There are many things about Remnant that Rimuru doesn't understand. Like, how have humans survived this long with a bunch of monsters who only exist to destroy them? Second, how have wars between man haven't destroyed everything yet? And thirdly, how can people make it through Professor Ports class without losing brain cells?

Rimuru sits at the end of a large lecture table, looking rather unamused. This man Professor Port was way too full of himself, to the point it was almost laughable.

"Monsters, Demons, Prowlers of the Night..." "The creatures of Grimm are known by many names, but I only refer to them as 'Prey'!" "Haha!"

The entire classroom stares at the professor in complete silence. Rimuru's eye twitches in irritation, he notices Ruby and Milim trying their best not to fall asleep. He honestly doesn't blame them, the fact anyone has passed his classes is impressive on the student's part. Deeno was practically in a coma right now!

Somehow though, Weiss was writing down notes at an inhuman speed. What the heck was she getting from all this needless boasting?

"...And you will too once you graduate from this prestigious academy."

"As you know, the kingdoms are safe havens in an otherwise treacherous world." "There are monsters out there that would love nothing more than to tear you to pieces." Professor Port explains.

Guy has an interested expression on his face, probably thinking about bringing some Grimm back to his land. Oi, your land is already treacherous enough with all the demons and near absolute zero temperatures.

"That's where we come in..." "Huntsmen." "And Huntresses." He adds the last part with a click at Yang and some of my female subordinates. The demonesses glare at him with animosity, if looks could kill than Port would've been dead several hundred times over.

"...People who have sworn to protect those who cannot protect themselves!" "From what you may ask?" "Well, the entire world!"

"AYUP!" A student cheers, much to everyone's dismay.

"Well, at least someone his happy to be here." Rimuru comments, he looks at Deeno, who was still in a comatose state.

"I like this guy Rimuru!" Veldora says looking at Rimuru, Rimuru returns the look with a deadpanned one.

"Of course you do..." Rimuru mutters under his breath.

"Now, allow me to tell you a story about a strapping young man..." The Professor begins.

"Oh no, don't tell me..." Luminous groans.


Luminous, Leon, and Rimuru slam their heads on the table at the same time. The professor ignores this action though as he rambles about himself.

Guy gives a frown; "Oi, is this guy honestly this full of himself?"

Milim who is doing her very best to pay attention, feels a tap on her shoulder. It's Ruby who has a grin on her face, she then holds up a drawing mocking the professor.

This makes Milim giggle, Rimuru then looks up at Weiss who looks more and more angry by the second. He then unknowingly adds fuel to the fire by listing off all the traits a hunter should have, all traits that Ruby doesn't seem to possess at first glance.

"Now who wants to show what they got to the class, a little demonstration if you would?"

Weiss raises her hand immediately, all of Team RRGL roll their eyes almost in perfect sync with each other.

One quick change into her combat outfit later and the princess is standing before a large box, with something moving around on the inside. Probably some sort of grimm. The Professor then releases the grimm, it was a boar looking grimm known as a Boarbatusk.

Weiss was having a pretty hard time dealing with it, it was fast yet small making it difficult to hit.

"It seems Ice Queen is having a run for her money, isn't she?" Luminous says with a smirk.

"Yeah, but as unpleasant as she can be, I still don't want her to get badly hurt." Rimuru comments.

"Go Weiss, make Team RWBY proud!" Ruby cheers holding a flag that she pulled out of seemingly nowhere.

"Quit distracting me!" Weiss unnecessarily shoots back at the poor Rose.

Weiss tries to stab the Boarbatusk but it dodges and knocks the rapier out of her hand.

"Oh Ho, and what will you do now without your weapon?" Professor Port inquires.

"Weiss, go for the belly!" "It's unarmored"! Ruby tries to help, but Weiss is having none of it.

"Shut up already!" Weiss snaps back again.

Rimuru narrows his eyes at the Schnee, Ruby was only trying to help.

"Come on Weiss, stop being a jerk." Rimuru mutters.

"Why is Weiss so mean Rimuru?" Milim asks, but all he does is shrug; he doesn't know what's in the mind of that company heiress.

Weiss starts struggling even more now, but she finally manages to get her hands back on the rapier and uses a repelling glyph to block the Boarbatusk's charge, which flips it upside down. She then flips upwards landing on a white glyph and then launching herself into the Boarbatusk, impaling it in its exposed underbelly.

Rimuru facepalms, "She did what Ruby suggested anyway!"

Leon and Draguel look just as irritated; "Is this Weiss girl really expecting a 15-year-old to be as mature as a grown adult?" Leon questions.

Leon and Rimuru both know from experience that the teen years are the most complicated of a human's life. Hormones permanently changing your body kinda messes up things for a while and Ruby and Weiss are no exception to that.

"Well done Ms. Schnee, now children that's all for today." "You are dismissed." Port dismisses his class.

Guy stretches his limbs, "That was one of the most challenging things I have ever done."

Everyone nods, Rimuru and Luminous are pretty sure that sitting through one of Professor Ports classes would be classified as a form of torture by the western state council.

The exit the classroom, Misery and Rain are standing outside to greet their master.

"Misery, Rain." Guy calls out.

"Yes Master, is there anything you require of us?" Misery bows politely.

"I think we have a new form of torture; it could be very useful in the future." "Make sure to write it down for me, ok?" Guy says.

"Of course, it shall be done my lord." Misery and Rain bow before walking away.

"Ah, you too Guy-noda." Milim says with a groan.

Ramiris and Deeno yawn, "Hey guys I fell asleep part way through, can you remind me what was talked about?"

"You know Deeno, that lazy habit of yours is going to get you into serious trouble." Draguel says with a shake of his head.

"Well, I'm still here, aren't I?" Deeno says dismissively.

While Deeno and Draguel bicker, Rimuru notices Ruby and Weiss arguing with each other.

"You guy go on ahead, I'll be right back." Rimuru says with a wave, as he walks toward the two girls.

"What is your problem?!" Ruby asks.

"That's my line!" "You're supposed to be team leader, yet all you have been a nuisance!"

Ruby is obviously offended by this; "But I have done nothing to you!"

"That's exactly the problem, you have done nothing to deserve that position!" Weiss shouts back.

"Back in the forest you acted like a child, and you continue to do so even now!"

Ruby gives Weiss a 'hurt puppy' look; "Weiss, where is this coming from?" "Back in the forest, you said it yourself; We have to act like a team."

Weiss sighs; "Not a team lead by you." "I have trained, and study for many years and honestly, I deserve better!"

Weiss turns her back on Ruby and lets out one final phrase; "Ozpin made a mistake." before walking off.

Ruby looks devastated as she turns around, only to meet Rimuru.

"Man, I didn't know it was possible to be that unpleasant." Rimuru says.

"I'm sorry about what Weiss said to you, you were just trying to help after all."

"I-I don't get it, why does she have to be like that?" Ruby sniffs.

"Hey Rimuru, do you think Ozpin made a bad decision when he picked me?" "Weiss probably should be the leader and not me." Ruby questions the true dragon.

"Ruby, you just started leading the team." "Of course, you're not going to be the best leader, nobody would be." "Give yourself a chance before assuming the worst, this leader position is a kind of like a shirt that your dad bought you that is too large." "As you grow, you will eventually fit into the position, just... give it some time, ok?" Rimuru says with a small smile grabbing Ruby by the shoulders.

"I couldn't have said it any better myself Mr. Tempest." a familiar voice says from their right, it was Professor Ozpin.

"But Professor, you did make a mistake!" "I'm not a good leader!"

The Professor shakes his head; "Ruby I have made more mistakes than any man, woman, and child on this planet." "But at this moment I do not consider your appointment as team leader to be one of them."

He leans down and looks Ruby in the eyes; "Do you?"

Weiss stomps into one of beacons many courtyards, she then finds the person she was looking for.

"Professor Port!"

He turns around with a smile; "Ah Ms. Schnee." "And to what do I owe this fine pleasure?"

"Well...uh...I liked your lecture!" She starts out.

"Of course you do child, you have the heart of a true huntress in you."

Her eyes glance towards the ground, the professor notices this.

"Is something troubling you?"

"Yes...sir..." Weiss says.

"My dear girl, confess your strife to me!"

"Well, I think I should've been the leader of Team RWBY." Weiss says.

Port smiles; "That's preposterous!"

"Excuse me?!" Weiss says with an insulted look.

"I have followed Ozpin for many years, and he has not once led me astray."

Weiss looks confused, "So you would just blindly accept his decision even after seeing how exceptional I am?"

Ports sighs; "With all due respect your exceptional skill on the battlefield is matched only by your poor attitude."

"How dare-" Weiss starts to shout, but she is cut off by a majestic voice.

"I couldn't agree more professor."

Weiss turns around to see Luminous Valentine standing there with a smile.

"Listen little girl, you scold Ruby on her immature attitude, yet yours isn't exactly mature either."

Weiss sputters like an old car engine; "L-Little Girl?!"

"Yes, I bet if you became team leader, then all that you would do is boss people around."

"But that's what a team leader is supposed to do!" "Give orders and others are supposed to obey!" Weiss argues; "And I'm not a little girl!"

Luminous breathes a heavy sigh before turning around; "Really now?" "Then why are you acting like one?"

Weiss looks like she got hit by a truck; "B-But!"

"Grow up will you, what are you a five-year-old who just had their favorite toy taken away?"

"Right now, all I see is a spoiled brat who's gotten everything she's ever wanted in life, and then some." "So look here brat, if you think that whining and crying because things didn't go your way is magically going to change the fact that Ruby is your leader."

She gives one last glance at Weiss; "Then you've got another thing coming...immature brat..." "Now, you better get along with those teammates of yours." "Before everyone decides that you're not worth the trouble."

The two people are left stunned, and Weiss looks just as devastated as Ruby. Professor Port clears his throat; "While that was a little harsh, the last thing she said was right." "You should get along better with your teammates."

"Don't fret over what you don't have." "But cherish what you do have."

Weiss smiles, feeling a bit better. Deep inside, she knows what Luminous said was right, even if it was hard to admit. But she kind of reminds her of her sister Winter, she's also harsh on her too. She would apologize to Ruby when she sees her next.

Later, Ruby is up late trying to study. But despite that she still manages to doze off, but a tap on her shoulder wakes her up.

"Oh!" "Sorry Weiss, I kind of dozed off while trying to study."

"It's fine, how do you like your coffee?" Weiss says with a smile.

"Uh, cream and five sugars."

"Stay right there." She says disappearing for a second, she then suddenly returns with a coffee.

"Oh, thanks Weiss." Ruby says.

"Listen, I'm sorry for the way I acted today." "From this day on, I will be the best teammate and partner ever!" Weiss says cheerfully which makes Ruby smile.

"Good luck studying." Weiss says, then she smirks while looking at her papers.

"Also, that's wrong by the way." She says disappearing.

Ruby turns back to her books, but then hears once more.

"Hey Ruby..." Weiss says timidly, "I've always wanted bunk beds as a kid."

She closes the door behind her silently, Ruby smiles in satisfaction.

-End of Chapter 5-

Sorry about the shorter chapter, I loved making a whole chapter of basically Weiss getting roasted by the demon lords. Well, see you all next time!

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