After MoRon was taking away. A blonde guy shows up with two guys smaller than me. "I'm looking for Potter, any of you know him." Since I was sitting between the Patils with Su on my lap, making interesting noises, I did not answer this rude guy. Tonks smirked and brightly waved and said, "heh cous".

"Your no cousin of mine half blood. Lets see, a chink, two rug riders, two blood traitors, a half blood and Greengrass, your asking to be treated like them." I could see everyone was upset. I lifted Su and myself up. I sat her down on the seat, then stretched my six foot, one hundred and ninety pound body. In a growl, a werewolf would back away from, I said: "egoistic and your two butt fuckers need to go, before I break all three of you."

"Do you know who I am," squeaked out of his face.

"No, you never introduced yourself, like a gentleman. My apologies ladies, as I throw this scum off the train."

"My father shall hear of this." Turned tail and tried to flee. The outside was packed, having watched the Weasley, the bushy haired girl, and my DeeDee. So they could not move fast. I reached one hand to each goon and pressure pointed them, unconscious. He was screaming at them to move, prefects and both Heads were running; but people kept coming out to see what was going on, getting in the way.

"Well conceited, it seems you need to learn manners and respect."

He screamed in terror as I put my hand on his neck. I started the nerve pinch and whispered in his ear. "I am Lord Doctor Gryffindor and my bodyguards will kill your father to protect me and mine. So sleep you little shit, next time you lose a piece of you."

I then put him down. "Harry, beloved, could you get a line free for myself and my new friend." I just looked and simply said: "Could you clear a way for by betrothed and her friend, as well as send someone to clear this gutter trash from this carriage."

People moved, DeeDee came in with the bushy haired one, who opened her yap and spoke again. "What did you do to those boys?"

"Well they trash talked all the Ladies in here, so I replied in kind and put them to sleep. They should not have much of a headache when they wake up."

"Fighting is against the rules."

"Well bullying is against mine."

From behind you could hear voices saying make way. Finally the prefects took the three boys away. The Head Boy and Girl stood in the entryway. "Assistant Ambassador Evans, could you tell us what happened?"

"Aw, Head Boy Fawley and Head Girl Jones, it would be my pleasure." I said this in a Texan type accent. "Those three boys barged in here and started insulting my guests. And when I told them to leave they, the blonde girl threw out more insults in an even higher tone. So I got up and used pressure points to put them to sleep. I was told I would not need my Sport and Social bodyguards, so I did it myself. Next time they insult my friends, I will take a teste from the boys and the teeth from the girl."

The Head Girl was smiling so huge, Tonks was laughing in the corner. Head boy Fawley had his hands clenched. "That was Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle, and Vincent Crabbe, none of them are girls"

"Really, the blonde one squealed like DeeDee did when she was eight, so I thought he was a girl."

"Lord Malfoy is his father, you might have to apologize!"

"Really? He never introduced himself, he insulted Heiresses Bones, Abbot, Patil, Patil, Greengrass, and Princess Li. If my DeeDee had been here and insulted her, I would have broke their arms and legs. So as I am a lord, whose guests were insulted, can I have a duel and turn him into a girl, permanently?"

He was now looking very uncomfortable. "I will get their stories and see what happens at school."

I was gracious, though I wished to smash his face in. I half bowed to the Head Girl and said to him. "You may leave us Head 'Boy' (emphasized) Fawley.

The train ride was very intriguing after that. Su sat between Parvati and me. DeeDee sat on my lap. The bushy haired girl, I learned was Hermione Granger sat on my other side talking with DeeDee and the others. De squirmed on my cock, which Su had liked so much. Padma was talking with Greengrass, Susan, and Hannah. The conversations were enlightening, with seven languages being spoken, before everyone decided on English.

I kept watch on the girls, as DeeDee had invented a cologne type potion using my chemical and biological enzymes. She had not told me much, as I was not to interested yet. But I concurred that it was sex related. All the girls kept squiming on their seats, touching me when ever able. Surprisingly, all of them, except De were affected. Su, Tracey, and Hermione, were the most affected. The least affected was Hannah. Susan, Tonks, the Patils, and Daphne were more than twice as affected as Hannah.

Daphne, Tracey, and Hermione 7 or 8 out of 10.

DeeDee was zero of 10.

Hannah was between 2 and 3 of 10.

Susan and Tonks seemed to be 5 or 6 of 10.

Su and both Patils were 8 or 9 of 10.

I asked them what houses they wanted to be in. Tonks said she was in Hufflepuff, the loyal and hardworking, then there was Ravenclaw, the smart and studious. Slytherin, the cunning and ambitious. And Gryffindor, the brave and Noble. What about betrothed and 'vassals'? The talking lasted several hours. I had told them that I had Lords quarters. I could have my vassals, such as Padma and Parvati. Su would need to talk to her mother, to see if they wanted to be betrothed or vassals.

Hermione butted in. But when she found out the the Head of House was their magical guardian and could marry them off, she went white. Especially when she heard her headmaster could take control of one student's magical guardianship each year from a Head of House. That he had put Harry Potter into an abusive home, that almost killed him. She asked how I knew. I told her my birth name, and that I was dying, when magic and the McPhersons had rescued me.

I needed to talk with De about this. Since it affected how others perceived me in a certain situation. If we could calm emotions also, we could stop hate mongering. I felt some pre cum, go into my boxers. The numbers on the others skyrocketed. DeeDee stopped moving, to observe.

Su slipped her hand into my robes and started giving me a hand job. DeeDee was apprehensive, but luckily the train started slowing. I was sure that Su would do anything I wanted, as she was past 10 out of 10, more like 15 of 10.

Daphne, Tracey, and Hermione 9 or 10.

DeeDee was 2 of 10.

Hannah was between 4 and 6 of 10.

Susan and Tonks seemed to be 8 or 9 of 10.

Both Patils were 10 of 10.