Remnant, a world where humanity is constantly on the edge on exitinction by the hands of creatures of destruction. The dreaded Grimm, but the world of Remnant was going to be rocked by eight new presences. To be more specific, eight demon lords.

A portal opens up outside the King of Vale, as eight beings along with their partners/subordinates step out on the snowy ground.

"My, what a beautiful cold night!" "It reminds me of Velzard's Palace!" says the Demon known as Guy Crimson stretching his arms out.

"Oh dear, is that an insult?" "This is barely a chill compared to my ice palace." says Velzard with a small smile.

"I still wonder why I had to make the portal." gripes the newest demon lord, Rimuru Tempest.

"hehe, My lord is truely superb...that portal spell was beautiful." says Diablo, as four other demons walk out.

"Diablo is correct my lord, it was indeed captivating." comments Carrera.

"Yeah, everyone in this new world will see you're beautiful majesty Great Rimuru." praises Testarossa.

Several other subordinates step out of the portal and gather together.

"Friend Rimuru!" says Milim hugging Rimuru.

"Now Now, Lady Milim...let's pay attention to boundaries." says Former Demon Lord Frey putting a hand on Milim.

"O-K!" says Milim cheerfuly as she runs around in the snow.

"So Great Rimuru, why did Rouge...I mean Guy Crimson choose a vacation?" asks Carrera politely bowing.

"Yeah, Guy wasn't the type of person to do something like this in the demon realm 20,000 years ago." Ultima adds on.

Rimuru just shrugs, "Well he said he was interested, and nobody dares defy him..since he's kinda scary."

Demon Lords just do whatever they want without a care in the world due to the fact that they are seen as almost invincible, so there isn't much that they need to be concerned about. However it was kind of reckless they assumed that this world was the same. But that wasn't going to stop them.

-prologe finished-