He looks around to see a flock of pelicans surrounding him moving away to the vast seas, though he has already seen that flock before it was always has been pleasant sight to see for an islander himself it was the small things that he feels grateful for, though they might be in a small island, he was quite content with the way things have been going in his life. In retrospect it's because of its simplicity in here that is refreshing and coupled with the strange things his father was tinkering with it was quite a peaceful day. While he was walking around, he could see other teens around his age, he could see them running around the fields, though he could go up and join to play with their games, there's something other things that always caught his attention strange items inside the house, strange plants and something about what father was always noting and talking about, he would listen from time to time but all he could listen is something about experiments, materials or something about elements

From what he always seen when his father was taking notes, he has that girl by the side for her to take notes and would talk for quite long and he would be out just in case he would be punished for listening on conversations he was not part of, though other than that there wasn't much to do there. It was long time so he decided that he might as well walk around the island as it was one of his hobbies when there isn't a chore to do, the island he was in wasn't the largest nor the smallest, but eventually land marks are memorized, or things that were thrown away as he walked, he stepped on something hard on his feet, he took the thing that was there and saw it was a green small sized gem, it seemed like the find of the century

He knew that in books or from people that gems where certainly a rare find and it would been something of value, he would give it to his father as they could sell it for some pretty coin with it, Though from the old books he read it could be said that not only that not all gems are useful and might not have the biggest value in the market, Not that it bothered to him as it would be pretty sad to think finding it from out in the shore only to have no value from it would suck really bad.

After some long time wandering and scavenging around the place in case there are might be other things other than that jewel or some junk, an old book left behind that could be sold for some cash money, his evening was quite uneventful though event though it seemed that he does not know looking at he seemed like to be optimistic idiot, but actually no despite what it seemed he was given a sorts of guide to what he is needed to know and what he needed to learn when growing up despite the caring looks and the things his father has given him, not wanting to sound ungrateful he accepted them nonetheless,

He was pretty sure that was something within those gaze that seemed to be wrong, and to be frank he didn't want to know about it and would rather not. And he wouldn't want to join in what his father and his "assistant" would be talking about during their time though he does "overhear" their conversation, it's either something interesting that he almost got caught that one day or that time were it was boring that he didn't bothered to listen to them but for now that book he currently was something that caught his interest even though he wasn't that type to like reading books but over time with not much things to do here in the islands he discovered that there isn't that much to do here in this island in the middle of nowhere.

With that being said he looks at the sky to notice that the sun was about to set and it was his time to prepare supper for today and he would rather do it now rather than suffer being punished for not doing something as menial as that but from that one instance he knew that for as second he could see the true nature of his father he could see the cold unblinking look of disappointment coming from his gaze, he didn't said anything other than warning for coming late but as he did his task but he compared the experience like a rat being stalked by a cat thinking whether it was worthy hunt him right here, right now. To which he promised himself to not fail tasks like that and better to start doing hobbies where he could not get easily distracted and long enough so that he could do set prepared tasks prepared by his father, all physically intensive tasks. Now that you think about it why do you think would a child like him would accept menial tasks such as that, Here's why

~Flashback Starts

Four months ago…

The stench of the dead can be smelled from afar, different body parts could be seen torn into pieces from male to female, from adults, to children none where spared. It was a disaster to what this young man has found nothing to be seen but a mere nightmare come to true, he grimaced at such sight. Not even time nor experience could ever hide the fact that it was gruesome and brutal nothing will change that, he kept a wary stance and prepared a small firearm in case there might be something left here that could suggest that there might be survivors in the area or judging by the freshness of the corpse the culprit should not have left the village that fast

Depending on the type of creature it is it could be a youkai, seeing as it is in the nature of most youkai to hunt people it was to be expected considering how from earlier it could be spotted that there were parts of the body were missing most commonly the heart or the lungs other than that it could have been just personal preference of the youkai, he slows down and removes three papers with Ansuz inscribed within them and he pushed magical energy towards the papers and flew them towards three different locations in searching for any survivors that may have survived

~5 seconds

He waits there patiently and draws out his gun inscribed with runes to allow it to hunt supernatural beings but the side effect of having slow reloading time of 3 seconds

~30 seconds

Anxiety pops in as the adrenaline starts as the would-be culprit hasn't been seen yet, only the dying embers of the fire and the rustling and the crumbling of small huts could only be heard from the distance

~50 seconds

"There could be possible be no survivors in here, as it seemed that the youkai seemed to have left long time ago or has been waiting here in case if someone has tried to investigated this area only waiting in case to get an extra meal" he grimaced at his morbid thoughts and breath in and out slowly meditating defensively, reinforcing his senses a specific breathing technique for those who are in a calm state

~120 seconds

His sense expanded, his awareness increased his heart beat increased as the tension increases as the burning embers seemed to dimmed from his focus soon followed the other sounds, he focused on his hearing to find anything unusual and prepare for any would-be attacker. Steeling himself he marches forward slowly with a resolute heart; a cry of pain could be heard in the distance as such followed up with a scream filled with agony. He stumbled at such raw display of emotion steeling himself to what could be the culprit finishing his business here

~200 seconds

He looks at the place where the cry originated, he hypothesized that there might be the last time where the culprit has been and had only been toying with the human, there were cruel after all especially towards those who fought back against those creatures. He looks at the surrounding to find that there are fewer dead people here and there were more buildings that was less in a bad state to which he receives a signal from one of his runes to which he ran as fast as he could possibly, he could with his feet

Only to arrive at frowning at the display was what to appeared to be a child nearing his teens clutching at a burnt paper crying in agony while holding fabric torn in half which parts where burned. The teen cried more but felt light headed to which he wobbled looking at the young man with a broken look and starts to fall in a somewhat dramatic effect. He runs to the child and catches him before he suffers more any injuries in his body, he looks at the child to only find a fever and few scratches and burns in his body.

For someone to experience such disaster at such a young age he grimaced at the situation and grabbed the child went back to file a child for adoption and make a report for the youkai that has ravaged this poor village something he was desensitized seeing but something that child that shouldn't be able to be seen nor anyone should have experience. It will be lots of paperwork to sign and a child to care of till depending on when till it end. Something that he deals with regularly but for someone who had buy schedule things will surely wreck his schedule meaning most of the times.

Hours later

He could be seen carrying a child in his hands unconscious, but looking at the bright side of things, he could at least save someone from that tragedy. Looking at the distance he could surely say that the things will change for the better or for the worse

~Flashback ends

There wasn't that much he could remember from the past but the things he remembered where things such as sealing talismans or simple patch of paper with a rune allowing it to burn or for tracking. He couldn't remember that but feel the embers of something burning and stench of something gone rotten, all he knew that at that time something was wrong and he fought with it, He didn't know what he did before not even know but something what he did might have what been why his adopted father give him enough tasks to keep his mind out of those dark thoughts though he wasn't the best at being a father but it's better than not having one.

Apart from the things he knew about the past, there was nothing he could say nor do to make the memories from the past to come back, it was something he was curious and wondered which made him explode in a rush as he looked high and low for any information about the past to which he was immediately rebuffed by his adopted father for causing him problems in his path to the discovery of his past, from that day he saw something slip up on the facade on his father, a crack so slight that he wasn't paying attention enough he wouldn't have noticed and short enough for him to not to

A grimace stretches forms on his face and a haunted look could be found on his eyes, staring back at the child who dared to ask the question, a silent aura of dread creeps both of them, it was for the first time that the child had the guts to finally ask the question, something the young man dreaded after all it has been months since the child asked about his past, he strongly declined about his past telling him that It was something unimportant and merely distracted me with books he gave me with and other things with strange symbols with it but looking at his face when he gave it was some sort of a trance like state.

The child didn't know why he would give different kinds of literature books and gave a book something about ofudas and some things about youkai not that the child would understand of course but from the young man's perspective he could see that the child was immersed with the book unnaturally attracted to a book. In the young man's perspective, it seemed like the child took to reading the books like a fish on water, it was a truly awe inspiring and dreadful seeing as the child didn't seemed to be unfocused and seemed to be intently staring at it more than reading it, He gently took the book of the child while said child stared at the adult with a questioning gaze. To be honest neither did the adult did know how to take care of a child so instead he gave him materials from different kinds of books from literature to youkai to which the adult will regret later on for ripping out his innocence and crumbling in a burning trash can.

But he didn't know that but instead he gazed at that child expectantly, neither of them will realize the mistake of reading it but for now that's not the important thing to dwell as there was something he could say instead to appease his ever curiosity towards his past. He tells the child to come at the dining area where they could talk and only then were the first words the only adult told the child:

The adult breathes in and out sighing as the bearer of bad news first told him of the news

"Your village where your parents used to be where ravaged by a creature"

The child didn't seem to react but a small hope appeared in his eyes as if seeing that there was something that he could uncover the mist that is his past. The boy seemed to be contemplated and as the adult anticipated what he might have to say thinking he might hate him for hiding such vital knowledge from the boy

"I already knew that"

"huh" was the surprised sound came out from the adult about the revelation on what would have happened

"Then again seeing as handing out a book mixed with the other literature about youkai and sealing techniques is something that should be handed out to a child"

A metaphorical arrow hits his heart, a pained expression in the adult

"And then for someone who takes out takeout and sometimes forget to buy me the necessities for a child is quite a very responsible adult after all"

Two other metaphorical arrows then could be seen flying towards the weakened adult

"Huh… I see I was quite a bad father towards you, y/n?" The father dejectedly replies seeing as he had no other reasons for being there for him towards his son, not even busy schedules should have been stagger enough to stop him from taking care of his adopted child

"Well… I was expecting that kind of reaction, though it seemed to have been toned down… why is it?"

His adopted son then assumed a thinking form and said," after reading that type of book you gave me, it took me not a significant amount of time thinking why you saved me and why that monster took away the family I had… But well with your 'Business ventures'"

The father looked away guilty and then responded but was blocked by his adopted son who had a look of someone who was determined to right was wrong

"Those business ventures were long and took place… I couldn't care less what you did but it gave me enough time to think about what I should do and why you did what you did… After all, though you may sometimes send me books which are completely inappropriate for a child such as me in the end you gave me shelter and food and for that I thank you…"

A silence ensues between them not awkward but a comfortable one, y/n had many questions but for now it is enough that his father at least listened to him, not that everything was dandy and fine, it was but a mere step in to the great unknown that is his past but a step nonetheless. Neither had anything to say and both of them were okay with that, they started preparing dinner and eating, nothing was exchanged but the sound of reporter talking about the weather forecast for this week, it could be said that the day tomorrow would be sunny day, it's as if the weather was listening… Not that would any matter but as of now there some more interesting things that would be used like the book you had, there wasn't much to do as this week's tasks has been completed

That book would be fun read, y/n then went to the living room and carried the book, prepared coffee for himself and went to start reading, the book he obtained despite the aura of oldness he could feel from the book it seemed to be, he slowly opened the book but it seemed the insides of the book felt like that of scent of something he didn't recognized but was present in the book, he skimmed the pages to know what kind of book, a few moment later he realized that the book was something that his father would talk about during his talks with that young woman when he was eavesdropping, he learned the hard way when he got caught and instead his father told him that doing magic without understanding was very dangerous and could to fatal accidents that might become permanent or to death.

He paled at the memory but continued reading anyway, his father didn't specify whether that unless it was simple enough that a child like him could understand he could be allowed to study it, which from the things he looked at the book, there wasn't anything remotely safe from fire runes, to bounded fields that attack things when someone unknown brute forces there way inside of it. It could lead to potential death, as to which he simply read them all again and again, he simply showed him the results when his father would ask him about It. That there were many things that definitely should not be part of what the child should be having but instead indulged him in what y/n would want from simple talismans, runes and stuff like parkour and calisthenics, you name it there was lots of it which the child gladly soaked it up and continued studying

~Four years

He was around 14 years old that when he continued studying and his habits of observing he could see a lot more of things that he couldn't when he was child. There village doesn't have much people because not that because they were small and of poverty, as children could afford an education and shelter to be in, to which y/n realized that already but all things he could say was that he was curious, Entering and exiting was simple but not that expensive that those of the lower class income in the village couldn't afford, neither were the seas that bad as modern pirates don't attack villagers with small value, there weren't that well enough to be attacked by one, With all such variables why is this village not that rich compared when all the variable and circumstance proved that the village was well enough that they could improve their selves and have a better roads and the mayor wouldn't be that poor compared to the other villages, such was the mystery y/n was blocked with he already told his father but was only met an amused smile and was told "You've been reading my books and exploring the island, wouldn't you have known that earlier?"

He wanted to ask hints but seeing the expression of his dad would be that would only lead more teasing material and would be defeating what his father has told him about the youkai, that he needs to see it for himself only then would he teach him properly, y/n knew that his father meant well but the look at which y/n found in his eyes was calculating and was well hidden but he only catch upon it just a moment he could see a single moment of madness which was promptly squeezed by a gentle face and to which y/n knew something was wrong but only dismissed as his father growing senile he refused that there was something else withing and that was probably his father experimenting on things, from that day forth he didn't realized he had essentially created a persona for himself feigning politeness and obedience, it won't be something he will realized but for now the mystery the island it presented was something that took his attention and it was something intriguing.

He didn't realize that time as he was focused in his interest that he had gotten unwanted attention at that time but one thing for sure, was that things would be interesting