Well due to a certain controversial amendment to Games Workshop's Intellectual Property Guidelines, it seems that it is now necessary to make it painfully clear to any smartass lawyers that I am not breaking any of the vague, arbitrary, and enthusiasm killing rules all fan works are now subject to.

I honestly debated whether or not to include this, but after seeing TTS and several other beloved series that sparked my interest into the franchise ruined overnight, in addition to several prospective betas refusing to even consider touching a Warhammer story, I decided to be vindictive rather than sorry. All rules have been followed, quotes will be sourced to the relevant material, and I will be as passive-aggressive about it as possible.

So, here it is:

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim ownership over any characters, settings, ideas, or the other shit belonging to the respective owners of Warhammer 40K or RWBY. I doubt anyone is so petty as to try and sue over this UNOFFICIAL fanfiction born out of passion, but on the off chance someone is, know that I take no income from this work and any text borrowed from either series has been quoted as such in the spirit of fair use.

There, that is every bullet point on the GW Intellectual Property Guidelines followed to the letter. I hate having to do this, but some things unfortunately need to be said. I will neither confirm nor deny accusations of me making this disclaimer being made purely out of spite and enjoying it.

Oh, and Games Workshop?

Go frak yourself.

╭∩╮ (▀̿ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) ╭∩╮