Harry was a super smart baby. Probably because of the photographic, ediatic, and working memory. His Mother Lily was a certified genius (220+ IQ). She not only finished her A levels by age ten, but had started her university level schooling. Cambridge was a bit put out, losing her to correspondence courses at age eleven. She was descended from the squibbed out line of Rowena Ravenclaw. The tiara seemed to manifest in her children, down the ages.

His father and blood adopted father were descended from Godric Gryffindor and Merlin's half sister Morgana Lefay. They were not the smartest magic users, but had power to spare. Harry watched everything they did from about three months old. It was at that time, that his working memory started to over come the ediatic memory of sensations. The thing was, he was a child of prophecy. His power was, at one year old, as strong as his mother and father together.

Now for a little background information. Family magic works. Contracts are powerful, if voluntarily entered. They backfire on those you use force. Potions work with the drinkers magic. The only exception is poison and that includes love potions, they fight the drinkers magic. The more powerful the drinker, the weaker the potions. In seventh year, James had done everything to marry Lily, his brother in all but blood helped. This help ended with things going bad with him. Lily was so sexually addled, that she agreed to the Peverell magical wedding vows and signed the contract; thinking it was the stated Potter vows. The Peverells were an ancient patriarch family. The women were more like broodmares and sex slaves than what would be called a loved wife.

James Charlus Potter, son of Charlus Fleamont Potter and Dorea Cassiopeia Potter nee Black, had linked Lily Rose Potter nee Evans to his Will and Intent. He loved her, so she loved him, but because of a curse, he could only have one boy, which was Harry. So all his intent and power were for Harry to live. This is why he had Sirius Orion Black, heir of the curses originator to blood adopt Harry James Potter. It worked for Harry, no longer being cursed, as he was a Black more than a Potter. Not by much, but enough. The Blacks went back into the ancient families. They were curse makers and breakers. The Killing curse was created by them, they also put in a protection from it. The recipient had to be under a curse, even one that was so minor, no one would even know they were cursed. Peter's mental curse, which was a screwed up curse, hit Harry majorly.

This Black history was lost in the early London burings, during the black plague. Which, funnily enough, was started by a pied piper, named Sirius Orion Black. The last member of the noble council that made the contract with Black, was a Potter. All of these things made the boy, Harry; extremely powerful. At six months, Albus the great Dumbledore, the second coming of Merlin (sarcasm expressed), came to tell James and Lily about the prophecy. He ended up, so jealous of Harry's power that he set them up. Thereby ensuring the fulfilment of the prophecy. Harry had watched, listened and comprehended, what was to happen. James and Sirius were mainly panicking. Lily got down to the business of saving her lovely Harry, no matter the cost.

It was the summoning that got Harry to do one also. He summoned the Fairy Queen, while Lily summoned a succubus and incubus, twin demons. Eros was the succubi of not simply passion but also of fertility. And libidine, the Incubus of lust; an expression of our basic life force, arising from the pelvis and belly center and experienced as a pulsating, throbbing, sensual vitality. Lily made sure that Harry would live, the cost was he had to have sex three times a day, after puberty, with his intent to impregnate the female.

Harry loved his mother, saw that James and Sirius were stupid pranksters. Remus was a moody, angst smart idiot. Peter was a sly shit. Harry hated him, as he had got them all drunk, and took advantage of Lily. He had planned his revenge. He used the summoning to help with it. (We all know of the thirteen years as a rat, not able to self change, till someone forced him). The way that worked was if he ever betrayed Lily again, he would be locked into the rat, never to be pleasured in any way, till magic decided he could be human again. The prophecy did that.

His bargain with the Fairy Queen was three fold. She saw a chance Riddle would kill all the fairy folk, so agreed with young Harry's intent about Peter, Dumbledore, and of course Tom. But as with all Genies, they will twist the bargain, if possible. While still fulfilling it. This made Lily's physical body die and her soul be temporarily bound to Harry as a protection. (During the confrontation with Tom and the basilisk, she was freed to go into the only body that had no soul. It had memories of family and wish to be with Harry in every way.)

Back to the bargain. Harry would have three wishes. One: Lily would live with him. There was no time period on it. Two: All that wronged them would be destroyed. (This was a mistake on Young inexperienced Harry's part.) After all, destroyed has several meanings. Physical, mental, magical, emotional, and spiritual. Also there was no time limit on it. As in immediate, soon, in a bit, before death, during afterlife, etc. This or course ended up including the Death Eaters, Werewolves, Vampires, Dementors, and those not marked, but supporting Tom. Third: It was the best wish, as well as the smartest. He delayed using it, till he was five.

He had his magic and abilities bound, by Albus too many names, made up by himself, the great Dumbledore. Sirius, the enslaver went to prison. This lasted till he was almost age five; when his aunt, Petunia, hits him with a hot frying pan, to the head. He came to after his birthday. Dudley could not get anything involving toy wise about magic. But his parents did get him superhero comics. His reading level was perfect for them, till age twelve. Harry had read them, after Dudley threw them into the bin. His abilities were hampered, but still worked a bit. This is the reason, in the cupboard under the stairs. He made his third wish. He wished he could have all the abilities of the heros (remember young, so did not say 'and heroines') in any comic he read. This left out graphic novels, TV, and newspaper comics, etc. in the future.

The Fairy Queen was not happy, but at least, he again, did not put a time frame or expanded area on the wish. He had only read twenty three comics. So those heros from twenty two comics were the ones he got. She laughed as with superboy and spiderman, he already had the genius mental abilities, even if locked. He did gain combat and technological abilities from them and the following..

Superboy was an american comic that many kids could understand. It allowed Harry to screw up, applify his genius, and figure out that he could get more powerful in the sun. His magic increased his invulnerability, strength, x-ray vision, holding his breath, and flying skill. This showed him how to behave with real family. But that you can have more than one girl.

*(1)Codename: Warlord: He was a British secret agent and can be considered a World War II James Bond. Upper Class espionage learning, perfect for being a Lord and patriarch.

*(1)The Daredevils was a comics, sometimes featuring: Spider-Man — a number of early Spider-Man stories were reprinted in the first few issues. These reinforced his genius and sixth sense, but also his physical and magical manifestations of strength, stamina, constitution, and agility. This showed him how to behave with real family.

*(1)Daniel Mendoza - Mendoza the Great which was based on the real-life exploits of the classical pugilist. Extremely sexist, as the females are bimbos. Learned how to box.

*(1)TV Comic (1978–1984, issues #1402-1697)Battle of the Planets strip run from #1530 to #1671 (30 December 1983.) This gave him the abilities to use a Razor boomerang and Bolo. To fly an Airplane and drive a Motorcycle and Dune Buggy. It also gave him a great use of a pistol in the air. Always male fighters and female nurses.

*(1)As of 1984, the Star Wars series broke the block on many of his abilities and powers, as he used 'the force'. He also learned to use advanced technology and to make/use a lightsaber. Though nothing major till the frying pan. 'These are not the droids you're looking for.' Again very sexist. Women can do things well, but the man must always come to the rescue!

*(1)Nutty was a British comic magazine that ran for 292 issues from 16 February 1980 to 14 September 1985. One of the main characters was; Jay R. Hood, "He's Anything But Good", a junior version of J. R. Ewing. Dudley liked him a lot. Drawn by George Martin. Another Slytherin lesson in politics and finance. It also was very sexist, in that men are better than women in those fields.

*(1)Bill Sampson, also known as The Wolf of Kabul, an agent of the British Intelligence Corps, first introduced in The Wizard, appeared in illustrated format in The Hotspur. These increased his Slytherin side, but showed not necessarily evil, to be sly and cunning. It was very patriarch, in that men are more everything.

*(1)Battle Action and Battle Action Force was a British war comic book magazine. Dudley liked the action and violence. A notable feature of the comic, suited to its era of circulation, was its letters page with readers sending in stories of their fathers' and grandfathers' exploits during the First World War and the Second World War. Harry picked up arms, vehicles, and tactics.

He read one issue of Bunty, which was a British comic for girls. He got no powers or abilities per se, but he now knew how girls supposedly thought. Some of this knowledge was based on his mother's soul being infused with his physical being. This helped a lot when he started Hogwarts.

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So the third wish freed him from most of his bindings. He became three times stronger than the strongest man alive. Two times Faster than a cheetah in running. His constitution did not allow him to get sick, or if so, was so minor it was a day of two, instead of a month. He did not get tired and only needed a few hours of sleep a day. His X-ray vision was slow to develop, but he was finally able to see through anything, but magical metals. The beatings stopped hurting, except as if a mosquito bite.

He knew how to fly, fix, and somewhat make spaceships, airplanes, motorcycles, dune buggies, tanks, and all other armored and unarmored military vehicles. He knew how to use and create assassination (espionage) weapons. He knew basic to advanced hand to hand, boxing, and martial arts. He could repair, use, and make most military type guns, including grenades and plastic. He could make, repair, and use primitive and advanced razor boomerangs, swords, knives, daggers, and bolos. Lightsabers, blasters, and many types of space weapons.

So his rotten life changed. His birth fathers abilities, manifested. Combined with his magic, the force, and sixth sense; made him very powerful. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and magically. His J. R. Ewing, and Slytherin side, used his new found powers inherited from his father and mentally controlled the Dursleys and others, to think they still treated him like before.