I made a tumblr post about Drukkari getting married and just chilling waiting for their family to figure it out and then I ended up writing it. I haven't even seen Eternals yet but this ship has me in a chokehold.

Title is from Paper Rings by Taylor Swift

To be clear: Druig signs almost the whole time he's talking to Makkari in this fic. I'm still trying to figure out how to say that he is because he speaks and signs simultaneously. If I make any mistakes in reference to how deaf/HoH people communicate please be certain to correct me. It was made unintentionally and in ignorance.

They're coming home from a game of hide and seek when they make the spontaneous decision to get married. They're stopped in a small town about two thousand miles from home and Makkari wants a snack.

'You're heavy,' she teases when Druig asks why she stopped.

"I'm sure you're telling the truth," He teases her right back. He knows why she stopped and since its always loser treats winner he marches off to get her, her sweet fried dough snack.

When he returns she's not where he left her but has instead wandered a block further to a small courtyard outside a beautiful building. The Muslims' architecture is truly a sight to behold as its begun to spread throughout the world. This is what Druig likes to see from the humans. Their love of art and creation instead of war. He's so into inspecting the building he doesn't notice the man and woman sitting in the center of the mosque's courtyard with a man officiating while sitting between them until he bumps into Makkari.

She's observing the going-on with intense curiosity but looks up at him with a wide smile once she notices he's back. She lights up even further when she sees what's in his hands. Druig thinks about teasing her by holding her treat back from her but she snatches it from him before he can attempt it as if she's the one who can read minds instead of him.

Turning back to the courtyard she nudges him.

'What's going on there?' she asks. She can usually lip read as fast as she can run but Arabic isn't a language they have gotten to learn yet.

The man and woman sitting in the courtyard are dressed in nice clothes, nothing particularly fancy but definitely well-made, two men and women flank both as some form of vows are being read. Druig can't understand what is being said either but he recognizes the three words that finalize a bond between the humans.

"Qabool, Qabool, Qabool."

'It's a wedding,' he signs back to her and delights in the way the joy blossoms across her face. Makkari loves celebrations of any kind, no matter how small. And truly this wedding is quite small.

It seems this bride and groom have no extended family. Either that or they don't approve of this union and Druig sincerely hopes that isn't the case. It seems unlikely for the witnesses of each party hold a resemblance to the side they are sitting for. Everyone looks joyous despite how tiny the wedding is.

Makkari smiles as they stand by the gate and watch sweets passed around between the attendees as the bride and groom embrace. Someone stands up and comes to offer them some too even though they aren't even standing inside the courtyard. They offer their congratulations despite the language barrier and enjoy the sweetmeat they're offered.

When it's done and over with, Druig supposes they'll be moving on but Makkari tugs on his sleeve before he has a chance to move away.

'Let's get married too,' she tells him and for a second he wonders if he's read the signs wrong. She clearly realizes because she rolls her eyes with an amused grin and repeats herself.

'Are you sure?' Druig signs, feeling more than a little breathless, his heart stuck in his throat. This was the last thing he expected her to say and it's making him a little lightheaded.

His beautiful Makkari nods and it's like she's never been surer of anything.

"What about our family?" He asks. Truthfully he doesn't really care if they're there or not. Makkari is asking to marry him and he's not a fool to say no. He'd like it if the other Eternals were here but he only feels a small loss they aren't. They don't really include him in their going-ons unless necessary either. He doesn't even think any of them are aware that he and Makkari are together and have been for a few centuries now. They don't broadcast it the way Sersi and Ikaris do but they're not exactly discreet either yet somehow no one has noticed yet. Telling them now just to invite them for an impromptu wedding would be a bigger headache and delay than Druig would want but Makkari, he knows, would want them here more than anything. She loves their family so much and they love her. They never exclude her and he knows she wouldn't want to do that either.

'Just you,' she signs back firmly. There's determination in her gaze and she's promising him she'll have no regrets.

Druig doesn't ask twice.

Before the night is out they're married in an area that will come to be known one day as Jordan. They could have asked the same man who officiated the newly wedded couple they saw earlier to perform their wedding too but neither of them are one to steal another couple's thunder so they make the short journey to the flourishing new city.

They're in their uniforms and the most they've been able to do is clean themselves up a bit before asking an Imam to marry them but it's the happiest they've ever been. The fried dough that's long cold by now and has somehow survived the journey in Makkari pockets – long forgotten earlier because of their spontaneous wedding plans – is the sweet they eat to celebrate.

It's simple. It's quiet. It's them.

It's the best off-the-cuff decision they've ever made. The best deal they've ever kept.

"How do we tell the others?" he asks when they get back. It's already nightfall and the sound of laughter around the kitchen table can be heard from inside the Domo. Gilgamesh probably began dinner already.

He doesn't know how to deal with the others as well as she does and he doesn't exactly know how the others will take this news considering they didn't even know about the relationship to begin with. If he had his way he and Makkari wouldn't have even come back here tonight. Aren't married couples supposed to get a few days away from civilization for… what do the humans call it? A honeymoon?

Makkari pauses in consideration, clearly coming to the same conclusion he is. She doesn't look like she wants to be the one to tell them either.

'How about a bet?' she proposes, raising her eyebrows playfully.

"A bet?" he smiles back. "I'm listening."

'How long will it take for them to find out,' Makkari signs. There's mischief in her gaze and Druig can't help the short laugh that escapes him at her evil plan.

"Not telling them at all, huh?" He muses. "It might take a while. I don't think they even know we're together."

'Do you have any complaints about that?'

"None at all, my beautiful wife." He mixes the signs as he speaks and a bright smile grows across his face and hers as he calls her his wife for the first time. Makkari is vibrating with delight.

'Then bet it is.'

He bets on Ajak being the first but then reconsiders. If Ajak knows then Ikaris will know and then everyone will. He doesn't think their game will be unraveled quite so easily.

'I bet Kingo,' she says.

"Kingo?" Druig asks incredulous. "He would suspect anything. He's oblivious!"

'Kingo', Makkari is firm.

"Thena then," Druig counters, his signing equally confident. "She's the most observant. If anyone will find out first, it's her."

'Gilgamesh would tell her if she didn't find out herself,' Makkari suggests.

Druig rubs his chin in thought but doesn't disagree. Thena and Gilgamesh have a relationship as complex and private as their own.

"Sprite will be last," he guarantees.

'Are you quite sure?' his beautiful wife teases. She loves his confidence but it's unfounded for it is rare he wins a bet against her.

He nods. "And Ikaris won't find out on his own. Someone will tell him. Perhaps Ajak, or Sersi. But he's too much of an idiot to find out for himself."

'Druig!' Makkari chastises but her silent giggles tell him she agrees with his evaluation of their high and mighty team mate. 'If anyone asks us for the truth it'll be Sersi,' Makkari wages, 'and Phastos will find out by chance.'

They stand in the moonlight under the stars and consider their stances. When it's clear neither of them will change their wagers, Makkari steps forward, raising her chin towards her husband with a playful smile.

'Winner treats the loser like always?'

"Deal," he mirrors her.

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