suspicious."

"So they got the most suspicious man in the underworld to pass it on?"

He had a fair point on that one. "Anyway I passed on the message, and I'll let them know you received it?"

"Yeah, we should probably get them involved…the Maou too at some point. Also those things you were working on, I uh, don't actually need them anymore. Fixed the issue."

His brow twitched a little, as he spoke through grit teeth, "That's great." Did this brat have any idea how long he had been working on those damn gauntlets for him?

"Well, mine anyway."

Hanekawa lifted her hand up slowly. "I haven't completely fixed the fuzzies yet."

That was good news; his previous frustration vanished almost entirely as he reached under his desk and pulled out a box. Inside of it was a simple silver ring with a gold band in the middle. He slid it over to Hanekawa. "If you put this on, they should go away once it is snug, to get them back, just remove the ring and it should go back to normal."

He watched her nod and take it, trying it out a few times and watching those ears of hers twitch as she fiddled with it. "Hey it works pretty well."

"That's good. I think that was all I really wanted to talk about, Raynare has some questions for you no doubt before you leave."

"Oh, before that," Naruto cut off and reached into his pants pulling out some slips of paper and handing one to himself and Raynare. He rose a brow, "I know you probably know what it is Azazel, but this is a devil contract, call me if you need something."

"I understand that, but why?"

Naruto gave a small shrug. "Most devils just go with humans, but I figured the supernatural have more than enough issues, it might be best to start with us first."

Smart, it would also be a pretty decent way to get the other Devil clans in his pocket. "Okay, I'm sure I could have some sweeping done," he saw the look he got from Naruto before Azazel started to chuckle, "okay, okay. I'll keep it in mind if I ever need something done."

He looked to Raynare who appeared to be on the verge of tears and cleared his throat a little. "Yes, thank you Naruto, I shall treasure it."

"No, use it Ray-ray."


Oh dear it looked like the girl was about to explode. He watched Naruto try to calm her down, which of course only made the situation worse. Inwardly he rolled his eyes, trust his daughter, not that she knew, to fall head over heels for the Azure, it was just his rotten luck.

PA: Now, a lot of people are probably already typing that Naruto (The First) would never do/say that and I just want to say this soul, this gentle boy was in a spot where he sold his soul to the devil. This was not a happy Elemental Nations, it was bad, like darkest timeline bad (Don't worry, we'll be checking that out at some point.). It was also done to push Naruto forward, the first isn't dumb, he would understand, I hope, how to motivate himself. It also will not be the last time they come to blows. But anyway, onto happier stuff, like Azazel dropping the ball big time on the whole God thing, and Zetsu and uh, you know, not really telling his daughter who she is, oh and lemons, you guys like those right? But seriously, between you and me, I did not realise just how screwed in the head Hanekawa's personality is, like I know I am writing that character but damn that spiralled out of hand real fast and I just kind of left it there, it wanted to get out so it got out.

Regardless, next time I'm going to try for a bit of a different style of writing and see if that holds well. See you next time Space Cow Boy.