Well… it's been a while, FE fans. Been busy and whatnot. The year is winding down and I've got some amount of time to write fanfics and other things, not much, but some time.

I'll remark on this… of a lot of ships I have for FE, Claudeleth is the one I never expected to really enjoy. A lot of the early Three Houses stories I saw were Edeleth, but then I saw this amazing fan comic done by Kilala_4 on Twitter that got dubbed and posted to YouTube. I just really came to love the ship after that. While Marileth is my all time favorite Three Houses ship, Claudeleth is certainly up near the top.

Yet, in spite of that, never made a story for this ship. I'll admit that I hit a bit of a wall about what to even write for them, and I soon realized that I haven't really written Claude all that much. I will say I'm a little worried about how I handled his character, even if this is an AU, so do let me know what you think.

Also, before I'm asked, Kamen Rider Hero will… hopefully… get an update before the end of the year. If the next chapter's not done, will probably go for another holiday special. I'm so sorry for the delay.

Not much else to really say. Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimers: I don't own Fire Emblem Three Houses. It belongs to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

Additional Disclaimer: Female Byleth is called "Ryuko" in this story. This owes to Fire Emblem Three Houses and Kill la Kill if launching on the same day in the US, me and a friend wanting to decide upon a name to differentiate female Byelth from male Byleth, and "Ryuko" being a placeholder that just stuck.

It was a calm and quiet evening. A small, sleepy, town was shaking off a bit of fresh rain that had fallen earlier that day as the fall leaves gently drooped down to the ground. The focus went to a fairly small coffee and tea shop that was tucked in a small part of the town. It was a relatively calm and peaceful November day. It didn't have many patrons on the inside, but a few people were around that were simply having coffee or tea while they were doing some light reading or working on something on tablets or laptops.

At the cash register by the counter was a young woman with blue hair, light blue-brown eyes, wearing her white and light green colored uniform. She was relatively quiet as the few customers simply went about their business. She soon walked into the supply area really quick upon hearing her phone buzz. She let out a sigh as she saw it was a text from her brother that simply said 'on date. Can't get to work'.

"...of course I'm on my own…" she sighed, proceeding to tuck her phone away and head back to the front.

A few hours had passed and most of the customers had left. The young woman gently sighed as she turned away from the front to check on her brother to see if he would be back soon, but she got no response.

"...of course…" she mumbled. She then heard the bell by the cashier and quickly turned around, "Oh, I'm so sorry! Welcome to Eisner's! How can I help you?"

"Can I have a menu?"

The girl blushed a little bit at how nice the guy's voice sounded and quickly handed the menu over without looking. She soon heard something fall, then quickly headed away to go check on it.

"I'm so sorry!" the woman apologized to the young man at the front.

The young man, looking about the same age if not a year younger than the cashier, wearing a yellow jacket, white shirt, blue jeans, and brown slip on shoes, just gave a shrug in response.

A few minutes passed before she returned to the front, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize stuff would end up falling."

"It's cool," he calmly assured her.

The young man had a menu and was looking over the options for a bit, while the bluenette just stared at him now that she had a moment to look at him.

'He's cute. He's cute! What the heck, he's so cute!'

The young man chuckled a little as he considered the various choices, and soon looked up to the girl to place his order.

"Give me the pumpkin spiced latte," the young man told her.

The young woman blinked a bit, only for her mind to finally boot back into gear. She went back through what he just said, then blinked, "Sorry, sir. The pumpkin spice promotion ended a month ago. We're doing powdered sugar now for the holidays."

"A month ago?! A friend just got one!"

"Whoever they were, they were lying to you."

"No, she said it was pumpkin spiced and she got it from a place called Eisner's," he stated.

The woman just let out a sigh in response, realizing he wouldn't stop unless she figured something out.

"Please do your best…" the young man spoke out before he glanced to her nametag, "...Ryuko?"

Ryuko just let out an audible groan, mumbling something about "the customer is always right" and other such frustrations as she went into the back to try to find the spice mix. She looked around a bit before finally finding the mix, then noticing the cap looked like it was recently opened. She gave a confused blink at it, but then shrugged it off and got the mix. She walked back to the front of the area to start assembling the drink.

"Thank you so much. Or… should I say 'arigato'?" the young man asked.

"I just have a Japanese first name. I'm not Japanese in any way," Ryuko quickly explained.

The young man paled a little, "...sorry about that."

"I'm used to it, so no biggie," she assured him quickly. She then looked over the spice mix, then the drink, and then realized she had forgotten something, "D'oh…"

"Everything alright?"

"Just… give me a minute," she responded. She then headed back into the supply closet, mumbling "You're lucky you're cute…" to herself.

Ryuko soon finished prepping the drink and handed it to the young man, "Alright, here you are. One pumpkin spiced latte. ...out of season, but the mix was there."

"Thank you," the young man smiled as he accepted the drink and took a sip. He grinned at the taste, "Wow… she was right. This is great stuff."

"Who was the friend you said got this stuff recently?" Ryuko ended up asking as she worked on ringing up the order.

"She's in my friend circle. Light blue hair, doesn't say a lot-"

"Oh. Marianne. That explains it…" Ryuko exhaled.

"You know her?"

"She's my brother's girlfriend."

"O~h…" the young man said in realization, "...oh. I get it."

"Don't worry about it," Ryuko shrugged, "Cash or credit?"

"Credit," he responded as he got out his card, "Oh, I'm Claude, by the way."

"Nice to meet you," Ryuko smiled, "You gonna stay a while?"

He quickly swiped the card and wrote out his signature, "Nah. Gotta get somewhere."

"Oh. Sorry if I held you up."

"No biggie. Hope to see you around," Claude told her as he took the drink and slipped his hood on.

"Don't lose your way," Ryuko bid.

Claude simply gave a small thumbs up in response before he headed out of the shop, leaving Ryuko by herself. She couldn't help but give off a blush and swoon a little, then just giggled a bit as she worked on cleaning up a bit.

I'll admit that this was a little on the shorter side, but I'm still trying to figure out the trajectory and the way this story will flow out. It'll certainly be on the short side and a bit more slice of life, but I think that'll work out since I don't know how busy I'm going to be with other things.

I'll admit that I didn't really think about what to call this story until the day I posted it when "Welcome to Eisner's" just came to mind.

Not really sure what to label a favorite part, but I hope that you guys enjoyed this first chapter.

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