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I was back.

In a small room in the dark, two chairs placed in the middle where a familiar-looking person was waiting for me with a sketchpad in hand. The table in the middle had various assortments of colors and paintbrushes. Still featureless like last time, still a blank humanoid avatar of someone or something I knew nothing of.



No response as usual.


"So, how do we do this? I sit here, and you give me the sketchpad to color stuff? I believe the last time I came here, I was coloring Vritra… I should probably get done with it," sitting down opposite to Bob, I took the sketchpad he handed me.

'How long has it been? Years since I came back to this place.'

When I first ended up here, I held nothing but fear and despair—facing the possibility that I could have been stuck here forever, believing that I failed Akeno and Shuri. The second time, I held more curiosity in my heart; that's when I discovered the sketchpad and Vritra's drawing. I finally realized that those two dragons were none other than Ddraig and Albion. As to why they were present in the book was still a mystery to me.

Opening the pages of the various amounts of different mythical beasts, fairies, and even items from legend—I was finally back to Vritra's page. "What?" I was surprised to find an unexpected change.

Vritra was completed.


I had only colored the head and a few parts; now, everything was painted to the utmost perfection. The drawing felt like it was alive, and it gave me the same feeling when I stood in front of Vritra when he awakened. There was nothing more to add. What was I supposed to do now?

Bob just pointed his finger at the sketchbook, probably telling me that there was more to do. But for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what exactly I needed to do. Seemingly, I had an endless amount of time here and that it didn't affect the outside world, I just flipped the pages and looked at the other works.

I saw Asia's—Twilight Healing—with a fairy sleeping against a tree trunk.

A gigantic and menacing Balor, with three sets of eyes—felt like I would burn alive just by staring at it for too long. It was weird to imagine that a small boy, who could pass up as a cute loli girl, could house such a beast. But then, I have Vritra within me, and he is a dragon.

I paused at a particular drawing, one of an anvil and hammer. Exuding holy energy from the sword, it was depicting crafting. But… I didn't feel the least bit calm or awed by this image. Not to dwell any further on it, I continued to browse the pages.

That is until I came across a certain drawing of a spear.

I recognized it immediately—Gae Bolga, the Spear of Mortal Death.

It was just like the one I held in my possession currently, the same one that nearly killed me as well. A part of it was colored red, while the rest came to be left blank for me to finish, I guessed. So, since it existed for me to finish, I followed the steps and carefully put in the red paint on the shaft of the spear. I wasn't an artist by any means, but I knew how to avoid going past the lines. The blade was a tricky one.

How does one paint the color of steel? A mixture of black and white, maybe.

"Didn't Vritra absorb the spear? Since his theme is black and violet, I can maybe combine his palette with the blade and come up with something new. Since I'm going to add black and violet to the blade, I should also add the changes done to the shaft."

When I brought out the spear during my training with Scáthach, I noticed the vein-like pattern all over the weapon. I could probably fill in the pattern with Vritra's colors.

Hopefully, this doesn't have far reaching consequences.

After what felt like an hour, I was done.

I showed the spear to Bob, who then took the sketchpad off my hands.



It happened again. Every time I was done with my work, the floor beneath me crumbled into pieces, and I fell right through it. I didn't scream—I was used to it—but just gazed at Bob. Asking myself for the thousandth time, "Who or what are you?"



I woke up from that dream.

"Hey, Vritra…" I called out to him, the gecko-looking Sacred Gear forming on my hand. Its red eyes glowed eerily, a sign that he was listening to me.


"Did something happen while I was sleeping? Do you remember dreaming about something?"

'Not really. I don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary.'

Oh… So Vritra wasn't able to see that being, even when we technically share the same soul at this point.

'Is it really just a dream? It can't be.'

These blurry dreams felt different from the rest. It was like I could almost remember it but couldn't completely understand it. It happened to me before, now I didn't know the meaning behind them and what I could do to better remember them.

Well, might as well get up for now.

"Hmm…" I groaned from slowly waking up from my sleep. My eyelids felt like they weighed a ton. Just opening them for the tiniest bit and seeing the blurry lights of sunshine felt like an enormous challenge. The ceiling of my room came into view.

The divine feeling from my bed was reeling back my mind to Morpheus's domain. It was a hard feeling to resist, the warm blanket, the comfy pillow which was like a warm cloud where I could sink my face further into the plushy fabric. The softness reminded me of something I had felt before…

It was Saturday; Kuoh Academy was closed after a successful day with the sports festival. Everyone performed wonderfully, from the photography club, which won second place for the track racing event with Matsuda—a former member of the track team—using my past experience to secure second place. First place went to Tomoe Meguri, who might have used her status as a Knight to her advantage.

Was it considered cheating? Probably, but there's nothing she can do about it since it was a part of her.

To the surprise of many, Kiba didn't participate in any normal racing event but rather decided to go for the donut-eating race. It was comical, to say the least, though I still ended up in second, with Aika taking the win. In her own words, "Of course, I would win. I've been practicing on stuffing large objects in my mouth ever since meeting Hachi-kun!"

I guess all those pastries she got as gifts from helping people did come in handy in giving her an iron stomach, while I completely ignored the fact on what she was really implying or that I sprayed her with water for several minutes.

Team-related events were a catastrophe from the beginning. Sona and Rias just wouldn't let the other one have the slightest advantage. Even the principal got involved and just gave those two a tie for first place. Safe to say, neither of them was happy with the results. Fortunately, Tsubaki and Akeno were there to handle their Kings. From afar, it looked like two mothers apologizing to each other for their child's behavior.

All in all, it was a fun day, and I certainly enjoyed every moment of it. Asia certainly did; she couldn't stop talking about it when we went back to our club to rest. By resting, I meant having Aika feel nauseous from the large number of donuts she ate, finally hitting her after all of the exercise and Asia secretly using Twilight Healing on her.

'Hmmm… I need to get a shower and brush my teeth.'

As much as I wished to stay sleeping on my comfortable bed, I needed to pick up Asia and visit Visor—which according to the nun—was doing much better since her imprisonment. Before deciding to get off the bed, I gave the pillow one last deep snuggle and—



My body stilled as I heard a familiar feminine moan back to me, and a pair of hands proceeded to press my head further into the softest pillows in the world. Then I felt someone both snuggling my hair and a pair of smooth legs intertwined with mine. Clarity returned to me in an instant, and I realized that I found myself in a deja vu situation.

Looking up, I saw crimson hair draped over me, reaching all the way to my back, and the peaceful sleeping face of Rias. She looked so serene in her sleep. I was once again reminded that despite her being the same weeaboo brat I've known for years, she was still a stunning beauty that could enrapture many men

I only felt her near my person and no one else besides us. Unlike last time, I wouldn't be caught off guard by having two girls sleeping with me. Thing is… I knew Akeno wasn't here, nor would she even try to sleep with me for the next few days as a slight punishment I gave her. I was still a bit salty at her for tricking me during the three-legged event.

Using her feminine wiles on me is cheating and she knows it!

So in petty spite, I told her that she was banned from my room for the next few days.

"Oi, wake up."

I gently shook her and carefully moved away from her hands. Only for the girl to take hold of me once again and push her breasts on my face once again.


"Aw~ Hachi~ You're so rough~." What kind of perverted dream was this girl having!?

After shaking her more vigorously, she finally showed traces of waking up. Her eyes slowly opened, and we gazed at each other for the next few seconds. If this was before the Rating Game, Rias would have probably grown flustered and had a blush form on her face at the position we are in. In her panicked state, she would have most likely fallen off the bed and apologized before running away in embarrassment.


But now, a beautiful smile bloomed on her face as she—without hesitation—closed the distance between us and kissed me on the lips. The kiss started out as an innocent, chaste kiss which increased in intensity the more we continued; she was being greedy. Invading my mouth with her tongue and relentlessly explored every corner that it could reach. When she pulled away, her eyes looked at me with such passion that I nearly backed off, but her hands made sure I couldn't do so as she leaned down for another kiss.

What was worrying about this situation was not the kiss itself but how my body was responding to her advances. Even while trying to recite pi to its hundredth decimal, my mental barriers just kept getting crushed by her actions.

Thanks to her nudity, I could feel everything. Her breast pressing on my chest, her sweet strawberry smell wafting through my nose, and her smooth, toned legs rubbing against my own…

It was overwhelming, as if she was making up for all the years she missed in this single moment. My body began reacting, with a high flow of blood running through a specific part of my body and hardening it to the point of pushing against the fabric and pressing against her lower stomach and thighs.


Rias started to become more aggressive with her actions!

'This can't go on any longer!'

Taking hold of myself and getting my bearings together, "Kya!" I overpowered Rias and pushed her against the bed while holding her down by her wrists and creating some distance between us. I was panting, finally being able to breathe and doing my best to calm down.

"Good… morning," muttered Rias, equally breathing heavily. My eyes slowly moved down her body, admiring her unnatural beauty, and the way her breasts rose and fell from her breathing, her rosy pink nipples already hard from our kissing.

I needed to snap out of it, before I did something I shouldn't!

Even if it was very, VERY tempting…

"Good morning, my ass! What kind of greeting was that? I felt like I was going to suffocate!"

She gave me a sheepish smile, her eyes having a mischievous light to them, showing that she wasn't really sorry. "Sorry, I couldn't resist. I've always wanted to do this but couldn't because of my situation." You nearly kissed me back when both you and Akeno slept with me. I believe that was when I met Vali for the first time, so it's been a while.

"Of course, you'd say that."

Now that I was able to calm down, I remembered that I forgot to congratulate her on winning some of the events during the sports festival.

"Congrats on winning the female race events yesterday. You also did great during the tennis match… you and everyone in the club did wonderfully."

"Fufufu, I would have done better if I heard you cheer for me."

"As if," the last thing someone would want is to hear a tone-deaf, mean-looking guy like me cheer for them with a monotone voice. "You would have lost if I had done so."

"Hmmm? Well, I wonder about that…" that smirk didn't bode well for anyone.


I felt her knee caress my lower nether region. Rias' face turned slightly red as she looked at me shyly.

She suddenly wrapped her legs around my waist, bringing herself closer to me. I could feel her rubbing her bare lower half on my morning wood.

"Someone is lively this morning~" I could feel my control slipping the more this went on. I was reaching my limit very quickly. My body felt like it was on fire, and even my vision was becoming blurry, to the point that I could not focus on anything but her. "Do… you think that we should…. do it…"

We were both yearning for it, long buried desires building within ourselves to the point of bursting at any moment.


This time, I was the one coming closer to her face. My hold was long gone, and her hands slowly trailed downwards towards my chest, then my stomach.

Just when we were about to go past a point of no return—someone knocked.

"Ano…Hachiman-san? Akeno-san told me to wake you up for dinner!" It was Asia, "Also, I brought Kalawarna-san along for breakfast."



The mood was ruined.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.

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