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The Moon Mounts the Sky

KD Prompt #1: Be Quiet

They'd talked about it but hadn't planned. For Katara and Aang, embracing the new frontiers of physical intimacy occurred the same way the couple managed their insurmountable number of peace-making tasks in a post-war world: together, often improvised, and with all their might.

…Perhaps they should have planned for some of their "firsts" though.

After all, there was enough evidence from their earliest explorations of each other to suspect they would need to arrange a space. With privacy. With thick walls.





Even when they first began dating, young Aang seemed compelled to offer words on their hugs and soft kisses. Barely broaching puberty, the young couple's physical expressions were more compassionate than passion-full.

At first, Katara thought his feedback was borne of a need to adjust to their new relationship status. She'd always been handsy with him, and so now when she leaned in for a kiss and caught him on the lips instead of the cheek, he almost always voiced his gratitude.

"I love you, Katara."

"Best. Girlfriend. Ever."

"Mmmm. You smell like Appa."

That last one took some explaining… Aang believed with all his heart that Appa's scent was one of the softest, most comforting smells in the world and that being compared to the feeling of "home" his spirit guide gave him was (to him) a compliment of the highest order.


There was a period when Aang and Company found themselves juggling rebels by day and pouring over treaties and trade agreements by night. Only the water tribe siblings were considered "of age" and they all struggled with this new phase of life—war heroes and hallmarked contributors to society who still craved the shirk of self-restraint afforded to their common teenaged peers.

The Avatar himself looked like a fumbling polar bear dog puppy for a time as he grew—tripping over his massive paws and aching knees borne from a body spurting between the lithe cherubic boy they'd known and the gangling young man who'd shot past his girlfriend's height in a single summer.

Though Katara was considered a fully realized woman, she hadn't paused to think about the more physical pleasures possible in her now years-long relationship with Aang.

In the stolen moments between their all-too-adult responsibilities, she indulged his youthful proclivities with enthusiasm. They surfed often, played pranks they probably shouldn't, and spent more hours than they probably should in a bubble at the bottom of Cranefish Bay, watching the sea life swim by. They danced and felt so full of love, it was difficult to think about what more could be.

Their first brush with true passion was as accidental of a discovery as their first meeting among the icebergs.

It was a hot summer day when he'd managed to track Katara down in the slummier section of the city's center. She went there as often as she could to offer free healing sessions to Cranefish's less fortunate. Katara felt the gust of his landing behind her, but had already known he was approaching when the children in the street began to yell for the Avatar as he glided in.

Aang was never one to turn children away, and so after helping the rag-tag group repair a deflated leather ball and a round or two of kick-around, the Avatar did his best to sidle out of view and finally reach the woman he desired.

As he did, she was bending upwards from the kneeling-squat she'd held while healing up a simple scraped knee and her arching form brought his face to a blush. Aang was always taken with Katara's beauty—the kindness of her eyes, the dazzle of her smile…her long, muscular legs. But now, as she stretched backwards in her shift dress made from pale blue summer fabric, the curves of her waist and rear made him swallow hard, and for a wild second he wanted to run his hands across her to feel how the roundness of her bottom melted into the toned muscle of her back…

"Katara, you're so pretty." He blurted out, feeling the need to say something, articulate anything he could about the fluttery sensation below his navel.

His girlfriend smiled and returned the compliment, hoping to grab his laugh, "and you're handsome. Just like Momo."

They laughed at the old memory and Aang rubbed the back of his neck bashfully. "I found something today that I think you'll like!"

Weaving their way down to the bay area, the couple walked hand-in-hand, sharing their day with one another and balancing each other's energy—his bouncing enthusiasm serving to energize her, and her thoughtful steadiness inspiring some temperance in his stride. Aang brought her to a street vendor with one of the fruit carts common throughout the marketplaces.

"…fruit?" Katara asked with a raised eyebrow, but Aang held up a finger as if to say wait for it.

"Hey there, Lee! This is Katara, my amazing Master waterbender girlfriend I was telling you about." Aang introduced his girlfriend to the vendor, who bowed deeply. Aang leaned in conspiratorially and asked, "can you do the thing?"

"Certainly, Avatar Aang. What is your favorite fruit, Master Katara?"

"Do you have any m-"

"She loves Papaya!" Aang interjected sarcastically, earning her playful shove.

"Any mangos?" she finished, but not without laughter.

Lee nodded, and set to work, not just chopping the fruit as she expected, but bending in a mixture of sweet cream just when she thought he'd finished. Katara watched with wonder as her fellow waterbender swirled the sweet fruit and completed it with a light freeze.

"It's iced cream!" Aang exclaimed. "I think it's gonna be a big hit."

After paying, the Avatar watched her intently as she took her first lick. He nodded in agreement when she peered back at him, her eyes as saucers full of wonder. "This is the best thing I've ever tasted" she moaned, now descending on the iced cream like Appa on a tree of moon peaches.

Aang laughed heartily and leaned across her for a bite. "Hey! Didn't you already have one?" Katara complained, guarding her treasure. They both giggled then, and her eyes drifted a little longer than necessary on his lips when he licked them.

"Yeah, but I haven't tried the mango yet…"

Aang darted forward and stole another bite. "Hey! No sir! You cannot give a waterbending Master a waterbending-themed dessert and then steal it from her!" She was still giggling when he managed to sneak his way in and steal yet another sloppy bite, the sorbet half hanging out of his mouth.

Without thinking, Katara playfully launched herself at him with the intention of stealing the mangos and cream before he could close his mouth on it.

The result was an extremely messy kiss that sopped both their faces with sticky orange cream. Their laughing dwindled into something new and different when she (still giggling) licked cream off his tongue.

It felt different, having her in his mouth.

She met his eyes and did it again, still slightly smiling, but the tension between them had already been set to boil.

Aang moved closer, that fluttering in his gut swelling all the way up to his lungs as he licked her back, watching her eyes close and her body melt. He couldn't help but let out some noise.

A groan, just to push out some of that tight air settling in his lungs. As they explored this new form of kissing, she melted into him like the iced cream that lay abandoned next to them, forgotten in the heat.

Kissing him like this gave her feelings, and she could tell he liked the way it felt too by the number of appreciative noises he rewarded her with every time their mouths pulled back together. He tasted so, so sweet. So much sweeter than just the mangos and cream were the lightness of his breath and the warmth of his skin as they bumped foreheads and noses, trying different angles, and losing what little control they'd begun with.

When the groans and chirps weren't enough to articulate his feelings, Aang began murmuring words.





"Shhh" she had to quiet him just so her lips could keep purchase, and it made her laugh as they nuzzled noses and he continued babbling happily over their oozing kisses.


The first time it was intentional, she had underestimated the carry of his newer, deeper voice.

Aang had not asked for, nor did he want the very public "coming-of-age" party that the Earth King had ordered with all the grandiosity Ba Sing Se could offer. Yet here he was, fiddling with the fabric hooks of an overly fancy tunic styled in the kingdom's fashion (which admittedly) reflected handsome hues of his normal Air Nomad attire.

He WAS excited for the reunion tonight with his found-family, however.

In the several years they'd spent working to heal the global wounds of war, Zuko's role in their missions became less pronounced and further apart as his duties to his homeland became his ever-creeping priority. He hadn't had an excuse to leave Caldera City in some time, but the Avatar's coming-of-age ceremony proved to be his overdue boon.

Toph's work in the fledgling Republic City was undoubtedly some of the most innovative and important among Team Avatar's collective accomplishments. As such, she saw Aang and Katara most often. Still, working with students and collaborating on burgeoning metals technology had prevented her from their most recent get-together. And so, she too accepted the invitation to Ba Sing Se.

Sokka and Katara had spent the last eight months with their home tribe, helping their father design and build new shipping ports that would help the south join the other nations in global trade. If it weren't for a specific need for waterbenders in the construction of said ports, Katara likely would have opted to remain with Aang in Ba Sing Se while he continued mediating the debates over the former Fire Nation colonies. That said, the family made for the Earth Kingdom proudly on one of their port's first departing ships.

Now, standing in one of the large, gilded ballrooms alongside her brother and reunited friends, Katara scanned impatiently for the person she was most anxious to see again. She too, had dressed for the occasion in Earth Kingdom style, splurging slightly on a cream-colored cheongsam heavily embroidered with yellow and orange flowers. It was tight on her curves, but she'd secretly planned this (and the use of his nation's colors) to make sure she had her boyfriend's undivided attention for their reunion.

She'd noticed that her father, Zuko, and Chief Arnook had mounted a raised dais just beyond the center of the room, and servants were moving among the crowd distributing toasting glasses full of dark, earthy wine. He must be on his way.

No sooner had Katara received her glass, the music announcing King Kuei began to blare. After an exchange of bows between the nation's leaders, King Kuei was the first to address the gala.

"We're gathered tonight to celebrate the auspicious birthday of our own, Avatar Aang. You know him as the hero of the hundred-years' war, a supreme peacemaker among even the smallest of our citizens," Kuei gestured jokingly to two children near the dais who squabbled over a doll (much to their parent's chagrin) and earned the chuckles of the crowd.

"I am proud to congratulate my friend on his 18th year—Avatar Aang."

He flew in through an open window on his glider. Katara would have rolled her eyes at his showmanship were it not for her widened pupils feeling stuck in glue as he landed with all the grace of a leaf on the wind. If his young teen years were described as "gangly" then this new Aang would be dubbed striking.

He was as tall as Zuko—the fact was incontrovertible as the two men embraced once the Avatar straightened from his landing. Aang turned to the crowd with his trademark grin and the posture of a comfortable leader. Erect in a tight, sleeveless tunic cinched at the waist with loose red fabric, he was a fully realized Avatar now practically oozing with sex appeal.

Katara puffed a bit in surprise and elation, taking in the thicker brow that darkened his eyes, a gruffer jaw, and a wider set of shoulders. She imagined how they would dwarf her palms now when she pinned him down and straddled on top…

"Katara!" Toph admonished, as though she had read the waterbender's thoughts.

Katara was beyond caring and simply chuckled, "You have no idea, Toph. No idea."

"I am thankful for all of you who have come to share an evening of kinship-" he addressed.

Katara could tell his eyes were scanning around for her as he spoke and knew he'd found her when his words faltered a bit, and his face and neck began to darken with blush. He ended up concluding in a strange rush, and the room toasted around a bit before being urged towards food and drink and music.

He was on her then with a kiss of passion, and they earned some scattered laughs and claps from the surrounding people at such a public display of affection. Katara stood on her slippered toes to nuzzle into his neck, and Aang leaned her back with such joviality that she found herself being picked up off the ground and spun in his soft breeze.

She laughed into his shoulder and briefly recalled her childhood self, gushing to Aunt Wu:

"About this man I'm going to marry…is he going to be handsome? Oh, I hope he's tall!"

"I missed you so much!" they said at the same time, then laughed. Then kissed deeply.

If only they could have continued the evening among themselves and their friends, then Aang would have counted his party as one of capital success. When the couple finally broke however, it was to the uncomfortable throat clearing of a noble, the first of many already queuing up to offer their well wishes and political opinions to the young Avatar. He sighed deeply.

"You look absolutely, heart-stoppingly beautiful, Katara. Go enjoy the party. I'll find you after."

Katara almost acquiesced. The waterbender began to make her way back to Toph, who was deep in conversation with her brother when she stopped and straightened thoughtfully. Emboldened by so many memories of her Toph's unapologetic assertion, she decided to take the night "earthbending style."

Weaving through the crowd with renewed purpose, she cut into the food line without apology and filled a tray of hers and Aang's favorites. Passing Sokka, she swiped a nearly full bottle of alcohol straight from his hands without even breaking stride.

Then she stole her man, interjecting over a noble with a "thank you so much for your presence, please excuse the Avatar" and wound her arm into his, carting him off without further explanation. As a final testament to her absolute gall that night, she led them to Kuei's personal sitting room off the side of the ballroom and claimed it as their own.

"Katara!" Aang laughed, astonished at this new display of his beloved's assertion. Katara sat the food and drink down, her darkened eyes locked as though he were prey.

She set the food down on a mirrored table, catching sight of her blushing, flustered state. "Good. I want him to know." She thought, surprising even herself.

She turned back to face Aang, taking a swig straight from the bottle and handing it to him with shining eyes and wet lips. "I missed you so much" she murmured, then breathed softer still, "you look…different…"

Aang FELT different, accepting the bottle, and trying to conceal the tremble in his hands. It wasn't that he'd never been aroused by the sight of her, the thought of her—but he'd never seen her so unapologetic about their shared and largely unspoken desires. He pulsed beneath his trousers and thought wildly about pressing up against her body.

Tentative at first, she guided him to a sofa where they shared stories of their time apart, punctuated only by moonshine-soaked kisses.

The air was thick with a knowing.

The physical desire to touch one another was palpable in a way that hadn't existed before his absence. The more time passed without interruption, the bolder they became with longer, deeper kisses and louder sighs and intensifying murmurs.

Eventually the exchanged breath, heat, and forcefulness found Katara on her back with wide-blown pupils and Aang's animal tongue roving as far under her collar as he could reach. He moaned at the taste of her, at the sensation of her racing pulse coming into his mouth.

"Touch me. Please touch me." She finally breathed into his ear. His consent was more a roar of noise, and she felt it shudder through his body as the hands cupping her face leapt to her waist. "Shhhhh" she reminded him with a laugh. There were persons undoubtedly looking for them by now, and gossip in Ba Sing Se flew faster than an Air Bison.

Though he nodded softly, the intensity of his eyes and the pout of his parted lips sent her sex throbbing and instantly evaporated what little concern she'd had for his vocality. She'd dreamed of him looking like this, brought herself to climax for months at the thought of his hands on her body, the desire reflected in his gaze. Now she whined and shimmied up her cheongsam to lay her thighs bare to him.

The Avatar was well reputed for his thoughtful, gentle manner. In this moment however, his ethereal being seemed to have been left by the wayside in favor of the hormonal teenaged vessel in which he was housed. His stream of affirmations and worshipful words took on a cadence with increasing volume as his (much larger) hands cupped her waist and rolled along her ribs. To touch her body and watch as it affected her—watching her eyes close in rapture- arousal rather than comfort…

"I love you, Katara…"

"Aang, you're my everything. I love you"

"You're amazing. You feel…'mazing. Katara, this is…'mazing."

She silenced him with her own mouth then, sitting up and into his lap. Her dress now hiked above her waist, freeing the round, wanting flesh of her bottom. Feeling her humid heat against his own center stunned him into words once more as he realized that the tightness of her dress did not accommodate her customary wrappings.

"Spirits. Katara. Fuck. I..." Aang blurted, stunning her equally and rolling his hips as a tide to the shore. They both groaned this time, into each other's mouths. Katara eagerly replicated the motion and encouraged his hands to cup her against him.

He complied, feeling her bare ass for this first time and gasping words from his native tongue as he squeezed and pulled her against his throbbing arousal. "Do you want to? Do you want more?" she breathed into his ear. He moaned in response and captured her still-clothed breast in his mouth, suckling loudly against the fabric.

"AANG. Yes-f-fuhh." Katara called out. Suddenly the clothing was abrasive- offensive even, as they clawed at each other with shared whines and new passion.

Before they'd really thought things through, they were ostensibly bare in each other's laps, her dress parted open and bunched around her stomach, his robes heaped on the backside of the sofa. The party outside the door was already a distant memory. He breathed her scent and took in the enormity of the moment, an ache of joy in his heart.

Katara's bared form was more beautiful, more radiant than all his fantasies. She had the curves of a woman, so grown from the girl who found him in the iceberg years ago. Her breasts hung heavy and rose with her breath as she shared herself with him, propping her hands against his knees, grinning bravely.

She was surprised to find her love overcome. Aang's eyes welled as he smiled. "Is it too much? Should we stop?"

"No, no! I'm sorry. I just feel so honored. Katara, you—you make me feel like I've found part of my soul I didn't even know I was missing."

With equal gratitude, she kissed him softly, but with urgency.

"and you gave me the piece I lost, that I'd never thought I could get back."

He thought back to a browsing meditation in the Avatar state when he'd unintentionally recalled bringing himself to climax as a woman in a past life, fingers circling against hot, hardened flesh. Drifting to stroke her clit felt familiar in such a strange sense.

He thought to share this with her, then decided against it—the result being a spill of garbled language against her neck as she grounded herself on his hand for their first time.

Distant memories that were not his own had no comparison to the present experiences of this soul and it's love for Katara. He was enveloped by her passion, and she was nearly drunk on the earnest cherishment of her body.

Impossibly tight walls hugged his slowly broaching fingers and he remembered this too, however distantly. Aang supported her back, allowing her to lean and mount herself at her own pace while he indulged on her nipples.

It was enough to send Katara into a new state on mindlessness, engulfed hopelessly in sheer physical pleasure. She looked at the man groaning sweet nothings beneath her, his gaze wonderous as he watched her rock and drip into his hand.

"I missed you, Aang. I thought about you like this while I waited. You bring me out…you make me come to you…you make me..—"

"Come?" he finished brazenly, and she captured his mouth again loudly.

The grind of his curling finger beckoned her center straight against his own exposed sex that heaved of its own accord. When her hips bucked, her clit rubbed on his thumb, and she realized Aang had positioned it there just for her. She passed at it over and over, feeling lifted in climax on the pull, then filled (but still wanting) on the push.

She came hard on a push, keeping his fingers deep inside her, but pumping at a secret spot that provoked wave after wave of orgasmic release. Katara didn't even realize she was moaning. She didn't even realize he was moaning, almost undone witnessing her dissolve in his naked lap.

When her body finally quieted, they remained intertwined—her sweaty forehead nuzzled into the crook of his neck as he kissed idly along her jawline. Aang's fingers were still buried within her, waiting for her to reawaken.

She returned to him in a storm of kisses on his eyelids, cheeks and soft lips before murmuring, "I want to do that to you too. Do you want it? What do you like?"

"Guuhhhhh" he spluttered, unintentionally thrilling Katara with a spasmodic hand. Aang felt her walls clench around his fingers again and his cock bounced in response.

"Anything. Literally. Breathe on me and I'll be happy." He said, only half joking.

But Katara was not joking. Her eyes were still on fire when she considered him and said, "okay."

Withdrawing from his sopping hand, she settled on the floor between his legs without breaking eye contact. It was beyond thrilling to watch him realize that she planned to swallow him whole.


She loved her monk's gentility. It was his compassion and generosity that made him such an exceptional human, and it was his sweet humanity she loved the most. Which is why they both found themselves surprised to be so heavily aroused as she kneeled before him.

He was not one to enjoy prostration, and she was so famously feminist, neither of them could have fantasized that she would suck a man on her knees, let alone enjoy it.

It was Aang, though.

Her Aang.

He belonged to her, and she yearned to take his release in more than just her hand.





"I can't even..—"

He had lost his composure, lost his own presence. Instead, he floated in the sea of her mouth, holding her head with a desperate hand and pulling the hair gently to the side so he could watch himself disappearing into her.

She encouraged his soft thrusts into her throat with happy moans and reassuring strokes to his thighs. Aang's legs were trembling as he neared climax with huffs of exhalation that sent miniature whirlwinds around the sitting room.

"Avatar Aang? King Kuei requests your presence, sir!" A man called through the door with a rap of the knuckles. They'd been obvious enough that the server knew better than to open the door. "MMhM BE RIGHT THERE!" Aang gasped from within.

The gossip was now sealed, and they couldn't care less.

Not only did Katara make no move to end the tryst- she doubled the strength of her grip and the speed of her pulls as he cried out.

He moaned again in a different language and exploded into her awaiting mouth with trembling thighs and white-knuckled fists clawing her wild hair. He pulsed and pulsed and pulsed. She had to swallow twice.





"Katara" he panted again when she finally withdrew. She was back in his lap, shushing him once more with deep kisses.

They'd uncovered a secret tunnel full of need, both smiling with the knowledge that it would require a lifetime of exploration.

With wild, unsated eyes Katara spoke her delight:

"You taste like mangos and cream."