The four year old, little boy had been hit upside the head, with a burning frying pan. His aunt yelling 'you freak, you spilled the food.' His uncle had then also grabbed his arm breaking it. Then threw him into the cupboard under the stairs, head first. His skull cracked wide open, in his dying breath, the little boy, known as "boy or freak" made a wish: 'I wish I had a loving family.' The soul fragment screamed as it was half way ejected out from the dying body, trying to possess another. It succeeded, but as Duddy-kins was a muggle, with no magic and having only .00390625 of a soul; there was not enough power to live.

The boy, once called Harry Potter, disappeared. The Dursleys were now in trouble, as they had been collecting support from the government and with no body, they needed to create a fantastic story to stop themselves from joining; "Her Majesty's pleasure."

Meanwhile in a small city in America called Genius Grove, California. Six year old Dexter McPherson was experimenting with a transporter beam, he saw in Star Trek. When eight year old DeeDee interfered and suddenly a little boy appeared with a black soul coming out of his head, which was bleeding. Dexter hit his emergency protocol button. A number of things happened. The computer registered that it was a soul fragment of 0.00390625 of a soul piece. The Mother Robot, named Mum gave the boy child, his experimental all heal potion.

The computer recognised England as place of origin, before a huge shutdown happened; with DeeDee falling on the boy, kissing him. A huge golden glow erupted around the two of them. Somehow the potion fixed both of them, probably from the open mouth kiss. But the energy readings were very wild too. When the mother robot regains all positronic functions, she believes that the little one is her son. Dexter has a bit of amnesia, while DeeDee says that the boy is to be her husband, which Robot Mum agrees. He completely agrees that the boy was the opposite of Mandark, so would be a great help.

Meanwhile the green eyed boy and redheaded DeeDee slept. The potion, which was technological based affected Harry, which he remembers is his name. It mentally gives him an Eidetic, Photographic, Episodic, and Working memory; which has a significant influence in cognitive efficiency, learning, and academic performance. It also gives him and DeeDee complete physical perfection. DeeDee also gets a bit of help in her cognitive efficiency. Strangely she is smarter the closer she is to Harry. This includes her learning and memory, so she almost always sits in his lap.

The government Department of Extranormal Operations gave Harry to Mr. and Mrs. McPherson custody of Harry James Evans. This is from Harry remembering a greasy git calling his mum Lily Evans. And several people who could change into animals and an old guy, who looks like Gandalf the Grey, calling him Harry James. Due to the physical and mental increases, Harry is put with Dexter and DeeDee in third grade. He remembers his birthday is July 31. And that a bad man had killed his parents at All Hollows Eve. Which the americans recognised as Halloween, which ended a few days earlier. Harry, having been tested as a Genius (189), not as high as Dexter (240), was placed immediately with the McPhersons, to help the USA and Freeworld.

Over the next three years, all three of them had moved up a year for every year of schooling. Harry and DeeDee had said what appeared to be a type of wedding vow and DeeDee did not need to be sitting on Harry's lap, though they both liked it. Once in high school, Dexter found out the vow each took. DeeDee promised to always be his and to do anything to make him happy. Harry had an epiphany as he recalled several of the animal men talking about needing a wife for each noble house they had. So Harry said that he would always try to protect and keep DeeDee happy and for them to marry and have kids. The following three years had them get their first PHDs. During that year, they went hog wild as DeeDee seemed to be able to due magic. She went to 'The Rockies Magical Institute'.

She also showed Dexter and Harry her books on magic. Dexter could understand, but not use magic, but did Runes, Arithmancy, and Potions. While Harry could use it without a wand. When he got his custom wand from John Zatara, a wand maker extraordinaire; his power seemed to triple when casting a spell. While Dexter worked on a spaceship, Harry made his Robot Mum a living flesh, exterior body; (Like 'The Terminator'). So when he turned eleven, two years later; the Goblins and Shaman coalition came knocking. The Goblins wanted to keep all the riches, while the Shamans wanted him to go to Hogwarts and help the local Druids. The Gnomes and Dwarves were a dollar and day short. The Forest Elves had a prophecy, Harry in Scotland, would end up freeing a lot of Elves to come to America, to get rid of the ancient curse.

He wrote a letter saying he would go, as long as his betrothed could transfer also. This letter threw everyone in England into a frantic fit. They had found out that Harry James Potter was not in the British Isles. The letters (copied three times) went to: 1) Hogwarts, signed Harry James Evans, then Potter in paratephecies. 2) The Ministry of Magic. 3) Number ten Downing Street, Department M.

The Queen acted first. She found out what happened at the Dursley's, because she sent magical Sport and Social to him, in platoon strength. She gave him and DeeDee dual citizenship, as well as Dexter and the McPhersons. DeeDee and Dexter's mum is named Sally, while their dad is William. Harry's Robot mum is called Lilly-Rose and looks very similar to Lily Evans.

Hogwarts or Dumbledore tried to break the so called betrothal and not allow DeeDee to come, let alone this Lilly-Rose. Fudge though wanted the fame of having found the boy-who-lived and agreed whole heartedly. He listened to Dumbledore and Malfoy, but it was the Goblins who convinced him. Harry was an emancipated adult in the USA; so without the allowing his betrothed DeeDee McPherson, a magical noble Scottish family; to come, as well as his squib (Robot Mum could see magic, since the arrival accident) Mum; who looks like Lily Potter, Fudge's popularity would plummet. He could have the squib stay in Hogsmeade Village. Give Harry the same privileges as his third year betrothed, both go to the village.