Breath of a Hero Thanksgiving Special

Eri was watching one of her cartoons in the living room, while Yushiro was reading the latest medical report on his tablet, Tomo came in with a pot of Tea. "Tea's ready."

"Thank you," said Yushiro as he happily took the tea.

Tomo then went to Eri, "Eri would you like some tea?" Though Eri was still watching the cartoon which featured a group of kids singing in a giant tree filled with fall leaves. "Eri, what are you watching?"
"The thanksgiving special," Replied Eri which didn't answer much. "What's thanksgiving?"

"Thanksgiving?" Tomo thought for a moment. "Thanksgiving is an american holiday about people coming together and telling others what they're thankful for."

"Also shooting a turkey." said Yae as she, Izuku and Melissa walked in.

"Yae you don't need to say it like that." said Melissa.

"What, hunting the turkey is the best part," said Yae. "I remember my first time hunting a turkey, my dad was in the states looking for a killer rabbit. I got bored and it was around thanksgiving so I took to the woods and tracked down family of turkeys just drinking water in a stream giving me the perfect-"

"Yae," yelled Izuku as he nudged his head to Eri who was looking at Yae waiting for her to finish her story.

Yae picked up the signal that Izuku was dropping, she nodded back. "I got a perfect headshot." or not.

"YAE" yelled Melissa and Izuku while Tomo just slowly shook her head as they turned to Eri to make sure she was okay.

A normal child who has lived a normal life may have cried or freaked out. Eri unfortunately wasn't a normal child. She looked unpassive at Yae's actions, totally indifferent. "Did you have fun with your family?"

Everyone was a little surprised by the question, Yae thought for a moment. "Yeah we did, we didn't cook that turkey I got since my mom went out and bought a precooked one since we were still at a hotel, but yeah we enjoyed it and it was fun and delicious."

Eri thought of it in amazement. She liked the idea of getting a turkey with everyone here. "Are we getting a turkey?"

Everyone looked at eachother. "Are we?" asked Melissa.

"Don't look at me," said Izuku. "I've never celebrated Thanksgiving."

"I can hunt a turkey real quick," boosted Yae. "All we need to do is gut it and cook it."

"You are not gutting a turkey in my kitchen."exclaimed Tomo.

"What? How is gutting a fish different than gutting a turkey?"

"The fish I buy are already gutted and I'm not having you mess up my kitchen with disgusting bird guts."

"Aren't you a doctor, I know for a fact you've helped the old man in the operating room."

"What happens in the operating room, happens in the operating room, I don't fix people in the kitchen and I certainly don't operate on people inside the kitchen."

Yae huffed. "Sorry Eri, blame Tomo. No turkey tonight."

"I never said that." yelled back Tomo.

"Hey hey calm down," said Izuku. "There's no need to yell."

"Still a turkey dinner does sound nice," said Yushiro. "And we do have people here who are used to the customs overseas so we could get one. How does that sound?"

"That sounds wonderful." Melissa is looking forward to a good turkey.

"Sure I don't think I've had turkey before," said Izuku

"Get a juicy one," said Yae

"I don't mind, it's been a while since I've made turkey and this gives me a chance to try making some side dishes," said Tomo ready to start cooking.

"Good," said Yushiro as they settled on a game plan. "How does that sound Eri….Eri?" Everyone looked over to see that Eri was sitting where she once was, in fact, she wasn't in the room at all. "ERI!"


"Turkey where are you?" yelled Eri as she explored the mountain. She kept looking for the bird for a while. "Turkey." She kept walking around until she found herself in the middle of a park, in the middle of a city. Eri was amazed for a moment before she remembered something. "Yushiro says it's okay to ask for help. Maybe someone can help me."

Eri then began walking around the city until she saw a crowd of people surrounding a small group, with her small size she was able to weave herself under most of the crowd. When she got to the center she saw a few people in colorful costumes, "Colorful costumes means heroes, which means one of them can help me." She walked up to the one with a wooden mask and pulled on his pants getting his attention. "Can you tell me where I can find a turkey?"

Kamui woods blinked for a moment as he didn't expect this question. "Uuh the grocery store."

"Where's that?"

"Uh, I believe there's one down the street."

"Okay thanks," said Eri as she ran through the crowd down the street.

"That was unexpected."

"Is something wrong?" asked MT Lady.

"A little girl in a pink kimono just asked me where she can find a turkey."

"Wait, did she have a small horn?" asked Death Arms. Kamui Woods nodded. "That's the little girl that travels with Demon Slayer."


Eri made her way to the grocery store. She walked around trying to find where the turkey was. "Turkey, no Ice cream." the next aisle. "Turkey, no milk." she walked aisle after aisle but couldn't find it so she pulled the pants leg of a teenager with the head of a bird. "Turkey?"

The teenager blinked a few times. "Aisle seventeen."

"Thanks." Eri ran off for the turkey.

The boy watched her leave as a dark shadow came out of him. "Did that girl just call you a turkey?"

"Come let's head home before the darkness sets in," said Tokoyami as he left the store.

Eri ran to aisle seventeen and found her goal. "TURKEY." a whole de-feathered and gutless turkey. Eri grabbed the turkey and effortlessly lifted it over her head like it was a stuffed animal. She then made her way to the exit.

"Huh wait, little girl, wait." said one of the cashiers. "You have to pay for that first."

Eri tilted her head. "Pay?"


Eri's turkey was blasted to pieces right above her head. "TURKEY."

"Alright this is a stick-up." yelled the man right behind Eri. "Empty those registers now or else you all get real friendly with my quirk Shotgun fists." The man then made his way to the registers but stopped when he felt something pull on his pants. He looked to see Eri with tears in her eyes. "What do you want brat?"

"You...Killed...My...TURKEY!" as Eri grabbed his leg and began to spin so fast the man thought he was on a roller coaster before Eri let go, sending the man to crash into the aisles causing most of them to crash into the ground.

"ERI," Eri turned to see Izuku, Yae, and Melissa. Izuku gave Eri a big huge. "Eri are you okay, how'd you get here?"

"I asked a hero for directions." Eri simply replied.

"Hold it, vigilantes, you're under arrest," yelled Kamui Woods as he, Mt lady, and Death Arms entered the store.

Yae gave them a tired look. "Can I shoot them?"

"NO," yelled Izuku. "Eri you and...Eri? Where'd she go this time?"

"Don't worry I saw her leave," said Yae as she took her rifle out. "She didn't leave alone this time."

Eri ran back to aisle seventeen for another turkey. "Eri, what are you doing," asked Melissa who went after her.

"Turkey," said Eri as she held up another turkey.

Melissa wanted to tell Eri she didn't have to do this, but clearly, they weren't in the situation to do that. "Okay we're going to talk about this later." she saw a cashier hiding behind one of the aisles. "Here take this, keep the change." as she handed the cashier several bills and ignored the man saying that it was way too much. She grabbed Eri who was still holding the Turkey. She went to the front but stopped as she saw Izuku holding Yae back from attacking Kamui Woods. "Side door."

Lucky for Melissa the store did have another exit and she ran with Eri as fast as she could.


They were able to make it back to the mountain along with Izuku and Yae who gave the heroes the slip. Once they got back to Yushiro and Tomo, Eri gave Tomo the turkey to cook, though before she started cooking the chicken, Tomo asked the question everyone was wondering. "Eri how did you get to the city?"

"I don't know?" said Eri honestly. "I was wandering the mountain looking for a turkey then suddenly I was in the middle of a park."

Everyone looked at her in disbelief but all of them could tell she wasn't lying. "How that doesn't make sense?" said Melissa.

Yushiro smiled. "It looks like the mountain was moving on its own again."

"What?" said Melissa looking at Yushiro as if he's finally losing it. "That's impossible, right?"

"Maybe someday you'll see," said Yushiro. "Now how about we all get ready for a Thanksgiving meal."

"Yeah," yelled Eri as she went to the dining room.

"Um should we tell her that Thanksgiving isn't today?" said Melissa

"That doesn't mean we can't celebrate it today." Soon all of them found themselves around the dinner table ready to eat a turkey dinner. "Alright, a Thanksgiving meal isn't complete until we all say what we're thankful for. I'll go first," said Yushiro as he raised his glass. "I'm thankful for all of you being here, you've brought back a lot of fun and excitement in my life."

"I agree," said Tomo. "This big house was quiet before you all got here, so I'm thankful that this place is finally filled with new happy faces and for a great future of heroics."

Melissa cleared her throat. "I'm thankful for the opportunity that you all have given me. I wouldn't be able to fulfill my dream if you guys hadn't helped me out. I'm truly thankful for all of you."

Yae scratched her chin. "I guess I'm thankful for you guys as well, I have a new direction in my life, I would probably still be hunting some sort of boar in America if Izuku didn't give me a good fight."

"Thanks Yae." said Izuku. "I'm thankful for all of you giving me an opportunity to be a hero and to help others and for being my friends."

Everyone turned to the girl of the hour. Eri thought for a moment. "I'm thankful for having a family now, and for having Thanksgiving with my family." She then enjoyed her first Thanksgiving with her family with many more to come.