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Thanks to everyone who is still interested in this story despite the very long hiatus. I hope you enjoy this long time coming chapter.

Paige is broken out of her thoughts as Happy jumps out of her seat and runs towards the garage with Toby quick on her heels. It isn't long before she hears the chimes of the back door indicating that they've left the building.

Paige makes eye contact with Cabe and then Sly, both looking as bewildered as she feels.

"Should we go after them?" Sly hesitantly asks, eyes darting backing and forth between her and Cabe. She is about to agree when Cabe speaks up first.

"No, let's give them a few minutes," he states. "If they are not back in a few minutes I'll go after them myself."

Sly looks a bit unsure but Paige can see the relief in his eyes at not having to confront an upset Happy. She is tempted to ignore Cabe and check on her herself but as she glances down to the letter in her hand, she knows she needs to finish reading what Walter wrote, so she just nods her agreement.

"You, Paige Dineen, were the final piece that I needed to save me." Paige's breath stutters as she re-reads that last line.

"Do you remember me telling you about my biggest fear? That evening before we went to eat at that restaurant that turned out all the lights and we were served by that hipster looking guy in the dark?

I told you that my biggest fear 'is being in a restaurant droning on about genius things and then looking up at your face and then seeing boredom.'

That it was something that always happens a few weeks in of every relationship that I had ever been in and that that they've all ended but that I didn't want our relationship to end.

My fear came true, as you said that night 'I would like to walk on the beach with you without a marine biology lecture or go to dinner with you without a dissertation on the inefficiencies of putting parsley on a freaking plate or hang out with my friends without you looking absolutely miserable.'

You keep thinking I'm attracted to Florence but I'm not. Yes, I can appreciate her intelligence but no more than I do that of Happy's or Sylvester's.

Regardless of everything, I shouldn't have said you were being ridiculous. I acted a coward by not telling you everything even though it was killing me inside keeping it from you. I followed the wrong advice thinking if I told you I would hurt you and that was the last thing I wanted to do.

Things became more complicated when I tried to follow your directions regarding white lies but everything just became to illogical for me to comprehend and I didn't know they right way to process or handle everything. Just please know, I never ever intended to hurt you Paige."

Paige quickly wipes her tears that have fallen on the page, trying to keep it them from smearing the words too much. She then stands up, heading for her desk to grab some tissues before turning around.

She sees Cabe and Sly have both also stood, staring in her direction. She quickly turns back to her desk grabbing the box of tissues and heading back towards the men. She gives them a quick look before settling ack down into her seat and bringing back up the letter to read.

She misses the look that passes between Cabe and Sly and the motion from Cabe telling Sly to sit back down.

Glancing at his watch, Cabe clears his throat forcing Sly and Paige's attention towards him.

"I'm going to go check on the others," he states. "Don't you two move from here. I mean it." He levels a glare at Sly who looks like he is ready to bolt but reluctantly nods. Paige's attention has already shifted back to Walter's letter, with just a slight nod of her head indicating she heard Cabe.

The chime of the back door echoes through the now silent office. A creaking of Sylvester's chair as he fidgets is the only other noise to be heard over the next few minutes, but that sound doesn't even register as Paige's focus is completely on the letter.

Paige's mind is swamped with what she has just read, and she is having trouble trying to process everything. Who gave Walter bad advice? Why did I think teaching Walter to lie was a good idea? I can't believe I ended up making Walter's biggest fear come true, I really am no different than those other women Walter ever dated.

Her thoughts and questions will have to wait as she notices she still has a few more pages to get through and of course there is the second envelope that is sitting there so she turns her focus once more on the now slightly smudged letter in her hands.

"I said I would explain why I didn't go with you and Ralph that Christmas Eve, and here it is. I know that part of my reasoning to everyone was that I wanted us to build up money again for Scorpion and that was true, but the big reason was I was looking to purchase a house for you, me and Ralph. I wanted us to be a family, no more sleeping away from each other.

I know that is something I should have spoken to you about first, but I wanted to surprise you and Ralph. I guess it doesn't matter now. I hope you don't mind but even after everything that happened I still had hope that things would resolve between us, and I bought the house."

Paige lets out an audible gasp at this, completely thrown for a loop. A house? Walter was going to buy us a house. I had no idea he was thinking that seriously about us or even ready for that step. He never mentioned anything. What the hell, Walter?!

"I'm only telling you this to explain as I said. You don't have to worry about the house, I've decided to gift it to Happy as I know she could use it for her future family. I hope you don't mind that I've decided to give it to her, since you and Ralph still have your apartment and well I'll explain my other reasoning later, it just made more logical sense to give it to her.

I'm sorry though I wasted so much time trying to work that I didn't spend that time with you and Ralph. That's time I can't get back and time I will never have again. I'm sorry I didn't prioritize my present with you and Ralph focusing on a future that wasn't to be. It is my biggest regret.

For the second thing – about Ralph."

Paige's heart feels like it is both going to stop and beat out of chest at the same time. How am I going to explain this all to Ralph? He is already so upset and God, I've been a terrible mother, keeping him away from Walter just because I've been upset. I know how much they care for each other.

Paige's heart tears in two thinking of both Walter and Ralph and damage and hurt she has likely caused both. She tries to pull herself together, she can't do anything until she finishes the letter anyway.

"For the second thing – about Ralph.

Paige, Ralph is such an amazing young man and that is all down to you. You are a wonderful mother. Never doubt that. I understand why you haven't let Ralph come see me, it's okay.

I'm guessing Ralph didn't tell you but about a week after that night, Ralph came to see me on his own. He was upset and wanted to know what had happened, why our cyclone wasn't together anymore. I tried to explain, I told him it was all my fault, that I turned out to be a terrible dancer."

Bewildered Paige just stared and re-read that last sentence several times. Dancer? What did that have to do with anything? Why put only the blame on himself? If he explained it, then why is Ralph so upset with me?

The confusion just adds to Paige's headache, and the crying having not helped either, but she is determined to see this through.

"Ralph knows what I mean by dancer. He was understandably upset and immediately wanted to help me win you back. Remembering your words that I couldn't satisfy you; I told him no. I tried to explain that I wasn't good enough for you and he kept saying I was wrong and that we all just needed some time.

I didn't know what else to say or do, so I just hugged him and told him that I was so proud of him and to remember that I would always be proud of him but told him that he needed to go home to you.

I should have called you right away, but I was happy to have had one last chance to see Ralph…. A chance to tell him goodbye.

Please Paige, don't let him turn out to be like me. Ralph is already way more intelligent than me and you have done a wonderful job making sure to develop his EQ. He needs both, especially as he gets older. I want him to have healthy relationships, and for him to find someone who he can be himself with.

Don't let Ralph, change himself or dumb himself down for anyone. He will do wonderful things in the future, better than anything Scorpion has ever done but he he'll need both his IQ and EQ to be successful.

In the second envelope, if you haven't opened that one already you'll find a SD card with some files on it for Ralph. If you don't mind giving it to him, I would appreciate it. You are of course more than welcome to look over the files before deciding to give it to him. I just had a hard time trying to write everything I wanted to say to him in letter.

There was one wish I had that I knew would never come true and that was that I wished Ralph was yours and my son. I had hoped that one day I could maybe adopt him, but I understand that is just a lost dream now, but it does bring me to my final part, a final request if you will.

Paige's eyes are quickly scanning the letter now, holding her breath without realizing it.

"I said that I had a second reason for giving the house to Happy rather than to you and Ralph. The reason is I'm gifting you both the garage and everything in it.

All the paperwork is in the second envelope along with the SD card for Ralph.

I figure you can either keep it, sell it, hold it in trust for Ralph when he is older, whatever you want to do with it.

My lawyer can help you with everything or if you prefer Sylvester to handle things, my lawyer is under direction to turn over all necessary paperwork to Sylvester. Please take the garage, that is my request. What you do with it from there is completely up to you but please take it.

I want you and Ralph to have something from me, whether that is just for you both or if you decide to use it for Scorpion again is completely your decision.

One last thing, Paige. Thank you! Thank you for everything you've taught me. You are and will always be the love of my life. Thank you for allowing me to part of Ralph's life. It has been an honor and a privilege to see him grow.

Love always,


PS – You don't have to worry about me being at the garage, it is yours whenever you want it. You won't see me ever again. I wish you nothing but happiness Paige. Please take care of yourselves."

The letter falls to the floor, the pages scattering every where, while Paige draws in a deep gasping breath. Her whole-body trembles as she darts for the office restroom. She doesn't hear Sly calling out her name behind her.