Chapter 5

A stream of light shined into the interior before settling and illuminating the shape of the woman hidden under the covers of her bed. Feeling an annoying light on her face, Pansy slapped her hand along her bed and grabbed a pillow before burrowing her head underneath, attempting to avoid the light. Releasing a huff, Pansy realized that she couldn't escape, and peeked around her pillow, noticing the emptiness of the room.

Moaning, she stretched her body as she sat up and threw the covers off. Feeling a rough piece of fabric across her shoulders, she glanced down to see an old shirt of Neville's donned on her body. Man, I love that man.

Preparing to leave the bed, her hands rubbed along the sheets as she reminisced about the activities they engaged in, and her thighs tightened. Musing to herself, Pansy whispered, "At least I won't have to go to bed horny anymore. That man." Slipping on her slippers and robe, she left the bed and attempted to search for her robe belt. Realizing that it was a lost cause, she held both sides of her robes together and crossed her arms before leaving the room.

Standing at top of the stairs, Pansy sniffed to gain a fruity smell and heard the sizzling drifting from the kitchen. Venturing down the stairs slowly, Pansy tiptoed into the kitchen to see a shirtless Neville with his back to her. Nearing the counter, Pansy leaned over the counter, sniffing the rustic vase filled with golden sunflowers, ivory roses, grey dahlias, dried baby's breath, and dried lavender. Gently touching the flowers, Pansy failed to notice Neville turning and watching her.

"Good morning," Pansy greeted, glancing up at Neville as he finished plating their meals. Nodding his head to the table, Neville placed their meals down before giving Pansy a kiss on her forehead and pulled the chair out for her. Sitting down, Neville gave Pansy another kiss and pushed her chair to the table before whispering, "Close your eyes." Curious, Pansy looked at Neville as he tilted his head, daring her. Dramatically closing her eyes, Pansy felt a breeze before a cold metal touched her skin. Jumping and opening her eyes, her hands automatically touched her neck to feel a chain that led to a gold sunflower shaped necklace. Holding the sunflower in her hands, she noticed how the sunshine broke into two revealing a silver circle with the words "So Gorgeous." Overwhelmed with emotion, she turned to Neville, biting his lip as she struggled to speak and licked her lips.

Watching her, Neville began to tense before blurting, "Pans, we can return it" in an attempt to console her. Taking her in his arms, he rubbed her arms and continued, "How about you go upstairs and we do a do over? Let's forget this gift, and I'll get you another gift."

Laughing, Pansy looked in Neville's eyes, "Nev, I'm not" before realizing he said another gift. "What do you mean by another gift," Pansy giggled, "Is there another gift? You can't take this. It's mine." Poking his chest, a determined Pansy repeated, "Mine" while Neville chuckled to himself. Giving her a sweet peck, he reached into his pocket to pull out a black, velvet box and offered it to Pansy. Glancing up between Neville and the box, Pansy grasped the box and flipped it open revealing a silver ring mimicking roses intertwined into a flower crown before releasing a gasp.

Jumping and wrapping her arms around him, she whispered "Thank you." Pulling the ring from the box, Neville twisted it around her finger and echoed, "I thought you might need something to remind you of Briar" before kissing the ring and her lips. Returning her arms back around Neville's shoulders, Pansy leaned her head on his chest as Neville continued, "I'm so lucky to have you in my life, Pans and that we have Briar. I've missed you, and I love you" before kissing her forehead.

Sniffing, Pansy kissed his chest before whispering, "You are so good to me, Nev" as droplets began to form in her eyes. Giggling while wiping her eyes, she continued, "You got me crying, but I wouldn't wish for anything more. I love you. Happy Anniversary, Nev."

Nuzzling her neck, Neville placed a kiss there before picking her up and holding her waist. Leaning against the table, they continued to kiss until they heard a loud screech, "Baby in the room" effortlessly breaking them apart. Dropping Pansy's feet to the ground, she leaned on his side as a head poked around the corner. Snorting at Draco, Pansy rolled her eyes before meeting him to pick up her son from his carrier. Murmuring to her son, she rocked him back and forth as she walked to the living room to meet Hermione.

Draco and Neville shared a smirk before joining their wives in the living room. "Well, it looks like my job here is done," Hermione exclaimed as Pansy shook her head at Hermione's antics. As Hermione awaited an answer, Pansy shrugged before laughing, "Yes. What I don't understand is how you knew Nev would be here" before stopping and glancing sideways at Neville and Draco. Pointing her hand at Neville, Pansy opened her mouth, but Draco replied, "Sometimes, it works to have good friends." Mm-hmmm.

Author's Note:

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