Chapter 1: Welcome New Camper

"Relax hija, Camp will be fine" My Mom stated, she ruffled my Magenta hair, My whole family of 10 was in our smelly Green van, and FYI Being the youngest and the only girl kid sucks!

"Aww Look, Quartz is holding her Horsey" My older brother Quint yelled.

"Shut up, I'm 10!" I cried out, I really hated my name. "And don't you dare call me-"

"Quartz Joanie Mcdonald Or Baby Q!" He interrupted, I blushed and let angry tears stream down my face.

"QUINT! You know Quartz hates being called that! Now Apologize NOW!" My father yelled, Of course he apologized, and Quint is just one of my 7 brothers


Quinn Quincy Jr-18

Quint Mitchell-17

Quinlan James-16

Quincee Luke-15

Quay Samuel-15

Qais Bruno-14

Qusai Kai-13

As you can see, My parents love the Letter Q, their names are Quinn Quincy Sr and Quisabelle. I smirked and stared at my 17 year old brother, his Black hair in his eyes.

"We're here!" My mom sang out, I looked out of the window and in complete awe, the camp looked nothing like what the website showed, instead of cabins there were tents, and there were alot of stands.

"Yep, No way, I'm not going here, drop me off at Yasmin's house on the way back" I pouted, My Mom gave me her death glare, I gulped, Hopped out of the car, and stared at a very tall brunette and very tall auburn hair counselors.

"You must be our new camper, Quartz is it? Im Jaime and that's my co counselor Micka'' Micka waved and twirled her auburn hair "and welcome to Camp Manyfand!" I smiled, maybe camp would not be so terrible after all!

"Hi Yes, We are Quartz's Parents, Will you help her to her tent?" My mom asked, My brothers were in the car arguing.'' I walked over to the trunk of the van to grab my stuff, while Mom and Dad were talking to Jaime, Micka looked about Quinn's age, maybe older, but she looked miserable. I grabbed my bags and my pillow, I headed over to Jaime and Micka,

"Why Yes, Your daughter is in good hands Mrs Mcdonald" Jaime exclaimed, I smiled

"Goodbye Mom, Goodbye Daddy" I smiled and gave them a very large hug, My mom hugged me and my dad kneeled down to my height, 4 ft 2in, and hugged me

"Daddy! I know you're gonna miss me, but you have the boys!" I smiled, My dad kissed me on my forehead

"I know sweetie, but just in case" He stood up and smiled "Well, I guess that's everything, Jaime, Micka thank you so much for letting are daughter enter in this camp"

"No problem Mr Mcdonald, Now, You head on your way and we will take great care of Quartz" My parents acted like I was leaving for ever, I wiggled out of their hug and turned around, I waved Bye to my family and headed into Camp Manyfand

Chapter 2: What is this!

"So Quartz, tell us about yourself?" Micka and Jaime asked me, I stared up at them and my eyes rolled.

"Well, I'm the youngest of 7 boys, I have heterochromia and Dyslexia, And I have a sensitive stomach, is that all you want?" I mumbled, My left eye twitched.

"Your parents Said all of that Kiddo, Even your Heterochromia" Micka stated, her hair was in a braid and Jaime's hair was slicked down, and that was the first thing I noticed when I came here.

"Okay Quartz, we are almost to the tents! You will be sharing with Max Waheed" Jaime said flipping a paper, I shrugged and stared up at him

"What camp did They sign up for?" I asked

"Writing camp" Jaime stated, I began to walk faster, my bag and the counselors dragging behind me.

"Slow down Kiddo, you don't know which tent you're in-" I stopped him, giving him a finger. I opened the flap, and saw a girl with short black hair, with blue streaks, she stared at me

¨Who the heck are you?¨ She asked, looking confused, I gulped and began to blush

¨Max, this is Quartz, she will be your tent partner¨ explained Jaime, I stared at Max´s glassy brown eyes, They rolled them.

¨Well, we better let you guys unpack¨ Micka smiled, they left, leaving me with a moody 10 year old like me.

Chapter 3: His hair was like Silk

I placed my bag under my cot, Max stared at me with her brown eyes.

¨I hate how they do not use my respected pronouns¨ Maxine told me, she fumbled with her laptop,

¨What are your pronouns?¨ I asked, sitting next to her

¨I'm trying to become a male, so, my pronouns are He/They, so please, use them, oh and Im also Asexual and Panromatic¨ He told me, I smiled and nodded, crossing my sorta tan legs, Max stared at me, ¨What camp did you sign up for?¨ He asked, I stared at him and answered blankly.

¨Sports Camp¨ Max laughed and fell backwards, I stared at him ¨Your not kidding?¨ I frowned and pushed him

¨Listen, I like sports, I've grown up playing a lot of them with my older brothers, okay!¨ I yelled at him, my blonde bangs flopping on my eyes, I blew them up.

¨And what sports do you mostly do¨ He asked

¨Swimming, Softball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Soccer, Frisbee golf, Normal Golf, ETC¨ I added, Flexing off my Arms.

¨Wow, you do rich person sports¨ He added, I growled and seized myself from ripping off his hair, I gave him the finger

¨Frick off¨ He pulled on my magenta braid, I winced as tears filled my eyes, He laughed and fixed his fishtail tights.

¨Calm down Quartz, I didn't even tug on it that hard¨ Max smiled, I fiddled with my braid shyly,

Suddenly, a Loud bell rang, it sounded like a trumpet that was being played wrong, I covered my pierced ears and winced. Max raised an eyebrow and grabbed his laptop and backpack

¨We gotta head to the Mess Hall¨ He opened the flap, I followed him, grabbing my Backpack on the way out.

¨How long have you been coming to camp¨ I asked

¨Since I was 5, But last year, My Mom married-¨ Max stopped as we made a turn.

¨There´s My favroite Little Step Sister!¨ Said Jaime again

¨She married Jaime´s Dad¨ Max covered his eyes

¨I should Correct you, It's StepBrother¨ I stood between them, Max looked angry and like he was going to cry.

¨Sorry, I'm new to Max´s pronouns, He only came out as Trans 2 days before camp a year ago¨ Jaime itched his arm and made his way back to the mess hall. We Followed

Chapter 4: New Friend or Fiend

¨So you´ve basically come here since Kindergarten?¨ I asked, Max nodded and Grabbed the wooden handles of the mess hall. He struggled to pull them, I held back my laughs as I walked closer to him, Tears had filled his eyes, I felt bad