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It was an especially stagnant mid-morning for Caldera City, and the Avatar was annoyed. He'd borrowed an office from Zuko in a vain attempt to digest a pile of scrolls from across the former colonies reporting a variety of unrest. Though the council meetings between the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation advisors had lasted all week, the group insisted that Avatar Aang mediate (and he expected their request for him to personally rectify) the more organized groups of rabble rousers they could identify through reporting.

It was a decidedly jarring way to return from one's honeymoon, and Aang was uncharacteristically irritable about no longer being able to spend long nights tangled in blankets, thrust deep into his wife's warm, tight…embrace.

Just thinking about how she'd awoken him at dawn hot and needy, suckling on his adam's apple made his throat tight and his cock start to heat. They hadn't finished what she started—one of Zuko's aides came knocking just as he'd entered her, citing an urgent early council start.

Now he slouched like a sullen teenager at the desk, half-hard and unable to fully concentrate on the repetitive police notes.

Like a siren answering his call, Katara tapped lightly on the door and poked her head in. "Hi Sweetie! I figured you'd be holed up somewhere in here…" she eyed the pile of scrolls wanly, "so I brought you lunch."

Aang's smile seemed to split his face, and he felt the tension in his shoulders release at the sight of her…but only for a moment. "Katara, you are just the be—" and his words caught in his throat as she came fully into view with a handful of bamboo hoppers.

She was wearing the yellow and orange of the Air Nomads—not something uncommon as she'd taken to wearing them from time to time since they'd become engaged, but always in the style of her water tribe shift dress. Today she wore a two-piece sari, one of the traditional pieces often worn by nomadic women outside the temple. The embroidered yellow shirt cut just below her bosom, exposing the muscular tone from her ribs to her navel where a loosely fitted orange sash cascaded from her hair and shoulders and over matching yellow skirts.

"Katara" Aang breathed reverentially. "You look so beautiful! How did you know about—"

"I've been studying in the library, and I came across some drawings. I really admired this one, so I commissioned it. You really like it?" Her eyes shone victoriously. Katara knew he would like it, of course. She'd come with a plan in mind, and the plan involved the lack of bindings underneath her billowing skirts.

Instead of answering with words, Aang rose from the desk to close the distance between them, wrapping large hands around her bare waist. "hmmmm" she hummed happily to feel his hands on her again after the frustrating end to their morning love-making. Leaning down to catch her lips, Aang carefully eased the trays out of her hand and placed them on the desk while maintaining his hold on her.

"I've been thinking about you all day" he whispered raggedly in her ear.

"Wishing you could still be inside me?" she whispered back, surprising her husband and provoking the bashful redness across his nose that she loved so much.

"Ka-Tar-a" he breathed, smiling at her brazenness. She didn't return the smile, but instead drew back to show how serious she was. Furrowed brows over dilated eyes, lips slightly parted and in need of more air.

Aang swallowed hard and she watched the bob of his throat. "Oh that's right…where we left off" she murmured, and leaned in, pressing a firm, animalistic tongue from between his collar bone to the base of his jaw. He could feel his composure crumbling rapidly and he groaned.

She was already pushing him back into his chair as he returned the kisses, pulling on her hair to open up her neckline. That was almost too much for her and her body stuttered to a halt as need welled even more desperately towards her center. When he pulled her hair, when he put her where he wanted her, it never failed to flood her sex.

She moaned, and they practically tripped into his seat.

In short order, Katara had his trousers down enough to expose his length, and she was stretching to accommodate his thickness, skirts billowing around their shared center like a flower in bloom. Aang gasped, expecting at least some grinding foreplay only to be engulfed by his sopping, panting wife.

"I can't believe you came to the palace with no panties. Katara, you are so sexy."

Katara was at a loss for words, but instead reciprocated her feelings with her eyes, raking greedily over his toned frame and sweat-kissed skin. She savored his eyes last, forehead to forehead, before taking him again into her mouth to bind them further as she began a metronomic hump.

A knock at the door, and the waterbender had popped off into thin air, faster than a whip. She sat in the footspace under his desk, panicked.

Aang also scrambled as Zuko walked in, pulling his pants rather unsuccessfully, then scooting his chair in further to hide his now rapidly deflating cock from view. "You've GOT to be KIDDING me!" he couldn't help but cry out.

"I know, right?! There's never enough time in between meetings to really have our own meetings, you know?" Zuko complained, not seeming to understand the Avatar's frustration.

"Okay so I have some notes I want us to go over before we go in…"


"Did you get through all these yet? Because I want you to pull up the reports from Yu Dao first…"


"Aang? Did you not read these? What are you doing in here?"

Aang's face was thoroughly blushed, and his hands were at his temples, desperately trying to cling to his people's teachings on patience and delayed gratification. Beneath the desk, he felt Katara's hot exhalations as she laughed silently.

"Are you..okay?" Zuko asked, now taking in his friend's sweaty, flushed appearance. "You look like you're about to pass out…no matter. Relax and have your lunch, I'll summarize them for you."

It was then that Katara decided to have some fun of her own. If we're going to be stuck here listening to this nonsense, at least one of us ought to get what we need.

"—Three different crime types broken down by city block, which I thought would be a really great way to see all the reports, right?" Zuko finished a question to which Aang seemed to shoot up straight in response, gripping one side of the desk.

"NO. WAY." He called loudly as Katara ran groping fingers between his thighs, cupping his base and massaging his sack through misplaced cloth.

"Oh, it's totally do-able!" Zuko tried to explain, assuming the Avatar was complimenting his idea. "I'm sure one of the scribes would be able to compile the scrolls from the other cities…"

His cock was out now twitching helplessly in the hands of his mischievous wife who delivered silent, breathy laughter against his shaft. "We shouldn't…we should stop." Aang groaned, shifting in his chair and hiding his face in his hand.

The Fire Lord was concerned. "No, this is just the beginning, Aang! I have so many ideas—"

"That's really great Zuko, I can't wait tohearthematthemeeting oh spirits, thanks forstoppingby!" he said awkwardly waving from his chair as Katara lapped at the base of his shaft and squeezed her pumping fist over his weeping tip.

"What has gotten into you? I'm offering you help, here. You're the one they're going to ask to track these gangs down—alphabetizing these categories are only going to serve you in the end.

Katara allowed her smile to form while she pressed him against her mouth. She wanted him to know how much fun she was having at his expense. For his part, he seemed to urge her forward, despite his vocality, with a hand wrapped gently in her hair, and a shaky foot that nudged her forward along her backside.

"Right. No, I'm sorry…I'm just a little frustRATED. At the moment…" Aang sang as his wife enveloped his cock to the hilt, relaxing until he nudged into the back of her throat. He tried to hide his buck behind a cough and a squirm.

"I know, buddy. I'm sorry your honeymoon got cut short…" Zuko began to apologize. Katara bobbed softly, keeping him fully engulfed and allowing the motion to heat and moisten all of him with as much suction as she could muster in silence. The airbender huffed a few times, desperately trying to imagine the process of alphabetizing his files.

"—believe me when I say, I was practically on my knees in front of the council, begging them not to contact you for this."

The Avatar let out a burst of wild laughter in response, and then a groan. Zuko sympathized. "Where is Katara, by the way? I assumed you two would tackle this together."

Katara was under the desk, now guiding him into her mouth with full strokes that pulled him out of her mouth to his very tip, then crashed back down to his quivering sack. Aang closed his eyes and tried to breathe, managing only an "uhhhhhh…. Uhmmm..hhhhhhh" in response.

"You're right. Let's not get sidetracked"

"keep going." Aang muttered through gritted teeth, desperately using his hand to guide the speed of her dipping head to avoid any obvious thrusting movements.

"Exactly. I've always liked your enthusiasm, Aang." Zuko agreed. Katara pulled out with a soft pop so she could take a laughing break.

"gahhhh." He complained, clawing for a scroll so he could pretend to read.

Zuko yammered on, still oblivious to Aang's tortured oscillations between ecstasy and sexual meltdown. He chalked the Avatar's odd humming sounds up to deep concentration…On the scroll, that is.

Beneath the desk that the Firelord leaned over, Katara resumed her cadence, but with the fullest strokes she could manage, placing a hand beneath her chin which she rotated up and around his shaft in tandem with her mouth and flat, firm tongue. Her drool and his precum dripped down her mouth, unchecked.

The heat of his loins radiated in waves of pleasure and Aang took a moment to close his eyes and steady his breathing as he felt his end approaching. Hot release wound tight between his legs and though he desperately wanted to be watching her, it was torturously satisfying to only feel the hotness of her mouth and throat moving along his climax.

As he felt the pleasure swell, Zuko stood. "Alright that should be enough for now. I'm going to go get set up in the meeting hall."

He made towards the door, taking in the sight of his friend, looking helpless and breathless over the sheer amount of work that needed doing.

"You coming?" the Firelord asked.

Aang waved him away impatiently, his eyes blowing wide and taking in the ceiling.

"Yes! I'm coming! I'm…coming."

Zuko shrugged and closed the door behind him, worried about the Avatar's obvious stress. "Poor Aang. He carries such a burden."