Christmas Explosion

All throughout the big house on MT Saigiri holiday music was playing. Jingle bell rock could be heard all over as Yae and Melissa were hanging up Christmas decorations. They had decorated the house with lights and made at least a dozen snowmen. Izuku was actually shocked by how much the two girls were getting into the holiday spirit. "Wow you two are really into this." he watched them decorate a Christmas tree that Melissa had made.

"Christmas has always been one of my most favorite times of the year," said Melissa. "I'm not religious by any means but Christmas is the time of year when I Island calms down and I and my dad could hang out more."

"It also means gifts," said Yae. "I only really see my dad and mom so when the holidays come around I get to hear from all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles. Not to mention all the tasty food you get for the holidays."

"Candy and hot cocoa," asked Eri who was holding a box of ornaments. She too was in the festive spirit as she wore a small Santa outfit.

"That and much more kid, you're going to love it."

Melissa jumped high and put on some more decorations. "Christmas is the time of year to see loved ones and to spread some joy."

"Wow I kind of feel a bit out of it here," admitted Izuku. "I don't think my family has done this much for the holidays."

"Really?" asked Melissa.

"Hey Izuku, what does the old man and Tomo do for the holidays?" asked Yae

Izuku thought for a moment. "You know I don't know exactly. Last year sensei got real serious suddenly about training and I remembered I was so tired I pretty much slept through Christmas, that and for some reason, the garden was messed up when I woke up."

Melissa and Yae were a bit confused about the last part. Eri's mind was on something else. "So you missed Santa Claus."

"Oh ummmm." All three of the teenagers didn't know what to say as Eri was still young and didn't know about Santa. "Well, Eri you see-"
"Eri," said Tomo as she entered the living room. "Ah, there you are can you please come with me for a moment and Yushiro is asking that the three of you see him in the dojo." SLightly confused the three teenagers left for the dojo.


The three were somewhat surprised as they entered the dojo. Yushiro was sitting in the center of the dojo with his sword by his side and wearing arm guards and shin guards. He looked like he was ready for a war. "Sensei," said Izuku as he was surprised by this. "Is everything alright?"

Yushiro looked up at the three. "All of you sit." the three did. "Do you remember what happened last year?"

"Uh, we trained a lot."

"Yes we did and that wasn't totally for you. I needed the training."

"What for?"

"Oh that's right you were passed out when it happened weren't you. Well, you see every year an old rival of mine comes around, we do battle each and every year."

The three were now very interested now. "Really who's this rival old man?" asked Yae.

Yushiro with a serious face answered in a deep voice. "Santa Claus."











"What?" asked the three teenagers none of them believing what they had just heard.

"Santa will be here any moment and when he does I don't want any of you to interfere, this is between me and that jolly bastard. So no matter what, don't do anything and leave it between us, understand," said Yushiro, totally serious.

"Ooookaaaaay," said Izuku trying to figure out what this is.

"Sure," said Yae simply.

"What?" repeated Melissa not getting what was going on.

"Good," said Yushiro, ignoring Melissa's confusion. "No, go see Tomo she most likely has something that needs doing. I need to prepare."

The teenagers, still confused, silently left the dojo. "Okay what was that about?" asked Melissa.

"I have no idea," said Yae "Since when does the old man make jokes like that?"

"I don't think sensei was joking," said Izuku. "He doesn't really joke."

"We should ask Tomo she probably knows something," said Melissa as they entered the living room but stopped as they saw Tomo fitting Eri into a kevlar vest and an army helmet. "Tomo what is Eri wearing?"

"It's just precautionary. Just in case things get a little crazy this year," said Tomo

Eri smiled. "It's for when Santa comes."

"For when Santa comes," repeated Melissa. "Okay, what in the world is going on here?"

"Shhhhhh," signaled Izuku as he closed his eyes and focused his hearing. "Somethings coming."

Melissa and Yae were now on alert. "What is it?"

"Its...its...sleigh bells?" said Izuku, not believing it either. Izuku then walked out of the room with everyone following him.

Soon they could all hear the bells. They all looked up to the sky as the bells got louder. "No way, there's just no way," said Melissa

"HO HO HO" they all heard.

Yae cleaned her ears. "I think I drank too much eggnog cause I just heard someone ho-ing."


Izuku looked up. "I hear it too and I see but I'm not believing it."

"SANTA" screamed Eri. They all saw as a sleigh flying through the air doing loopy loops and twists before making a ten-point graceful landing in the garden. "SANTA IT'S SANTA."

"HO HO HO," said a man in a big red suit as he got down from his sleigh. "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho" as he grabbed his sack. How are you kids doing this year." The three teenagers were stunned and shocked at what they were seeing. A myth was standing before them. Tomo was emotionless as she saw the big man. Eri was excitedly jumping up and down.

"SANTA," yelled Eri

"HO HO HO there little Eri," said the big guy as he knelt down to the little girl, he saw how she was dressed. "Ah Tomo, you didn't need to go that far you know."

"It's just precautionary," she said, still unfazed by the man's presents.

Santa turned down to Eri. "You have been a very brave and good girl this year. So I got a whole sack of candy for yeah with a family pass to Nintendo land, along with a gift card to milkshake shack. Along with a few other goodies." as he handed the decent size sack to the little girl who was still jumping for joy.

"Thank you, Santa." as she ran back to Tomo.

Santa smiled as he turned to Yae. "You know young lady you almost shot my reindeer a few years back."

Yae unfroze. "I did, uh sorry."

"Ho Ho Ho, its alright young lass I understand. You want to do so much and only have patience if you're on the hunt and maybe this will help you with that." as he gave her a brand new hunting jacket. "It has special pockets on the inside that connects to the pockets on the outside so you can make metal inside the jacket and use it."

"WOW thanks, Santa," said Yae trying on the new Jacket.

Santa then turned to Melissa. "You have come a long way with your quirk haven't you." Melissa just nodded as her mind had shut down. "HO HO HO, you need to open your mind to the impossible, here take books, these might hold a few ideas you can use your quirk with." as he handed her a stack of books. "And take this one too," as he put a cookbook on top that was titled 'Cook Simply' "Start simply and go from there and you should be able to learn how to cook like a pro.

"Thanks." was all Melissa could say as a part of her still thought this was a dream.

Santa then turned to Izuku and Izuku waved his hands 'no'. "Um, I don't really need anything, sir."

"HO HO HO. Yushiro did pick a good student. You're a kind young man and you have been working hard, but all that hard work has kept you from your hobby hasn't it." Santa reached back into his sack. "So how does the latest edition of All Might pins and posters sound, along with the latest issues you've missed."

Izuku's eyes became stars as he saw the collectibles he had yet to grab. "Oh my gosh thank you, Santa."

"No problem young man and between you and me I'm rooting for yah." he then turned to Tomo. "Good to see you Tomo how have you been this year?" Tomo didn't answer at all. "Don't worry I get it, but maybe this will help." As he handed her a wrapped box.

Tomo took the box and slowly unwrapped it and saw it was a book. 'How to confess your love.' Tomo slightly blushed as she read the title in her head. "Thank you."

"SANTA" everyone turned to see Yushiro approaching them.

"HO HO HO, Yushiro don't worry I didn't forget you." as he reached into his sack and pulled out a 12 gauge shotgun. "EAT LEAD."

Santa began to fire at Yushiro, the demon dodged left and right before unsheathing his katana slicing the shotgun in two. "Time to die you jolly bastard." As he brought the katana down Santa switched to machetes.

"Not this year you demonic freak." as he kicked Yushiro away and charged at him.

All four of the kids dropped their jaws as they saw the fight. "Tomo.." said Izuku.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" finished Yae

Tomo, who was still unfazed by the turn of events. "Oh, they do this every year. It's become a tradition that Santa stops by here and challenges master Yushiro to a fight before he goes around delivering presents. They both are near-immortal beings so they will be just fine."

Yushiro continued to apply pressure with his sword before successfully knocking one of Santa's machete's away. "HA," Yushiro yelled triumphantly only to see Santa grinning. He then heard the sounds of pins and looked down to see four grenades around his leg. Yushiro quickly did a backflip whipping his legs sending the grenades upward. They exploded in the air. "A Jojo reference, really?"

"Got to love the classics." as Santa brought out two battle axes one in each hand. As Santa charged at speeds that didn't seem right with a man of his size.

"Trying to beat me with brute force isn't going to work, I'm winning this year." as Yushiro began to use the Breath of Earth to hold his ground. "That won't work." as he disarmed the big man yet again. Santa then backed away and threw his other battle-ax at him. Yushiro ducked under the ax. "You missed."

Santa then brought out two colorful brass knuckles but they weren't made of brass. "Bring it on."

"Hold up," said Yushiro as he saw the knuckles. "Are those candy cane knuckles?"


"You think you can fight me with candy cane brass knuckles?"

"No, to be honest, I didn't think this crazy idea would work?"

Yushiro raised an eyebrow. "The candy cane knuckles?"

"No the boomerang battle-ax." Yushiro whipped his head around in time to see the ax as it severed his head. Everyone saw his head roll off of his body. "YES, hat trick. Three years in a row baby."

Everyone sat there stunned as they saw the red man celebrate. For a moment they thought Santa killed Yushiro. Until his headless body stood up. They all witnessed his head grow back. "DAMMMMMMIIIITTTT!"

"HOHOHO, you lose again Yushiro," said Santa picking up his weapons.

"That is bullshit," accused Yushiro. "A boomerang battle-ax."

"I didn't think it would work myself. I knew with how hard you were training last year that I would need to think of something out of the box this year. I honestly didn't think it would work and I think it made this year our shortest battle."

Yushiro cursed under his breath. "You want to come inside for some hot chocolate."

"Sure I got time, Ho Ho Ho."

As they walked past the kids into the living room. "You coming?" asked Tomo to the kids.


Everyone was inside drinking hot chocolate. "Very clever using this candy to trick me into staying in one place," said Yushiro as he held up one of the knuckles before breaking it and eating a chunk of it.

Santa took a drink from his mug. "Yeah you might be more skilled than me but i think more outside the present than you."

"So wait you two have been fighting each other right before Christmas for years," asked Yae

"Yeah well we kind of kicked it up a notch after Yushiro kicked his depression," said Santa as he gave Eri the other knuckle. Eri happily ate the weapon. "To be honest before it was just pranks."

"You filled my house with coal," said Yushiro. "It took me weeks to clean up that mess."

"To be fair you did turn the power off to my workshop."

"Your real"

"Huh?" they turned to Melissa.

"You're really real." Melissa's mind finally processed the fact she was currently drinking hot chocolate with Santa Claus. "You're real. How are you real?"

"HO HO HO. It's quite the story, young lady," said Santa as he was about to tell his tale.

"As much as I want them to hear the tale, I'm afraid you don't have the time," said Yushrio as he pointed to the clock. "You need to get moving."

Santa saw the clock and quickly drank his hot chocolate. "It's been fun Yushiro. I'll beat you next year."

"In your dreams, your streak ends here," said Yushiro

"We'll see." as he went to his sleigh with everyone following him out. "It's been fun kids, be good and I'll bring you something next year. HO HO HO." as he got in his sleigh and took the reins. "Let's go, boys, we have presents to deliver." The reindeer began to pull the sleigh and when they were at full speed took off into the sky. "HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR."

"Well that was fun," said Yushiro. "Time to prepare for next year."

"That was epic, I can't wait for next year," said Yae

"I still can't believe Santa is real and I slept through this last year," said Izuku, unknown to him Tomo put a barrier around his room last year. "What did you think, Melissa." Melissa turned to them looking as if her brain was fried. "Melissa?"

"When I go to bed tonight don't wake me until New Year." said Melissa as she was still wrapping her brain around today's events.

Tomo turned to Eri. "How about you Eri, did you have fun today?"

"Yeah a lot of fun," said Eri. "I got to spend it with my family. Merry Christmas."


"MELISSA," yelled David as he greeted his daughter. "Sorry it took me so long to get here, my flight got delayed three times." He then noticed that his daughter was smiling but looked exhausted. "Are you okay?"

"Hey dad remember when you told me that Santa wasn't real," said Melissa

"Uh yeah that was a few years ago, oh are you guys telling Eri that. She has been through more than other kids, it would be kind of hard for a child like her to believe in Santa," said David misunderstanding the situation.

"No that's not, you know just forget it," said Melissa as she hugged her father. "I'm just happy you're here."

Yae watched the Shields family reunion and smiled. Suddenly her phone went off. "Hey dad, how's it going? Yeah, I'm doing fine, oh hey mom yeah Merry Christmas you guys. Next year! Yeah, that would be awesome. What are you talking about, I'm not mad. We might be far apart but were still together. Yeah give everyone my love and tell them I'll be there soon. Merry Christmas and happy new year."




Ding Dong

"Is that the doorbell?"

Ding Dong

"Who the fuck is ringing our doorbell at this hour?" said Mitsuki Bakugo as she grabbed her robe and went downstairs to the door. "ALRIGHT WHO THE HELL IS-" she stopped as she saw no one was there. She looked down and saw a few presents on the ground, some of them addressed to her family, with a letter on top. She picked up the letter and read it.

"WHO THE HELL WOKE US UP, I'LL KILL THEM!" yelled Katsuki as he saw his mother reading something. "What is it?"

Mitsuki finished reading the letter and sighed. "That dumb brat. When he gets home he owes me. Katsuki, grab those presents and get dressed."


"We're spending tonight with Inko, so get dressed."




Across the street Izuku sat on top of a house, smiling at the Bakugo's family antics. "I just asked her to deliver the present. I didn't mean for her to go over there now." he then smiled before he felt someone was behind him. "I'm sorry sensei, I know I said I was going to deliver the present myself but I froze at the door again."

Yushiro put a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "It's alright, I expected as much. We'll get there. Not to mention UA's entrance exam is three weeks away so you got two weeks before we drag you there, understand."

"Yes sensei."

"Then come let's head back, it's been a long time since my house has been filled for the holidays."

"Okay and Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Izuku." as they returned to the mountain to celebrate with their family.

A/N: Happy holidays everyone, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope next year is a better year than the one you had before.

~Lorenzo the Story Teller