The Moon Mounts the Sky

KD Prompt #3: Breeding

"I need more."

It was a statement so lacking in entreat that Aang groaned exhaustedly into his pillow. A demand, really.

He would comply, of course.

As he had before she went to sleep.

As he had just after dinner.

As he had in the early hours of the morning when he'd normally be meditating with the first sun illuminating the world behind his eyelids. Instead, he'd found enlightenment nestled deep inside his wife, giving his seed for her to plant many times over.

They had decided months ago that they were ready to make a child, and along the way they had made sweet memories, unforgettable moments tangled in their sheets.

It began with exciting, languid nights of love-making in soft candlelight. Their bodies were so eager to embrace the primality of their decision that they would rock against one another in full sweat, embracing tightly as they exploded together with ease. The thrill of her holding his release inside her rather than bending it out would often make him hard almost immediately after a finish.

Making a child was fun. The young Avatar basked in their swirling love, full of joy and confidence. As weeks passed, the sex became more adventurous and conspirative. He'd surprised Katara one morning in their kitchen when he decided to skip breakfast and eat her instead.

Heaving against the counter, she looked down at the most powerful man on his knees before her, moaning into her sex as he lapped her dripping juices. He reveled in watching her lose control, as he inclined his head to gaze up at her. His wild wife took control of the tempo then, grinding hard against his face until she shuddered and released into his hungry mouth.

So too did it thrill her when he took what he wanted with uncharacteristic greed.

She came undone watching how deeply it affected him when he pinned her to the kitchen wall, trapping her with elbows hooked under her dangling legs. There was no resistance in this position and the sensation of pushing and pulling inside her left Katara's airbender breathless and mumbling incoherently into her neck.

His only complaint was that climax came far too quickly for him when the wap wap wap sound of his balls slapping against her center echoed through the vaulted cooking space. When he pulled out of her still pinned body, their combined fluids spurted out of her and pooled on the floor. They moaned in exhilaration and started over again.

They experimented with dirty talk. Katara seemed especially aroused by the occasions in which she'd been able to coax obscenities and unrefined consciousness from her normally sweet, gentle husband.

Hoping to draw seed from him for a second time in one day, she'd once left the city hall early so that she was waiting and ready when he came home. Aang found her on the sitting room rug, massaging her own naked body with a flowery oil that painted her skin slick and shiny all over.

"Holy Shiiiiit." He blurted, allowing his bag of scrolls to fall to the floor unbidden. Katara smiled victoriously when he came to stand over her, watching with fiery eyes as she raked at her own nipples and moaned. Stroking himself to the live image of her writhing at his feet destroyed his amicable nature and he growled at her.

"I am going to fuck you on this floor, Katara."

And he did.

She would never, ever forget the way they sang together while they slipped and slid against each other's oil-slicked bodies. Not all of it came up and it remained a conspirative carpet stain that had them grinning at the memory whenever they couldn't explain to their friends and family why they refused to buy a new rug.

"We did it this time…" he had panted in the puddle of oil, still pulsing inside her. "I can feel it."

But the weeks went on, and Katara's desire only seemed to increase logarithmically.

It was her mounting him before he was fully conscious that greeted him each morning.

It was her hot breath and the salty scent of his seed constantly wafting off her body throughout the day as she revolved around their offices, needy and greedy.

It was her normally assertive self on her hands and knees at night, begging him to take her from behind.

It was her sleeping naked with pillows wedged under her rear, wanting to hold every drop of him in, and not-so-secretly offering herself to his disposal while she dozed.

The strapping young man finally found himself thoroughly exhausted and spent of his ejaculate. He chuckled inwardly when he realized his muscles hadn't ached this way since the war, when he was attempting to master three elements in a single summer.

Most importantly, he worried for Katara. They'd shared their feelings on children long before marriage and he knew that she put incredible pressure on herself to conceive. Despite all his reassurances that the Air Nation's revival did not fall on her shoulders, her urgency now bordering on feral made him decide one night that it was time to talk.

"Someone's home early" she murmured with coy affection when he entered their home, "I'm glad to see you're eager tonight."

Katara was pure sex nestled near the fireplace reading, hair completely down and cascading over one of his old, threadbare tunics. The Avatar heard his own sharp intake of breath before he could control it and had to steel himself knowing nothing would get said if they made love next to the fire all night.

"Let's talk first, sweetie." He returned, but still struggled to peel his eyes off the curve of her breast and hips ghosting under the colorful fabric. Aang knew she'd figured out long ago that seeing her in the colors of his people sent him to pieces.

Sitting before Katara, he took her hands into his own with a gentle squeeze. Her brow furrowed in confusion. "Aang? Are you okay?"

He shook his head, "No- not me Katara, I'm fine. I wanted to ask…a-are you…you know, happy?" He didn't mean for the question to come out with such an insecure air, but it tumbled out before he'd really considered the tone.

"Sweetie…of course I'm happy!" Katara leaned further in, grasping Aang's hand now between both of her own. "What did I do to make you think I wasn't?"

Aang rubbed the back of his neck with a soft blush, his eyes looking up carefully. "We've been trying for a while now…and even though we talked about it, I worry that you're still worried about when we'll get there…"

Katara sat up, arranging her face impassively. It was difficult to tell if the emotion she was hiding was hurt, annoyance, or even amusement. Whichever—he knew he'd found the root.

"I just wanted to remind you how wonderful the journey has been. I'm happy—just the way we are now. I want to spend every day trying to make you as happy as you make me, and that's the promise I make to you- if it's only ever just you and me, or if it's us and a dozen babies…"

"…are you telling me you want to stop trying?" Katara asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"Not at all." Aang said firmly, "I'm just saying…I don't know. There's no pressure, you know? It'll happen when it comes, and there's no rush. But since we're on the topic…we have matching chafes on our thighs, sweetie. And I need a naaaaaaap" the Avatar ended dramatically.

Now he could see the smallest hint of her smile as she reminded him, "the world needs airbenders, Aang. We can pretend there's no pressure all we want, but we both know what's at stake."

He shook his head with intensity now. "Uh-uh. No. Listen—when the Fire Nation removed all the waterbenders from the Southern Water Tribe, what happened?"

Katara looked at him blankly. "…we lost all our benders? Where are you going with this?"

"You were born. Are your parents benders?"

"…No…" Katara said, her eyes beginning to shine with realization.

He squeezed her hands and locked onto Katara's eyes with reassurance. "This is not. on. us. The airbenders will return, even if we never have children sweetie. I'm sure of it. I want to make a family with you because it's you and I love you. And honestly? I was…kind of hoping for a little waterbender. Air Nomad kids are nuts, have you met one?"

They laughed and Katara pulled him in for a warm hug. "I love you so, so much. My Aang."

They basked there, enjoying the quiet and the comfort of each other's heartbeat before Aang broke the silence with a final, anxious request, "If you really love me…can you give me a night off? We can get back to it first thing tomorrow! I'm just…You win. I'm exhausted Katara…getting you pregnant is more work than mastering an element…"

Katara laughed as The Avatar buried his embarrassed face into her shoulder, clearly feeling sheepish at being run ragged.

"oh sweetie…" she continued laughing in victorious confession, "I've known I was pregnant for weeks now."