Mapulon sits on the office, it was an air-conditioned office despite that he felt his face sweat as he sees the lady before him give the papers he had and evidence a quick view.

"Wait a moment, Mapulon. I have to check the validity of the claims you said" , She said as tiny bits of wariness and caution creep in her voice.

Unfortunately Mapulon wasn't someone experienced with cold-reading or emotions in general, so he nodded instead. She proceeded to touch what seemed to be air and a door shimmered before her, and she entered along with the evidence.

He suspects that it must be some sort of caution against people brave or stupid enough to attack the headquarters of the enforcers in the front door. It was warded as if it was a gate of a fortress,

He waited there and he felt unease set in because of it, what was the purpose of them making him wait here. He read an article about police interrogation, he heard that it was to make the suspect at unease and making the suspect confess on his crimes.

If that were the case then it was working pretty effectively, though he thinks it might be detrimental as it made him more trigger happy as his hand was seemingly stuck towards his bag as he waited.

And small mercies that it didn't take long as three people arrived out, so maybe it wasn't actually a good thing. He smiled, he heard that from his father it was so that the smooth-en out deals of sorts.

It seems one looked at Mapulon weirdly, the others were a blank face which was concerning as that was not what he expected of reaction towards a friendly smile.

"Good Morning Mapulon! Your evidence has been cross-check with our records here and as with the increased attack, the support we can accommodate will be limited, do you understand?" Said the man.

Despite the friendliness and politeness of the words of the man, there was something about him that implies like certain danger.

"What will be limited?, " Mapulon asked, they were enforcers, it's better to be direct towards them. They were enforcers it's better to state what he wanted, they might think he was using the resources for something else.

"We can't afford to give out mages, but equipment for mages to deal with threat like these? We can afford that" the man said.

Mapulon looked closer at the man closely and saw a possibility of negotiating but he didn't felt it was justified for that and he wasn't exactly the best at it considering he didn't had that many friends.

"Though if I by going by reputation of your mentor, yours will more likely will be embedding your will in objects right?" he asked but it felt state rather, and it was a scary deduction Mapulon felt as from just reputation of mentor ship.

Mapulon simply nodded and said, "Though I specialize more in warding rather than direct combat. So, ward stones with runes attached or gems, and holy water if you have those can be beneficial".

Indeed despite his speciality, it wasn't really much useful outside of defensive combat as the talismans he had were much easier and wards take up time to set-up too.

"If that is your demands, then payment would be four orbs of pure will" the man stated.

Mapulon's eyes bulged slightly as he didn't think that would be the payment as most of the times he bought materials they were bartering so he wasn't really equipped for that and hadn't heard of it either.

"Going by that reaction, you don't have that currency. And given with your speciality. We could ask payment through ward works such as repairs with a person to view your work" the man said, he capitalized it without bothering to check whether if his statements of were true or not, or whether or not he accepted the deal or not.

Mapulon simply had sweat fell over his face as a simple request turned into a ward work for a organization that he knew nothing about other than rumors and his mentor.

Whatever the case, this was probably Marisa's fault anyway.


He knew not but a single thing about the politics about the enforcers, and from what he have heard in general towards the enforcers they were quite an effective force as a incident solvers in general.

Though, from the rest it was speculation of the people of the headquarter from themselves. It was better to meet them on person rather than base off completely on what was generally found in the dark web.

He did not know if that was an actual website and he didn't want to get scammed for things like that. He heard a scam about investments in Facebook, and he did not want to and so he did not.

Apparently there has been listing in regards to warding specialist and that someone has evidently listed his name as if it was something casual. He knew this because the way as Marisa was evidently being too nosy and joining him on a listing that he did not know.

But in any case-

"After checking on the perimeters and the wards you will compensated for your work" the man stated.

'It seems that I didn't listened to most of his words, which is a problem' , Mapulon thought.

During such cases, when he didn't understand or couldn't listened; He had prepared questions in case if that happens and if saves face well that would be an unintended benefit.

"Is is customary?" he asked

The man looked at you with an eyebrow raised in amusement? Mapulon did not know but he just stared at the man as if daring to call out his lapse earlier.

It seems that he looked away in shame of Mapulon's glare as if in fear and Mapulon did not bother to call him out of his mistake and his face was totally from the earlier ward repairing he did and not out of result of shame.

The man simply gave him a sheet of paper on what to do while not looking at him, it appears that his glare has sufficiently cowed the man.

And if that were the case, he should get started on the task then.

He arrives at the area where his specialization is required, and it was a mess. He could see the wall obviously not visible but it was broken and the stop-gap measures on it was barely holding the structure from collapsing in on itself.

And with that, he brought out the materials he was given. It was a rune stone with the "protection engraved on it on baybayin text. Which is gave him an a picture of how these people were professionals on this line of work.

He felt pangs of insecurity and he did ignored it, as there were more important matters


Looking over the walls, he looked closely and saw that that there were cracks from different sizes. It would have been nightmare as patching up would require delicate pouring of will over the cracked segments.

But fortunately he had practice and innate talent for it, which he did not know for but it was something he appreciated.

He began by looking over the structure itself, it was magnificent design of rune work. He could probably glean understanding of how it worked to defend itself but he did not as it would take time.

Instead he seek to reinforce what was already there by pouring will on it and seeking to make the ward capable of healing itself. He looked over to see the points in which the wards and found out, cracks over the ward stones placed.

It seemed to look like the case of a symbol being used wrong as there was a character that despite as protection in Baybayin, there was smudge in one of the character that invalidated the word stone in place.

It was a gem so, instead he removed the gem from it and replaced it with one of the materials he was gifted and began tracing the characters, his hand hovered over the gem and a three circles of pure will hovered over his hand with each circle each own set of runes in Baybayin.

He didn't know what time is and neither he cared for the moment, as it was a delicate procedure.

Looking at the gem itself, he could feel whether how full it is and despite that he felt like it barely budged and it was draining. He felt his arm increased in temperature over the act itself and tiredness on his metaphorical muscle. It was a straining activity and he was glad it was as it made sure that he can't be distracted unless of external factors.

He felt sweat on his head pour down on his face and a numbness spreading towards his legs, as soon as the ward glowed, he stopped pouring his will and so with that he overlook the paper he got and viewed it.

It seems that he had three more to go and despite the tiredness setting in, and the strain of repairing wards with his will it was still something he was passionate about and so he stretched and a small smile was present despite the circumstances.


He felt his body weak and despite that he had no energy to walk or the mana which he won't try unless it's on a emergency which is definitely not and he checked his bag for in any case of his talismans and money.

Finished with his tasks and all the things he had. It was an achievement that he finished the repairs of the warding schemes and return back home.

Rather his tent, he did technically rush back home, and it was around yesterday. But first after all would be to get compensation after his work, he did ask for materials or any available mages for assistance.

He felt a himself yawn as his body made hints of his exhaustion. He'd like to do so but he had to get the compensation, his tent and a talismans ready for the meeting.


He walked outside and he felt through the small stone that he was given as compensation. Mapulon felt paranoid and checked right after, the runes were simple enough and it was apparently a space expanded chest.

Mapulon resolved to check on it on his Tent, it should not been barely half a day and indeed the wards are there. Those wards weren't meant to last an entire day.

He looked at his GPS and a local map, to find that it was actually nearby. It may have been close and considering he was basically wandering around like a tourist despite having lived here for most or all of his life.

And he walked, he'd liked to say that he walked with fiery passion his eyes and anger threatening to burst through as he saw details conveniently placed around for him to investigate.

He'd be like that one dude guns blazing in enemy territory instead of guns he had talismans with a appropriately placed explosions everywhere to make it like in those movies.

Unfortunately he did not find conveniently placed hints and books that somehow have every knowledge about the enemy he was about to face. All he had books of obscure knowledge of his father's works probably second-hand on the events of Ferdinand Marcos, a supposedly a great warlock and his terrible deeds.

They're were useful tidbits here and there, but most of accounts to "Find the authorities, and report" or "Find the appropriate authority and report", which are basically the same thing.

And trekking around mountains towards villages that may be infected to study and help cure the disease, or rather alleviate the symptoms as he said as it seemed to linger on some cases and some cases just downright healed like as if it was just a weird asthma.

Which made it an hassle to find out what with the patients having different results, demon attacks. It was a nightmare to find a pattern and the demons in the Philippines can be vague as "Diwata" or Divine Spirits can be become monstrous as Manananggal.

And Engkanto can be bargained with as for help for either fortune or if a person cuts a tree or does something bad, he could be cursed with bad luck for life.

Despite his research on his folklore, there was nothing that was related to the culprits of the variety of demon he has been attacked.

So, he went to his tent and opened it and entered. He was tired and he could craft more talismans he want to experiment with. At least he had a companion of someone asleep on his bed but that was typical really.

He scowled at how his companion for sleeping and the rudeness of it, and with that he started tinkering with theoretical talismans like a worker on a deadline.