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Chapter 1: The Mother, Senya 1

Zakuul was a planet located in Wild Space and was the capital of the Eternal Empire, a secret empire hidden from both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The planet and its empire was ruled by the Immortal Emperor, Valkorion, who was also known by many other names and titles and was considered by many who knew him to be one of, if not the most powerful force user in existence.

He was also, surprisingly, married to a Zakuulan native named Senya Tirall. She had been one of the few warriors that managed to earn a place in the Emperor's personal elite guard and never hesitated to speak her mind to anyone, even the Emperor himself. It didn't take long for a love affair to begin and a marriage to happen soon after.

For a time, things were good and the couple was happy. Until the first set of twins were born, two brothers who were named Arcann and Thexan. Both boys, like their father, were very strong in the force, even at a young age. Despite this, Valkorion couldn't have cared less about them, and they couldn't have cared less about their mother since both boys, Arcann specifically, wanted to gain their father's approval, a task which quickly proved to be impossible despite their best efforts.

Some time later, Senya gave birth to another set of twins, but this time, it was a girl and a boy named Vaylin and Kayden. The twins both concerned their mother but for very different reasons, and not because both were even stronger in the force than their older brothers who were already very strong.

Vaylin behaved like a normal child most of the time, but at times, due to her incredible strength in the force, she would do terrible things with the force when unhappy, like crushing droids and throwing things around to destroy whatever room she was in. She would have crippled or even killed a guard for dropping her ball if her brother hadn't stopped her.

Kayden looked exactly like a younger version of Arcann and Thexan, but his robes were a light gray rather than the white worn by Arcann or the black worn by Thexan and his hair, while still brown, was slightly lighter in color compared to his brothers. His personality was what concerned his mother, though she wasn't nearly as concerned about him as she was about he daughter. On the contrary, Kayden seemed to be the least trouble out of all the children, he had a bright personality and was extremely close with all his siblings, but unlike his siblings, he was also close to his mother like his twin sister, at least they had been when the two were younger.

The thing that concerned Senya about her youngest son was that he was smart, very smart to the point where sometimes his intelligence made him seem much older than he truly was. Normally, Senya would have considered this a good thing, but her youngest son seemed to be obsessed with learning anything and everything he could. She viewed it as being similar to his father's own never ending quest for more power.

Thankfully, unlike his brothers, Kayden did not seek his father's approval, in fact, the boy seemed to fear his father. Everyone who knew Valkorion feared him on at least some level, even the members of his own family, but Kayden's fear seemed to be far more intense. The boy couldn't even seem to stand being in the same room as his father and after he was able to leave his presence, he would almost become physically ill, much to the concern of his mother and siblings.

The one thing that greatly pleased Senya about all of her children was that they all deeply cared about each other and each set of twins cared extremely deeply about their other twin. Arcann and Thexan were always together in everything that they did and, while Vaylin and Kayden weren't as together as much, their bond seemed to be even stronger than the one that Arcann and Thexan had.

However, despite Kayden being born slightly after his sister, he acted more like another older brother to Vaylin than a younger brother. When Vaylin had nearly crippled the guard for dropping her ball, Kayden had immediately calmed her down with the force on instinct while also using the force to bring the ball back to her.

After that, whenever Vaylin struggled with anything, Kayden was always there to help her. It didn't matter what he was doing, whenever he sensed Vaylin having any sort of difficulties he went to her immediately to offer whatever help he could. He also did the same for his elder brothers as well, though Arcann and Thexan needed help far less than Vaylin did, but it still helped the boy to get even closer to his older brothers.

As they got older, Senya became even more concerned about her children. Kayden, despite being the youngest, actually caused her the least amount of concern since, besides his desire for knowledge, the boy was more open and loving than his other siblings and didn't seem to be as obsessed with acquiring knowledge like his father was with acquiring power. It was his other three siblings Senya was truly worried about.

Arcann and Thexan were trying harder and harder to prove themselves to their father, but all their efforts amounted to nothing and Valkorion couldn't have cared less about their achievements. The one positive that did come out of it was that both Arcann and Thexan started going to Kayden when they were having difficulties in either their studies or combat training.

Kayden never had any actual interest in learning how to fight at first, but Senya would never have allowed any of her children to end up in a situation where they couldn't at least defend themselves, so she took Kayden to be given basic training so he would at least have the skills should he ever have needed them.

Kayden quickly proved himself to be the fastest learner Senya had ever seen and once he'd been introduced to battle, like everything else he'd come across, Kayden worked very hard to learn and master anything and everything he could when it came to the art of battle. He'd mastered in just a few months, what many of the most skilled knights couldn't master in decades. His techniques were flawless, his speed was incredible, and his ferocity and unpredictability in the ring was unmatched, even by their most skilled and experienced knights.

That was actually another concern Senya had about her youngest son, though she would admit it was, in her mind, a minor concern. Before he'd started training, Senya would have never imagined Kayden could be so brutal, but when he was in the ring fighting, he was ruthless. He never crippled or seriously hurt any of the knights who sparred against him, but there had been several instances where he seemed like he had been about to go too far and just barely held himself back.

Kayden had quickly surpassed all his siblings in intelligence, power, and combat skill. But he never acted superior to any of them, or anyone in general really. He always offered his help to anyone who he felt could use it and, while Arcann and Thexan had been hesitant at first to accept help from their younger brother, both boys quickly saw the value in what Kayden was offering and began spending much more time learning together with their younger brother, but they still never spent as much time with him as Vaylin.

Vaylin, her precious daughter, was Senya's biggest concern by far. Unlike her twin, Vaylin seemed to have little to no control over her abilities and there had been several times she'd nearly lost control. Kayden had told her one day that he and Vaylin were practicing using the force on an old set of armor they had hanging from a tree, and when Vaylin got frustrated, her scream sent out a shock wave blowing everything back, including him.

Vaylin had immediately gone to her twin and started apologizing but thankfully, Kayden hadn't been hurt and immediately forgave his twin by telling her it wasn't her fault. The incident still concerned Senya and Kayden would tell her about similar instances as the years went by. The only reason Senya hadn't done anything was because no such incidents were ever seen by her as being that serious until the incident in the training ring.

Vaylin had been starting to learn how to fight but wasn't nearly as talented as her brothers. The first few times, Kayden had been there with her to give her some tips and reassurance whenever she needed it. The incident happened when Vaylin was training while Kayden was busy with his studies. She was struggling like she usually did with the techniques until something caused the girl to reach out with her force abilities and start crushing all the knights in the ring in their own suits of armor. Senya had been able to stop her daughter, but not before the knights had all been crushed to death.

After Senya checked one of the knights for signs of life, both mother and daughter noticed Valkorion was watching and had witnessed the incident. A few moments later, Kayden burst into the area and had immediately embraced his twin in a hug which caused the girl to break down and hug him back while tears and apologizes flowed out of her with Kayden just muttering 'it's okay' over and over again. It was one of the only times when Kayden seemed to be able to completely ignore his father's presence.

Once Vaylin had calmed down enough, Senya led her out of the ring but didn't miss the concerning looks Valkorion had given each of his children. The Immortal Emperor was clearly interested in what Vaylin had done, but when Kayden had started checking on the knights for any signs of life, Senya noticed the slight shake of her husband's head, the disappointment was obvious.

Kayden had spent almost every moment since the incident with Vaylin since she was clearly still distressed over what she'd done, even if it had been an accident. Shortly after that, everything got so much worse, and Senya couldn't help but blame herself for it.

Senya had gone to Valkorion and pleaded with him to help his children, his oldest sons needed their father and Vaylin needed help with her abilities. This proved to be a terrible mistake and the thing that would push all of her children away from her.

Valkorion told Senya soon after the incident that he would be taking Vaylin to Nathema to teach her discipline. That same night, Kayden had burst into Senya's room and begged his mother with tears running down his face not to let father take Vaylin away. Senya had never seen her son like that, looking so scared and vulnerable and had tried everything to calm him down but nothing worked and he just kept crying and begging his mother not to let father take his twin sister.

Senya refused, not only because she knew she didn't have the power to stop Valkorion, but she had believed at the time that this was necessary for Vaylin to learn how to control her powers. Kayden had run out of her room and locked himself in his own chambers after that.

Senya had tried to go and see her youngest son, but Kayden used the force to keep his chambers locked and closed to anyone who tried to enter, even his older brothers, who were both very concerned about their little brother, weren't let in. Kayden didn't leave the room until after Vaylin taken away the next day. Senya knew he would have left to at least say goodbye to Vaylin, but Valkorion had already forbidden that.

Senya, at least, had been able to say goodbye to her daughter when Valkorion had taken her to some sort of sanctuary on Nathema. The planet had deeply disturbed the knight due to the total absence of the force there and when Vaylin had looked back at her mother with that scared look in her eyes right before the doors to the facility closed, Senya couldn't help but wonder if she should have listened to her youngest son.

She got her answer soon after that. Kayden still had his bright personality and seemed to get even closer to his older brothers after Vaylin was gone, spending even more time with them, but Senya knew her son well enough to see the signs clearly. Vaylin's absence was hurting Kayden badly, this was especially clear with how his attitude towards Senya changed.

Before, he and Vaylin were her two children that returned her love and affections, unlike Arcann and Thexan who just ignored her. Now, Kayden was just like his brothers since he no longer seemed to want anything to do with her and whenever she tried to speak to her son, he answered in a serious tone rather than the kind voice she'd come to know and love.

She didn't like her son treating her like that and had gone to him in his chambers one night to try and fix her relationship with her youngest child or at least make it so that he wouldn't hate her anymore. The words her son had spoken to her that night would haunt her for years afterwards.

"I don't hate you mother. I don't know if I ever truly could, but that doesn't mean I can forgive you. I know you weren't strong enough to stop father, but you wouldn't even try. You knew that whatever he planned for Vaylin wouldn't be good, but you let him take her anyway. If, at the very least, you tried to help her I might be able to forgive you, but you didn't, you just abandoned her to her fate. Now Vaylin is suffering, I can sense her pain even now and I'm not strong enough to help her while she's on Nathema. I can't even go see her since father has forbidden me from visiting her! If you want my forgiveness, you need to get Vaylin's first. Until then, I don't even want to look at you. Now leave."

Her youngest son's words had cut Senya more deeply than any blade ever could. Kayden believed Senya had abandoned her own daughter and, as much as Senya wanted to deny it, she couldn't say the words and had just left, another mistake.

Kayden had stayed true to his words and had barely even looked at Senya after that conversation, despite her attempts to repair their relationship. At least he still had a strong bond with his brothers, Senya could still be thankful for that. Plus, Arcann and Thexan weren't forbidden from visiting Vaylin and, while Arcann never went to Nathema since he was always trying so hard to get his father to notice him, Thexan went to visit her quite often.

Kayden always went to Thexan before he'd leave for Nathema and ask him to give Vaylin messages and gifts from him so that his twin wouldn't think he'd abandoned her. Thexan never had a problem with these requests and always promised to let Vaylin know he was thinking of her. Also, despite Valkorion's orders, Kayden actually had attempted to visit Vaylin on more than one occasion.

The attempts always ended in failure. The first time, Valkorion had personally punished Kayden for disobeying him. Senya didn't know exactly what Valkorion had done since Kayden never spoke of that punishment, but when he'd come back to their living quarters badly wounded and barely able to walk, it was perhaps the one time that Senya, Arcann, Thexan, and Kayden had all been together and there was no uncomfortable tension since the first three were too concerned about Kayden's condition and Kayden himself had been too tired to feel much of anything.

Despite Valkorion's punishment, Kayden still made several more attempts to get to Nathema to see his twin. However, after the first attempt, Valkorion had stopped caring about what his youngest son did and just let the knights bring him back whenever he ran off, who's numbers were just barely enough to stop the Immortal Emperor's youngest son.

Finally, the nightmare happened. Senya saw and felt her only daughter's suffering and immediately understood the mornings where Kayden looked like he hadn't slept and why he'd always made his visit attempts soon after. Senya decided that she couldn't let this continue and went to Nathema to save Vaylin.

It was a complete failure. She'd managed to get inside the facility and find Vaylin. When they were leaving, several of the facilities guards tried to stop them. Senya defeated them, but when she urged her daughter to come with her, she saw a look similar to the one she'd seen in Kayden's eyes and finally realized what she had done.

She had abandoned Vaylin to a horrible fate and now, like her twin brother, Vaylin despised her for it. Valkorion himself then appeared and had several knights take Senya away from the facility while he led Vaylin back inside while Senya cried out to her, but to no avail.

Sometime later, Valkorion finally allowed Vaylin to return to to Zakuul, where she was given her first lightsaber in the throne room where her father and brothers stood, but Senya and Kayden did not. Senya hadn't gone to see her daughter due to the shame she felt for failing to save her and Kayden, once again, had been forbidden from attending, though he was finally able to see his twin again shortly after when Vaylin went to visit him in his chambers.

Senya would never know what happened between the two twins or what words were said during that time, but afterwards it was clear that, while Vaylin was still more cold and distant, their bond was as strong as ever. This, however, was not a good sign to Senya.

She'd seen the effects Valkorion had on his children and so far, the only one who was still mostly untouched was Kayden, and only because she knew her youngest son wanted nothing to do with his father and Valkorion had no interest in him and believed him to be a weak disappointment, though she knew that could still change.

Desperate and afraid, she gathered all four of her children and told them they needed to go. Thexan, Arcann, and Vaylin had all laughed and called her weak, but it was Kayden's reaction that had been the worst. The boy didn't laugh or call her weak, he didn't even seem to react at first, but when he did, it was perhaps the first and only time she'd seen and felt true hate and anger in Kayden, even his siblings all looked disturbed at the sheer amount of rage they felt from their little brother.

When Kayden finally spoke, it was in a cold and emotionless tone, and he'd just said two words that had hurt Senya even more then what he'd said during her previous talk with him.

"Then go."

He'd left immediately after saying those words and his siblings were quick to follow, leaving Senya all alone. She knew, despite the fact they were still children, they were all too strong for her to force them to come with her, even Kayden who, in that moment of hate, had reminded Senya far too much of Valkorion with the power she'd felt from her youngest son. So she'd made yet another one of her many mistakes and perhaps her worst, she left. 'I should have stayed.'

She was still a loyal knight of Zakuul and continued to do her duty, but she always took assignments far from Zakuul itself on the very edges of the Eternal Empire. Valkorion hadn't even seemed to notice or care that she'd left.

After that, the only times she saw any of her children were in broadcasts of public events, though she was still happy to see Kayden smiling during almost every event, except of course for Thexan's funeral where she learned he'd been killed in the core worlds.

The only time she'd seen Kayden look so upset was the night he'd burst into her room and begged her to help Vaylin. He wasn't crying during the funeral, but even from so far away, Senya could sense his sadness and sorrow, she was pretty sure anyone who'd seen the broadcast could have felt it, force sensitive or not.

At that moment, she had wanted so badly to return and comfort her remaining sons and daughter, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. She was still too scared of Valkorion and what he could do, even though by this point she'd realized so many of the mistakes she'd made and wanted to make up for them, but she wasn't even sure her children would remember her.

So instead, Senya did the same thing she'd done whenever she thought of her family she'd left behind, she looked out the window of the cruiser she'd been assigned to and thought about all the mistakes she'd made over the years.

She was shaken out of her thoughts when she heard the door's buzzer go off. 'Odd, I don't usually get company.'

For must of those on Zakuul, the identity of the Immortal Emperor's wife and the mother of his children was kept a secret so that Zakuul's enemies wouldn't be able to target the members of the Immortal Emperor's family. Though Senya and likely her children as well knew that even if one or all of them died, Valkorion probably wouldn't even blink.

However, those who managed to become knights of Zakuul were informed of Senya's identity as well as her children's so they would understand who they were protecting and, in the children's case, teaching.

Now however, the knights tried their best to ignore what they knew about Senya and simply treat her as a fellow knight since it was clear she'd left their Emperor's side for some reason, a reason she was glad they never questioned her about.

When she opened the door, Senya felt a smile come to her face when she saw it was Dara who'd come to visit her. Dara Nadal was an excellent knight of Zakuul and very gifted in the force, not nearly as much as Senya's children or the Emperor of course, but Senya was confident that Dara would most likely earn a place in Valkorion's personal guard at some point, she might be able to earn the position of a Knight-Captain or even Knight Commander. "Hello Dara, I wasn't expecting anyone. Has a new mission been received?"

The knight shook her head. "No ma'am. I just wanted you to be aware that Prince Kayden's recently put out another broadcast detailing his attempts to deal with crime and corruption in the Old World and thought you would like to know."

Senya felt a bigger smile come to her face when she heard that. After Thexan's death, Kayden had started working hard to make Zakuul and the Eternal Empire better and stronger in whatever ways he could. Senya wasn't too surprised that one of his first moves to do so was by cleaning up the Old World. 'He always did love places and things related to history.'

The Old World was a piece of Zakuul history, and one of the things Kayden liked learning about and studying the most as he grew up was history. Senya always knew her son had an interest in the Old World, when they were younger, he and his siblings would go and either live in the Endless Swamps for a month or go and explore the Old World together, but Kayden usually spent more time in the Old World than his siblings.

Still, Senya had been surprised and impressed by just how thoroughly Kayden had cleaned up the Old World in such a short time. He'd only started about three months ago, but according to the broadcasts, the crime rate was already down almost fifty percent and many criminals that had operated down there and eluded the knights had been found and executed personally by Kayden himself.

The first time Kayden had carried out an execution, Senya had been extremely worried. She knew there was a good chance that Kayden would change after she was gone and not for the better and feared this would be the first of many horrible changes she would witness, but after she'd seen the execution itself, those fears were mostly put to rest. Kayden had executed the criminal in a quick and painless way and, at least from what Senya could see, he took no pleasure in it, just some slight satisfaction that the criminal was dead. She compared it to when she herself had to do her duty, she didn't always enjoy it but understood it's necessity. 'Hopefully he continues to treat it as a duty.'

"Thank you Dara. If there's nothing else I'll take some time to watch that broadcast, but if anything comes up I'd like to know immediately." Senya says in a commanding voice, to which Dara nods and walks away.

She hadn't bothered to ask why Dara had told her about Kayden's broadcast since she already knew the answer. Dara had a son of her own back on Zakuul and she was smart enough to see how Senya clearly still cared about her children and had tried to inform her whenever there was any news about them. It was a simple but kind gesture, and one that Senya appreciated. 'From one mother to another.'

She walked over to her holoterminal and quickly found and started the broadcast and her son's face appeared instantly. He still looked exactly like she remembered, just like his older brothers but, even with his buzz cut hair, if she looked closely enough she could see it was still lighter than his brothers.

Senya listened while her son talked about his most recent efforts to make the Old World a better place, though she wasn't as interested in what her son talked about as she might have seen, rather she just wanted to listen to her son talk. She did perk up a little when Kayden mentioned his intentions to start cleaning up Breaktown at some point in the future and Senya knew that would likely be a much more difficult challenge for her son.

Breaktown was where the lowest of the lowest of Zakuul society was located. It was a place completely filled with crime, corruption, and torment and it wasn't a place anyone would go to unless they were already criminals themselves. She'd patrolled the area a few times before she'd joined Valkorion's elite guard and even the knights never stayed in the area for long.

She still had no doubts that if anyone could bring order to Breaktown, it would be Kayden. Once he'd set his mind to doing something, there was nothing that could stop him, except his father of course.

Unfortunately, Kayden's broadcasts were few and far between, and while Senya did still see Arcann and Vaylin in other public broadcasts, they never seemed to appear with Kayden in his. It was yet another concern Senya had about her children.

Were they drifting apart from each other? Did they still have the bonds they'd had as children? How much had they changed since she'd been gone? These were all questions Senya asked herself over and over and desperately wanted the answers to, but she had no way to get them without actually returning to see them with her own two eyes.

Again, Senya felt the pain of her mistakes and many regrets. There was so much she wished she'd done differently but now it was too late, she'd payed the price for her foolishness and was now on the very edge of the Empire dealing with any and all threats to their order and security because, despite her problems with Valkorion, she still cared about Zakuul and her children and wanted to keep them safe in any way she could.

She turned and looked out the view port while her youngest son's voice continued to speak over the holoterminal and, not for the first time, she wondered if she would ever be able to see her children in person again.


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