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Chapter 67: The Parent Traps


After coming to terms on their little agreement, Silas and his team lead Swindle and Skullcruncher back to their base of operations. …Granted, it wasn't so easy since they had to somehow hide a giant, robotic crocodile, but they lucked out when they came upon an abandoned trailer and a tarp in the abandoned base's boneyard. So now, in the hidden underground M.E.C.H. facility, Silas and Swindle watched on as the group's best intel gatherers combed the web, searching for the identities of the children the latter had shown them. "Hm, the fact that you humans are capable of creating such an intricate network is impressive." Swindle mused.

"Do not underestimate our species' knack for technological advancement." Silas reprimanded. "While it IS still impressive, the internet was invented almost two-hundred years ago. It's since become a part of everyday life… and as a result, people don't treat it as special as it should be."

Swindle hummed in acknowledgment, only for several beeps to suddenly come from the computer, with one of the agents speaking up. "Sir, we've found several matches."

This made the conbot quite excited. "Already? Hah, amazing!" He peered closer to the screen, and sure enough, there they were. The humans who had stranded him on this dust ball.

Izuku Midoriya, Age 15. Quirk: Super Power

Kyoka Jiro, Age 15. Quirk: Earphone Jack

Ochako Uraraka, Age 15. Quirk: Gravity

Momo Yaoyorozu, Age 15. Quirk: Creation

Itsuka Kendo, Age 15. Quirk: Big Fist

"There they are. They seem like quite the rambunctious group."

"I doubt it." Silas shook his head. "I've served in the army before, and I know troublemakers when I see them…" He began reading the teen's profiles. "These five seem like ordinary teenager—" But then, that's when he saw it. Silas' mouth fell open when he saw the six words next to their photos, and they all said the same thing;

"Enrolling in U.A. High's Hero Course"

"…What? They go to U.A. High?!" Silas spun around and sent a glare up to Swindle. "Did you know about this?!"

"No." Swindle shook his head. "Is that a problem?"

Silas' expression hardened as he went back to the screen. "…Potentially. U.A. High School is the most prestigious Hero Academy in Japan. The same one where the Symbol of Peace, All Might, graduated from and currently teaches." He narrowed his gaze up to Swindle. "If this gets the Number One Pro Hero on our asses, then we can kiss this operation and deal goodbye."

Swindle's optics widened at that. If Silas was this concerned over this "All Might", then he had to find some way to factor him out of the equation. "…I see. Well then, we need to make certain that he doesn't find out." He sent a smirk down to Silas. "Have you or your men ever… faked an emergency situation?"

"Several times, but how can you be certain that All Might will fall for something like that?"

"What better way to make something seem real…" Swindle gestured over to his partner in crime. "…Than to have it BE real? Skully, you still have that holo-projection augmentation gear I gave ya?"

Skullcruncher smirked and gave a thumbs up. "Heh, I sure do. Beast Mode!" In one fell swoop, the Croctobot went from two legs to four, entering his beast mode, and then, something astonishing happened. A flash of blue light was briefly seen around Skullcruncher and what was once an entirely metal crocodile now appeared as an entirely organic croc… that was still monstrously huge. "Hehe, didn't think I'd ever get to use this after our stint in the swamps of Boggous 4."

A chuckle escaped Swindle's throat, seeing the members of M.E.C.H. all gawking at Skullcruncher after his little trick. "Hehe, yep! And this'll make sure All Might's preoccupied for a while." He lowered himself down next to Silas and set the scene. "Picture it; Skully bursts onto the scene on some public Japanese beach, he holds off All Might for a while, and that'll distract him from what we're doin'."

"…Not a bad idea." Silas conceded. "You're rather crafty, my devious ally."

"It's what I'm good at. Now, is there any way we can demoralized these children in the most harrowing way possible?"

Silas lifted his chin toward the agents, who immediately started typing again. "Tell me, Swindle, are you familiar with the concept of parenthood?"

The Decepticon pursed his lips, slightly disgusted when he heard the term. "Ah, yes… organic species like you breed with one another in order to pass on your genes and ensure the survival of your race. Not a fan, to be honest."

"Hm, it's personally not for me either, but it ensures us a tactical advantage in this situation." Silas explained further. "Because what better way to manipulate a child's emotions…" Right as he said that, several more profiles appeared on screen, taking Swindle aback a little. "…than to take those parents away from them?"

Once more, Swindle peered closer to the screen, going over each and every picture. Next to Itsuka were two people; a middle-aged man with sandy-brown hair and teal eyes and a woman of the same age with vibrant read hair and dark brown eyes. Then with Momo, her father had slicked back, jet-black hair like her while the mother had long, light brown hair, and they seemed to be rather fancily dressed. …Also, the mother bore a very striking resemblance to Momo, to the point she could've been mistaken as an older version of her.

Ochako had a fair resemblance to her mother as well, her parents both having brown hair. For Kyoka, though, she shared a fair number of similarities between her two parents. She had her father's eyes while having her mother's hair and Quirk. As for Izuku, though… that's where things got strange. Between his kind features, green hair and green eyes, he had several similarities with his mother. …But where his father's picture was supposed to be, there was nothing but a blank screen.

"Hm, that's odd." Swindle pointed out. "Does this "Midoriya" boy not have a male parent?"

Silas shook his head. "No, that's not the case…" He raised a questioning brow to his subordinate. "Explain."

"I-I'm sorry, sir, but even after an extensive search, we can't find much on the boy's father. All we came up with was a name…" The agent typed in another command code and the profiles of the children's parents showed up under their pictures. But, under the blank square, only a name popped up.

…And it made Silas' eyebrows raise up. "Hisashi Midoriya?"

Swindle again tilted his head toward the man. "Ring any bells?"

Placing a hand to his chin in thought, Silas pondered on the new information. "I was familiar with a man named Hisashi back when I worked with the government. …But his last name wasn't Midoriya." His gaze narrowed at the blank space. "However, given that there's no records of him anywhere on the web… it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that they're the same person. When you join secret government agencies, they tend to wipe your civilian life clean from the public record."

"Interesting… though that probably means we won't be able apprehend him." Swindle deduced.

"Yes, whether they're the same person or not, we don't have Hisashi's location… but we DO have the rest." Silas began reading off the parent's profiles one by one. "Inko Midoriya, a stay-at-home mother who works several part-time jobs. Her Quirk is Levitation, though she can only manipulate small objects."

"Next is Kyotoku and Mika Jiro." One of the M.E.C.H. agents picked up. "A pair of musicians who work at a Japanese music label. The wife's Quirk is Earphone Jack, like her daughter, but her husband's Quirk is apparently called "Power Lung". It allows him to store air in his lungs for an extended period of time, even while screaming at his max volume. Heh, guess that comes in handy as a singer."

"Then there's Ogura and Osana Uraraka." The other agent continued. "The father is a construction worker while the mother is stay-at-home. Neither of their Quirks are really remarkable, though apparently their daughter inherited a stronger version of the Gravity Quirk from her mother. Next is Isamu and Akane Kendo. Apparently, the husband's a gearhead who runs an auto repair shop while the mother is a Taekwondo teacher. Their daughter inherited her Quirk from her father. And finally… ach! N-No way!"

Silas and Swindle both leaned forward intently. "What is it?" the latter asked.

"M-Momo Yaoyorozu's parents…" the agent sputtered. "Their names are Taro and Yua. She… she's related to THOSE Yaoyorozus!"

Understanding immediately, Silas' eyes widened in astonishment. "Taro Yaoyorozu… the billionaire philanthropist and real estate mogul?"

Those five words instantly made dollar signs appear in Swindle's vision, and his smile widened so much that the shine of his metal teeth gleamed in the darkened room. "…I'm sorry, did you say billionaire?"

A single nod came from the M.E.C.H. leader. "Yes… Taro Yaoyorozu and his brother was once led an aspiring hero team who wanted to give back to the world. But, after the sudden death of his father, he inherited the family business and retired from being a hero at only 20 years old." His brows furrowed at the screen. "This immediately presents a problem, though. He and his wife are likely under constant surveillance. We won't be able to get to them easily."

"Hmm…" After thinking the situation over for a moment, a spark in Swindle's processor ignited a bright idea. "Well then, if we can't get to the parents…" He tapped his finger on Momo's picture. "Then why don't we go directly for her instead?"

"Why the sudden change in plans?" Silas questioned. "I thought you wanted these children to suffer."

Chuckling again, Swindle elaborated. "Well, think about it; if we try to capture a pair of billionaires, there's a decent chance that'd end in failure. And even if we did, their daughter wouldn't know what to do." His smirk increased as he set his sights on Momo's picture. "But… do you have ANY idea of how much an heiress' parents will pay to get HER back?"

"So you're thinking of the money, then."

"Hehe, when it comes to the kid, he ALWAYS thinks about the money." Skullcruncher said before assuming robot mode again. "And honestly? I'm in agreement. We'll get a LOT more outta this if we target the girl. After all, we might not be able to get close to her parents, but we could make a brief period where she's unsupervised. Hm? Whaddya think?"

"…An interesting idea. We'll work on it." Silas concluded, focusing on the images of their targets. "Very well. We start this operation ASAP. Contact Black and have him send the SUV—"

Just then, however, another voice popped in over the computer speakers. "Oh-ho, dear Silas…" The screen suddenly switched to an audio display, where the voice continued; "I've already heard everything. I must say, you've taken a great risk… and I like it."

A growl escaped the M.E.C.H. leader's throat. "Grah! Black! You know how much I detest your spying."

"Oh, come now, I've saved you the trouble of having to call me! Be more reasonable, would you? I'll send my squad to you soon." Black implored before his attention went to Swindle. "And as for you, our new, robotic ally… you have quite the knack for forethought. As Silas stated, I am Mr. Black. Tell me, though, what is your name again?"

Holding his head up high, the Decepticon declared his name. "Swindle, good sir. A pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise." Black reciprocated. "Well then, Swindle… I believe this will be the beginning of a VERY prosperous partnership."


~Musutafu, Japan, Two Days Later~

It had been a few days since Izuku Midoriya had come back from his internship, and his mother, Inko, couldn't be any happier for him and his progress. It was strange, but ever since his Quirk revealed itself, it seemed like he himself was changing, growing with each passing week. No longer was he the timid, slouching little boy she had raised… now, he was a strong, confident young man who stood up straight almost constantly, which had the added benefit of showing his new, toned physique.

'Goodness, if Izuku didn't have his sights set on Kyoka already, I bet he'd have ladies SWARMING him when he gets older.' Inko thought to herself in amusement. She was currently returning home from a shopping trip, walking up the steps to her apartment. 'It's amazing… every day, he resembles his father more and more.' She took a brief moment to look out to the sky, smiling wistfully. 'Hisashi… if only you could see your boy now. You'd be amazed at how much he's grown.' With that, though, she continued up the steps. She had a lot to get ready for later on that night, after all.

Just as she went to fish her keys out of her pocket, though… she saw something that made her heart briefly skip a beat. There, standing in front of her apartment waiting by the door… was a man in a strange suit. It was orange and black with… what seemed to be engine parts on the back and wheels in his boots. His lower face was left exposed, allowing her to see his rather pointy nose and chin. He adjusted the goggles over his eyes and smiled, flashing his sharp teeth. "Hah! Well, well, 'bout time you showed up!"

He pushed himself off the door frame as Inko's features were etched with fear, the woman moving to back up. "Wh-Who are you?! What're you doing at my home?"

"Hey, hey, calm down, lady, I'm not gonna hurt ya." the man assured. "The only reason I'm here is 'cause my employer's got some beef with your son. So, I'm gonna make this quick."

If anything, that terrified Inko even more. Her son already had a close call with the Hero Killer, so naturally, any more villains coming after him sent chills through her soul. "W-What do you want with Izuku?! Please don't hurt—AH!" But, in the blink of an eye, the man started rushing his way around Inko in a perfect circle, whipping all the air straight up. "W-What are you do…HAH!" Before Inko knew it… there was nothing left to breath, and it didn't take long for her to faint on the spot.

Coming to a stop, the speedster smirked at his successful capture and radioed his bosses. "This is Nanosec. Capture complete. See ya back at base." He went to pick Inko up… and immediately remembered that he was up several flights of stairs. "…Crap, should've thought this through."


Over on the complete opposite side of town, meanwhile, Kyotoku Jiro wasn't having a good time. Not because he'd been tasked by his wife to set the table… but because there'd be five placed to set instead of four. His daughter had outwitted him. She KNEW his game, wanting to put the fear of God into the boy she had made friends with. And in recognizing that, she had asked her mother exclusively if they could have Izuku's mother over as well… and of course, Mika had quickly approved of the idea WITHOUT his consultation. He loved his wife, he truly did… but she had a habit of being a fun-killer.

"Sweetheart, how's the table looking?" Mika asked from the oven, already starting the prep work for their dinner in just a couple hours.

"Pretty good, hon…" the long-haired blonde replied with a sigh. "Plates and silverware are all set." He peered over to the oven, where he saw the love of his life preparing something by hand. "Ooh, whatcha got there?"

Mika glanced back to him and smiled. "Hmhm, it's going to be katsudon. Apparently, it's Midoriya's favorite, so I went and bought some ingredients to do it homemade."

That made Kyotoku's lips tighten a bit. 'Katsudon, eh? Wonder if there's any way I can—' *chnk* "GYAH! W-What the—what did I—"

Pulling her Earphone Jack back, Mika sent her husband a narrow-eyed glare. "I will not allow you to tamper with the boy's meal, dear. Our goal should be to encourage his friendship with Kyoka, not scare him off." Her eyes drifted back to the cooking pot in front of her. "And besides, his mother will be here, and I'd rather not get taken to court for food poisoning." She heard her husband sigh again and he went to turn away… but she reached out and grabbed his hand before he could. "…Kyotoku. Do you remember what my father did to you when he found out we started dating?"

"Urp, uh… yeah." Kyotoku gulped, remembering the moment all too well. "He threatened to string me up by my… ugh, you remember the rest."

"I do. Now, would YOU want the same thing to happen to Izuku for just being a friend to Kyoka?" Mika continued, making eye contact with her husband. "I mean, they aren't even dating, dear."

"YET." The singer reminded. "They're not dating yet, and…" Craning his head down, Kyotoku's grasp on his wife's hand tightened. "…That's what I'm afraid of. I… I-I don't know if I can let our little rockstar go yet."

A soft smile graced Mika's features and she brought her husband into a hug. "I know. She's growing up so fast, and the fact that she wants to be a hero is still something that we're both trying to come to grips with, I'm sure." She pulled away to look at him again. "But remember; we supported her decision from the very beginning, and we should do the same for whatever relationships she makes… romantic or otherwise."

That made Kyotoku raise his brow. "…Every relationship?"

"Well, I mean, if it's obvious that they're a complete ass, then yes, we'd intervene." Mika admitted. "But from everything we've heard and what little we've seen, does Midoriya come off as someone who'd REALLY take advantage of our girl?"

"…No." Kyotoku let out another breath and nodded. "Alright, I'll give the kid a shot."

The man received an immediate reward when his wife leaned in and kissed him, which lasted a good five seconds before she pulled away. "Good answer. Now, let's—"


At the sound of their doorbell, the couple's heads went straight to their front door, making their way into the living room to investigate. "What in the world?" Kyotoku reached for a speaker next to their front door and pressed a button, talking directly into it. "Yes, who is it?"

"Ah! Forgive me for the intrusion!" Came a woman's voice from the other end. She sounded polite, though her Japanese was noticeably off a little. "I'm a little lost and I was hoping to ask for some directions to the nearest post office!"

Mika peeked out the nearest window, seeing a rather lost-looking teenaged girl standing just outside their gate. Her hair was a vibrant blonde with the ends dyed pink, and she wore a pink t-shirt with blue jean-shorts and a black backpack over her shoulder. She was also a foreigner, which explained why her Japanese was a bit rusty-sounding. "Please help me!" the girl bowed her head. "I've been getting on the WRONG trains all day and it's just been the worst."

A short chuckle passed Mika's lips. It wasn't the first time a foreigner asked her for directions, and she doubted it'd be the last. She went over and opened the door, calling out to the girl. "The nearest post office, you said?" Mika pointed down the street. "It should be a little ways past here. Just go down the street and take the third right, you'll be there in no time."

"Oh! Thank you so much!" the young woman smiled back. "I really appreciate it!" But then… her smile changed to a devious smirk. "Here… let me thank you."


Kyotoku and Mika were both thrown off their feet as something landed directly in front of their house… and their eyes widened as it stared back down at them. It was a large, winged, robotic unicorn, the beast taking a few extra steps forward as its horn began to glow. "M-MIKA!" Kyotoku went to shield his wife. "Get out of—"


"…Huh?" Unexpectedly, though, what expelled from the horn was nothing more than… a glittery, pink cloud of smoke. The mechanical horse stood still as the cloud fell over the pair… who suddenly started feeling quite drowsy. "W-Wha… what is… zzz…" Kyotoku's question would go unanswered as he and his wife fell to the floor, succumbing to their slumber.

"Ah, excellent work, my dear Powdered Sugar." Penelope praised after climbing over the fence, brushing her hands though her steed's mane. She raised a finger up to her comm and reported; "This is Professor Sutton, I've apprehended the Jiros. Coming back to HQ now." After loading the two onto Powdered Sugar and throwing something inside the house, the young genius took off into the sunset… leaving a street full of unconscious civilians behind. 'No witnesses.'


*Aichi Prefecture, Yaoyorozu Residence*

In a much different part of Japan, Arcee had pulled up in front of the Yaoyorozu family mansion, the front gate of which took up nearly the entire street it was on. She opened her passenger door and Momo got out, giving the pink Autobot an appreciative smile. "Thanks for driving me home, Arcee." She also sent her classmate a nod. "And you make sure to get home safe, too, alright Ochako?"

"Hmhm, I will." the brunette winked. "Right after our big dinner plans, that is."

"Ah, right!" Momo recalled. "You and Itsuka are having dinner with your families, right?"

Ochako giggled in excitement. "Hehe, yeah! Ever since we found out we lived in the same apartment building, we thought it'd be fun to have our parents meet up and we'd all do something fun together."

Hearing that, a sly grin came to the heiress' lips. "Is that so? …Apologies if I'm assuming here, but that sounds a lot like something that couples would think of doing." And just like that, Ochako's happy face went to one of utter shock. "…Did something happen on that internship that we weren't made aware of, Ochako?"

"W-W-W-WHAT?!" the Gravity user screamed as her pink cheeks went to beet red, waving her hands in front of her in instant denial. "N-No way! It's not like that AT ALL! Itsuka and I are just friends, seriously!"

Despite themselves, Momo and Arcee couldn't help but giggle a bit at how flustered she was, but they were also quick to console her, too. "Ochako, I was just kidding." Momo winked. "I know you two have gotten to become really good friends since you found out about your living arrangements, and I'm happy to see it."

"Same here." Arcee's holoform gave a thumb's up. "Speaking of which, we need to go if we're gonna make that dinner. We'll see you later, Momo."

"Y-Yeah, hah… see ya later." Ochako bowed her head to Momo as Arcee pulled away from the curb… though the moment couldn't help but linger in her mind. 'Jeez, what is wrong with me? Ugh, I get flustered WAY too easily. I mean, really, me LIKING Itsuka that way? I should've known Momo was messing with me from the start… at least, I think.'

Back at her front gate, Momo took in a deep breath and went in, where she was immediately met with a very fancy golf cart… which was manned by a large, blue-furred man. He was quite ape-like complete with a wide and low stance and rather large arms. He wore a fancy black suit, though he didn't wear any shoes thanks to his primate feet. Left his overcoat unbuttoned, too, as his chest was incredibly broad and it couldn't be closed up. "Ah, Lady Momo." the man bowed politely, addressing her in a deep voice. "I'm glad to see you've made it home safely."

"Maurice." Momo bowed back. "Thank you for picking me up, as always."

The ape man, Maurice, let out a chortle. "Hehe, always quite the trek, getting between here and the front door. I keep telling your father to invest in a moving sidewalk."

"Hah, but then he wouldn't be able to use the walkway as a drag strip anymore." Momo rolled her eyes.

"Ha! True. Come, your parents want to speak with you before they head off."

The news made Momo's eyebrows raise as she boarded the golf cart. "Mother and father are leaving tonight? This is the first I've heard of it. For what reason?"

"You'll find out once we arrive." Maurice winked before driving to the front door. After about ten-minutes, they got to their destination, where they were again met with two more suited agents.

One was a tall Englishman with dark, spikey hair and dark shades, even though it was still clearly night. He was in a similar suit as Maurice, though his was more well-kept and had the addition of black gloves and matching shoes. Next to him, though, was a rather buff Caucasian woman with long, wild blonde hair. She was also in a suit, but left the overcoat unbuttoned as well, revealing her incredibly toned abs and the fact that her upper chest was wrapped in thick tape. There were a pair of long, golden horns sticking out of her head and she wielded a MASSIVE club, her hands and feet equipped with long claws that prevented her from wearing gloves or shoes. Instead, she wore black sandals.

The woman flashed a sharp-toothed grin over to Momo as she arrived. "Hey-hey, THERE'S our little lady!"

"Oh, Toni, good evening." Momo smiled back to her personal body-guard before nodding to the tall man. "And Agent Barker, good evening to you, as well."

"Lady Momo." Barker bowed, his voice laced with a British accent. "It's good to see you home. Your parents have been waiting for you. They should be down any—" *ch-click* Not two seconds later, the rather extravagant front door opened, signaling their arrival. "Hm, speak and they shall arrive, I suppose."

Momo couldn't help but stare in amazement. Whenever her parents went out, it was usually a special occasion, but this… this must've been very special. Her father was in one of his standard suits, but he wore his favorite red tie and matching shoes, while her mother was likewise in her favorite red dress and heels. The two of them were laughing with one another as they practically danced out of their house, with her father spinning and dipping her mother on the top step. "Oh… my." Momo uttered.

This was enough to catch their attention, her mother quickly urging her husband to let her up. "O-Oh, Taro, dear..." Yua pat his shoulder.

"Right, hehe…" Taro hoisted his wife back up and they linked arms before proceeding down the step, all while speaking to their daughter. "Momo, sweetheart, welcome home."

"Father, Mother!" Momo beamed as they approached. "It's good to see you in such high spirits. Might I ask… what's the occasion?"

Yua grinned right back as she produced a piece of paper from her red purse. "This morning, we received an invitation to a very high-class auction party."

"It was arranged at literally the last minute." Taro explained further. "I checked online and one of my old friends is arranging it. Turns out his grandfather recently passed away and there's quite a number of antique memorabilia that MUST go. Including…" The Yaoyorozu patriarch pulled out his phone and showed his daughter a picture. "This."

At that point, Momo's jaw dropped. …This was either an incredible coincidence or the universe was messing with her. Because right there in front of her eyes… was a black 2023 Chevrolet Camero with red racing stripes. "Oh… my word." Momo uttered. "Father, that would be an INCREDIBLE boon to your collection."

Toni's eyes lit up when she saw the picture as well. "DAMN, boss! That's badass!"

Taro chuckled and sent them a wink. "I'm well aware. And, for the occasion, we decided to go in colors that matched the car I'm eyeing." He reached out and took hold of Yua's hand. "Which just so happen to be our FAVORITE colors."

A sigh passed Yua's lips as she leaned into her husband's chest. "And with our summer trip to Italy coming up, it'll make for the perfect car to take. Can you imagine? Driving through the scenic countryside…" Just then, her calm expression changed to a much more eager one, thrusting her arms out to make it seem like she was holding a steering wheel. "All while going at top speed like in our younger days! Haha! It should be SO invigorating!"

Momo, Taro and the mansion's security force all sweatdropped at the woman's enthusiasm. It wasn't unusual to see Yua's reservedness give way to excitement, but she seemed exceptionally so about this. "Haha, I'll say, sweetheart." Taro agreed before placing a hand on his daughter's shoulder. "We'll be back later tonight, so you'll probably be eating without us."

"That's alright, I understand." Momo nodded. "Best of luck bidding on the car, father."

"Heh, I've always got it on my side." Taro winked before linking his arm with Yua's. "Well, off we—"

"Ahem, excuse me!" The call from the front door alerted the group to another new arrival. The person strolling out of the mansion was a VERY tall man, though most of that was attributed to his long, stilt-like bird legs. He was dressed in… mostly traditional butler's attire, with the only exception being his pants which were instead shorts to accommodate his legs. Also, sticking out of his back were a pair of large, pink pheasant wings, and his wavy hair was equally as bright pink to match. He was Japanese and wore thick spectacles on his face, though he had to lean down slightly in order to look his employer in the eye. "I suggest you take these if you want to go anywhere, sir."

Taro glanced down to the silver platter… and saw that it had his keys on it. "Oh, HA! Thank you so much, Takeru." He took his keys and quickly pocketed them. "I must be so excited about the Camero that I forgot I had to take SOMETHING to get to the auction house."

The butler, Takeru, adjusted his glasses and bowed politely. "It's my pleasure, sir. With Mr. Uchimura on vacation, SOMEONE has to stay on top of things here. Though I still wish you'd allow me to drive you…" He stood to his full height and scanned his eyes across the area. "I can't explain why, but… I have an odd feeling about tonight."

"Ah, you're being superstitious, Takeru." Taro shrugged off. "You were always the cautious one, even more so than Jon over there."

Agent Barker's eyebrows furrowed. "Sir, I have a right to be cautious when it comes to the safety of your family." The Brit craned his head down slightly. "That said, if you're confident in this decision, then I won't stop you. But if there's any sign of trouble, please call at once."

Maurice extended a hand out to his friend. "But we'll hold the line here, as always."

"Thank you, everyone. Now…" Taro nudged his head toward Yua. "Shall we?"

"Let's." With that, the couple made their way over to the garage and came out moments later in a blue Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, its engine revving up before it took straight off down the driveway.

Momo wore a sarcastic grin and rolled her eyes over to Maurice. "You see? He is incorrigible."

Takeru groaned in exasperation after seeing the peel-out himself. "Ugh, fantastic. More skid marks to cover up." He shook his head and diverted his attention to Momo. "But that can wait until tomorrow. Lady Momo, I believe it's almost time for your nightly study session. Shall we get started?"

"Hm, of course. Thank you, Takeru."

As they went into the mansion, though, Agent Barker whispered to Toni; "Go with them. I want the young miss well-guarded tonight." Toni responded with an understanding hum and followed the two in, leaving just Barker and Maurice outside. "Come, we'll do a quick sweep of the perimeter."

The gorilla man hesitantly followed his more high-strung companion, not feeling the same worry as he was. "I have to say, your instincts must be kicking into overdrive tonight, Jon." Maurice didn't get an immediate response, so he decide to keep going. "Your concern for Momo's safety is understandable, undoubtedly. But remember, she just got back from an internship at Edgeshot's agency. If there's anyone who'd be able to teach the young miss about self-defense, it's the Number Four Hero."

"I don't doubt the young miss's abilities, Maurice, but—" *snap* "Wait. …Did you hear that?" Barker's head snapped over to the heavily wooded area of the estate, his eyes beginning to glow a bright yellow. "I swear, I heard something in there."

"Hm? I didn't—w-wait!" Maurice backed away as Agent Barker's whole body began to change. Where once stood a man now stood a large, black-furred werewolf, its maw open and fangs bared. "Oh jeez…"

"Grr… I'm going to investigate." Barker growled. "Remain here, I'll signal if I need backup."

Maurice stretched his hand out as the werewolf went on all fours and bounded into the darkness. "Jon, wait! …Hah, what's the use? He has a one-track mind." The gorilla man kept his focus on the trees, hearing the rustling of Barker's movements getting further and further away… until a perturbing noise came from the forest.


…Followed by a pained howl. "GRAAWROOO!"

A chill went through Maurice's very core. "JON!" Without a moment to spare, he put a hand to his earpiece and called the others. "Toni! Takeru! Lock the mansion up! We have an intruder!" He didn't even give them a moment to reply before he was off, bounding through the trees at surprising speed. As he raced into the forest, his mind was also racing, begrudging himself for not taking his friend seriously. 'Dammit! He was right! There IS something going on… GAH! I should've gone with him!' Thankfully, it didn't take long for him to come across his lycanthropic friend… but when he saw him, he let out a gasp.

Barker was laid out on the forest floor, clutching at an arrow in his side. "Grah… A-Maurice… get away from here!" he growled. "The young miss needs to be secured!"

"Already on it." Maurice assured as he landed on the ground. "Takeru and Toni are locking up the mansion as we speak." He approached his friend and inspected the wound, noting the angle of the arrow… as well as how archaic it was. "I have to say, never would've expected someone to use an arrow in today's day and age. What are we, animals to be hunted?" That earned him a deadpan glare from the werewolf, which was returned with a sheepish smile. "E-Erm, let me rephrase that—"

"Just get the damned thing out of me."

But Maurice shook his head. "Can't do that, not without bringing you to a doctor. That thing could've punctured an artery for all we know." He went to pick Barker up gently. "Come on, we're getting you to—erk! …Uuuugh." Unfortunately, the ape man wouldn't get to do that as he fell forward, losing consciousness immediately.

"Maurice? MAURICE!" Barker went to stand, ignoring the stinging pain in his side. "I-I've gotta get—AGH!" A flash of light out the corner of his eye alerted him to something flying in from the trees, and he avoided it just in time. Seeing it stuck in the ground, he identified it as another arrow… with a syringe as an arrow head. A similar syringe was sticking out of Maurice's backside, no doubt used to put him to sleep.

"Ach, bollocks to you, good sir!"

Barker's head flew up, his enhanced hearing allowing him to pinpoint the direction the voice came from. "Come out and show yourself, villain!"

"Hah, I would hardly call myself a villain, even if my compatriots prefer that monicker. I consider myself more of a… dashing rogue, if you will." The agent's head whipped around in shock. The voice was moving at surprising speeds around him, leaving him confused. "Though I also think of myself as MANY things. A master marksman, a chivalrous gentleman, and of course…"


"AUGH!" One kick to the back of the head and Barker was once again on the forest floor, where he was immediately hit again and taken out cold.

Standing over him, the Angry Archer wore a victorious, buck-toothed grin. "…An expert ventriloquist. Fare thee well, beasts! I must now procure what I came here for… the lovely young lass! Tally-ho!" Leaping back into the trees, Archer shot a zipline arrow back toward the mansion, allowing him a quick and easy traversal through the woods.

Back at the mansion itself, things were going into complete lockdown. Doors were being locked, windows shuttered, and any other potential entrances were closed off all together. All the while, Takeru and Toni were rushing Momo straight to her room, all while the girl was left reeling by everything happening. "W-What is going on?! What's happened with Maurice and Agent Barker?!"

"We aren't sure yet, miss." Takeru replied, reaching her room and opening the door. "But we cannot take any chances if a villain is on the mansion grounds."

"Now get in there and get into your closet, young lady!" Toni demanded, pushing Momo into the… incredibly spacious room within a room. "We'll come get you if there's any updates, but for now, just lay low."

Momo nodded in understanding. "R-Right, of course…" As the door closed, though, the Creation user made a snap decision, taking out her phone to send out a message. But then…


"AAH!" Momo shrieked as the explosion rocked the walls around her, seeing a flash of light from under the door. She quickly typed the message to her parents and sent it, her brain then moving on to quickly go over her other options. 'Come on, Momo, think. Edgeshot told you that the key to any tight situation is to think clearly and on your feet.' She could hear footsteps approaching at this point. 'I don't know if I can prevent myself from being kidnapped. If I use my Quirk to fight him, I'd be breaking the law… but nothing says I can't use my Quirk to make sure they FIND me.'

With that in mind, she quickly used her Creation Quirk and hid what she made just under her coat rack, making sure it'd be spotted by anyone who came in… except for the villain. Momo stood up right as door opened… where she was met with a man dressed like Robin Hood. "Ah-ah! There you are, fair maiden! I had a feeling that these ruffians would keep you close at hand."

"Y-YOU sir, are the only ruffian I see!" the heiress declared with a swipe of her hand, only for the Archer to catch her by the wrist. "Gah!"

"Oh! Ah-ah, I would not try to abscond now, if I were you. After all…" The Archer craned his head back to the unconscious Toni and Takeru, both sporting light burn marks from the explosion. "You could end up like them."

"Wha… What did you DO to them?!"

Raising a finger, the Archer wagged it at her. "Oh, worry not, I simply used some of my patented knock-out gas on them. However, their injuries COULD always be worse…" He leaned forward and narrowed his eyes at her. "We would not want that, now would we, dear girl?"


Their sights went straight to the bolted door, which was starting to splinter as something rammed into it. "LADY MOMO! Are you alright?!" one guard shouted. "We're coming in!"

"Hmph, of course." Reaching into his quiver, the Archer took out an explosive arrow, removing the head of it so that it was just a regular bomb. "I shall make this a far easier decision for you. Come with me or your entire security force gets blown to smithereens the moment they barge in. Clock's ticking, my dear."

Pursing her lips, Momo knew this was a no-win situation. "No, I'll… I'll come quietly. I can only assume you want to ransom me to my parents, correct?"

"Precisely." Returning the bomb to his quiver, the Archer yanked Momo straight to the window, where a small escape ship came lowering down to meet them. "Now, all aboard my trusty steed! Sir Silas has already made accommodations for your arrival."

'…Silas?' Momo wondered to herself, ignoring the fact that she was now locked into the passenger seat by several clamps. 'Where have I heard that name before?' Little did she know that she would soon find out as the ship took off into the night, leaving a devastated security force behind in its wake.


Meanwhile, Taro Yaoyorozu was currently… very confused. "What the…" He and his wife could only stare in confusion at the abandoned building in front of them, one that was on the outskirts of town and very much NOT an auction house. "Did… did we get the wrong address?" he asked, glancing to his beloved Yua.

Holding up the invitation, Yua's eyes shifted between the address on the paper and the one on the outside gate. And indeed, they were a match. "It… seems correct." She furrowed her brow and sent a concerned look to her husband. "Taro, something doesn't seem right about this."

"Hm, you're right, dear." the billionaire agreed, getting out of his car with Yua not far behind. "I'm starting to think this is either some prank by my friend, or… our mail might've been tampered with."

The couple approached the gate with trepidation, scanning the darkened lot to see if there was anyone or even anything else there with them. But, right as they were about to approach the building itself… a voice called out to them. "Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Yaoyorozu, right on time." The couple gasped and whirled around, just in time to see a small drone copter come flying down in front of them. It hovered about seven feet above the ground before aiming a tiny lens down below, projecting a holographic image. Before them stood a scarred, older man in black body armor, his countenance quite grim even with an unsettling smile on his face. "I see you received my invitation."

"Y-Your invitation?" Taro stood in front of his wife, instinctually entering his protect mode. "What do you mean? This invite was from a friend of mine! Where's the auction house? And who are you?!"

"Well, obviously it's not here." The man replied sarcastically. "But as for who I am… I name is Silas, and I am here to inform you that one of my agents has just performed a successful raid on your home." The rich couple were struck with horror, but the next piece of news MUCH more harrowing for them. "Furthermore, we have your daughter."

And that's when Yua lost it. "NO!" In a flash, the woman created a knife in her hand, raising it threateningly at Silas while her husband held her back. "You son of a bitch! If you so much as hurt a single HAIR on my baby girl's head, I swear, I will add MORE scars to your face!"

"Y-Yua, please! Breathe!" But Taro had to admit, he was just as upset as she was. Their daughter had just been taken by… whoever these people were, and he wouldn't stand for it. After bringing his wife back to his side, he glared at Silas, his eyes briefly flashing bright red. "What is it you want, you bastard? Ransom?"

"Very astute of you, Mr. Yaoyorozu." Silas affirmed, briefly glanced over to a seething Yua. "And worry not, ma'am, I wouldn't dream of injuring your daughter. After all, she is a valuable bargaining chip." If anything, that only made Yua even MORE upset. "As for the ransom… ten million. And that's in U.S. dollars, please."

Taro clenched his teeth. That was steep, as expected, but getting his daughter back was worth any price. "…Fine. Name the time and place."

But Silas shook his head. "Not yet. My people must make certain that the police are not involved. Should you try to go to them… it will not end well for you. Hm?" The leader of M.E.C.H. briefly shifted his eyes away, his attention caught by someone else. "Ah, excellent." He nodded to the Yaoyorozus one last time. "Forgive me, but some other… guests of mine have arrived. I will deliver the time and location to you first thing in the morning. Right now, though, I suggest you check in on your home. My mercenary left it in a rather sorry state. Farewell."

The hologram disappeared and the drone began flying away, much to Yua's disdain. "No! You low-life cretin, you GET BACK HERE!" Despite her wrathful screams, there was nothing she could do to stop it… and it wasn't long before her distress gave way to anguish. "AAAAAAUUGHH!" Yua fell to her knees and wept, Taro keeping hold of her shoulders as he fell with her. "Damn it! DAMN IT! We should've listened to Jon! He was RIGHT!"

"…He was." Taro's anger was growing by the second. How had he not SEEN it? He should've trusted his best guardsman from the start. "…This is my mistake, though. And I'm GOING to correct it." He cupped his wife's cheek, bringing her watery eyes up to meet his. "I swear, Yua, I will get our daughter back. I promise."

"T-Taro… AGH!" Yua fell into his embrace and cried as hard as she could, all while he comforted her. …But then, something odd happened. *blip-blip* "W-What?" Wiping her tears away, Yua reached into her purse and pulled out her cellphone, her eyes widening when she saw who sent the message. "M-Momo!"

Taken aback, Taro's attention snapped right to the phone. "What?! H-How is that possible?"

It was just as baffling to Yua, too… until she saw the time it was sent. "She… she sent this twenty minutes ago. It probably didn't reach me until now because of a poor signal. Which means it was probably before she got taken…" Opening the message, Yua was only left confused. "W-Wait… a phone number?"

"A number…" A glimmer of hope sparked in Taro's mind as he reached for his own phone. "M-Maybe it belongs to someone who can help!"

"A-Are you sure, dear?"

"Only one way to find out." Taro replied, holding the phone up to his ear… and praying he'd get someone who could fix this mess.


Back in Musutafu, Jazz had just turned onto Kyoka's street, the Autobot escorting his charge home as he usually did every day. "So, tonight's the big night!" His holoform craned his head toward Kyoka in his passenger seat. "The night that you and Izuku tackle your biggest challenge! You ready for this, Kyo?

Taking a deep breath, the punk rocker steadied herself. "As ready as I'm gonna be. I think I've finally just accepted that there's no avoiding this. Izuku would've had to have met my parents eventually anyway, so…"

"Yeah, I feel ya." Jazz nodded. "Still, I'm bettin' it won't be as bad as… uh…" He trailed off when he noticed something very odd. There were people littered all across the street, and they seemed to be just waking up from a collective nap on the ground. "Uh, Kyo? Is it normal for humans to just konk out in the middle of the street?"

"No." Kyoka replied, also suspicious of what was going on. "I'm just as weirded out as… as…" But once her eyes drifted to her house, Kyoka saw that something was VERY off about it. Namely that the front door was wide open, and no one was outside. "…Oh god. Jazz, pull over." Thankfully, Jazz picked up on it quickly and did so, the two of them climbing out and rushing straight to the gate. Once they got past that and entered the home, Kyoka shouted; "Mom?! Dad?! Why the hell's the door open?!

"Pardon me!" Jazz called in as well, making the shoes from his holoform literally disappear. "Sorry for comin' in unannounced!"

As the two split off and went through the house on either side, Kyoka immediately saw something VERY alarming. "AGH! Who left the damn stove on?!" She rushed over and switched it off. Thankfully, it was only on low, but it was still enough to bring the pot of water on it to a light boil. But then, she noticed the ingredients strewn about the countertop, her eyebrows knitting together nervously. "Wait… they were prepping dinner. Izuku and Inko are supposed to be here in half an hour, why isn't it ready—"

"KYO!" The purplette whipped around as Jazz came sprinting in, holding something in his hand. "I scanned the place and the house is completely empty save for us. But I did find somethin' that probably shouldn't be here." He presented it to her, revealing that it was a flat, square-shaped device with a small lens in the middle.

"Woah, this looks like the same thing U.A. used to deliver our entrance exam results earlier this year." Kyoka pressed down on the activation button, her apprehension rising. If her parents weren't there… then this might provide some sort of clue. "I guess… let's see what's on it."


Across town, Izuku had just arrived at his apartment complex with Bumblebee, and he was in a very similar situation. The moment they had pulled up to the building, the One for All inheritor had noticed that something was off instantly when the lights to his home weren't on. 'Mom usually only leaves them off when she's out… and she's normally back by this hour.' He checked the time on his phone; 6:30 P.M. 'And the dinner's in half an hour. I doubt she'd miss it. …There is one more thing I could try, though.'

Izuku glanced over to his best friend. "Bee, stay on lookout for me. I need to check something."

"Zrkt—Copy that." Bee's holoform saluted.

Getting out of the Autobot's Beetle form, Izuku briefly scanned the area. "Nobody's around… and no one seems to be at their windows."He knew he could get in trouble for this, but it was the fastest way up. He activated Full Cowling and quickly shot up to his apartment floor, grabbing hold of the railing and vaulting himself over to his door. After making sure no one called him out for it, he dashed up to his door and turned the handle. As he'd feared, it was locked. "Damn it… mom, where are you? You're never usually back THIS late."

Taking out his own home key, Izuku unlocked his apartment and cautiously stepped inside, shifting his eyes around incase this was some sort of ambush. He flicked the lights on and… nothing. Not a soul to be seen. He shut the door and brought up Full Cowling again, doing a complete sweep of the place. No sign of his mother, not even in her room. At this point, Izuku's mind was racing, trying to rationalize what could've happened. "O-Okay, calm down, she might've just gotten held up by a villain attack, it's a normal occurrence… only I would've heard of it by now if that was the case. M-Maybe shopping took a bit longer than she thought? No, no, mom's lists are pretty concise, so THAT couldn't be it… huh?"

Before he could go onto a full-on mumble-fest, though, Izuku spotted something he initially missed on the floor. It was a flat, black, square-shaped device with a lens in it. He recognized it as a holo-projector, the same type that U.A. often used. It was near the door, so he assumed it had been slipped under… and if anything, that increased his fear tenfold. "Oh god, oh god, oh god…" He reached down and pressed down on it, activating the device.

From the lens, a holographic screen appeared… and who he saw on it was NOT who he was expecting. "I-Is it on? Are we rolling?" Pulling his head into frame, Swindle peered down the camera and a nefarious smile came to his face. "Ah, good! We're on. Ahem, greetings, young Izuku Midoriya. It's been quite a while, hasn't it?"

"S…Swindle?" Izuku uttered in horror. "W-What is this? How did you—"

"If you're thinking of speaking back to me, don't bother." Swindle pointed downward. "This message is pre-recorded. 'Course, you must be wondering, how DID I get this into your home? And for that matter… where, oh where, could your… erm, what's the word?" A soft voice could be heard off screen and Swindle picked it back up a second later. "Ah, yes, "mother"! Where could your MOTHER be, hm?"

"You… YOU…" It didn't take long for Izuku to get what the Decepticon was implying, his fear growing into rage as Full Cowling instinctively overtook his form.

A chuckle passed through Swindle's vocal processor. "Hmhm, well, the short answer is that I've made some new human allies who share a common goal with myself; to obtain the best technology and weaponry for our self-interests." He raised a finger at Izuku with an accusing glare. "But before that… I've got another goal in mind; to make you and your little femme friends pay for what you did to my ship and merchandise! And what better way to do that… than to hold your family up for ransom? Don't worry, we're not gonna hurt your loved ones… yet. Not unless you can bring us what we ask for." Swindle glanced down and nodded to someone offscreen to which he wrapped his message up. "Well, I've gotta move on to the next calling card. I have no doubt you'll tell the Autobots about this, but don't even try searching for us. You won't even be able to guess where we are. I will send you and your little friends the terms of the ransom tomorrow. Until then… pleasant dreams. Hahaha!"

The message cut out and the screen disappeared, leaving Izuku to fall to his knees as his emotions roiled within him. Swindle… had taken his mother. His mother. 'No… no, this can't be happening, this HAS to be a dream!' Izuku squeezed his arm until it bruised, but it was no use. He couldn't wake up from this nightmare. He belted out an anguished scream, slamming his fists down and cracking the floorboards. "AAAAAAAUUUGGH!"

As tears trickled down his cheeks, Izuku heard his phone go off in his pocket… and that's when another factor of this reality hit him. Swindle said he wasn't JUST going after his mother, but also the parents of his "femme friends". 'Wh-Who was with me that day again?' he thought, his mind still reeling. 'It was… Uraraka, Kendo, Yaoyorozu and… oh god.' His hand flew to his pocket and he took out his phone. Just as he feared… it was Kyoka. He answered it right away and didn't even say hello, getting straight to the point. "K-Kyoka! Listen to me, you need to—"

"Hic… I-Izuku…" The sound the greenette was greeted with was one he was hoping to never hear in his life. Kyoka… was sad. "H-He took them! SWINDLE TOOK MY MOM AND DAD!"

It was harrowing for Izuku, hearing his normally confident best friend sound so… defeated. She sounded on the verge of bursting into tears, and as much as he didn't want to, the news he had to share would only add fuel to the fire. "I… I know. He took my mom, too." Izuku choked out.

"No… no, NO! FUCK!" Izuku heard something break on the other end of the line and Kyoka began crying in earnest. He could hear what sounded like Jazz trying to calm her down, but it was helping at all. "Izuku, w-w-what do we do?! We can't let him get away with this bullshit!"

"I-I know, Kyoka, please… please, we need to stay calm." Izuku took a deep breath and got to his feet, stomping on the hologram projector on his way out. "I'm heading back to base to tell Optimus. I suggest you get back there… and if you can, try reaching Uraraka and Kendo, they're on the target list, too. I'll see if I can get in contact with Yaoyorozu."

"Damn that Decepticon asshole!" Kyoka roared on the other end. "A-Alright, I'm gonna call them. Please, Izuku, stay safe."

Izuku gave a resolute nod. "Yeah, I—huh?" Just then, his phone beeped in his ear, signaling another incoming call. He didn't recognize the number, but the Caller ID did give the name, and Izuku's eyes widened when he saw it. '…Yaoyorozu, Taro? What?' He gave a brief explanation to Kyoka before switching to the other line, answering; "H-Hello? You've reached Izuku Midoriya…"

He was greeted by the hesitant voice of a man, who seemed a bit perplexed. "Izuku Midoriya… er, I-I'm sorry to have called this late, but I was told to contact you. You're… a friend of Momo's, correct?"

"I… y-yes, we share the same class together."

"Hah, okay, that's a relief." the man sighed. "Forgive my caution, but… I am Taro Yaoyorozu, Momo's father. Please, if there's any way you can help—"

"S-Sir, please, slow down." Izuku's brows furrowed in confusion. What was Momo's father doing calling him? He expected HER to, but this was just strange. "What's going on? Are you okay?"

He heard Taro take a deep breath on the other side, trying to settle himself down. "I-I'm sorry, but… my wife and I just received some incredibly awful news. Our… our little girl's been kidnapped." The revelation made everything click in Izuku's head, and it became even clearer when Taro went on. "She's being held for ransom by a man names "Silas". Momo texted your number to us before she was captured, so please, if there's any way you can help us—"

"We will reward you to our BEST ability!" a woman cried out, taking Izuku aback. "Just please, help us save our little girl!"

The desperate pleas didn't fall on deaf ears. With every word, Izuku's anger grew more and more, to the point where the energy of Full Cowling threatened to lash out from One for All's host. But, even so, Izuku took a deep breath and steadied himself. He couldn't lose his cool, not yet. That would be saved for Swindle and whatever villains he teamed up with. "Sir, ma'am… I know what you're going through right now. These same villains… they've kidnapped my mom and Kyoka's, parents."

He heard two terrified gasps on the other end, with Yua asking; "O-Oh god! Midoriya, did… did you do something to anger these people?!"

"Not directly." Izuku denied. "But they've partnered up with someone who we DID anger. Where are you right now?"

"We're in an abandoned lot." Taro answered. "They tricked us into coming here by tampering with an invitation in our mail."

"Okay, I want you to stay RIGHT where you are and don't go anywhere." Izuku leapt straight down from his floor and landed in a tuck and roll, right next to a startled Bumblebee. "Please text me your location as well, that way we can get you easier."

But that only made the couple even more confused. "Get us? What are you—"

Izuku practically slammed the door of Bee's vehicle mode as he got in the passenger seat. "Don't worry, things will be made a lot clearer soon. I'm sorry, I need to go for now, but I'll contact you when we're ready. Please stay put, and bye for now." He hung up before Taro could get another word in, and he gave Bumblebee a somber gaze. "Bee… contact Prime and get a GroundBridge here. …Mom, Kyoka's parents, and Momo all have been kidnapped."

Bumblebee didn't need any more than that as an excuse to step on the gas.


~25 Minutes Later~

Yua was restlessly pacing through the abandoned lot as Taro spoke on the phone, having made multiple calls over the course of almost a half-hour. But, when he hung up this time, he pocketed his phone, the first time he's done so since calling Izuku. Yua's head snapped to him and she ran over as fast as her heels would let her. "Well? How are things back home?"

"Hah… well, Jon's been taken to the on-site doctor to get healed up, and Maurice, Takeru and Toni are just coming to." Taro reached out and grasped his wife's hand, running his thumb over the back of it in apprehension. "They… they sounded so disappointed in themselves, Yua. But I told them that none of this was their fault. …It was mine. I should've taken Jon and Takeru's concerns more seriously, and because of that, we were caught with our pants down."

"Taro, please." Yua pulled her arm around his neck, bringing him into her embrace. "We don't need to play the blame game here. We've lived in that house for almost twenty years and we haven't seen anything at this threat level happen before. Whoever these people are, they're too good for their OWN good." Pulling back, Yua put on a determined expression. "And because of that, they're going to pay for what they've done."

Despite his depressed state, Taro couldn't help but smile at his beloved wife, bringing a hand up to cup her cheek. "And that, my dear, is why I married you." The couple kissed briefly before Taro brought something else up. "Oh… and I also called my brother. He's on his way."

That made Yua's eyebrows go straight up in shock. "Y-Your brother's here? I thought he was in America doing his Hero work."

"Heh… yeah, it was meant to be a surprise, but… he's home!" Taro waved his hands. "Surprise!"

"Oh dear." Yua rolled her eyes. "Well, it's certainly going to be interesting."

*blip-blip* *blip-blip*

Before they could discuss the matter further, Taro's phone went off again, and he immediately brought it to his ear. "H-Hello? Midoriya?"

"M-Mr. Yaoyorozu! Good, I'm glad you picked up so soon." Izuku replied. "We're ready to pick you up. You're still in the same place as before, right?"

Taro's features hardened, none too pleased about how the boy was being so vague. "Yes, but WHY did you tell us to stay put? And at a time like this? I want answers, young man."

Izuku stammered on the other end. "A-And you will sir! VERY soon, I promise. Just… be prepared for what you're about to see. Mei, fire it up."


Yua and Taro both flinched and spun around, a bright light and loud sound alerting them to… something very strange. Directly in the middle of the lot was a massive vortex of bluish-green light, one that nearly left them blinded with how bright it was. Their mouths were agape by what they were seeing, but Izuku's voice snapped them out of their stupor. "Please proceed through the portal, both of you. We'll meet up and you'll get your answers there."

"I… I understand." Taro replied. "See you soon." He hung up and looked to Yua, who was naturally hesitant to do anything. But then, Taro reached out and grasped her hand once again, giving her a nod. "For Momo."

"…Right." Yua reciprocated. "For Momo." Their decision made, the married couple strode through the portal… and once they emerged through the other side, they stepped into a place that neither of them were expecting. It appeared to be an abandoned factory, though the room they were in was chock-full of high-tech equipment that neither of them recognized. In fact, they quickly realized that were STANDING in a piece of equipment as the portal dissipated, revealing the massive metal archway above them. "Oh… my."

"Sir, ma'am." The duo craned their heads around to see… a very disheartening sight. A pair of children who they could only deduce were Izuku and Kyoka. They appeared quite disheveled and so distraught, their eyes red and puffy from crying so much. "I…I-I'm glad you're here." Izuku bowed to them.

Kyoka did the same. "Yes, thank you. We… we couldn't have predicted that all of this would happen. I-I'm so sorry."

"No! No, don't be, dear." Yua asserted, walking up to greet the young girl. "You must be Kyoka. Momo speaks very highly of you. Honestly, I think you're the first real friend that she's ever truly had." She smiled softly to her. "And she treasures that greatly."

Kyoka choked back a sob and almost fell to her knees, but Yua caught her before she could. "Hic—P-Please, Mrs. Yao—"

"Call me Yua." the woman insisted, still smiling down to her. "I realize our last name can be a mouthful."

"…Y-Yua." Kyoka corrected herself as she wiped tears away from her place. "Please, please don't make me cry more. I've already cried more times than I really need this week." After taking a shaky breath, Kyoka collected herself and put on a more determined gaze. "But I promise you, we WILL get Yaomomo back. Those bastards took our parents, too, so they've made this SUPER personal."

As they were talking, though, Taro was looking around the place… and quickly realized where they were. "Wait a minute. This is… one of my father's old manufacturing plants!" When he spun back toward the group, a shiver went down Izuku's spine as he stormed up to him, his eyes flashing between red and black. "This place was shut down YEARS ago. What in the world is going on here?! Is THIS where you kids have been hanging out after school?! I want answers!"

Thankfully, Izuku was saved by the arrival of a certain bot. "I am afraid WE are to blame for that, sir." Izuku and Kyoka smiled in relief while Yua and Taro were left even more perplexed when several vehicles of various size, shape and color came rolling into the room. Taro had to do a doubletake when he even saw some incredibly vintage cars among them, including a yellow VW Beetle. Leading the pack was a red and blue semi-truck, which pulled to a stop directly in front of the bridge platform. "Your daughter is the reason we have a place to call home here, and for that, we cannot be more grateful." the voice continued. "And it is for that reason… that I will do everything in my power to see that she is returned to you safely."

"Who… who are you?" Taro asked, his brows furrowed as he stepped in front of Yua with an arm outstretched. "What do you mean you've "made this place your home"?"

"For some time, sir, we have lived among you. Hiding in plain sight. And unfortunately, our presence on Earth has brought our enemies here… from beyond the stars." the voice continued. "And, much to my regret, it is one of these enemies who has aided in the theft of your daughter. And for that, I am truly sorry."

"Sir." Izuku spoke up, giving Taro a solemn stare. "Before you see this, know that these are the good guys here." The greenette pointed to the semi-truck. "And he never goes back on his word. We're going to make everything right. No matter what." He craned his head back to the truck and nodded. "Do it."


Taro and Yua let out simultaneous yelps as the vehicles suddenly began changing shape, their parts shifting and moving all around until they each had transformed… into a group of large, humanoid robots. Standing in a semi-circle around the rich couple, Bumblebee, Jazz, Bulkhead, Red Alert, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Strongarm, and Springer peered down at them, with Optimus Prime towering before them in the center.

"W-Wha… What is this?!" Taro exclaimed.

"What in the world is happening?" Yua questioned in a trembling voice.

The Autobot leader slowly took a knee, getting down to eye-level with the humans. "Mr. and Mrs. Yaoyorozu, my name is Optimus Prime. And these… are my Autobots." Optimus narrowed his optics gravely. "We need to speak immediately. Time grows short, and we must make haste if we are to save your daughter."


~Shizuoka Prefecture~

Ochako and Itsuka were trying to remain as calm as they could. Of all nights for something like THIS to happen, it just had to be the night where their families were meeting for dinner. They had excused themselves from the table at the same time for different reasons, but in reality, it was actually the same. They'd gotten a message from Kyoka, and what they saw made their stomachs drop. Swindle was coming after them… or more specifically, their parents. Thankfully, Jazz had already informed Prime, and Arcee and Flare-Up were on their way there. But still, they had to make up some excuse as to why they had to leave the restaurant.

"How the heck are we gonna do this?" Ochako asked the redhead as they approached their table, where their folks were laughing it up and having a good time. "They don't exactly seem keen on moving."

Itsuka took a deep breath, going over their options. "Well… we could always tell them the truth." That earned an incredulous look from Ochako, but the martial artist elaborated further. "Not the WHOLE truth, just part of it. Tell them about what happened, then say we need to get out of here because the villains said that we're their next target."

The brunette pursed her lips, still uncertain about the plan. "And we just don't explain WHY there are villains after us?"

Her neighbor only gave a shrug. "I mean, that can be covered up by Sector Seven later, right?"

"I… don't know if that's how that works." Ochako sighed, finding no better solution to their problem. "But I guess if that's our best shot, then we should go for it."

As they got closer to the table, they were just in time to hear Itsuka's father, Isamu, let out a hearty laugh. "AHAHA! I've gotta say, I still can't get over the fact that our girls were neighbors this whole time and didn't even notice until AFTER the Sports Festival!"

"Heh, I know, right?" Ochako's father, Ogura, replied. "Talk about a strange twist of fate, huh?"

"And now suddenly they're doing everything together." Osuna giggled, the Gravity user's mother placing a hand on her cheek. "Doing homework, going to the same internship, it's kind of cute, honestly."

Itsuka's mother, Akane, nodded in approval. "Yeah, and they've become quite the pair of martial artists. That Battle Hero is no joke, I'll tell ya that." Out the corner of her eye, Akane spotted her the two girls coming back rather hastily, catching her attention. "Oh, honey! There you are. I was wondering what was taking—"

"Mom, dad, everyone, we need to go NOW." Itsuka interrupted.

"Something awful has happened!" Ochako added, making it clear that whatever was happening was no joke.

Both Isamu and Ogura stood up, their daughter's distress garnering their full focus. "Woah, girls, slow down." the former urged, reaching out to touch Itsuka's shoulder. "What's going on? What happened?"

"Our friend, Kyoka just called and…" Itsuka swallowed hard. "Her parents have been kidnapped. A-And so have Izuku's."

A round of gasps went across the table, and the parents were left even more stunned when Ochako added to it. "They… they also received a message from the ones who did it. They said that… you guys are next."

The adults could hardly believe what they were hearing, though. "W-What?" Akane stood up next. "Why the hell would WE be targeted by these people? We haven't done any—"


"GYAAAAHH!" A loud, collective scream echoed through the restaurants, the patrons running for their lives as the wall closest to the group's table fell in. The two families ran away as well, but were brought to a halt went a large pillar was thrown in their way, forcing them to stop and spin around to whoever was coming through.

Stepping through the cloud of dust was a massive, muscular man with dull grey skin, a white, handlebar mustache, and wore green goggles over his eyes. He only wore a tight, black body suite and a grey utility belt around his waist, though his shoulders seemed to have a pair of power cells surgically implanted in them, which gave him his power. Looming over the six of them, Colossus Rhodes SLAMMED his fist into his palm. "Ya know, I was only s'posed to take your parents in. But thinkin' about it more…" A nefarious smirk spread across his face. "I think Swindle will find it even better if I bring YOU girlies in, too!"


A/N: Man, things are just NOT going well for our heroes, are they? Izuku and Kyoka's parents got kidnapped along with Momo, the Yaoyorozus are now in on the Transformer's secret as a result, and now Ochako, Itsuka, and THEIR families are all in the sights of Colossus Rhodes. Swindle, M.E.C.H. and the S.U.V. are proving to be one fairly effective team so far. But of course, this is only PART of their plan. We'll see how the other part involving Skullcruncher distracting All Might goes in the next part.

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