Who am I supposed to be?

A Worm/Kentia collection Fanfic.

I had this idea for a ship girl Taylor and for the life of I could have sworn that the ship I wanted to use was an Ironclad from the USA civil war. I also very much thought that she was the lead ship of a class of 23 ships. I could have told I saw something on a wiki page about this class ship and could not find anything about the class and name of the ship. After doing some digging I decided to run with the idea and do the idea that someone in the afterlife screwed up some paperwork for the ship and put a different ship and class under the wrong name. I have this 1/600 scale model I made from scrape that looked cool for a game and runs with that ship design as the ship that Taylor gets to be. Who knows if the ship design would have worked in real life? I liked it and run with the idea and liked the name of that ship idea so this is what is going on along with the theme of ships that also pop up in here from the civil war from both sides. I am also changing a few things with a few characters for timeline or race just for something a little bit to fit the idea in the story.

My name is Taylor Hebert. I am 15 years old and my life in the past couple of years has gotten very weird. It started with my mother dying in a car wreck coming home from work one afternoon. We get to blame that bitch Squealer for that one and one of the crap things she makes and run through the city with. I was 13 when my mom died in that car crash. Dad fell into a bottle for a month or so and 3 months later he tell everyone that he is going to get married again and that I am going to be a big sister. Sometime during that month, he meet a nice young lady, and that they had sex while both were drunk. A couple of months later she found out she was pregnant. She turned out to be very cool for a stepmom though. She turned out to be a cape. Not just any cape….the great Mouse Protector herself. She had broken up with a girlfriend that week and somehow ended up in the Bay for a night of drinking. She meet my dad who was also getting over mom's death and you all know what happened after that. It was pretty weird to learn that under the cheese she was colored. Which in this town…leads to some pretty weird things going on?

I heard different takes from the reaction that when her cape person was telling everyone that she was moving to the bay and taking time to for having a baby and being married. Arms master was said to have gotten falling down drunk and the video of his swearing after learning that the Mouse was staying in the bay was pretty funny. It did not go over well with the PR department though. She had a little girl named Sam.

I really do not understand how the Mouse pulled the greatest coup off for a PR move. But she seduced Purity away from the E88 and into bed for real. With that move, I now gain a new sister that was not very old named Aster. She also brought a boy she gained custody of because of her ex-husband being a dick. The public reaction from Kaiser was very funny with his epic rant about the defection of his right hand to the enemy. My stepmother even hinted in some notes that she was colored and BI which was what really inflamed the whole thing. Mom thought the idea was so funny for this move she did not even have Purity rebrand or anything. You have to really have some balls to try anything after the Rage Dragon comes out and gives the couple a High five for the coup in dragging the biggest blaster in the city to a better cause than being a Nazi. The PR department of the PRT had to come out and issue comments also and gay-bashing kind of had to support things and even Skidmark of all people making a big deal out of it even. I think the best part of all this was the very public order that Kaiser had to do about the Nazi stand that they would not be bashing anyone for being gay or trans. The lower ranks really hated it but had to follow the order when Kaiser stated that he would deal with anyone personally over it. He really hated to make that order and you can see it over the video he made.

So I gain a stepmom, a little sister in this first year. Somehow my parents end up with a mistress who is an Ex-Nazi. She has a little girl from her ex and an older boy that was from a different mother somehow as part of the family. It got a little crowded in the house but we seemed to make it work.

Things got a little weirder the next year when my best friend Emma and her dad got attacked by a bunch of goons from the ABB. She got to meet a new cape named Shadow Stocker. That girl really is not right in the head for sure when we first had to deal with her. She got caught by Mom and Purity trying to kill some Nazis with a crossbow. The PRT wanted to offer her jail or becoming a Ward. It was a very funny third choice that was used that turned out best I think. Miss Hess was turned over to become the sidekick to the Mouse and Purity the biggest ham and cheese hero's in the county. Seeing Purity become a ham and cheese hero while kicking ass took some time for her to get the point of humor. It took most of a year before Shadow Stocker pulled her head out of her ass and become a decent human being. God, she was a real bitch have to deal with outside of being a cape. The first time Emma meet her, she ended up kicking her ass because of the delay in helping Emma and her dad. I think at this point I need to point out that her dad meets mom, she has been training me and Emma in hand-to-hand combat and weapons to defend ourselves. That was why Emma kicked Miss Hess's ass the first time they met.

I am sure you have to wonder about my dad. His name is Danny Hebert and he runs the Docks and is the union boss or something like that. He likes to say he just runs the union, but more to say he pretty much is the person dealing with everyone in the city and has more power in the city than he thinks he does. With all the unions in this city tied under the docks, one word from him and the city would pretty much shut down if he really wanted to and really hit the gangs and everyone else in the nuts. But he seems to not do that route and mom keeps him on his toes along with their mistress. I am not getting into my parent's sex life…oh god…old people have sex!

My kind of Brother Theo is not bad. He is not a racist dick like his dad or buys into the E88 bullshit and was very glad when he got the chance to live with Purity. He pretty much cannot stand dealing with his dad. I cannot blame him. I had to deal with him a couple of times and he really hates my mom for sure for seducing her away from him. It was only after she left the bastard that it happened.

You have to be wondering just how I become a cape and my family becomes one of the biggest groups of capes in the northeast part of the country. We also have the most firepower in the bay with outnumbering everyone else combined for the number of capes. And that leads to me and all of my sisters that suddenly showed up one day and a couple of every sister we gained custody of right after I become a cape.

We were coming back from Chicago from a family trip to see one of my step mom's sisters and her family. There was my father, myself; mom, Sam, Theo, Aster, Purity, and we had my friend Emma along with Sofia. I know a huge rental bus for everyone for this trip.

We had the luck of stopping for a break in Ohio when we had the really bad luck into running to the famous murder hobo's the Slaughterhouse 9. That event was somehow broadcast live over the internet by a few different people for help in letting the government know where they were attacking people at a rest area. I really do not know why Jack Slash decided to attack that rest area that day off the interstate, but he did. That event triggered a huge group event at the same time for triggers which lead to the S9 being taken out. When someone triggers any capes nearby get stunned and blackout for a time which happened. The attacks also lead to all of us being ousted for being capes. My father triggered as one of the only true capes you could say. The rest do not come across as capes cause of some growths in our heads.

My father triggered and since is the leader of the docks in the bay he power is kind of weird in that he can control everything you need to run the docks and create machines to do that. He did go by the name of Dockmaster for said reasons.

A bunch of the other people who do not come across as capes turned into what people like to call ship girls. We all had the theme of being from the same time period and from two different sides in the Americana Civil War in the early 1860'. The really funny thing was some of the people who got turned into southern ship girls kind of pissed off all the racists in the country and those who support the south shall rise again bullshit.

Let's start with the southern ships of the Confederate Naval forces. They will be called the CSS for short. There were three ships that were called that day to be summoned you could say. First off the most famous raider the CSS Alabama, the person was a young Japanese girl that would have her dad killed this day and be left an orphan. Her name was Tina and she was 12 years old at the time. The next ship was the CSS Albemarle, an older black man from Chicago who turned out to be a cop who was the person that time and turned into a girl in her mid-teens. His name was Mack and in his mid-40's when he triggered. He had to transform into his girl form to gain his combat form. The last ship of the line of the south is the CSS Virginia, The legend herself that was the first ironclad to do battle. This turned out to be Mack's 18-year-old daughter Nancy who became the legend.

The Northern side of the ships that were summoned was the first being the other half of the legend of the being the other side of the first ironclad fight, the USS Monitor. Theo is the lucky person to get a sex change to become this ship to be summoned. He also has to change sex to summon his ship self to fight. The next ship to be called up was a very heavy hitter during the war and used a nickname for old Connie herself. USS New Ironsides is the next ship that turned out to be a 23-year-old punk singer by the name of Sharron. The third ship from the north was the USS Milwaukee who turned out to be my friend Emma.

I need to pop in with there was another ship that was somehow summoned from the time period. She was not a combat ship at all. She was a river steamship that carried the mail and was a floating brothel of all things. Yes, I am not joking about that. It is pretty weird for that to happen. Her background is she ran mail and was a brothel for 20 years in the Midwest on the rivers in the 1870s and 1880s. Her name was "The Bella of Lacrosse", or she likes to call herself Miss Kitty after her Madam that ran her for all those years. Turns out the young lady that turned into this ship was called Sarah Andrews. She lost her older brother and both parents in the attack and is only 8 years old. My parents took her in after the attack since she is a ship girl. She does do one thing very good though, she can pour a good stiff drink and knows how to listen to get your mind off something and acts as a very weird shrink though even at her age. She claims it comes from all the ladies of the night that would listen over the years along with the bartenders helping out with advice over 20 years.

You will notice that I left myself for last. I have a whole story to go with just what type of ship I was to be and what I turned out to be overall. It involves very screwed-up paperwork of all things. The ship I was meant to be was the USS Kenosha who got renamed the USS Plymouth. I was meant to be a Wooden-hulled screw sloop-of-war commissioned on January 20, 1869. That is not what I ended up being summoned with for hull or class. I do not even know what type of ship I ended up and it seemed like something that was kind of tossed together and seemed to call a ship.

My stats you could say and layout are very weird. I am sail-powered with a small steam engine for harbor or combat use. I am a catamaran-style ship. I think the best bet was something from the South Pacific that the tribes used on a large hull. Here are my size stats and layout below.

Length: 600 feet pontoons.

Wide: 100 feet pontoons.

Height: 125 feet top of sails.

Hull size for carrying people and weapons.

Length: 175 feet

Wide: 100 feet.

The main weapon height is 25 feet tall.

My shape is long and not so wide. It looks I was built to be a fast-type warship. Not much in the way of armor at all anywhere. I have two decks. The main deck is where the weapons are and my sails. Also on the main deck is small cabins that the crew can live in, it is a very weird design for sure. I have one deck under that to carry ammo and a small steam engine along with some supplies. It looks like I am not meant for long-range at all and do not carry supplies for the crew for a long-range sail. I can get there fairly fast though. My sails are two masts off the back edge pushed out to the edge and tied into the pontoons. They look like an L shape with the sail along the edge of it and the booms can swing about 45 degrees to the sides to catch the wind. It is a very weird setup, but using some block and tackle, makes for much less manpower to rail or lower the sails. There is just one sail on each L section. The bottom of the L is out over the back of the pontoons.

My weapons loadout is something very not very thought out in a couple of cases and in the other pretty good. My main weapons on the deck are a trio of middles ages-based trebuchets. Two are pushed to the edge of the deck forwards while the third is about in the middle of the deck. All have a swing of about 45 degrees to each side for fire support. They seem to be a bit faster loading and firing to be able to be as good as cannons somewhat. They all fire about a 50-pound exploding ball. My second sets of weapons are four 70 pound rifles, one in a turret on each side of the side on an offset about the pontoons on the sides. The turret has a 180-degree arc of fire along each side of the ship to cover an angle and in some cases able to bring more than one gun to bear on a target.

The last thing I wanted to make a note of is that my hull is painted in a very different color setup than ever seen. My pontoons and base hull are dark blue. The top of my deck and sail masts are painted black of all things. My sails are red, one sail has written in a yellow color "For hire" and the other has "Dragon Slayer" the writing is on the outside of the sails for all to see. Why this was done I have no idea. Every time I have replaced the sails, it shows up again.

The other thing about myself that happened was that somehow I ended up with 22 sisters of the same class that showed up when I triggered. We had to give them names and they all decided to keep the theme of names all of us are named after cities and towns from the state of Wisconsin. I am the lead ship being the USS Kenosha, and then we have Green Bay, Racine, Madison, Lacrosse, Stevens Point, German Town, Oak Creek, Baraboo, Beaver Dam, Bristol, Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Chippewa, Holland, Ottawa, Black Hawk, Spider Lake, Star Prairie, Tomahawk, West Sweden, and Bristol.

I am sorry for getting into lots of small details in all this. But I wanted to give details of just what we had to work with at the time and all our crews were very green with almost no training for the Kenosha class of ships. The others at least had their training that they could fall back on from the war. We dealt with things with tossing lots of shots down range and hoping something hits the target that day.

I am not sure if I have worked out all the events that happened when the Nine decided to try killing everyone for whatever reason. I think it was part of a town nearby that they were also attacking at the same time. I can say that Burn scar was dealt with a very big area attack. Being on the downrange end of 69 trebuchets with a payload or 50 pounds of the boom is going to make a mess. Since she can teleport inflame, we did the area effect and spread the love out and somehow got her at some point. Shatter bird was taken down by New Ironsides with a broadside at some point. Hatchet Face kills powers of capes. Since ship girls are not capes, the power did not have the intended effect. Let's say he got to see what happens when you get punched by Ironclad. Monitor was picking pieces of him out of her hair for the next hour.

Mannequin was dealt with from firepower of Milwaukee, Albemarle, and Virginia caught in the crossfire and took him out at some point. The Siberian we found out got popped after Miss Kitty ran into some guy in a van after her family got attacked and she ran away after changing and in her panic ran right into the driver's side door and killed the person that controlled her. It turned out to be William Manton who supported the Nine from a ways off and was behind the projection of the thing called The Siberian. It took some time to drag her out of the wreckage when someone found her yelling for help. Bone saw was dealt with a whole bunch of conform grenades and a whole lot of my sisters getting caught up in the mess. The foam pile covered a parking lot about 15 feet tall and about 100 feet on each side. Yes, that was a lot of grenades. The Mouse raided the Brocton Bay armory of all their foam and brought it back. She can teleport and have been to the place and the person in charge was not happy with her stealing everything and bringing it back to the fight. Jack Slash was bust fighting Purity, The Mouse, and dad who was tossing stuff around at him like crazy and missing everything. I am not sure who got the few shots that hit him. But the crater was decent from all the firepower when some of the ship girls got over there to support the other fighters. The thing I can say is that grapeshot on the human body is very messy when you get shot by it. I do not know which one of the girls was in that part of the fight since I was buried in the parking lot of foam with Bonesaw. CSS Albemarle had the fun of also dealing with Crawler at some point doing all this mess. He tried to eat her whole. Eating a ship girl is not fun or easy. She punched her way out from the inside and he could not regain his brain after having it punted some ways away. It is very weird when are in our rigging being part ship and part girl.

The fallout was that everyone was ousted that showed any types of powers wince for some reason the entire thing ended up all over the internet from many different angles and places since the fight was kind of spread out over a large area after a little while. This left my family much, much larger than we started the trip with since I now had 22 other copies of me running around and an extra little girl that we picked up since she was a ship girl that had no one to take her in after losing her parents.

Coming back to the bay we were forced to move out of our house since it was no longer able to hold everyone in the family. It is a good thing that dad ran the docks so we were able to get one of the old warehouses on the docks and turn it into a home very quickly with the help of Dad's power and the dockworkers. We then also got visits from all the gangs who wanted to add our firepower to their groups. They were answered in a couple of cases with a broadside over their heads. The PRT was also not happy with this many capes showing up in their town adding to the mess. We worked out that we would be willing to help them out with events and provide fire support in some cases. One downside to all this is we caused poor Amy to have a breakdown be unable to heal people for a couple of months while undergoing mental help which she really needed at the time it seemed. Brandish lost her mind during this point and tried attacking dad over it in a meeting with the PRT. She got locked up for a month for that little issue and also had to seek mental help which her sister very much agreed to. It put New Wave out of action for about 3 months all told. The good thing that did come about is that we learned that ship girls cannot be affected by masters at all since Glory Girl and Regent could not affect us at all along with a few other that we brought in to do more testing. Thinkers get really bad headache when trying to understand us or deal with us. Let's just say that Tattletale really, really hates us after running into a few members of the family during an encounter. She said the headache lasted two days.

We did get to work with many tinkers and Dragon to do some much-needed upgrades to us, ship girls. We got better steam engines that could give a better design and upgrade to our fuel system to be able to run off anything liquid that can burn instead of coal. That freed up some crew to be able to form a small Marine trained boarding group on each ship. Better ammo storage layout also helped a lot along with radar and radio to help us run operations without having to use headsets of any type and can do so without talking to anyone. We also got many new types of ammo that we can carry. We now have foam ammo to create a very big pile to stop people in their tracks with hurting them. We have star shells that are able to light up an area to see at night. We also smaller cannons that can shoot oversized Taser rounds for dealing with brutes and other bigger people. We now have bow chasers that carry the Taser rounds and star shells for non-lethal takedowns when it calls for it.

We are by all agreement not part of the Wards program. The Youth Guard reps to the city lost their minds on hearing about the firepower that we carry and wanted us nowhere near the other wards. We still go on patrols with them and hang out with them since that are the same age as us. Sofia got over her being a bad ass even with the work mom and Purity has done with her. After dealing with the S9 she saw that she was a very tiny bug in things. She is so much better to deal with now after that event. It does not help that Emma and I and my sisters can kick her ass very easy with just one cannon or failing that a small arm from our small arms locker.

I am not sure when or how it happened during the fall out but somehow Uber and Leet showed and started working for the dockworkers soon after. I really did not notice for a while since I was getting used to being a cape and dealing with lots of new sisters. They gave up being the assholes that came across as on their live feeds and doing honest work on the docks now that support the union with defending the area better than it was. We did learn very hard fact. Gregory from Faultline's crew will not touch a ship girl again. A few of my sisters' went to their club and danced with him and then one of them touched him….

We had to rebuild a lot of the ground floor after the fallout and shooting stopped. Many people were hurt, nothing beyond some broken bones. But the mess was pretty much a show of what we can do with one of us not firing right in the head you could say. Her crew was also affected for some reason and we cannot figure out why when the girl part should have passed out and left her crew to take over. Amy thinks it might have been air born in the ship part and that affected everyone on board.

We did learn one thing really fun. We got to attend an Endbringer attack by the winged bitch herself. Since we are not affected by masters at all we could stand in and do different efforts much longer than anyone else. She seems to lose track of us or does not even see us for some reason and we able to pound her with cannon fire. We are able to do some real damage to her for some reason. The reason some people have come up with is that we are minor Kami of some type and that has spirit power backing up our guns. She left a lot less of herself then she started with at the beginning of the fight. She really was half of the bitch she was when she showed up. Many of my sisters had to spend 2 weeks in dry dock being fixed from all the damage we took from things being tossed around in that fight in the Capital of Aussie. The good news is the city was not walled off like most cities that have to deal with the winged bitch.

There is one very bad thing we did find out after this fight much to our horror with our uniforms. I once bought Armsmaster panties when I was nine or ten years old. We found out that they were part of our ship girl uniform much to out embarrassment. There is a video of a couple of my sisters being tossed around and there is video someone posted to our profound horror out underwear. It sucks wearing a skirt during fight like that dang it. Yes, the shipping wars where in full effect after that video was posted. It is even worse when your 8 year little sister pokes fun at you about your uniform choice. It is not like we got much choice or even how it was chosen to be part of the outfit which really sucks. My outfit is a bit of old world and new for a much-explained reason. We have a formal dress of the civil war era without the all the petty coats. The boots are modern steel toed squared off mid-calf cowboy boots. We also have a hat with a wide brim along with a parasol from that period. And we get to have new style bra and panties at least and those now very well-known panties. We get to wear a sports bra under all this at least, not that I really need anything for support being a dang A cup sucks with every girl being a bigger bust then me. Even Vista is better build upstairs then I am which is even more annoying and she is only 10 years old. This is just not fair with being so small.

If there is one person that I really dislike more than anyone and that person is Glen Chambers from the head of Image department in the PRT. He tried to get us into the wards and tried to get us into these very little mini-skirts that flashed everyone when we moved. There was some over very wrong stuff with his uniform choices when he showed up. Dad pretty much tossed him out on his head from the meeting after he seen and heard some of the stuff this guy wanted us to do. He wanted us to be singers and dancers for the PRT for recruitment. Hell no to that. Even my sisters where very much about ready to shoot him after dealing having to put up with his over the top sales pitch which just very much annoyed everyone.

The very good news is that the dock are being cleaned up and going to be open again soon. My dad's power is helping to clean up the ship graveyard and reclaim the metal and stuff in the old ships and we can get lots of target practice to bring our crews up to some decent level of training since myself and my sisters where dealing with very green crews and after some serious training in damage control and weapons use with learning about radio and radar we can hit the broadside of a barn nice out of ten times not instead of spray and pray type of shooting. Emma at least had trained crew when she changed. We had nothing which sucked for us in the fight with the S9. She has been training us along with a bunch of the retired Navy dockworkers in the new tech and tactics. They even got some active naval chaps to come in and give us some training along with the Coast Guard. We have been working a lot with the Coast Guard in training and helping out in search and rescue off the coast the past few months. We even got into a running battle with Squealer and one of her monster boats bringing drugs into the harbor. She still got away and we sank one of her boats. She was forced to cut and run with a smaller get away boat of some type in the bigger monster.

We somehow also pissed of Coil the by stopping his kidnapping of the Mayors niece who is some type of precog and now is part of our team since she said the numbers where better working with us over anyone else even being a member of the Wards. She took up the name Doctor Mook and loves to annoy the heck out of Tattletale online about being the smart ass in the room. What have my sisters been teaching her in their spare time much less she has been hanging out with mom way too much for tacking to being an extra special ham type hero…the horrors she has unleashed.