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The demon lords step out of the aircraft along with the blonde kid who they were sure would die after vomiting that much.

"Woah, It's huge!" says Milim smiling up that the massive tower in front of them. Rimuru had to agree they had yet to building anything like this in Tempest.

"Heh, I could get used to this...It truly is a beautiful sight." says Guy Crimson inspecting the tower and the grounds, it might not be a palace but it isn't that bad.

"Hm, I suppose it should do.." comments Luminous, the demon lords decided to split up and explore the ground in groups.

Rimuru, Guy, Milim, and Ramiris walk around the fairgrounds taking in the sights, it was certainly peaceful...well, it was.

Suddenly a small explosion startled the four demon lords, as they look to see Ruby being shrieked at by another girl with white hair.

"I'm sorry..." mutters Ruby.

"You could've blown us off the side of the cliff you fool!" yells the girl in white.

Rimuru approaches her, "Hey, she said she was sorry...and even though you could've been blown off the side of the weren't."

"Rimuru!" says Ruby happily.

The girl in white turned around and glared at Rimuru while using an insulted gesture.

"How dare you!" "Do you know who I am little girl?!" she says arrogantly.

"First of all...I don't know who you are. Nor do I care..." "Secondly...I'M A GUY!" says Rimuru shaking his in arms comedically.

Ruby's mouth hits the floor, "You're a guy?!" she yells out loud.

Rimuru facepalms and the other demon lords chuckle behind him, even Luminous can't help but crack a smile.

Weiss regains her footing after hearing that, "Well you should care!" "I'm very important!" she says.

"Sure you are Princess..." Guy scoffs waving her off.

"It's Heiress actually." says a calm soft voice from behind them, the look to see a teenage girl who wears Gothic Japanese style clothing. She has beautiful golden eyes and dark purple eye liner.

"A goth that Japanese clothing?" says Rimuru looking at her style.

["The clothing on this individual is in a Mistral Style which has a culture close to that of Japanese society, perhaps if master would've pay more attention to the discussion he would've known this already."] informs and scolds Ciel.

"Oi, don't scold me!" says Rimuru out loud.

Ruby and the two other girls stare at him, before he realizes what he did, he coughs and waves his hand.

"Sorry, go on.." he says playing it off.

The girl in dark Japanese attire then continues, "Weiss Schnee, Heiress of the Schnee Dust of the largest energy producers in the world."

The now named Weiss crosses her arms with a smirk.

"Finally some recognition!" she scoffs.

The girl in black wasn't done though, "The same company infamous for it's controversial labor forces...and questionable business partners."

This made everyone chuckle a bit.

"W-Wha...Y-You...How dare!" sputters Weiss as she grabs the dust vial the ribbon girl is wearing before storming off.

"I swear I'll make this up to you!" she calls out to her.

Luminous look at the ribbon girl leaving, "I like her." she says towards Milim who looks at her with a confused expression.

Rimuru and the others walk off into a grand auditorium with a large stage, watching as Rimuru and that Weiss girl run into each other.

Rimuru watches on with a annoyed expression before he hears a voice come over a microphone.

It's the professor, he talks about what will happen and it's purpose before telling the students that their currently wasting their energy before leaving.

Guy scoffs with a smile; "Well he's telling the truth about that at least." he says looking around at the non impressive students.

Deeno then speaks up in a lazy voice; "Oi, shouldn't we get last names and weapons?"

All the demon lords of Octagram look at Deeno with a suprised expression before Draguel pats him on the shoulder; "That was uncharistically smart for you."

Dino just shrugs indifferently, luckily they could easily create their weapons by sneaking out at night to go to a weapon shop.

Guy smirks, "Draguel is right, that was a very good idea Deeno." he praises as they start to walk to the bathrooms, which is where they will bring their subordinates out.

Milim then asks; "What last names should we give our subordinates?" she asks.

Rimuru buts in before anyone can speak; "How about we temporarily give them the right to use our last names?"

The demon lords think for a minute while that would be weird to have subordinates to have the same last name as them, however it wasn't a bad idea since they were trying to blend in.

"Very well, I suppose I could temporarily give Mizari and Raine my last name." agrees Guy Crimson, the one who was the most happy about this was Milim.

"Wait does that mean I can give Carrion and Frey, my last name?!" asks an excited Milim.

Guy nods; "If that's what you wish."

Milim cheers at this thought, Rimuru nods; "Well then...come on out." he orders as four demons jump out of his shadow, these were Diablo, Testarossa, Ultima, and Carrera. The four primordial demons kneel before him.

"Yes M'Lord?" they ask.

Rimuru smiles and turns around; "Due to us trying to fit in, I shall grant you my last name!" he announces to them. The four demons eyes widen as they hear this.

"G-Great Rimuru, don't waste your honorable name on us lowly servants." pleads Diablo as the others lower their heads further in agreement.

Rimuru sighs, "You're not lowly servants, I consider you all part of my it makes sense...and if it pleases you, you can give it back after vacation is over."

The demons all look up to their master with a glimmer in their eyes, so much so nobody would ever think those four were powerful demons who had lived over twenty thousand years.

"Also, while around other humans please refer to me as just Rimuru." "This is an absolute order." he says as the demons don't question any further, what their lord says goes.

"As you wish Great Rimuru." they say all together. Rimuru allows them to rise in which they stand up.

Guy laughs at this, he would never thought that those three would ever do this to someone else.

"Misery and Rain." he calls out as they show up too; the also primordial demons bow to their superior.

"When around the humans refer to me as Guy and I don't mind if you make friends." he says simply as the demon maids bow in response, making Rimuru almost fall over.

"It's that easy for him?!" Rimuru says to himself with a comedic expression on his face.

Milim also called out Carrion and Frey who agreed to her orders, and then were told to make the ones who looked older to make themselves look like seventeen year old's. Their bodies changed from their normal attire to something different.

Carrera kept her uniform the same as well as Ultima and Testarossa.

Diablo wears a casual sweat jacket with shades and jeans.

Misery and Rain wear blouses matching their primordial colors.

Carrion wears armor.

and Frey wears a suit with a long skirt.

The Demon Lords nod in satisfaction at their subordinates before they all walk outside, waiting for the sun to set so they can grab their weapons.

as they do Demon Lord Guy Crimson looks out the window at the sunset, "What an interesting vacation this is turning out to be." he says licking his lips.