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The battle continued to rage on as intensely as it started, Azazel having joined the front center with Michael making quick work of the never-ending waves of mages. "Doesn't this feel like old times, brother? Though it seems you've grown rather dull over the years." drawled Azazel to the oldest Seraph near him, the latter firing a volley of holy spears with a wave of his hands.

"I never was someone who enjoyed battle or taking lives. You know this. And with how much time I've spent managing Heaven gave me little time to actually hone my skills to their peak state." Despite his words, Michael continued to smile as the Governor General protected his back. Though he had gone numb to the killing, having his brother alongside did create a sense of ease and happiness. Not that he would ever admit it to the Fallen, Father knows how Azazel liked to use such opportunities to tease him relentlessly.

"Should we back up Sirzechs?" Suggested Michael, seeing the red glow of Lucifer's Power of Destruction on the other side of the field, disseminating coutless opponents that faced him.

"Don't. We'll only get in his way. If he requires assistance then that man will not hesitate to call us for backup. And besides, Grayfia is also by his side. I doubt any one of those Maous have the capabilities to defeat them." With Katerea gone, that left only Shalba and Creuserey, both of who ended up being the only ones who teleported here. "He's probably saving his energy for any of the real threats that have yet to show up."

At this point, both had lost track of how many mages they killed. Having blasted down a considerable number of magicians, a new one would always be summoned from the magic circle to take their place.

"They're endless." Complained Xenovia from the school courtyard, using her holy sword to make quick work of the cannon fodder that tried to gang up on her. "Hah!" A wave along with a slash was fired from the holy sword Durandal that gouged out the schoolyard left and right. The attack slaughtered the magicians in large numbers before more came afterwards.

From the sky, a roaring sound could be heard, as well as a dazzling light. When looking above, Azazel and Michael were attacking and defending intensely. Helping Xenovia in the process from getting too overwhelmed, though not that she needed it in the first place with Kuroka and Raynare aiding her.

"Fucking humans, die!" Raynare seemed to be having more fun than any other on the field, given the opportunity to go all out against humans was nothing less than a dream come true for the Fallen. "Hahahahah, die! Die! Die you worthless maggots!"


Could this person even be trusted? Xenovia just refused to turn her back on this Fallen Angel. She felt that if she wasn't careful, the bloodthirsty Fallen would possibly attack in her frenzy. "Should we take care of her?"

"Nya~! Leave her, she's just having fun!" Kuroka chuckled, easily shifting the landscape with a single punch. Doing far more damage than Xenovia with her slashes. "Um, not that I care but won't Shirone's school turn into dust at this rate?"

Kalawarna descended, and despite being the weakest of the bunch she decided to participate regardless, not wanting to be useless in front of her boss and leader. "Please do not worry on the collateral damage, Azazel-sama is capable of repairing any of the damage dealt to the school when this is finished, even down to the undergarment of the Girl's locker room!" That sounded a bit too perverted in the swordswoman's opinion. Why would the undergarments matter to the Governor General? "He has taken such measures after the Kokabiel attack and I'm certain the Devils and Angels will also assist in the repairs."

"Then that's all I needed to know nya~!" With that, Kuroka resumed her attack with renewed vigor. Taking down any and every enemy in her way with little difficulty, her mastery over Senjutsu shone throughout the battlefield. Though her jubilance only lasted a couple of seconds before a white light flew closer. "Vali, you idiot! Everyone get back!"

On command, all three women gathered in one spot behind Kuroka, confused at the sudden panic in her tone. Their question was answered when a powerful surge of magic swept through their area.





All felt the effect of the Sacred Gear, including all of the remaining Mages who were taken out within a split second by Vali. The white and blue armor instilled a suppressive sensation to everyone around. The Nekoshou on the other hand showed an easygoing smile, "Thank you for helping us nya~! We really were getting tired with all these pesky little cockroaches coming out nonstop~!" She waved at the floating figure slowly descending from the sky.

"Kuroka," speaking a single word, everyone behind could already sense something wasn't right here. "You really did join his side."

With a strained smile, she showed no change in emotion. "But of course, all I need is little cute Shirone by my side. You've seen her, can you truly say no to an adorable face like that or turn your back on her?"

"You did."

"Ah…" she didn't expect such a response, feeling ashamed she couldn't even throw a comeback at that. "T-That's the past already, she's happy with her big sister now and I'm happy with her. What more can I ask?"

"True, you never stopped talking about her. Good for you." They spoke calmly, like old friends catching up with matters of the past. But the undertone couldn't be any more tense. "Nice little group Hachiman has here, a Fallen empowered with a grail shard, a loyal Fallen that is willing to follow his every command, a natural holy sword user, and finally a Senjutsu master. If he were a Devil then you'd all make quite the capable team."

"You think so? Thanks! I also think we're a suuuuuper awesome team!"

"Too bad that idiot will never be bothered to use you like that," Vali mentioned while glancing at the burning dome of black fire in the back. "Even now I can't sense any ambition from him. No desire grows beyond his current level and surpasses the gods."

"Well, Hachi-kun doesn't like fighting like a certain white haired battle maniac." Kuroka's voice turned slightly deeper as she carefully studied the white-haired powerhouse before her. "And he's doing well, despite it. To be able to get to that level is incredible."

"But it's not enough," Vali countered. "How many years did it take? Five? Six? And for him to even reach my current level, how many more years will I have to wait… if only he had the Boosted Gear or had more of a drive to beat me."

"Nya? Why don't you go see Hyoudou Issei then? I'm sure he's more than happy to get as strong as you if you promise him a paradise full of naked big boobed women." At least, that was what her little Shirone complained about the boy and his extremely perverted nature — not that she minded. In her eyes, the boy was just acting like any teenager his age should, with some extremes here and there but nothing crazy. Though Hachiman gave her a weird look when she said that…

To her shock, Vali actually chuckled. "You think so? I wouldn't mind trying that, but that will still imply me having to wait for him to get stronger. Even if Hyoudou Issei achieves Balance Breaker, he'll not reach the level of mastery and power like me, or even Hachiman for that matter. His first transformation will barely last that long on top of that."

"What do you want, Vali." Finally, Kuroka stopped messing around and narrowed her eyes.

"You know what I want, my goal has never changed." Xenovia in the background raised her sword and the others summoned their light spears, this guy didn't feel safe at all despite being on the same team. "Too bad you changed lanes, Kuroka. Bikou will feel betrayed by this."

"Bikou? I doubt that! He's probably laughing his ass off as usual at these turns of events."

The way he gazed at them sent a chill up everyone's spine. "The Seraph is with the Gremory and Sitri group, so that leaves only you four. Tell me, who out of all of you does the Black Dragon cherish the most?"

"What's that supposed to mean you fucker!?" Shouted Raynare, hurling a spear at him which broke apart the moment it touched his armor, not even leaving a scratch on it.

"Paris, Ireland, and even the first time he awakened Delete Field. All these moments were after someone close to him was in danger or the existence of those he cherished for threatened — or when his own life was in danger. And it's these times he truly broke past his limit and achieved a new level of power. Tell me, if all of these elements were to return at the same time, would he grow stronger once again?" The man started to bring forth different moments of the past, including past conflicts and conversations he had with Hachiman. "He still hates my guts, that much is certain. Why not just use that to fuel his desire to grow stronger and beat me is beyond me."

"Not everyone thinks like you." Mentioned Albion, the first time most had heard the dragon speak. "Don't forget you have turned softer, willing to limit yourself just to give him a chance."

"Don't twist my actions for something else, those were merely spars Azazel forced us into. Without him, I wouldn't have held back in the first place." Scoffed the white-haired man. "Remember how fragile he was, a single attack ended up pushing him to the brink of death."

"Yet he still managed to get the drop on you. Power triumphs all but negligence and lack of experience kills even the strongest."

"Good thing I'm not planning on holding him back anymore. I might even use that against him, if it means that he gets stronger. I can't wait to see the reaction on his face." Both spoke back and forth before returning his attention to Kuroka. "You know, I can turn a blind eye to your presence due to our past alliance, which you're still welcome to come back anytime… not that I care that much if I'm honest."

"Hehehe, thanks but I'm fine where I'm at right now. Though I would be very happy if you could crush these annoying flies around us and their leaders nya~! That goddess over there is acting like a creepy hag and will try to hurt my Shirone." At her request, he still shook his head. This was not good, Kuroka felt her heart stop for a second after realizing what Vali intended to accomplish. "Why go after him? You'll gain nothing from antagonizing him. There are far more stronger people here than him that can give you whatever you want."

"Change of plans you can say. I've gotten tired of waiting." He gave her a quick answer, his presence growing ever more suffocating. Vali turned his attention to the people behind and pointed his finger at Raynare. "Now back to my initial question. Not you, he's merely tolerating your existence rather than cherishing you."

"Vali…" Kuroka's warning fell on deaf ears as he then pointed at Xenovia.

"Can't be you, a new member who started out as an enemy."

A green-colored aura surrounded Kuroka as she prepared for the worst as Vali then pointed at her.

"Probably not you as well, he was helping the Gremory Rook rather than doing it for you. Which leaves…" he turned his gaze to the last member, Kalawarna felt she couldn't even breathe with his gaze solely focused on her as she realized what was about to happen. "With him for years, arguably his first ally. Yes, you will be more than enough."




Within a split second, Kuroka moved fast enough to nearly teleport above him, her claws glowing with energy. Worry was evident in her eyes as Vali left her with no choice.

"You're too slow, Kuroka. But just for our past alliance, I'll go easy on you."




-Kuoh Academy-

(Hachiman PoV)


My spear cleared through dozens of shadow constructs. Cleaving through them as if they were made of butter. For the most part, Connla wasn't an opponent I couldn't handle. His shadow-based powers were troublesome with how evasive it made him. But Vritra knew when and where he would appear and predict some of the incoming attacks, thus telling me in advance on which move to take. Block, evade, counter it with Blaze Black Flare, and even coat my own Magic Arrows covered with black fire and meet his own projectiles.

"Behind you, Partner."


One of my projectiles, rather than being blocked, got absorbed by the shadows and before I knew it, I nearly got shot in the back by my own arrows if it weren't for Vritra's warning. Thankfully, the armor managed to protect from impact, some of the attacks shown by the surrounding mages. "That was close, even if it is a shadow-based Sacred Gear, it doesn't make it any less annoying to deal with."

"That you are correct. From what I can tell, the following abilities this individual possesses is teleportation from anywhere his shadow has been extended to or connected for a better term. His shadows can take the shape of any kind of weaponry and shield if he so desired, giving him both offensive and defensive movement, with there being a limit on how numerous there are on the field or how big they can be."

I started to get a bigger picture of Connla's abilities. They weren't as dangerous as Cao Cao and overall he lacked in speed and endurance when a few hits from me seemed to have caused some substantial wounds. "Any way to end this fight quickly?"

"Plenty," the dragon answered without a hint of worry in his tone at our current situation. "A single cut from this spear, hit him a couple more times with your spells or just use Absolute Delete Field. Our options are quite numerous here."

"Stop ignoring me!" Shouted the wannabe hero, coming for me with a gauntlet made of shadows for a frontal attack. Curious to see his strength as I was caught by surprise last time, my next action move came by raising my forearm and physically blocking the attack. The impact not even causing any cracks on the armor, I did feel it but it wasn't anything overwhelming that would make me worry. "What!?"

Seemed like the other party was equally surprised by this discovery. "Absorption Line." Taking this opportunity to my advantage, one of the Vritra Sacred Gear's abilities got deployed with a long violet tongue-like tendril wrapping itself on Connla's arm. His attempt was blending through the shadows ending up in failure as more Absorption Lines got entangled with his limbs. All of his energy getting siphoned by the second and rejuvenating my reserves. "Is it just me or have both of the armor and lines gotten more durable?"

I heard the dragon chuckle, "Indeed they have, the additional power source makes it easier to experiment. Helps that I'm not as bound to the Gear as my past self."

"I see," I considered those options and frowned. "Vritra, if possible I'd prefer not to go that far." For a brief moment, the memories of the aftermath of Setanta's death returned. They weren't the same person nor did they have the spirit of the same Hero, but a part of me still held some regrets of said past. "Gae Bolga may be too much for him, Absolute Delete Field will certainly kill him. I would prefer that we take another path that doesn't involve killing him."

Vritra remained quiet for a few seconds before I heard him sigh. "I understand your feelings. But to avoid this person coming after you in the future, you better make sure he stays down. The Absorption Line is a good option, and seems like it's working in whittling him down." I descended to meet the Hero Faction member face to face, the latter still struggling to get free as his face turned paler by the second the longer my absorption lines stayed connected.

"Vritra, help me out here and set up a wall against these mages." Upon my words, I felt the black fire come to life as a rough barrier formed around us temporarily stopping any sneak attacks. However, it wouldn't last long and wasn't made to be used as a shield.

"You coward, can't even fight me head-on!" he shouted, gritting his teeth with the whole cool personality that he had going for him having disappeared. "Using dirty tricks to gain an advantage, you are not worthy to earn Cao Cao's interest as a Hero!"

The shadows extended around the field and started to shrink, the boy unable to keep it active as his energy kept getting sucked away at a rate he couldn't keep up.

"If only I had accomplished a Balance Breaker, you wouldn't be smirking behind that helmet of yours."

The guy sure did like to talk a lot when he was on the backfoot. I wasn't even smiling nor was I feeling any joy at the moment, fighting just wasn't, nor would it ever be an action I enjoyed. That just went against my nature as someone that likes to work smarter not harder, though that didn't stop me from using other ways to hurt him. "I don't mind being called a coward if that helps you feel better — in some ways I do even consider myself as one. It's better to be one than a hypocritical narcissistic wannabe hero that you call a boss."

"Don't you dare talk about Cao Cao like that!"

"Why shouldn't I? That's my honest impression of him." I stared at his reaction, the sunglasses sure did hide his raging eyes at both of me. "I'm not a big fan of your faction if that wasn't already evident enough, nor am I okay with the way you all operate. Hm, my Celtic legends and myths, but the original Connla, Cu chulainn's son, died at a pretty young age by his own father."

"Your point…" he growled.

I tapped my helmet and hummed. "Don't really have a specific point I wanted to make. Just curious why someone like you with the spirit of Connla would follow Cao Cao. I refuse to believe you all are this stupid to not see the blatant flaws in his plans. Even Setanta was aware to a degree of the consequences of his actions and was genuinely willing to shoulder the burden. I just don't see that in your leader, he just wants control and nothing else."

"Shut your mouth! You don't know anything about him!"

A strong reaction, they were all devoted to him like moths to a fire. Unwavering loyalty brought blindness to the lot, even those competent became mere puppets. There has to be something I was missing here. "He saved you, didn't he?" I asked, throwing a theory as to why these people and Jeanne would be so devoted to him. It didn't take long to come up with this conclusion when I watched those around me, especially Xenovia who showed an uncomfortable amount of loyalty for my past actions. My theory was proven from Connla's expression, making this all the more clear. "Then why call yourself a hero if all you're doing is following your idol who once saved your life? You're but a subordinate."

"SHUT UP!" It finally seemed like he snapped. "What do you know about me huh? Nothing! Cao Cao saved me when I was shunned and hated for my powers! He gave me a reason to follow and help him create a perfect world these idiot monsters failed to build! I'll gladly dirty my hands to make that a reality, even if it means killing the likes of you! Traitors who rather sell his souls to the Devils have no right to speak, you're the problem plaguing humanity's growth, the obstacle in Cao Cao's way." He panted, unable to catch his breath with my Sacred Gear continuously weakening him.


To be honest, this made me think about other members of the group. Jeanne being the first one, I questioned what sort of life she had led or danger that she must've faced to find herself in for Cao Cao to swoop in and save her. Earning that girl's undying loyalty in a similar fashion to this boy. Or perhaps, she genuinely shared his view and saw some pretty messed up horror in the church, the Holy Sword project being a prime example.

"Do you think Setanta would have been happy if he saw you?" I asked my question, catching him off guard. "My knowledge of the Celtic legends is abysmal, but I'm pretty certain that Cuchulainn regretted killing his son. Since both of you were technically 'reborn', does that mean you would see him as your father and him as your son?"

"Of course no—"

"—Ah, then that means you aren't truly the heroes you all claim to be. Sharing the powers, similar names or even a reincarnation does not give you the honor of using their name to justify your actions. I hesitate to even call you a reincarnation." I presented the spear to his face, making sure to not accidentally scratch his skin. "Did you know, despite using this little stubborn stick, it never has or will accept me? When you first appeared and also during our fight, the weapon has been acting like a puppy who's seen its next owner."

That led Connla to smirk, "Of course, it would recognize me as the true user, you're a thief who stole what is right—"

"—That is no longer the case." I interrupted him, the red glowing eyes of the helmet glaring at the boy with disappointment. His smile froze with confusion settling in as I pulled the weapon away and rested it against my shoulder. "I never had a clear answer if this weapon had a spirit or was just hardwired to be only wielded by Setanta, those sharing his blood and Scáthach — that old witch never bothered answering my question. It was always, 'dodge', 'fight', or 'grow a fucking pair, you little shit!' with that woman. When you appeared and it reacted, I started leaning more toward the former. Though you know what's funny? Along the course of this conversation, the reaction started to diminish and your last outburst there made it turn silent."

Just to further prove my point, albeit with some risks involved, I placed the shaft of the spear on Connla's bound hand and let him actually grasp the weapon. One might have warned me that he could have used this opportunity to land an attack or even free himself, but Vritra and I weren't dumb enough to give him the chance as Vritra was waiting to intercept if he tried anything else. Instead… a small sensation of pain within Connla's palm, his previous smug face turned into that of pain as the weapon fell to the floor.


"Shocking, right? One might think this is Mjolnir, but if you ignore the pain or use force then the spear is usable. Apparently, this wasn't present in the olden days when it was wielded by Setanta." I continued to talk while picking up the spear. "How ironic, even the spear no longer acknowledges you… so welcome to the club."

"You… you did something to it! This is not possible, that weapon is no Sacred Gear or even an Excalibur! I am a Hero!" He protested, refusing to accept the outcome to which I shrugged.

"Hey, I'm as confused as you are on this little matter. But unlike a Sacred Gear or the Excaliburs, just about anyone with a high enough pain tolerance can use this if they are not 'worthy'. To think you lost that privilege with your flawed logic and idiotic goals. Its previous owner wanted to genuinely help humankind by targeting the supernatural while you don't even have a goal. At the end of the day, you people are on no one's side but yourselves, even a weapon can spot the hypocrisy in all of this."


"Don't look at me like that, if you were a real hero with a proper goal then I would have handed it to you. It's an awesome spear, don't get me wrong, but I would very much like to erase the remnant of guilt I have inside. But as they say, there is always a chance for redemption. I'll keep it warm for now, you'll not lay a hand on it until you get your act together or I find someone more suitable for it." I didn't hate Connla, we just met after all. Jeanne was another story and Cao Cao was a nasty piece of work on the first interaction. This boy was nothing more than an individual who was being used by someone who once showed him kindness.

"I'd rather die than receive any of your pity!"

To his response, I gave him a thumbs up, "Good for you, hate me as much as you want. But know this, I'm not doing this for you, Connla. Just trying to find inner peace, but I'm afraid I don't see myself getting that anytime soon. Still, I still have one more person I want you to meet, perhaps she can change your mind or beat the stupid out of you. Either way, you're not my problem anymore. Vritra."

"Where do you even want me to send him?" Asked the dragon, seeming a bit annoyed at my request. "Teleportation is still blocked due to outside sources and only the enemy can use it, remember?"

Oh right.

So much for that.

It was troublesome after all, the entirety of Kuoh Academy was nothing but a warzone with little hope of escape. Trying to hide Connla away was not possible at this time and would lead to various problems I couldn't afford to deal with.

"Partner, I know it's not my decision to make but wouldn't it be better if you end him?"


"Let's think of this carefully, there is little chance for this person to ever reconsider his life choices, and will only cause more trouble in the future. He is an asset to Cao Cao who is arguably the biggest danger in this war with that Sacred Gear of his, removing such a person is more beneficial than anything else in the long run. And even if you were to somehow teleport him away to the dungeon under your house, nothing is stopping him from escaping thanks to his shadow Sacred Gear."

Instead of instantly denying his proposal, I carefully thought about Vritra's words. Why was I willing to spend so much effort on this person in the first place? My guilty conscience most likely, even if he wasn't Setanta. "Hah, Vritra, send him to where Grayfia is — we may not be able to teleport outside but it doesn't apply inside the dome. She'll know what to do but we can't let him escape and I would very much prefer not killing him if possible."

"Got it." With that, with the help of Vritra, we teleported the furious Connla out of view until I was all alone inside the dark space. I took the chance to take a deep breath after unloading all of that stuff on Connla. "Something on your mind, partner?"

"Hm, might as well tell, since you already know everything… I guess you think of me having a moment of disbelief at how everything turned out." I watched as the cracks on the dome grew numerous, with a hole forming. I would send a black flame arrow and hit whoever was on the other side. "Before all of these scenarios about saving the world and whatnot, dealing with Heroes who want to become tyrants and the chaotic world of the Supernatural. I thought dealing with kids going through puberty and their daily problems would be my biggest headache since arriving to this world."

How old was my soul again? Somewhere in the thirties by now.

"If my past self would see what dealing with right now, he'd fully revert to his chuuni self or laugh at the badly written joke. Like seriously, wielding dragon powers in a war against Heroes, mages, Rogue Devils, and Fallens. It really sounds like a story one of my friends in the past used to gossip about constantly."

"Are you feeling well, partner?" Vritra asked with a hint of worry.

"I don't know, I guess the talk with Cao Cao and Connla made me more tired than usual. Forcing me to think about the past again, what a waste of time."

"It's not a waste if it helps you mentally while bringing forth a sense of clarity. Don't you want to see your family again? From your memories, I recall a sister, friends, and even parents you cherish."

"I do, I have moved on but a small part of me will always remain attached to the past — it's just not possible to fully let go. That will never change and I have come to accept that. It's of no use as well, Komachi is most likely done with her studies and is working a job. Though I honestly don't see her becoming a wage slave working a white-collar office job, she's too competent for that. Who knows, there is a chance that I'm also an uncle by now." A chuckle escaped my lips, imagining tiny versions of Komachi running around and causing endless chaos. "Besides, I have a family here as well, would be stupid if I abandoned them to go meet people who think I died and already have a tombstone with my name on it."

"Nothing is stopping you from paying a visit to lay to rest some worries that linger in your mind."

I scoffed at that response. "Foolish ambitions to keep an already dead dream alive. Neither of us has the power and ability to cut through space and go to that world. I doubt Ophis herself can help us, and even if she could use such a spell… there is no guarantee we'll find that particular world. Not to mention even if by some miracle I managed to find it, how will I come back here?"

Having researched such concepts early on when I still had goals to go back to my world, I came to learn about the near-infinite worlds. A theory but one that made sense with my own existence acting as proof.

"All valid points, though Great Red has the ability to alleviate some of our burdens."

"The Dragon of Dragons? I doubt that kind of existence will even bat an eye at us. Ophis' circumstances are rather unique, so I don't count her. Unless you want to copy your old friend Tiannin and challenge Great Red in a duel with the prize of a single wish that the other side might not even acknowledge. Besides, it's not like we've reached a level to think about such things. It's like an ant thinking about killing an elephant, absurd beyond measure."

The wall around us started to break apart as mages started to put more effort into taking it down.

"A dragon always keeps their word. Though I agree with your last point, the road ahead of us is still long." Nodding my head, I prepared myself for the upcoming battle by getting ready to drop the shield.

"Do you think Cao Cao is still here?"

"I am not certain, he did leave after failing to convince you and took Jeanne with him. So it's highly unlikely for there to be any members of the Hero Faction present other than Connla. What you need to be careful with is dealing with Nemain." Ah that goddess, at this point I started to consider her as my archenemy. "The Old Satan Faction as well, they are searching for Katerea and may target you as well to get information."

"Humph, let's be honest here. They target everyone who is not a part of their group. Would it matter if Sairaorg and I took her or not?"

"The possibility they wouldn't have appeared in the first place is a good place to start."

"You want me to summon Tiamat?"

Alarmed, the Prison Dragon hastily responded to me. "Absolutely not, unless we desperately need her. That mother of dragons doesn't know the meaning of holding back, she will destroy half of Kuoh without a thought with Ddraid and Albion around her. Especially Ddraig."

"Why must you dragons be so extreme over everything?"

"Hey, we are not extreme, it's only those three who are the irrational ones. The rest of us Dragon Kings and regular dragons are very much calm and reasonable beings."

"Said the former Evil Dragon known for his chaotic rampage over India." I could feel him rolling his eyes at my response. Virtra had no comeback for that and accepted his defeat. "It's almost time."

"Let me use this opportunity to speak with Ophis, partner. This may be the only good chance I may have to speak with her about our plan B in case things end up going downhill for us."

Right that, "Any plan C in case plan B doesn't work?" I asked jokingly which Vritra didn't seem to understand and actually answered seriously.

"Of course, I have prepared a handful of other contingency plans in case our enemy is too formidable. With Cao Cao gone, this helps me bring back some of my other plans I discarded due to the threat posed by the Longinus."


Hoped he wasn't planning anything too extreme.







Before I knew it, my entire vision was filled with a familiar bright light. The shield instantly shattered as if it was made of brittle glass and a white figure descended before. But what caught my attention was the person that the figure was holding. It was Kalawarna, badly injured and unconscious, as she was held up by her wings.

"...What is the meaning of this, White Dragon Emperor?" Virtra growled with a surprising amount of anger. But I shared his sentiment, not liking the sight of Kalawarna being hurt nor the way that Vali was holding her. But something didn't feel right here. My suspicion turned into a cold anger as the figure of Nemain appeared floating next to him with a beautiful but demented smile on her face.

"I believe we have delayed the inevitable for long enough, Black Dragon King."

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