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"Don't worry, we'll be there before the class visit starts. Your father made sure to book a private jet from Hawaii to Kuoh just for that."

It finally happened, my parents became corrupted with wealth.

"You know, I expected for you two to indulge in the lifestyle of what I would call nouveau riche, but there has to be a limit. But please, don't go spending twenty one million yen just for a class visit!" I shouted at the phone where I was on call with my mother. "We can literally buy a small house with that cash!"

My mother has been full of spirit since the start of this conversation. Apparently, right after I left for the Underworld, a certain Fallen Angel Governor had them win an all expense paid trip to Hawaii for a honeymoon. Though they momentarily forgot about the class visit and were now rushing to get back.

"No can do mister, it is our duty as parents to see how our cute little child is doing in school and if he's participating." I cringed at the first part.

"Please don't call me cute or little, I'm a grown man." And I meant that in the literal sense.

"Too bad, I am your mother and I have the authority to do so."

"I am your son and I have the right to protest."

I heard her scoff, "Yet you let Akeno-chan and Rias-chan call you Hachi-kun, cute and little."

"I don't, they just keep calling me that even if I tell them not to."

And they don't call me little when we get intimate.

…Oh God, I shouldn't be thinking that while talking to my mother.

"Then I'll be following their example." She said confidently, disregarding her precious son's feelings of embarrassment.

"You're a terrible mother." I said with an annoyed voice.

"I prefer the word loving and concerned." I heard her sigh on the other end. "And I also want to see Asia-chan again. She's been gone for so long that I am even getting withdrawal symptoms of not having my daily dose of some Asia cuteness and cheek rubbing."

This was all Rias' fault, her devilish influence reached their mind and corrupted their personalities to oblivion. "Just enjoy your vacation, I know you and dad care and both of you are aware that I do well in clas— and she hung up. Tch, stubborn woman, why is she like that?" I looked at the screen, hoping those two wouldn't squander their money for such a small matter. The sun rays that were blinding my eyes didn't help alongside my sore body.

"You're the last person who should be asking such a question, nya!"

"Oof!" Air escaped my lungs as a certain ditzy former terrorist in her cat form jumped on my chest.

"How do you feel?" The furry face came close and licked my nose followed by a purr. If I wasn't so used to Akeno's teasing, I would be a blushing mess."Also, it's not good to lie to your parents like that, given the class visit is today."

"Like my head is going to split into two. Also, I lied because I knew she was going to ignore my words." I then looked at the woman casually floating in the air in front of me, her majestic blue draconic wings on full display with her ethereal beauty presented to me. "I hope I impressed you, Tiamat."

"A bit," she said. I hadn't expected that answer to be honest. "You have made progress with magic casting as far as I can see, it isn't a major jump but still better than last time."

The area around us had turned into a blackened field with molten rocks and charred remains of trees which were basically ashes by now. "I have new found respect for mages, the amount of calculations for a single fire spell is ridiculous."

"Elemental magic does have an elevated requirement and a more tedious process to bring forth its effect, but the payoff is well worth it. Before, your only spells were shooting a couple of arrows with pure magic, binding and isolating all senses. While the latter sounds like it would require the use of wind magic you actually accomplished by nearing darkness magic instead given what you create is basically a barrier. Though I assume this is mostly due to Vritra's influence. Of course, your usage of runes is acceptable, so if you have nothing to rely on then they make for excellent back up."

"If my master heard you then she'd break your neck."

"No she won't," said the Dragon King with confidence, a smirk gracing her face. "The last thing that woman wants is to meddle with the affairs of the real world once again. She just wants peace and quiet for now."

Peace and quiet huh… I could relate.

"Anyways, don't slack off on your training, young Hachiman. Just because you can take down the likes of Cadres with the help of Vritra's Sacred Gear does not give you the right to neglect other areas. There are still countless beings who can kill you and around your level, most have mastery over their field of magic to compliment their combat prowess. Then you have anomalies like the Bael heir, which I know you have experienced yourself."

"Noted, alright. I'll be going now, Akeno and Rias are waiting for me probably by now."

"Before you go, don't forget your promise to me, Vritra." Tiamat blocked my path and glared deeply into my eyes. No, she wasn't looking at me but rather Vritra and it didn't help those reptilian slit eyes made her overall appearance quite intimidating. "If you don't give me the information I seek about my treasure then your host will experience true hell."

Her words were effective as Vritra appeared on my arm and assured her with a confident tone. "Do not fret, mother of dragons, I shall abide by my words and will tell you the location of your hidden treasury."

"Good." She nodded her head before disappearing before me, having flown away at ridiculous speeds to who knows where.

"Glad that's over," I wondered how Asia was doing. The people she saw as family were hoping to see her once again, treating the little one as their own daughter. I was sure she would be very happy to hear mom's words.

"Ah, I need to get ready as well! Shirone will be so happy to see her living big sister!" Kuroka exclaimed before running off inside the house, I already gave her a room next to Xenovia. Also, something told me that Koneko was going to hate bringing her sister to school, but imagining her embarrassed face was well worth it.


And just like that, the day of the class visit started, a challenging day for some students who looked like they were going to war while a regular day for me. If I remembered correctly, my previous parents also barely had time to meddle in their son's school life in general. So caught up with work that sometimes I wondered if they remembered Komachi and I existed.

They mentioned it being a simple classroom visit but in actuality it was more of an open house display. A mere play to entertain the parents by having their precious kids get asked the simplest questions in order to create a perfect image. Everyone was perfect here as they say, so studious and devoted.

The fakeness of it all made me want to vomit honestly. Then again, a natural way of handling such events and I couldn't fault the faculty for this. Though one point I disliked is how anyone could visit, including students from middle school to come over and see how the classes were. Possible that the guardians of those students would also come to visit; quite an open event.

"… I hate this." While sighing, Rias whispered that with her face planted firmly on the table. "I hope we can get done with this quickly before anyone finds out." Though her father and Sirzechs were left in the dark about this matter, I knew for a fact that Grayfia would inform them about the details. To top it off, the chances of a die-hard siscon like Sirzechs to not be aware of an important event like class visits was both improbable and unrealistic to my mind.

I somewhat sympathized with her from my heart. But her pain and stressed state made it quite funny for me to spectate.

This time for my parents, beyond me it's Asia as well so I'll be attending class like normal.

"Are your parents coming, Hachi?" Rias asked. "I rather they come than Onii-sama and Otou-sama. At least they won't embarrass us in front of the whole class."

Yeah, I heavily doubted that, they would most likely take pictures and video recordings before sharing it with the whole neighborhood, telling them how cute we were or something along the lines.

"No, they are on their honeymoon and can't come back in time. They really wanted to see Asia as well, a shame really." Though I promised to send pictures and videos. Why was I doing this, you ask? Cause this was a perfect time for blackmail and payback. 'Forgive me, Rias, I'll probably be taking embarrassing pictures of you and Akeno to send it to them. Sorry, not sorry.'

"Ah, I understand. If Asia was my daughter then you would want to come see her by all means." She said, a notion I full heartedly agree with.

"That's true. If I had a little sister like Asia, I would be doting on her. No, in essence she's like a sister." Too bad she was still somewhere in Heaven with Gabriel, the Seraph keeping the girl safe and sound from the chaos down here. "Anyways, we should head into class, the others are waiting for us."

I walked up to the door, wondering what the teachers were going to do today to impress the parents — it'll probably be a mostly boring day. But as I opened the door of the club, a golden streak of light caught my attention and before I could even react, a heavy weight impacted my waist with enough force to send me tumbling on the ground. "Oof!"

An enemy attack? Here!?

It was not even Wednesday!

"Hachi!" Even Rias was unprepared by this sudden intrusion, having gotten up from her chair, I heard the woman suddenly gasp.


Strange, my clothes felt a wet sensation on them. A pair of small shaky hands clutching the fabric and soft silky blonde hair falling to the side — my heart skipped a bit with the following words coming from this familiar person's mouth.

"I-I-I'm back, Ha-Hachi-san…"

A pair of big green eyes looked up to me filled with tears of joy and a giant smile on her face.

"Asia?" I called out, unable to believe that she was actually here. "You're here…" damn it, why did my eyes start to sting right here. Ahh, my cool image I worked so hard to build up after my depressed self was crumbling with this little ball of sunshine tearfully hugging my waist.


This time, blinding white light assaulted my eyes. "Ah, I'm keeping this, you two look so precious!"

Bubbly, innocent Archangel, with a sinful form that was hidden with a thin piece of silk hiding her body from the world. The walking contrast was walking towards us with a joyful gait. Though this time, she wore an oversized red sweater and tight jeans that hugged her figure a bit too much for my liking. Gabriel cooed lovingly while holding a camera within her hands and looking at us with star filled eyes. "Ah, now my turn! Take mine as well, Rias-chan!"

She passed the device to a stunned Rias, in a similar state as me and most likely overwhelmed by everything that happened in such a short amount of time.

"Whoa! Whoa! Wait! Wait! Don't jump—keurgh!" She jumped embracing both of Asia and I with an ever growing grin on her face and suffocating my face with the softest breasts in Heaven.

"Did I hear Dragon-kun dying? Ah! A Seraph?" Kuroka's head popped out of the ceiling for some unknown reason, a look of mischief flashing before her eyes as she saw my pleading eyes. "Looks fun, I want a group hug as well!"

Traitor, the lot of you!

'This day is going to be stressful, just as I expected'


After nearly getting my ribcage flattened like a pancake, and almost getting smothered to death by a pair of large breasted airheads, we all headed for our respective classroom — much to Asia's dismay. "It's going to be okay, it's only for a few hours. We can hang out together in Saizeriya later on, what do you say?" I asked while patting the blonde's head.

I really missed this feeling.

"Uuuuu… promise? I finally got to meet you and Rias-san after so long. I also want to meet Akeno-san again!"

"Promise, we'll have a big party just for you." I wonder how she would react meeting Ophis, I felt these two would get along greatly given she was a Dragon Maiden. "Also, what are you doing here, Gabriel?" I asked the Seraph who was already attracting the attention of every passing male and female. I swore if she were to ever turn into a Fallen then the world was doomed.

"Ara? Of course I came as Asia-chan's guardian~!" She said excitedly, jumping in place and giving everyone a free show.

"You're looking forward to this day as well I see." I noted, using every ounce of my power to not look below her neck. "Did Michael come as well?"

"No, he is still pretty busy up in heaven."

"Oh, so he sent you and Asia here by yourself?"

"Ah…" she abruptly froze, starting to sweat and avoiding my gaze, her hands were fidgeting, and looked like a scared kitten that did something terrible. "N-No, he … uh… w-was really b-busy, a-and I didn't want to b-bother h-him."

Woah, even I couldn't believe how much she sucked at lying. "You did this without his permission or knowledge." I stated, questioning if Gabriel was starting to enter her rebellious stage.

"Yes." She whispered, her face down as the girl just wasn't capable of lying even if her life depended on it. "Don't tell him, please? Big brother would get mad at me!"

"I can't even do that even if I wanted to, not like I have him on speed dial."

"Then good! Let's go, Asia-chan! Let's not be late for class~"

"A-Ah, okay, s-see you soon, Hachi-san!" She was dragged away by the Seraph leaving me and Rias alone with the students and parents around still having their gaze glued at Gabriel's enrapturing appearance.

"Eh, what's going on here?" Akeno came over, accompanied by Xenovia and Koneko. Everyone's eyes widened as they noticed Asia in the distance. "She's back!?" I heard the pure joy within the raven haired girl's voice.

Yup, this was certainly going to be an entertaining day after all.




As soon as I got to class and sat on my seat, Xenovia approached me in her school uniform. Every senior student's eyes focused on her. To be honest, she was popular among girls due to her bishoujo qualities. Maybe because her physical abilities were also good, she became even more popular amongst the female population in a matter of days, becoming one of the school idols.

"What's wrong, Xenovia." She lowered her head on my response, noticing the serious look on her face.

"I was wondering if you can let me join you in training with Tiamat-san." Just like always, Xenovia was straight to the point.

"Sure, your funeral. But I still need to see if Tiamat is okay with it first."

"Understood, Hachiman-sama."

I wanted to reprimand her about the respectful title she gave me, but I noticed that she was fidgeting a bit, not noticeable to most that haven't spent time with her but quite evident to me. I waited for a moment to see if she would say anything, I decided to move this along before class starts.

"Come on Xenovia, you can ask me anything. I'm not really one to judge." I encouraged her, curious what could make someone like her hesitate in the first place.

"I was wondering what you think about having a child with me."


Instantly, I felt the eyes of everyone in the classroom focus on me, including Akeno and Rias, both looking at me intensely, but it was the gleam in Akeno's eye's which scared me the most, as the hybrid looked over Xenovia. Another chill ran up my spine as Xenovia seemed to have more to talk about, so I quickly covered her mouth, "H-Hahahaha! She's such a joker! Where did you hear such a bad joke from? Is it Issei? Of course! Let's go find that guy and beat some sense into him!"

Grabbing her like a sack of potatoes, I ran away from the class like my life depended on it and hid inside the closest janitor closet I could find — a perfect place away from any prying eyes and ears.

"What was that!?" I demanded an answer from the ex exorcist, who seemed to go back to her usual expression. "What kind of idiot asks that kind of question in the middle of class?"

"... Me?"

"Don't turn your head like that in a cute confused manner, I told you that before that doesn't work on me." I could see the genuine confusion in her gaze which only made it worse and felt my frustration with her simmer down a bit. "Just tell me what brought on this idea and before you ask, the answer is no."

"Do you not like the idea of having kids with me?"

"I'm pretty sure we already had this conversation, Xenovia."

"We did, I just wanted to know if you've changed your mind."

Suddenly talking about having children, yeah, it was both too early and idiotic to think about just a thing. "First of all, I'm not your husband or lover that you can have a child with, so that road is closed."

One thing I learned about this girl was that she needed to get a clear and direct answer to understand the general scenario. Dancing around the subject would only lead to increasing misunderstanding.

"That's a shame, but any road can be paved with enough effort. The combined power of Dragon and a Holy Sword user will bring forth a worthy chi—ah!" I flicked her head hard, that thick skull of hers needed to get hit.

"That's not how it works around here, dummy. You're skipping dozens of steps and are trying to rush for a goal that I'm certain you're not even certain about. I doubt you want to truly become a mother and probably just got influenced by something recently — it'll disappear with time. Just focus on living the life of a student and swing your sword around to relieve some of that pent up frustration I'm sensing."

"So if I tredge carefully, you'll give me a child?" She asked seriously once again, earning herself a well deserved chop to the head.

"Out of everything, that's what you paid attention to!? And no, again, you're not my girlfriend and are just a friend!" I hoped she got that hint.

"Ah, I finally understand." I don't think she understood anything, that confident face failed to inspire any good feelings. "So that's what Aika-san meant by telling me you're a tsundere. Don't worry, I won't rush and will keep a condom ready with me in case you feel more confident in making a child."

"... Woman, I'm literally trying to friend zone you here and you're failing to get the hint."

"We can, no, should practice using these here." She gestured at the condoms, having not paid any attention to my previous words at all, while she unintentionally pressed herself to me, squishing her chest on my own and giving me an intense stare. "Do not worry about my feelings, I give you my consent. I'll even leave my door open for you to come into my bed whenever you want."

I started feeling like we already had this conversation…

"No." My head… my poor sanity was struggling to keep up with the people from this world. Why was everyone this bold for sex!? The Devil's I could understand to some degree along with the other Supernatural beings. But Xenovia was a bonafide human that was raised under a nun! Shouldn't she be more against this kind of stuff before marriage!

"In the church I was in, there was a dispute about the use of this but putting it on in Japan would be more convenient following the country's pattern after all."

"I have no idea what you mean about pattern but that packet better disappear from my vision in five seconds unless you want it to have it be burned to ashes."

"That's a shame, they are high quality goods. Aika told me that they were 'ribbed'. Not sure what that means, but she assured me that it was a good thing."

"Just put it back in your bag and throw it away later on." Talking to her felt like speaking to my mother, she always had some sort of comeback.

"Dirty senpais."



Both Xenovia and I jumped in fright, the former Exorcist nearly summoning her sword if it weren't for me holding her back. It was hard to see, but near the boxes I found none other than Koneko munching on some snacks while playing a game on her Nwitch with a Dhamphir alongside her, also playing a game. She looked at us with a gaze that I just couldn't bear to see on a cute kitten like her while Gasper's eerie red eyes looked haunting behind that bag.

"What are you two doing here?" What else was I supposed to ask them? This was odd, even for them.


"Playing games." Answered Koneko and Gasper respectively.

"I can see that, rather I want to know why you're hiding here." This day just kept getting weirder and weirder, and I'm just about to call it quits.

Her cheeks blushed as she started pouting adorably, and had to stop myself from patting her on the head "Onee-sama is embarrassing me in front of the entire school. So I followed Gia-kun's scent and found him hiding here… so I joined him." Her hands clenched, nearly cracking the screen of her console. "She keeps taking pictures of me, runs around class with a shirt with my face on it and hissed at the teacher when he told her to wait outside… that thing is not my sister."

"I'm just not used to so many people." Answered Gasper with a trembling voice, which wasn't that surprising of an answer. "Some of them even tried to pinch my cheeks or hug me!"

"There there," consoled Xenovia by giving the boy a head pat, her voice lacking any hint of emotion. "You're just pathetically weak, that's all."

"WAAAAHH!" He started crying, feeling that critical hit.

"Sona and Rias finally found another kindred spirit it seems." I joked, earning a glare from the Nekoshou. "Anyways, just bear with it, it's Kuroka's first time and she's obviously very excited. I'm sure it's not that bad… she'll get bored of it, right?" Seriously, parents watching their children study for a few hours wasn't exactly entertainment. An hour later most would just be on their phones or be speaking with either the teacher or someone else.

"Then you don't know the horrors of Kuroka Onee-sama…"

"The only scary thing about her is accidentally leaving my door open in the middle of the night and having her assault me in my sleep." It hadn't even been a week since my arrival from the Underworld yet I already pounced by that damned cat on more than one occasion. Good thing Akeno was an expert with barrier magic spells and Rias helped by binding her up.

"Perverted senpai." She accused me this time, giving me a look of disgust that nearly shattered my big brother's heart.

"Here you can use it, you two can relieve your frustrations through sex." Xenovia passed the pack of condoms to the baffled girl. "It's good for you to use it as well. Unplanned sexual intercourse would hurt both of you. The relationship between men and women is difficult. You want one, Gasper?"


"..." Koneko had a deadpan look, while giving me a judgemental look. "You corrupted her, senpai."

'Hey! Don't look at me, that's all on her!'


The door to the janitor opened violently, from the outside Kuroka's face popped in with the biggest grin which turned Koneko's face pale. "I finally sniffed you out! Let's go back to class! I'm showing them your album pictures I borrowed from the Gremory brat!"

It was official, the white haired girl's face turned from pale to atomic red before her eyes rolled up and she lost consciousness from sheer amount of horror and embarrassment rolled into one.

"Can I see them as well?"

"Of course, Xenovia-chan!"

Yup, this was just going to be the beginning of her misery.

On the brightside, better her than me.




As I walked back to my class alone with Xenovia having tagged along with Kuroka while carrying her unconscious sister and a mortified Gasper, I happened to meet a certain bespectacled super pervert trying to corrupt two angels.

"Alright, here is the plan of attack. In your target, bind him to the bed posts and we have our way with him."

"Uuuu… I-I can't do that! It's too embarrassing! And I'm not strong enough to do so."

'Oi, that shouldn't be the problem, Asia! You shouldn't feel ashamed that you're not strong enough to tie me down, but the act itself! And Aika! Why are you trying to corrupt poor Asia!?'

"Geez, Asia. I told you right? If you don't start moving soon, Buchou will become too entangled with Rias-sama and Akeno-sama to notice you. Aside from those two, there are a lot of formidable enemies around him, you know? If you keep dilly dallying, before you know it he may be eaten completely with nothing left to spare. You don't want that, right?"

Unfortunately for her, while Asia certainly had a rather vivid imagination — a certain Seraph held the most innocent of minds.

"Bind him? That's a great idea, Kiryuu-san!" Gabriel exclaimed while clasping the brown haired girl's hand, making her flustered at being near such a beautiful woman. "We can have a tickle war and make him submit to us! I have done it many times with the children at the orphanage and it's great fun."

"Uhh… momm—I-I-I mean, Gabriel-san. I wasn't talking about that with your s-sister… I'm trying to explain to her that he will get eaten up if she doesn't make a move soon! He has a ripped body and is packing a cannon."

"Eh? Eaten up? Cannon?" Her confusion turned to that of pure shock. "Rias-san and Gremory-san are cannibals!? I need to save him! Is the cannon for protection!?"

"Wait, you misunderstood! Please don't run!"

Thankfully, I had already taken refuge inside the class and managed to evade Gabriel's gaze and Aika's, I had no desire to deal with their shenanigans right now. Though it wasn't long before another pair of troublesome boys found me. Both Motohama and Matsuda also looked strange — their bodies seeming to be shaking in agony.

"Something is wrong with the world if Issei is getting popular with the Council and this other pretty boy douche is scoring the milfs now!" Matsuda shouted that out.

"Wait, was she Asia's mother or sister?" Motohama asked, getting in a thinking pose.

"Who cares, either way, they are smoking hot."

I hadn't done anything and already these two looked like I killed their family or something. Would have been better if these idiots went to bother their third member than me.

"Hachiman, you shitty bastaaaaaaaard!"

"Go get an infection or something, you fished-eye asshole!"

Huh, it's been a while since someone made fun of my eyes.

"Wait, let's not wish him any STD's or he might give them to the other girls." Damn these sad perverts, jealous for such a small thing, no wonder they couldn't get anyone. Fortunately, I knew their kryptonite and despite it being sorta embarrassing to say it out loud, but I'm feeling a little vindictive right now.

"Akeno is my girlfriend."

Critical Hit!

"Hurgh! My heart! Damn it! Don't try to show off you bastard!" And just like that, it was super effective and they backed off with tears streaming down their faces and their prides shattered. The surrounding guys have also started looking at me with jealousy and disappointment. But if they couldn't accept this reality and move on then the fault was on them. I still don't understand why Rias and Akeno love me but I'm grateful for it nonetheless.

'Though with the stunt Xenovia pulled just now, people might get weird ideas. She is unique, but I can't count her yet. If you ask why, it seems she's only interested in the thing residing within me for the most part and nothing else.'

Asia, I thought of her as a younger sister just like Koneko. After all, how couldn't I? She just exuded that sort of aura constantly.

"Everyone, Hachi-san isn't a bad person. Please don't bully him… only I can do that fufufu~" To my surprise, Akeno came to my rescue, though her response served more like a sharp spear that struck the hearts of every boy in class — shattering them into pieces.

"Uuh, Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Why him!? This isn't fair!" The boys and even some girls cried, leaving the class slumping on the desk with lifeless eyes and broken hearts.

"Serves them right," she whispered, only me being able to hear those words and I couldn't agree more.


Class soon started, and from the open door in the back, the parents of my classmates kept coming in one by one. Though I nearly choked on my saliva when two familiar women came in and stole each and everyone's heart like their daughters did before.

"Make sure to follow the teacher's lessons, dear! I already taught you this part so you shouldn't have any problems answering this question." Spoke Venelana accompanied by her husband. Wah, did he know about what happened back then? I didn't want to get obliterated in class!

"Oh my, look how serious our daughter looks! Quick, take a picture!* Next to her, Shuri came along with her husband as well and hurried the man to take more of Akeno's pictures which he happily obliged. "Why aren't you participating in class as well, young man? Don't act lazy and follow the lesson!"

"Look at the camera, Ria-tan! I want to post this on my BeelzeBook, so everyone can see how cute you are in school!" Of course Sirzechs would be there, that man wouldn't miss such an event even if the world was coming to an end and no Grayfia to reel him in.

'Also, BeelzeBook? Is that like FaceBook? Man, kinda sad how unoriginal they are sometimes.'

Unfortunately, I wasn't spared as both mom's reprimanded me for my rather lackluster performance. Both girls were visibly shaking in their seats, face crimson and mortified with pure embarrassment. Especially for Akeno, she actually tried to hide her face behind a pile of books when people looked at her and Shuri-san and how shockingly they looked alike. Well, these two could easily pass off as twins, no wonder they were surprised.

The class was math. The teacher, who was pumped up more than usual, for some reason started distributing a rectangular object wrapped in a bag to the students. 'Since when did math class turn into art class?'

The object I held within my grasp turned out to be PVC clay. The teacher gleefully gave everyone instructions on what to do next.

"My dear students, try making something you like with the PVC clay I handed you just now. An animal is fine as well. A person is fine as well. A house is fine as well. Whatever image you're thinking about in your mind right now, try making it into a shape. That sort of thing requires great mathematical thinking and planning."

What sort of loaded bullshit was this? Surely the parents wouldn't fall fo—

"Ooooh, look at this dear, our child will become a future architect! You can do it, Akeno!"

"Rias, don't go overboard like you tend to regularly. Try to mold our summer vacation home, it'll be much easier for you."

""MOM, STOP EMBARRASSING ME!"" Both girls shouted simultaneously, unable to endure their parent's attitude any longer.

Though it wasn't like they were the only two dying from embarrassment as I was experiencing something similar as well. Though I was more nervous and on edge then embarrassed. Not because of Shuri, Venelana or their husbands — rather my eyes couldn't help but dart at the only person in the world I last expected to come and visit me in school of all places.


Vibrant red hair, celtic markings, beautiful face with freckles and a figure that didn't lose out to either one of my girlfriends' mothers. Though unlike them, Scáthach didn't bother taking pictures or to encourage me like the others — she just fell asleep minutes after the lesson started!

'Oi, this isn't a place you can just come and take a nap! Why are you even here!?' I wanted to shout but held myself back. Even the students looked at her with pure confusion, trying to wonder what relationship I shared with her. After all, unlike the others who were parents sharing striking resemblance to their kids, we didn't look alike at all.

"They are definitely related, both sleep in class at any moment." Whispered some of the students, making me smack my own face from the sheer absurdity.

"Alright, make sure to sculpt the best piece of art using your mathematical thinking!"

There was no such thing! I don't get what you mean, Sensei! Why not deal with our usual English class?

"Come on, go on then!"

In which twisted world was there a Math class involving PVC clay!

Surveying the surroundings, everyone was reluctantly kneading the PVC clay. Seemed like they accepted reality and just went on with the teacher's instructions — me being one of them.

"What did he say we should make?"

"It's fine to make anything that you imagine in your mind. It can be your favorite object you see every day in your room, your house or if you really want a challenge, then a person even. Such intricate sculpting requires an abundance of calculations and is more effective if they are someone very special in your heart — like your first crush!" The teacher spouted his nonsense while I continued to concentrate.

While twisting the clay, I closed my eyes and started to wonder what I should mold. A special person he said… My first crush? Of course, that would be Akeno…


Oh, how nostalgic to hear that nickname again. I could already feel the gaze of a certain ice queen.

"Mr. Most Hated Guy in the Entire School."

I mean, she wasn't wrong. Not like my past self cared about those things, I was perfectly fine to be by myself. Just some annoying people kept approaching me every day for no reason.


I swore something wasn't right with Totsuka, that beautiful angel just couldn't be a guy. My heart still to this day refuses to accept such a cold and harsh reality. Hah, I missed him.

"Mister Lonely."

Acting like she wasn't in the same boat, Miss Likes to Read Books By Herself Everyday.

Aah, Yukinoshita. Even now she continued to haunt me across realities. Nearly two decades passed since I last saw her, though it was somewhat blurry, I remembered her mostly. Probably a mother by now, I wonder who she could have married? One of the students or an arranged marriage? It was hard to imagine that girl falling for anyone to begin with, so the latter option seemed more likely.

Then again, I failed to see any man keeping up with her ruthless nature so she might have already gotten divorced by now or Haruno, that she devil, had the husband disappeared under mysterious circumstances.



I suddenly felt two hands on my shoulders followed by a chill that ran up my spine at the cold tones. I looked behind to find not only students gathered around me, but also the teacher and parents. Rias and Akeno close with a scary smile on their faces.

"Who the hell is that?" Rias asked, a cold feeling etched to each word.

What? Somehow, it seems by looking at my hands and realization soon dawned on me at what they were looking at — there was a magnificent statue of Yukinoshita present.


Shit, I made her absentmindedly!

There was an excited cheer from the teacher. He let out a breath of admiration "Ooh! Amazing. I didn't know we had an artist in our class!"

Same, I made this…? Moving my hands based on past memories? Such ridiculous logic failed to make sense to me!

"W-Wonderful… Hikigaya-kun. To think that you had this sort of talent… This class was the right choice after all. Once again I was able to draw out a student's hidden ability…" The teacher said that while his eyes soaked with tears.

"W-Who is this beauty? I don't remember ever seeing such a girl in school!"

"No way! Did he cheat on Akeno-sama with another girl!?"

"Damn you, Hachiman! Why must you be so greedy!? She must be a girl from another school!"

Well, they weren't wrong, she was indeed from another school — just not from this world. Regardless, rather than worrying about them, I started to sweat with the increasing grip strength from both girls behind me.

Before I could say anything, the small clay model was snatched from my grasp by Scáthach. "Oho, this is quite nice!" The women oblivious to the two devils' reaction behind me carefully inspected the model as if it were a toy. "Hoh, you made her look so cold, she reminds me of my daughter. I like it!" Without saying anything else, she kept it and walked out of the class.

"Ara Ara, I hope Hachi-kun hasn't gotten seduced by another girl I'm not aware of, right?"

"Don't think you can run from me, mister!"

Both Rias and Akeno continued to glare at me for answers.

"Um… she's just an actress from my favorite tv show?"




It was lunch break.

"Why didn't you make me instead… " Rias said while pouting, not even bothering to touch her food. "You've seen me and Akeno naked countless times and you decided to sculpt a random actress? That's not fair!"

…Did she want me to make a sculpture of her being naked in front of the entire class?

During lunchtime, we went outside to buy something to drink with our bentos. We hung out on the rooftop as usual and this time without Koneko — guess she was still running from her sister.

"Ara ara, you have excellent artistic talent. I wasn't even aware of it. Is this one of your legendary 108 Hachinman skills? But I do agree with Rias, you should have made me… If you wanted a model then I would have happily volunteered." Akeno was also smiling, surprised by the quality of the statue, study its features. "Would you make one for me as well next time? If you want some inspiration, then you can explore my body all you want tonight for…inspiration~!"

Even if I wanted to, I highly doubted that her parents would let us, especially your overprotective dad.

"Pass," I said with a slight blush, rather than fall that hole of depravity at the moment, "I don't need to refresh my memories, you've already burned everything about you inside my brain."

"Fufufu, then do you also remember what I taste like? I can give you a reminder right here~" she whispered to my ear before nibbling it, worsening the flush on my face. Damn this succubus! She knew all of my weaknesses!

"Hey, we're still in school!" Rias came to my aid, out of jealousy most likely. "Our parents might also spot us if you do it…"

"Hey, you're the one who slept with him inside the club, I at least always did it with him at home, unlike a certain naughty king~."

"..." Rias could not rebuke her words. It didn't help that it wasn't the first time either we had some…fun in the clubroom. She could be very convincing.

As we continued to converse, Kiba appeared with a troubled face.

"Ara, Yuuto. Want some tea?" Upon Rias' question, Kiba pointed with his finger at the door behind him.

"No, for some reason I heard a witch was doing a photography event and is now being chased around by Asia's sister? So I thought you should know about buchou." On Kiba's reply, Rias, Akeno and I while exchanging glances, tilting our heads.

A witch and Gabriel?




Kaccha Kaccha!

Flashes kept going off, the men who were holding cameras were photographing something at a corner of the corridor.

Since there was a crowd present, I didn't know what they were taking pictures of. According to Kiba's story "A witch" was present but… I somehow came out of the crowd and faced in the front direction. Yeah, I could see it in a glance. As I progressed further, a recognisable outfit came jumping in my eyes.

Yup, it was indeed a Magical Girl… and the only one bold enough to wear such clothing — Serafall Leviathan. But to my surprise, she was not the main attraction of the group.

"Woah! These clothes are very comfortable to move in and they look cute!" Next to her, Gabriel wore a similar pure black coloured clothing made out of latex instead of regular cloth that hugged her figure tightly. "Thank you for the gift, Sera-chan!"

Her response only seemed to fuel the Maous' anger as she let out a muted hiss and got further incensed with the crowd completely head over heels for the Seraph rather than her.

"That's not supposed to be a gift and you're supposed to be an evil villain!" Serafall screamed, trying to get everyone's attention on her but failing miserably. She looked ready to snap her wand in half with how much strain she was putting on it. "Huuuuu, you were supposed to be a bad guy that I was supposed to defeat and earn the crowd's cheers and admiration… yet why are they cheering for you when you can't even act!?"

"Ah, are you mad? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin your show." She said with genuine care, looking like a kicked puppy and earning more of the crowd's admiration. "Let me give you a hug, it always cheers up Asia-chan when she's sad."

"Don't come near me, you Devil!" How ironic for a literal Maou to say that to an Archangel. And just like Kiba described, Serafall kept running away from the angel but the latter refused to let her go — dragging the crowd as well.

And to my surprise, amongst them was Sona looking at Gabriel with pure admiration in her eyes.

"Hah… this is a crazy day." I said to myself, the two girls by my side giggling and agreeing with me.

"Oh my, Hikigaya?"

"Ah, Gremory-san." I greeted Rias' father accompanied by his wife and Sirzechs. Truth be told, I was indeed quite nervous. Maybe they were touring the school. "Sorry I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you today, it was just overwhelming to keep track of everything."

"No, same here. Thanks for taking care of Rias. I thought to come greet you but couldn't do it sooner, anyway, Sirzechs and I were busy with work so it wasn't easy to get an opportunity. It seems this occasion was blessed by good luck."

"Mmm, we have indeed missed you since you left the house, Hachi-kun. Why don't you stop by the Underworld more often? I'll promise to accommodate you anytime you want."

That sounded so wrong coming from her given I'd personally experienced how her accomodations went.

"Indeed, and this time, we can go to the hot springs together as a family. Sorry I couldn't make it last time, I had some other matters to discuss with Sirzechs."


He knew!?

And what the hell!? He wanted to join in!?

'I must never stay alone with these two!'

Rias' face was red, though she kept sending me a suspicious glare whenever her mother talked to me.

"Yeah. I want to talk at a calmer place. This place is a bit conspicuous. It's a shame I couldn't meet your parents, I even brought a personal gift for them."

"I hope it's not a castle," I said with one of the most serious faces, making the father burst out laughing.

"Hahahaha, surely you jest. I have learned from my wife that humans tend to prefer something smaller and more simple."

I released a sigh of relief, happy that he didn't do anything too crazy. Hopefully it was just a small souvenir or some jewelry given how rich these people were.

"I just bought a small villa in Hokkaido and wanted to give it to your dad."

I was a fool to expect anything different from these Devils. Leaving behind Sirzechs who chuckled at my reaction. "Sorry about my father, he's not used to human culture and traditions. By the way, Rias."

"What is it, Onii-sama?"

"There's something I wanted to talk about for a bit. Sorry, Hachiman-kun. I'll be borrowing my little sister for a bit. Akeno, would you mind coming along with us? Oh, and call Sona and Tsubaki as well, this concerns them as well."


Akeno nodded, giving me a quick peck on the cheeks before dialing Sona's number. Seeing her display of affection, Rias frowned before grabbing my head and planting a deep kiss on my lips — much to the amusement of her brother and Queen.

Seriously, this girl had to do this in public? "Y-Yes. Is it an important matter that I should know about?"

"You will soon, though someone else will be giving you the information along with some personal details that I am in no position to enquire about." Huh, given the one person who decided to visit me today for class visit — I already guessed she was the one and would explain why she was here.

Sirzechs took Rias and Akeno before they disappeared somewhere. I was left alone to ponder on what could be happening soon. It was bound to be something serious to have Scàthach here.

"Did something happen?" Kiba came, holding a bucket filled with flowers, chocolates and love letters and it wasn't even Valentine's day. "Want some?"

"Chocolate? Sure." Munching on some of the treats, I looked at Kiba and asked him if he had any idea on what was going on. "I'm not sure myself, but I heard from sensei that it is related to the Kokabiel attack."

Ah, that made sense. Not that much time has passed since the attack and there would still be some damage control going on and political powers at work here. "This is troublesome."

"Yeah… shall we return to class?"

"You can go," Kiba followed my gaze which looked straight for the redhead sitting under a tree in the yard. "Someone is waiting for me."

He nodded and left without saying a word.


It was kind of weird to see her napping, Scáthach always seemed so energetic for nearly 24/7. An endless well of energy this woman was and I even once believed she didn't require any sleep.

"How's your rune training coming along?" She asked, not even opening her eyes.

"I can use the basic and intermediary ones without much issue, the more complex ones it's a coin toss honestly — but I'll manage."

"Good to know, I would have beat your ass if you were lazing around with my teachings."

"Hah," I hissed a breath of cold air, sparring against her was no different than a life or death battle. Or just me getting pummeled until I learned how to run away or survive for longer. "Thanks, that gives me enough motivation to train even in my sleep."

Scáthach snorted at my response.

"Tch, cheeky brat."

I sat next to her, waiting for her to continue speaking and explain to me what Sirzechs went to tell Rias. "She's coming for you. You managed to royally piss off that Goddess."

"Nemain… huh," That made sense. Me ruining her plans twice or even more was not someone with a giant pride like hers could accept. "Well, I'm not the same as before. Not to brag but, I think I can handle a god like her to some extent."

"Ha! I can imagine the expression on her if you ever say it to her face." I was being serious, I was by no means super strong or broken but at least now I could hold my height against some heavy weight. "Still, aside from her, I heard you caused some chaos with the Hero faction. I don't know much about those bums but having so many enemies will overwhelm you if you're not careful."

"Are you worried about m—ouch!" I smirked at first before getting viciously punched in the face. The impact sent me rolling a few meters away.

"Stop asking stupid questions! You know the answer so why bother!?"

Wow… I didn't know she was a tsundere. I would be laughing if my cheeks didn't hurt as much and probably get another punch to the face.

"Regardless, brat, in a few days there will be a summit meeting between the three factions. Sirzechs, Azazel and Michael will be present here to conduct their affairs." This was… more serious than I imagined, if all three were here at the same time then it presented a lot of opportunities for the enemy. "I can see you've already guessed it, they've painted a large fucking target on their backs and some idiots will try to go for a triple kill."

"Who would be stupid enough to attack the strongest Seraph, possibly multiple Super Devils and a Fallen Governor General?"

"Many, Hachiman-sama," this time, another person approached us, it being the silver head maid. She was here? I didn't notice her presence this entire time. Though given she used that name for calling me, I guess she was serious about keeping my little nickname a secret between us. "Sirzechs-sama, while a competent leader, has his own fair share of faults and enemies. The same applies for Azazel-sama and Michael-sama. These people are not just limited to the Old Satan Faction but also differing Pantheons."

"Should I be worried that a being more powerful than those two could attack us?"

"Unlikely but very much possible. Or we could be facing multiple armies."

"Then why Kuoh Academy of all places? This place was just a warzone not that long ago." Seriously, they just rebuilt this school up from the ground only to have it be destroyed again?

"Because it acts as a temporary neutral ground where no factions will be claiming ownership. With the amount of Supernatural species and mages studying here — it laid the groundwork for such an event."

"I see…damn it, I'll have to be prepared then." Might as well start today, I had to be prepared for the worst.

"Ah, wait!" As Grayfia was leaving, Scáthach stopped her. "It isn't every day I get to meet the Ultimate Queen. Why not join the boy and me for a nap?"

"Oi, I know you're my teacher but Ne — cough Grayfia here is mostly likely busy for the day so let's not disturb h—"

"—Of course," I whipped my head around with pure shock. Her eyes met mine with a slight flash of amusement within them as her lips twitched upwards. "I hope you don't mind, Hachiman-sama?

She… she was definitely teasing me.

These two were in cahoots!

I knew this day would be troublesome.

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