The Poem of Sasaki Kojirou

I once was the gate-keep
Of a temple on an ornate peak.
In that temple laid a great witch-
First-rate, but an A-grade bitch.
She created me, to guard those steps,
And I waited long, my plans complex.
I hated her, but for good reason-
She dictated me, so I thought treason.

With steady gait, my sword I swung.
My legend is faked, my life unsung.
On stairs stood, I awaited worthy foe,
Looking high, and eight ways, and low.
A later date, a blonde bird arrived.
We clashed straight, she survived.
Her sword would fade, of air made-
A heavy-weighed, one-meter blade.

She came for her loved man,
By the witch was he taken.
So unafraid was her plan-
Jump in the sea, slay a Kraken.
"Stand aside, O gate's curator!
On my honour, we shall fight later."
"Stay there still, or force through!
Reveal your skill, or be forced to."

In strength she was superior,
In speed I was inferior,
All I had was my own technique.
I took her assault, found it weak.
But, suddenly, the witch was dead,
And then I was filled with dread.
Should she die, I too would fade-
How then would I hone my blade?

Now was the time, my ultimate attack-
To slay swallows, go forwards and back.
Even a single breath was far too long-
To do it truly, make the world think wrong.
With my blade, I slice but once.
Yet, in reality, thrice it hunts.
To defend, use all three hands-
If only two, one strike surely lands.

Maybe she could see ahead in time-
Before I moved, she already was flying.
Afraid perhaps, or so I thought,
Until I saw, her lover she sought.
I had thought her to be deterred,
She turned out to be made of iron.
I had thought her a beautiful bird,
She turned out to be some kind of lion.

"Your grace obscures the moon,
Your face is beauty itself.
Had you not already swooned,
I would have courted you myself.
Go with your man, take this boon,
Leave now, and come back soon.
And when we both are best,
Your sword I again shall test."

"For this I thank you, Samurai.
Your skill with a sword is high.
No matter what soon comes,
We shall clash like two suns."
And I sat there, on that stone step,
Heart easy, lay down and slept.
We shall meet again, Servant Saber.
I hope our fight is not easy labour.

This poem is based on the fight Saber Arturia Pendragon vs Assassin Sasaki Kojirou from Stay Night. It's somewhat of a mixture of the Fate and UBW routes, and a few things done differently here and there.

I love it because Kojirou is simply a man who practiced a single thing until he went beyond possibility. "It is not all that special, as far as tricks go. Just something I mastered one day when I had the thought to slay a swallow." What a flex. He swung his sword so well it ascended into the realm of true magic.

Also check out Dragons are just Bigger Swallows by SpiritOfErebus. It's a RWBY crossover where Kojirou gets reincarnated into Roman Torchwick's body. Much fun is had.