Returning to the City

It was morning at the Southern Air Temple outside Meelo was training Poki while Tenzin was reading some scrolls in the shade.

"Watch me, Poki. You lie down and roll over. Roll over," Meelo said as he demonstrated how to roll over.

"No, no. You can't just demonstrate it. That never works," Tenzin said.

Poki curls himself into a ball and starts sleeping.

"Good!" Meelo said, giving a treat.

"Ugh, classic over-rewarding," Tenzin said.

Meelo is using a treat to play with Poki but then a noise is heard and Poki follows it and flies off.

"Poki, where are you going?" Meelo asked.

"Command respect," Tenzin said and then he walked to his son. "Having some trouble, son?" Tenzin asked.

"Poki isn't very good at learning," Meelo said pointing at Poki who is now on a tree.

"Believe me, I know that feeling. Maybe I can help. How would you like your old dad to teach you how to be a master trainer?" Tenzin asked.

"Yeah!" Meelo cheered.


Tenzin looked to see Jinora and Ikki running to him, "Where's Kang?"

"He left to go to Republic City," Tenzin said, "He wanted to go see Asami and knew they would come back today, so he left really early in the morning.

Meanwhile at the Republic City harbor Varrick's yacht arrives at the docks where Lin Beifong watches Water Tribe criminals being arrested and sees the yacht coming. Korra and Mako getting out of the yacht. "Welcome home, Avatar. Thanks for starting a war," Lin said sarcastically.

"I didn't start a war! Well, I did, but it's more complicated than you're making it seem," Korra said.

"Mako, I want you back on the beat. There's going to be a Southern Water Tribe peace march tonight. I need you there to make sure things don't get out of hand," Lin said.

"I'm all yours," Mako said.

"I'll go as well. The people of the South need to know that the Avatar is on their side in the fight against the Northern invaders," Korra said.

"Great, that should calm them down," Lin said sarcastically.

"What the hell is this about a Civil War?"

The group looked back to see Kang who was back from the Southern Air Temple.

Asami smiled and ran to Kang with a hug and a kiss while Lin gave her son an unamused look, "Kang, weren't you supposed to be spending time with your father and your family?" Lin asked.

"Sorry Mom, change of plans," Kang said. He looked at Korra with Asami still in his arms, "So, what did you do, Korra?"

"I may have started a Civil War..." Korra said sheepishly.

"Well that's smart of you," Kang said with sarcasm.

"Thanks for your input," Korra shot back with the same sarcasm, "it was very helpful."

"That's enough you two," Lin said, stopping the two before an argument sparks among them.

"Korra, maybe you should sit this one out," Mako said.

"What?" Korra asked.

"I just think having you there blatantly supporting one side will only make things worse. You could at least try to seem neutral," Mako said.

"I'm not neutral! The North invaded my home. The only reason I'm here is to get the Republic to send troops to help the South," Korra said.

"Okay hold on a minute, Kid," Kang intervened, "Mako might have a point there, Korra. You shouldn't blame the entire North for blindly following Unalaq. You know that non-benders were following Amon and you didn't blame them."

"Well, yeah, but—" Korra was cut off.

"You should take Kang's advice," Lin said, "Afterall, his wisdom came from his father."

Korra sighed and looked at Kang, "I can't argue with your logic when you talk like that. I always agree with what you say. You're always the smart one," Korra said.

"Thanks kid," Kang said, "But, you are right, we should take action. Based on what I've heard, Unalaq is capable of and who knows what other plans he has up his sleeve with the South. And that's why we're going to talk to the President. Tonraq needs all the help he can get to put a stop to this war. Perhaps you can do something to reveal Unalaq to be a terrible person..."

"That could work, but my people can be very proud and changing their minds won't be that easy," Korra said.

"Good luck," Kang said.

"Thanks," Korra said, "Something is telling me I'm gonna need it."

"Don't worry. Zhu Li's already scheduled a meeting for us with President Raiko tomorrow. We'll get them on board," Varrick said.

"Whatever, I gotta get to work," Mako said walking away.

"I better go check on my factory," Asami said, but before walking away she looked to Kang, "Stay with Korra, something's telling me she needs some help."

Kang nodded to his girlfriend. Shortly after she kissed Kang's cheek and walked way, he shifted his attention to Korra, "Let's go find out more about this peace march."

"I am dying for a pedicure," Varrick said, making Zhu Li not happy by the news.

"So, um, what should I do?" Bolin asked.

"I dunno, Bolin, figure something out," Mako said, still walking off not turning to his brother.

"Say, Kid, have you seen Republic City at night?" Varrick asked.

"Sure," Bolin said, "I live here."

"Have you REALLY seen it?" Varrick asked.

"Uh, no?" Bolin said.

"That's what I thought. C'mon," Varrick said, taking the Earthbender.

Meanwhile in the Southern Water Tribe palace at the war room Unalaq is planning with the general.

"Tonraq and the rebels are holed up here in the hills outside of town," The general said, pointing at the map.

"Leave them. My brother's no threat to us up there. Increase security around the spirit portal. Keeping it safe is our number one priority," Unalaq said and the general saluted.

"Yes, sir!" The general said and then left the room but then Desna and a deranged Eska in her bridal gown and smudged make-up entered the room to see their father.

"I need you two to go after the Avatar. She's the only one who can open the Northern spirit portal," Unalaq ordered.

"But, Father, you told Korra..." Desna was cut off.

"I told Korra what I thought she needed to hear," Unalaq said.

"I'LL find her. She stole my husband," Eska said, angry.

"I need her ALIVE," Unalaq said and Eska sighs.

"Fine," Eska said, unhappy.

"But what about Kang Beifong? He's a Hidden One and will be able to take us down if we're nearby," Desna said.

"That shouldn't mean anything if he's the ONLY Hidden One. If he gets in the way, kill him. Just bring Korra to me," Unalaq said.

"Alright fine," Eska said.

Later at night at the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center with a statue of Sokka overlooking the compound a huge number of people have congregated while police riot vehicles are controlling the crowd as Lin is overlooking the event with her officers and Southerners who are carrying lit candles on paper lotuses and holding signs are being led by Korra who is riding on Naga while Kang was walking alongside her.

"Tensions are running high outside of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. The Avatar is leading a group of Southerners in a peaceful protest against Chief Unalaq, but the Northerners have come out in droves in support of their leader," A reporter said.

As they were booing the Southerner, Kang, and the Avatar, Kang simply ignored them as they were walking down the road.

Meanwhile Mako was keeping an eye on the peace march. But he soon heard a sound and looked back. Two strange men wearing trench coats are sneaking their way through the shadows but then one of them kicks a can alerting the firebender.

"Hey! Stop! Republic City Police!" Mako yelled but one of the men pressed the button of a remote control and ran off.

Mako started to chase after the men but then a loud explosion occurred.

Meanwhile as Korra is trying to explain the whole situation a building behind her explodes and she and Kang have a look of horror as many people run off in fear and Korra uses her Waterbending to get rid of the fire.

As Korra was using her Waterbending to get rid of the flames, Mako approached her and Kang.

"I can't believe the North would go this far," Korra said.

"We all saw a Firebender running away from the blast," Mako said.

"How can you be sure?" Korra asked.

Just then, a fire truck arrives.

"We'll talk about this later," Korra said as she went for the fire truck.

"I don't know what's going on now, but I have a feeling this whole thing is going to be more than this war," Kang said as he went with Korra.

"Who could be responsible for this?" Mako asked himself.

Meanwhile at the pro-bending arena Bolin, Varrick, and Zhu Li are standing outside a limo while photographers are taking pictures as Varrick is waving at the people.

"Wow, usually, when I see flashing lights like this, it's because I got hit in the head with a rock," Bolin said.

"Being famous is like getting hit with a rock ALL the time," Varrick said.

Inside the arena Varrick and Bolin are sitting in a VIP booth.

"Look! It's Bolin!" One of the spectators cheered and the crowd cheered Bolin's name as the Earthbender waves and flexes his arms.

"Folks, that cheer you're hearing is for our local favorite, Bolin, of the Fire Ferrets. Let's see if we can get a quick interview. Bolin! The Fire Ferrets are out for the season. How have you been spending your time lately?" Shrio asked.

"Well, I took a trip to the South for the Glacier Spirits Festival, was briefly engaged to a princess, then went through kind of a rough breakup there, and was accidentally involved in a civil war..." Bolin stops talking as the crowd is not interested. "But there's nowhere I'd rather be than pro-bending night in Republic City! Am I right, people? Republic City!" Bolin said and the crowd cheered.

"Do you miss being in the ring?" Shiro asked.

"Well, I definitely don't miss getting hit with things all the time, and the humiliating loss. I mean, that gets pretty old. You know, sometimes, I actually cry myself to sleep," Bolin said but the crowd is silent again. "I guess what I miss the most are these FANS! They're the greatest fans in the world! Give it up for the fans!" Bolin said and the crowd cheered.

"Look at how these people love you, kid! They're eating that cornball spiel right out of your hand," Varrick said.

"The trick is, whenever I get confused, I just say 'Republic City' or 'fans', and then everyone cheers," Bolin said.

"I think I just figured out your true calling," Varrick said and Bolin grins.

After everything at the peace march died down the streets are almost clear and the remains of the center are burned down with ashes all over the white roses which are scattered around the street and Korra and Kang look around the damage.

"Well, shit. Our plan to help the North and the South see the truth failed and now the North are even more angry," Kang said.

"You really think the North had anything to do with the explosion?" Korra asked.

"I'm not sure. Mako did say Firebenders were responsible, but then again, the North might've paid them off," Kang said.

"I don't know what to believe anymore," Korra said sadly.

"Tell me about it, Kid," Kang scoffed.

"Avatar Korra!" A voice called and they saw a boy wearing purple clothing.

"He must be from the Northern Tribe," Kang said.

"What are you doing here?" Korra asked.

"I want to say I hope you can try and help. My mommy and daddy have family down in the South and things are not going good there. People are saying Chief Unalaq is imprisoning people who defy him," The boy said.

"This is not getting pretty," Kang said.

"I promise, I'll do whatever I can to bring peace between the tribes," Korra said.

"Thank you, Avatar!" The boy said running off.

"Well, at least someone from the North believes in you," Kang said with a hopeful smile.

The next day Korra and Kang make their way to city hall with Varrick.

"I hope President Raiko listens to us," Korra said.

"Don't worry. I was a big contributor to his election campaign. Him and the other guy. Gotta hedge your bets," Varrick said.

"Just remember to keep your cool and focus on our goal," Kang said, "and a reminder that getting Hidden Ones troops is our extreme last resort."

"Right," Korra said.

They enter the office and meet with the president who is a tan-skinned middle-aged man wearing spectacles and a blue suit.

"Hello, Mr. President," Korra said as they shook hands. "Sir, the Southern Water Tribe..." Korra was cut off.

"Just a second. Keep smiling," Raiko said, turning to a camera and Korra is confused but Varrick pokes her back making her flinch and smile awkwardly and the camera flashes. "This way please," Raiko said, leading them to his office. "Now, how can I help the Avatar and my most generous supporter?" Raiko asked.

"I think you're already aware of Chief Unalaq's troops invading the Southern Water Tribe and taking it by force. We need you to send the United Forces to help," Korra said.

"I'm very concerned by what's happening down there, but I don't think it's the Republic's place to interfere with internal Water Tribe matters," Raiko said.

"Unalaq isn't even the rightful ruler of the Water Tribe. He lied his way onto the Northern throne, not to mention he illegally bridged a judge to frame my father and innocent men," Korra said.

"Besides, the Republic is already involved in this conflict. The North attacked our Cultural Center last night," Varrick said.

"But Mako said it was a Firebender," Korra said.

"But how do we know the Firebender wasn't paid off by the North?" Varrick asked.

"The people responsible?" Kang asked, "Who else would it be?"

"Believe me; we're doing everything we can to bring the people responsible to justice," Raiko said.

"You don't understand, as long as Unalaq is in charge, the North will crush the South. Kang and I came up with an idea that might benefit us all. Instead of attacking, we can use the United Nation's submarines and have the troops sneak into the Southern borders without the Northerners knowing and meet with my father and the rebels. We can make a strategy on how to dethrone Unalaq from inside out. With safety in numbers, we'd have a better chance against the soldiers and stop the war before it escalates," Korra explained.

"Hmm, that's a well thought out plan, but sending troops is something we cannot do at this time. I promise I will work with Unalaq and the South for a diplomatic solution," Raiko said.

"Haven't you been listening? Unalaq is not the diplomatic type. I know what he's capable of," Korra said, starting to lose her patience.

"I understand when you're young, it's hard to keep perspective..." Raiko was cut off.

"You're the one, who's lost perspective! I've tried reasoning, but none of it matters with Unalaq in control. This was why I came to you in the first place. I was hoping you would try and agree to help put a stop to this war before it gets out of hand," Korra said.

"I understand your frustration, but it wasn't easy trying to stop Amon's revolution, correct?" Raiko asked.

"Well, no, but..." Korra was cut off.

"And he showed no mercy for you or the young Beifong, did he not?" Raiko asked.

"He didn't, but..." Korra was cut off.

"I appreciate your youthful idealism, but we settle things maturely rather than rely on violence," Raiko said.

"You're not going to try? My people need help and you're just taking pictures. I made a promise to my father that I would get him all the help he needs and I will NOT break this promise! There's a lot more at stake than you know!" Korra yelled.

"What are you talking about?" Raiko asked.

"Kang had his doubts for Unalaq when he first met him, but not only that, but he says he's been having thoughts that there might be more than just the civil war. He thinks it's just the tip of the iceberg. There's dark forces stirring. I can't really explain it, but he thinks it's getting much worse with dark spirits attacking. Look, the civil war was my fault, but I'm trying to fix this and I can't sit by and do nothing. If we don't stop Unalaq, then things will escalate for the worse," Korra said.

"You disrespect me by raising your voice and now you're talking about unseen forces at work only because of what Beifong thinks? You've been spending too much time with him to share his father's ideals," Raiko said.

Kang's fist started to ball up as he heard the President talk about his father in that way.

"I'm telling the truth," Korra said.

"Unless you have evidence, my mind's made up," Raiko said.

"Evidence? You haven't even bothered listening to Kang about what he has to say! Now, you're asking for evidence?" Korra asked.

"Enough! This meeting is over!" Raiko said.

"My family is going to be wiped out and it will be on YOUR head for doing nothing about it!" Korra said as she, Kang, and Varrick left the office.

Inside Mako's apartment Korra is talking to Mako while Kang went off and was helping with Asami with her work.

"I can't believe the president is doing nothing! He didn't even consider Kang's idea and it took him all night to come up with it! He doesn't even care!" Korra said, agitated.

"I'm sure he does care, but he can't just tell his people to go fight a battle at the South Pole that has nothing to do with them," Mako said.

"Nothing to do with them? This war affects us all more than you know!" Korra said.

"How can you tell?" Mako asked.

"Kang believes there's more than just this civil war and the unity of the tribes and more dark spirits could be attacking and can get out of control," Korra said.

"I know you're stressed, but you have to be reasonable," Mako said.

"I tried! Raiko still won't help and Kang strictly said that the Hidden Ones are a last resort that he hopes won't come to fruition!" Korra said.

"Well, you didn't really have any evidence to make him believe you," Mako said.

"I can't believe you're taking his side!" Korra snapped.

"Look, I'm not trying to work against you," Mako said.

"You're not helping me right now. I'm trying to get troops to the South. What're YOU doing?" Korra asked.

"I'm doing MY job!" Mako snapped.

"Well, EXCUSE ME, officer! Don't let me stand in the way of you writing tickets. I'm trying to save the world!" Korra said.

"Well, you wouldn't have to if you didn't keep messing it up!" Mako yelled.

"You think I have no idea what I've done?! I know I made my mistakes, but at least I'M trying to fix it and set things right!" Korra said.

"Well, maybe you should do it without biting people's heads off!" Mako yelled.

"I can't talk to you when you're like this," Korra said as she left the room.

"YOU'RE the one who's like this!" Mako yelled from the closed door.

At the harbor Asami is walking through while holding papers with Kang helping her carry another stack but then, Korra walks in front of them.

"Hey, in a hurry?" Asami asked.

"Sorry, but I have to talk to Varrick," Korra said as she looked at Kang who figured out why she needed to talk to him.

"Yeah, me too," Asami said.

They all enter Varrick's yacht but then an arrow comes right at them but they dodge and they find Varrick who is blindfolded holding a bow with Bolin and Zhu Li standing next to him and Varrick lifts his blindfold to find the five.

"Oh, hello!" Varrick said and turned to Bolin. "See, I told you I could do it," Varrick said.

"Sorry I ever doubted you," Bolin said.

"Look, we can't wait for the president to act. We need those troops now," Korra said.

"And my company is about to go under. I have to find a way to make some sales," Asami said.

"Right, okay. Ideastorm time! Zhu Li, get the supplies. You kids are about to get an inside look at how Varrick Global Industries stays at the forefront of imagination innovation or 'imagination'! That's a trademark," Varrick said.

"Great, can you get to the point, please?" Kang asked in an annoyed tone.

"Brain work requires increased circulation," Varrick said, eating a chili pepper and his face turned red, "Let's do this," Varrick said as he hung upside down on a pole.

Varrick's face turns more red.

"Okay, here are some ideas. Fast and furious. Pink lemon tea. Radio for pets. Uh, hand shoes!" Varrick said.

"Hold a tic. We don't need the president to go to the South. We just need the troops! Let's go straight to them! If there's one thing I know about troops, it's that they love fighting," Varrick said.

"I know General Iroh! He might be willing to help," Korra said.

"Wait kid," Kang said, "that isn't a good idea. He serves the president. Having him go without Raiko's say-so won't end well."

"Well, we don't have a choice," Korra said.

"A man on the inside. Perfect!" Varrick said and he turned to Asami. "And you need to sell some mecha tanks. I know some people who need them. We'll ship 'em South," Varrick said.

"That's actually perfect. You'll be making money for your company and you'll be helping us defeat Unalaq," Kang said.

"It's true. If you can't make money during a war, you just flat-out cannot make money," Varrick said.

"It's dangerous on the seas right now, but I'm willing to try anything," Asami said.

"It'll be crazy risky, but I LOVE crazy risky," Varrick said, "Zhu Li, get those other ideas for research and development. I want the prototypes next week," Varrick said.

"Varrick, I need to tell you something important," Korra said.

"I'm all ears," Varrick said.

"I've been thinking a lot lately and while I'm still angry that the Northerners invaded the South, I know they're not all to blame for Unalaq's choice. So, we're not gonna attack until we meet up with my father and the rebels. From there, he will give the command and the mecha tanks will be used if necessary," Korra said.

"Are you sure?" Asami asked.

"Yes. Once we remove Unalaq from the throne and get him to confess everything, the Northerners will have to surrender," Korra said.

"That's actually smart! I bet Beifong told ya?" Varrick asked.

"Well he's the genius around here," Korra said.

"Okay! You got it," Varrick said.

"But there's still the president. You know he's not gonna allow his troops to leave without his say-so," Kang said.

"Way ahead of ya there! I'm already working on that. As soon as people see this, they're gonna be lining up to fight Unalaq," Varrick said, revealing his mover machine. "Zhu Li, do the uh, thing," Varrick said and Zhu Li started rolling the film showing the South Pole and Northern troops marching.

"Don't freak out. It's not real." Bolin said as the scene turned to the harbor, then troops Waterbending, and then Eska glancing menacingly, making the Earthbender scream in fear. "Sorry, I keep doing that," Bolin said.

"THIS is what we're showing people?" Kang asked.

"Yep, we're gonna cut this footage together with scenes we shot of our superstar Bolin here playing a Southern Water Tribe hero battling the evil Unalaq. No one will root for the North after they see 'The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South'." Varrick said.

"I'M Nuktuk! What do ya think?" Bolin asked.

"I think I just lost half of my IQ," Kang said bluntly, "actually this makes me wanna kill myself."

Asami and Korra gave him a questioning look after he made his out of pocket comment, but he ignored it as he started to feel exhausted.

Mako is in his apartment and he's looking through a book of criminals' faces and just then Bolin comes in.

"Man, you should've seen Varrick today. That guy's a genius." Bolin said.

"Uh-huh." Mako said not paying attention to his brother.

"He's gonna help Asami sell her mecha tank to the South and he came up with this great idea for Korra to get General Iroh to fight Unalaq without President Raiko knowing." Bolin said.

"What? That's a terrible idea." Mako said.

"And he's gonna put me in the movers as this hero, Nuktuk! He's a man of action, but he's got a heart of gold. He was born in the tundra." Bolin said.

"Look, I'm trying to do something that's important here." Mako said.

"Oh, sorry. What is it?" Bolin asked.

"Something doesn't make sense about this bombing. I just don't buy that the Northern Water Tribe was behind it," Mako said.

"I thought you and Korra were gonna talk about it," Bolin said.

"We were, but we had an argument. She won't listen to me so I have to take this into my own hands," Mako said.

"I dunno if that's a good idea. I mean, Korra made an idea to sneak troops through the borders and meet with her dad." Bolin said.

"Sending troops without the president knowing is not a smart move." Mako said.

"Well, you two would have talked and..." Bolin was cut off.

"Not now." Mako said and Bolin sighs and flips a page. "Hold on! That's him! That's the guy that attacked the center! I gotta get this to Beifong!" Mako said as he left.

"Glad I could help. Nuktuk saves the day again!" Bolin said.

"Alright, Meelo, the first thing you need to do as a trainer is establish dominance. You are in charge. Never forget that. Now call Poki," Tenzin said.

"Poki, come here!" Meelo said in a dominant tone but Poki stayed put. "Poki!" Meelo said and Poki flies to the youngest Airbender and starts tickling him. "Poki, no!" Meelo said laughing.

"Meelo… you're rewarding him for bad behavior," Tenzin said.

"But he's tickling me," Meelo said and his father shook his head.

In the bedroom Meelo and Poki are about to sleep.

"You can't let him nap in the bed with you. You are the alpha lemur. He has to sleep on the floor." Tenzin says and Meelo places Poki on the floor. "I know it's hard, but it's for the best." Tenzin said as Poki jumped back on the bed.

"No, Poki! This is my bed. You sleep on the floor!" Meelo said putting the lemur back on the floor and it looked at Meelo sadly. "Being an alpha lemur is lonely," Meelo said sadly and slept.

"I know," Tenzin said.

At the police station Lin is in her office talking to Raiko.

"How did this Cultural Center attack happen right under your nose? Why haven't you arrested the Northerners responsible?" Raiko asked.

"We're working on it, sir," Lin said.

"Well, work harder! If you don't get any results soon, I'm going to find someone who can," Raiko said.

Outside of the office where there is a room with several desks Mako arrives and finds two middle-aged men with mustaches.

"I got a break in the bombing case. I ID'd the guy I saw at the scene," Mako said.

"That's great, Mako," One of the guys named Lu said.

"Yeah, you should run that into Beifong right now," The second man known as Gang said.

"You think?" Mako asked.

"Sure. You're gonna be a hero," Lu said.

Mako makes his way to Lin's office as Lu and Gang smirk and high five each other.

"What makes a ROOKIE cop think he can interrupt MY meeting with the president?!" Lin demanded and Lu and Gang started laughing.

"I'm sorry. I just...found something out about the bombing." Mako said and Lu styles his hair like Mako making Gang laugh.

"Well, give it out to Lu and Gang, you idiot! Now, get out!" Lin yelled and Mako left the office.

"Sorry. Was she busy?" Lu asked.

"This is the guy I saw sneaking out of the building right before the explosions. He's a member of the Agni Kais. Someone must've hired him to make it look like NORTHERNERS attacked the Cultural Center." Mako said giving the picture to Gang who put it in a drawer. "Did you learn anything about the remote I found at the scene? That's gotta be the key to finding out who's really responsible." Mako said.

"Listen, kid. It was the NORTHERN Water Tribe, okay?" Lu said.

"Yeah, give it a rest, Super Cop," Gang said, making Mako annoyed and he goes to his desk.

Raiko leaves Lin's office and he goes to Mako's desk.

"I've heard good things about you. You've made some big triad busts for a rookie," Raiko said.

"Thank you, sir," Mako said, saluting.

"And you're dating the Avatar, right?" Raiko asked.

"Yes, sir," Mako said.

"I'm concerned she might be getting some bad advice from Varrick. You wouldn't happen to know if they're plotting something that might compromise the security of Republic City, would you, officer?" Raiko asked and Mako said nothing. "Let me remind you that you've sworn an oath. You're a man of the law before anything else," Raiko said.

"Yes, sir," Mako said.

"Well, keep up the good work," Raiko said, walking away.

"Wait, there's something you should know," Mako said, making the president stop to listen to what he has to say.

Later at the United Forces harbor Korra and Kang were talking to General Iroh.

"Thank you so much for meeting with me, General Iroh." Korra said.

"Of course. What can I do for you?" Iroh asked.

"The South needs military support before Unalaq wipes them out completely, but the president is refusing to give the order. I decided to come to you directly," Korra said.

"I see. Well, suppose I were to take the fleet South on some routine training maneuvers and let's say we were to accidentally run into a hostile Northern blockade. We'd have no choice but to defend ourselves," Iroh said.

"But I was thinking you could try and sneak some of your troops through the borders without being detected," Korra said.

"We need to try and not give away attention, General," Kang said.

"Well, if the Northern troops are distracted fighting us, they'll be oblivious to whoever sneaks past them," Iroh said.

"Thank you! You have no idea how grateful I am. Okay, so once the troops arrive—" Korra was cut off.

"Swapping old war stories?" A voice asked and they saw Raiko.

"Mister President," Iroh said, saluting.

"I hope you're not planning to take on any military action without an order from your commander-in-chief?" Raiko asked.

"Of course not, sir," Iroh said.

"Good, because if a single vessel leaves this harbor without me say-so, you'll be court-martialed. Am I clear?" Raiko asked.

"Crystal, sir," Iroh said.

"Your activities here are bordering on insurrection. The Avatar does not command the military of the Republic. Don't go behind my back again," Raiko said.

"Mister President, I'm sorry, but if you would just listen—" Korra was cut off.

"Enough. This is not up for discussion. My answer remains." Raiko said, making the Avatar glare at the president who turns to Iroh. "As you were, General Iroh." Raiko said as he walked off.

"I hate that guy." Korra said, irritated.

"I'm sorry, but my hands are officially tied." Iroh said regretfully.

"I understand. Thanks anyway." Korra said sadly.

"You should talk to the Fire Lord. My mother and grandfather have always been good friends with the Avatar and the Southern Water Tribe. I'm sure they'll be willing to help," Iroh said, "and it will relieve Kang of having to call the Hidden Ones for another favor."

"Thank you, General," Korra said smiling.

"General," Kang saluted his former superior officer as he walked away with Korra.

Kang and Korra arrived at the studio to talk to Varrick.

"Bolin, I need you to watch Naga while we're gone." Korra said.

"Where are you going?" Bolin asked.

"We're going to ask the Fire Lord's help with the South. Varrick, we need a boat," Kang said.

"Done!" Varrick said.

"I thought that General Iroh was going to help," Bolin said.

"He was going to, but then President Raiko showed up. Someone must have tipped him off." Korra said.

"But who?" Bolin asked.

"I dunno. No one else knew, but us and Asami." Kang said.

"And Mako." Bolin said.

"Wait what?!" Kang looked at Bolin with a shocked expression.

"Uh..." Bolin trails off.

"You TOLD Mako?!" Korra demanded.

"Oh, c'mon. There's no way Mako would've told," Bolin said, but Kang and Korra stormed out of the room.

"Poki, sit!" Meelo commanded and Poki sat. "Roll over!" Meelo commanded and Poki rolled over. "Good boy," Meelo said, throwing a treat at Poki.

"Well done, Meelo! I knew you could learn to train Poki," Tenzin said.

"Not just Poki. I trained ALL the lemurs. Watch!" Meelo said as he blows a whistle making Poki run and fly and more lemurs fly along with him amazing the entire family and Meelo blows another whistle commanding the lemurs to fly toward the direction in which he is pointing and with a final blow and a point to the ground all the lemurs land on the floor and Poki is at the center.

"I've created a monster," Tenzin lamented. "Uh, Meelo, maybe we should forget about all this training discipline for now. Why don't you and Poki just have fun and play?" Tenzin suggested.

"Thanks, Dad. Training makes me tired. Come on, Poki," Meelo said as he and Poki and then blew his whistle making all lemurs fly at once.

At the police station Korra kicks open the door and makes her way for Mako's desk.

"You ratted me out to the president?!" Korra demanded.

"Korra, let me explain..." Mako was cut off.

"Explain why my boyfriend stabbed me in the back?!" Korra demanded.

"The President of the Republic asked me a direct question. What was I supposed to do? Kang, back me up here," Mako said.

"Don't get me involved with an angry woman," Kang said.

"This is between YOU and ME! Why did you tell him?! You could've talked to me about it!" Korra yelled.

"You wouldn't have listened!" Mako yelled back.

"It's not what you think!" Korra said.

"Well, I think you've made it VERY clear beforehand!" Mako said but Korra clenches her fists.

"Do you have ANY idea what you've done?! You've betrayed me!" Korra yelled as she delivered an Airbending kick sending Mako's desk flying.

"Enough! Look, I have a job to do. I can't constantly be worrying about you making another huge mistake!" Mako yelled.

"Well, I have a job to do too, only it seems like you've been constantly standing in the way of me getting it done!" Korra yelled.

"Well, I guess if we're both putting our jobs first, maybe there's no room for our relationship!" Mako yelled and then silence occurs between both of them and Kang is shocked by what Mako just said.

"So, what...? Are you...breaking up with me...?" Korra asked fearfully.

"Yeah… I guess I am…" Mako said regretfully and Korra is both shocked and saddened while Kang is still shocked.

Just then Lin leaves her office and finds the room a mess.

"What the Flamey-o happened here?" Lin asks and she sees Korra. "Korra, what did..." Lin stops talking as Korra is still shocked and saddened.

"Korra, we should get going," Kang said and Korra ran off.

"Korra!" Mako called but she's gone, he later looked to Kang who heaved a sigh.

"Look, I'm sorry, but I had to. You know, just because you're her best friend, doesn't mean you have to be the burden of her mistakes," Mako said.

"You're right. I'm not responsible for her mistakes and true, you had to do your job," Kang said.

"I knew you'd understand." Mako said.

"But that doesn't mean I can't stand by her when she's doing all she can to fix her mistakes. She needed her friends now more than ever. We both know she's stubborn and infuriating at times, but she NEVER turns her back on anyone. She wanted to apologize to you for that argument you two had, but you didn't give her a chance," Kang scolded, "You two really are a goddamn mess..."

Kang later walked away and Mako hung his head down.

"Would someone mind telling me what's going on?" Lin asked.

"I just broke up with the Avatar..." Mako said sadly.

"Well, at least you got off easy. You should have seen Air Temple Island when Tenzin broke up with me." Lin said going back to her office, "Though thinking about it, I destroyed my son's home as well, oh well."

Asami was in her office, filling out some paperwork until she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," she said.

The door opened and Kang was there with a tired look.

"You look miserable," she said.

Kang chuckled, "Tell me about it," Asami got out of her seat and went to Kang to give him a hug and a kiss. When the two separated Asami put a hand on her boyfriend's cheek, "What happened?"

"Mako ratted out Korra," Kang said, "now because of that the Raiko won't allow any United Forces Soldier to help her rescue the Southern Rebels. Korra wanted to go to the Fire Nation alone so I let her go."

Asami sighed and looked off to the side, "I swear those two..."

"Well, to be fair we have known each other longer than they have," Kang jokes.

Asami giggled and snuggled into Kang's chest, "You know, you and I should go back to the Island and take a break from this."

"What kind of break?" Kang asked.

Asami looked at Kang with a mischievous smile and traced a finger on his chest, "The one we needed, deserved," she leaned into his ear to whisper the last part, "and wanted..."


At Air Temple Island, a naked Kang and Asami were in a bathtub in his room as her back was leaned against his. There were candles around the tub, lighting up the bathroom as it was dark outside.

"Ahhh~" Asami sighed in content as she was basking the hot water from the tub and leaned up against Kang. He one hand hanging from the tub and the other holding her arm, caressing it.

"We really needed this," Kang said as he wrapped his arms around her waist. She nodded as she laid down against his chest with her back against it. Kang was able to look over her shoulder and saw her naked body and his sexual instinct kicked in. His hand started to drift from her waist and he was about to massage her breast, but felt his wrists being grabbed. Kang's eyes slightly widened with shock as Asami looked back at him with a sultry smile.

"I see what you were doing~" she said. She later turned around and sat on his lap, she soon leaned down to take his lips in for a deep kiss while their tongues were crossing. As they were engaging in a heated kiss, she felt something stiff hitting her butt. She later pulled from his lips, "It seems like you're excited."

Kang said nothing as he was just staring at her, all he wanted was her and to love her. Asami saw his eyes and decided to tease him as she teased his stiff penis with her cheeks.

"Where do you want it?" Asami asked.

"I-I…" Kang stammered as his head lurched back in pleasure and he started to breathe heavily in pleasure.

Asami knew she wouldn't get an answer so she stopped and she saw Kang looking at her as if she wanted to keep going.

"Where do you want it?"

"I want it to be inside you…" Kang said.

Asami smiled as she and Kang got out of the tub and she pulled his hand and pushed him on the bed. She climbed over him and he was gazing at her amazing body. Asami smiled at how silent Kang was and found it cute as she hovered herself over his penis which was barely brushing her labia majora.

"Just relax," Asami whispered in his ear, "I'll lead the pace."

Kang gulped as Asami lowered herself and felt his penis fill her vaginal walls. She soon started to breathe heavily in pleasure as she hadn't felt something like this in years and she forgot how it felt until now. It felt good and exciting as she was now having sex with the man she loves. Asami later lifted her body up and lowered herself down as she started to breathe heavily. She knew there were other people at the island and didn't want to alert people by moaning out loud.

Kang on the other hand was holding onto her waist as she was bouncing on his penis. Seeing her pleasuring him with her walls made him want to pleasure her as well. He soon started to massage her breasts and felt her hardened nipples rubbing on his palms. But he felt like it wasn't enough to please her so he decided to sit up and within that moment, he went to her breast and his mouth latched on her nipple. This made Asami almost scream, but she stopped as she held his head and held his hair, pulling it as she felt his mouth suckle on her nipple.

Kang later switched to the other breast and then while his hand was free, he used one hand to drift down her butt and squeezed it as the other hand held onto her shoulder.

"Kang!" Asami said as she felt something rushing, "I'm going to cum!"

Kang said nothing as he felt his girlfriend holding still. She didn't drive her hips down so it initiated him to move his hips. He soon felt Asami hold his head tightly and he soon felt himself was going to climax.

With the last powerful thrust, her walls started to clench his penis as it shot out sperm deep into her womb. Kang soon detached his mouth from her breast as he and Asami were breathing heavily. He laid down in bed and Asami laid on his chest, he soon wrapped his arms around her as she looked at him with a satisfied smile.

"We should do this more often," Asami said.

"Sure," Kang said, "but not here."

The two started to laugh as she kissed Kang and the two settled into bed.

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