Another kick swiftly landed on her stomach as she gasped in the agony. She could feel the blood spilling from her lips as stones pierced her back. Sharp stinging vibrated everywhere and it wasn't going to stop. "S-stop," she managed to whisper, but the girls just laughed. Their cackling made it even worse.

"Says you and what army?" The blonde sneered. "Face it. You should just go die in a hole. You're not worth it. No one cares about you in this world. Those boys who always suck up to you? They just want your pretty face and to be known in front of your brother."

"Bro, even your brother doesn't care about you. Where is he now? Too busy with volleyball? Thought so. You're nothing to him. You're nothing to anyone."

"Dang. Even your parents left because they couldn't stand you. What else do you have left in this world? Oh right, us. Your friends." The girls snorted. "You really thought we liked you? Delusional."

"Like hell." Another girl echoed.

"You stole all our crushes. All of them. You traitor."

Oikawa Sakura coughed up another heap of blood as she clenched her hands into fists. "Just go away," she squeaked hoarsely. "I didn't steal them."

"Liar!" The blonde girl smacked Sakura across her face, leaving a red mark which already had bruises around it. Sakura gasped.

"We're sick of you," another girl hissed. There was another round of kicking and sneering, before they left out of boredom. Sakura could barely sit up, it felt like all her bones were broken and would never go back together again. She'd known they would hate her. She knew that those friends had just been temporary. It wasn't her fault. But part of her had just wished for it to be a nightmare, a dream that would go away.

Tears slid down her cheeks as she slowly sat up, wiping blood from her face. "There's no point."


The wind howled around her and Sakura's deep brown hair fluttered behind her. It was so quiet; her thoughts could've been shouted. Sakura forcefully wiped a tear and bit her lip. The view was so beautiful up here. The cherry blossoms had just blossomed and the winds itself seemed to embrace every petal. The rushing waterfall thundered against the rocky cliffs and native birds trilled as they flew.

Her eyes were red and tearful. To think that this would be her last sight. The last thing she saw. It calmed her. Like the world was just as perfect as nature itself. It was a lie. Everything wasn't perfect, everyone had their faults and that's what made the world so corrupted. It gave her a sense of relief that she would be leaving all this behind. Maybe she'd go to heaven. But that was highly doubtful. The world would rid itself of her, and everything would be better.

Everyone would be glad she died; after all, she was a burden to every person she met. The girls were right.

Death's door was open and waiting. "I'm ready," she croaked to herself. The girl took a deep breath and Sakura felt herself step of the cliff. She could already feel it. The pain, the water, and then nothing. Sakura waited for the cliffs to take her, pierce her body and bring her away from this world. But instead, Sakura felt someone grab her arm.

Her feet hadn't left the edge of the cliff at all. She whipped around at the person and stared. "Sakura-chan. What are you doing?" His voice was tender, but angry. "Were you going to... kill yourself?"

Sakura looked at the ground, her long bangs covering her face as she felt herself bite down on her lip hard. Tears cascaded down her cheeks. "What do you think? This world hates me! Everyone hates me! What are you even doing here?"

Oikawa Tooru tightened his grip around the younger girl's wrist then pulled her away from the edge. Safely on ground. His deep eyes were filled with white anger though he held Sakura like she was a child. "I don't hate you."

There was silence. "Why did you decide to do this? This is stupid! You could've really gotten yourself killed! How do you think I would've felt?! Stop being so selfish!" Tooru yelled. Why was this happening? He'd thought he knew his sister. He'd thought she was alright on her own. Maybe he shouldn't have left her alone like this.

"Well I wanted to die! Alright!? Everyone at school hates me! The girls think I'm trying to steal their crushes. A day doesn't go by without one of those girls beating me up. The boys don't even care about me, all they want is to get closer to you, and my appearance! No one cares. Not even mum and dad." Sakura sobbed.

"I'm sorry. I... didn't know."

"Well that doesn't really change anything, does it?" Sakura sighed.

Tooru wrapped her in a hug and she widened her eyes. The warmth. Someone was hugging her. It had been so long since she'd felt anything like this. Someone loved her. Tears welled up beneath her eyes. Sakura let her arms tighten around her brother's strong frame. It had been so long. And she hadn't realised how much she'd missed this. "I'm sorry. I know it doesn't change anything, but I'm going to do my best to fix it all up," Tooru said as they remained interlocked with each other. "I'll find a way to let you stay in the Aoba Johsai dorms. And I'll beat up those guys who torment you."

Sakura laughed tearfully. "Thank you Tooru-nii."

"Don't kill yourself because life doesn't treat you well. Haven't you heard that thing; If life gives you a lemon tree, make an income out of it?"

The pair let go and Sakura snorted. "I'm pretty sure it's; if life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

"Exactly what I said!"