Chapter 1

Thud. Slamming the wooden door closed with the heel of her black shoes, she pressed her back to the door as her head tilted back and inhaled harshly. Huuuuuh heehhh.

"Yeah, today was a bad day," she thought to herself as she slipped one foot from her heel and slid her shoes to the nearest wall. Locking the door, she removed her heavy winter coat before throwing her keys into the glass bowl with a loud Clank!

Padding softly into the kitchen, her hands began to softly sift through her short, black hair as she spun in front of her cabinet. Grabbing a wine glass and her favorite bottle of red wine, she generously poured her first glass before taking a sip. "Yes, definitely needed that," she reasoned as she reflected on the horrors of the day. Taking another sip from her glass as she leaned on her counter, she glanced around herself feeling the loneliness begin to seep into her.

Moving to her bedroom, she squatted to light her fireplace to bring warmth into the room to chase away the cold of the night. With the fire blazing, she sipped from her wine glass and her gaze landed on her four poster bed, which had seen fewer days of entangled limbs than she wanted to admit. Treading into the bathroom, she began to run her bath water to warm it before adding her lavender bath wash and oil. Today's a special day, and I deserve it.

As the water rose, she turned and grabbed some rose petals and sprinkled them throughout her bathtub. Rushing to the kitchen, she grabbed her opened bottle of wine and placed it inside her bathroom. Seeing how dark it was outside, she lit her tea candles that outlined the bathtub and placed a lone rose near the back of the tub before closing the door and turning off the lights. After turning off the water and undressing, she gently eased herself into the tub and released a sound of pleasure of the warmth seeping into her body, and her head rested.

Breathing deeply in and out, she began to close her eyes and picked up her wine glass to take two more sips of wine. "Now, it's all about me," she internally exclaimed with a smile as she soaked deeper in the water. After a few moments of breathing and sipping wine, her gaze focused on the lone rose and the memories it bought. Picking up the rose, she softly spun it around in her fingers as she gently set her glass on the floor.

Dripping the rose in the water, she slowly rubbed the rose on her skin slowly moving it from her thighs up to her lips. Slipping her tongue out to lick her bottom lip, the rose dropped and began to caress her breasts as she maneuvered her body to get more comfortable in the water with both feet securely planting themselves on the edge of the tub. Feeling the soft yet rough petals against her sensitive nipples, her fingers shifted to slowly tease and stroke around and in between her breasts. Slowly breathing, the tips of her fingers slowly found her breasts and gave a gentle squeeze releasing a gasp from her lips. Continuing to squeeze and caress her breasts, her eyes drifted close. Beginning to rub her nipples, she felt a rush of sensation when she pinched her nipples that traveled down her body.

Beginning to rock her body back and forth within the water, she began to arch her back as one hand traveled past her ribs to her thighs. Biting back a moan, her fingers slowly ran along her lips of her hot center. Throwing back her head, her strokes became faster and harder as she heard "Pansy." Clenching her bottom lip between her teeth, she continued to move faster as she sought her release and opened her eyes to see a face with hazel eyes. Well. Clenching her thighs with her hand in between, her gaze roamed over her husband's physique from gardening to the tattoos sprinkled on his arms up to the slightly raised eyebrow of his.

Crossing her legs, Pansy rasps, "Nev, you're home early." Watching as his gaze ambles across her body from her parted lips to the hand between her thighs, his eyes flicker back to her eyes, swallowing her whole before Neville asks, "Aren't you going to finish?"

Keeping her eyes on him, she shakes her head "no" twice. Gingerly licking her dry lips, she replies, "I wanted to make sure that your appetizer was ready for you once you came home." Snorting with disbelief, Neville rolled his sleeves up and sat on the edge of the tub sinking his hand into the water and rubbing up and down her leg.

Tsk. Tsk. Gripping her hand between her thighs, he pressed harder causing her legs to uncross and a moan to escape her lips. Moving closer to her, he cooed, "Now, why do I not believe you. You know what I think," as his other hand slid into her hair, gripping a large chunk and tilting her head to the side. "I think you've been bad and need to be punished," he whispered as his teeth gently scratched her earlobe and neck. Hearing her whimpers, he tilted her head back to gaze directly into her eyes with a small amount of space between their lips and whispered, "You should be glad that I like short hair" before sinking his fingers into her core and diving his tongue in her mouth.