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Harry anxiously waited at the foot of the stairs to the girl's dormitory in Ravenclaw tower. It was the night of the Yule Ball, where Harry, alongside his fellow Triwizard Champions would need to have the opening dance. Harry was exceptionally worried about that, knowing that while he had taken the dancing lessons Andy had given him very seriously, as well as the additional ones Daphne had pounded into him during the lead up to this event he didn't think he was properly prepared for that many eyes to be on him.

He felt even worse though for Fleur. Fleur had the same problem as he did, but unfortunately didn't have the benefit of a date she was particularly friendly with to share the burden. Harry had Luna, a girl he loved dearly to open the dance with him, who would forgive him if he stepped on her toes, and was absolutely thrilled at getting to be a princess tonight. Cedric, who was waiting with him in the common room, had his longtime girlfriend Cho, who he said was his rock through tumultuous times in his life. Viktor had a good friend in Lavender, who it seemed he was quite taken with, and she had been flattered, though was unsure if she reciprocated his feelings. She had elected to be his date though, saying she believed they would have fun, even if they didn't feel the sparks of romance during the night.

Fluer, though, had had no such luck. Her only male friends were Harry, Viktor, and Ivan, who each had their own dates so were unavailable. Neville had needed to take Hannah, who had finally built up enough courage to ask him out, leading to a quick and voracious yes. Fleur's options outside of them were very limited. Most boys in the school were completely overwhelmed by her allure, which was not something conducive to providing her with a good experience for the night. After spending a day sending her allure at various boys across the school, she had found only one with anywhere near enough resistance to not be made a blubbering fool if she released her allure at full blast. That had been Roger Davies, the boy who had made a pass at her on Halloween. She had been disappointed, but accepted the outcome. She imagined he would realize she wasn't interested in him quickly, and leave for some other girl.

Turning his attention back to the stairs, Harry's draw dropped as Hermione, Padma, and Luna came down, he recognized that Cho was with them, but his mind was elsewhere. Hermione had worn a beautiful periwinkle blue dress, and had done her hair in a way that contained it's usual bushiness. Her smile was wide and white, no longer marred by the larger front teeth she had been self conscious of for her life. Harry had told her many times that he thought they were cute, but she had had enough and made Madame Pomfrey shrink them for her. They now were a more average size, which had done wonders for her confidence in her smile. Harry was happy she was happy.

Padma came down in a wonderful pink saree, which hugged her figure closely, and complemented her dark hair and mocha colored skin beautifully. She smiled at him in a way that made his knees buckle, completely entranced by her beauty.

Luna had worn a beautiful silver dress, with stars embroidered into the fabric. Her hair was curled in these glorious cascading ribbons, and she wore a small tiara with a sapphire in the center. Harry knew that Luna was a lovely looking girl, but he had never seen her dressed up so properly she looked absolutely stunning tonight.

"Like what you see Harry?" Padma asked, walking her fingers up his chest as she closed the distance between them.

"Absolutely. All three of you look gorgeous tonight." Harry said, giving Padma a kiss on the lips.

"Flatterer. Expecting something tonight?" Padma asked, giving him a look Harry didn't really know how to place.

"Well, I'm expecting to be dancing so much my feet get tired. I've got five girlfriends I have to shuffle through, plus Fleur, Marianne, Astoria, and Ginny. That doesn't even count if Hannah, Lavender, Tracey, or Parvati want one from me." Harry said, shaking his head.

"Not what I meant, but I suppose that's good enough. Either of you want a turn before we head down? It'll be tougher to get a moment alone with him while we're there." Padma said, turning to the other two.

"Let me, I haven't had a proper kiss from him in a few days." Hermione said, stepping up to Harry as Padma stepped out of the way.

"What do you mean? I kissed you goodnight and good morning?" Harry asked.

"You gave me pecks on the lips, I want a real kiss." She said, as she pulled Harry's mouth to hers. Her tongue shot into her boyfriend's mouth as she moaned into his embrace. Harry wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. This is what she meant by a proper kiss? He would have to make sure she got more.

The two separated after a moment, goofy grins on both of their faces.

"My turn Harry." Luna said, as Harry leaned down to capture her lips. Unlike his kiss with Hermione, which had been almost ravenous with her desire, Luna preferred her kisses to be softer and more gentle. Harry held her snugly in his arms, gently rocking her back and forth as their tongues took short gentle swipes at each other. They separated with a smile at each other.

"While I do enjoy that, unfortunately we can't stay here forever. Luna and I have a dance to open, and I've got two other girlfriends who I have promised dances to. Have to be fair and spread the love." Harry said, looking at his girls. "We'll have time for more of this later."

"Holding you to that Harry." Padma said. "Now let's go."

As the group made their way down to the Great Hall, which had been expanded and redecorated to hold the event, they met up with Susan and Daphne, who each took their turns for a quick make-out session with Harry. Daphne was wearing a beautiful emerald green dress not too dissimilar to the one she had worn to her debut, though it wasn't the same, as the blonde had filled out quite a bit since then. Susan wore a beautiful golden gown, which contrasted nicely with her fiery orange hair.

"I really am the luckiest bloke in the world huh? Five beautiful girls as my dates for the night?" Harry asked, a smile on his face.

"You know it. Still disappointed that I don't get to open the dance with you, but Luna deserves it just as much as the rest of us." Daphne said, giving him a light punch to the shoulder.

"Do you girls have other people you intend to dance with during the night?" Harry asked, looking over at them. He knew they didn't have too many male friends.

"I imagine we'll probably get one with Viktor and Cedric, and if Hannah can keep her hands off Neville for some part of the night, one with him too. Maybe Ivan?" Susan asked. "Obviously just as friends."

"Didn't think otherwise. I have girls I'm just friends with I plan to dance with too. Don't feel like you have to stay off the floor just because I'm busy." Harry said. "I certainly won't be able to keep up with all of you."

"Oh, I do have something for that. Here." Daphne said, pulling a small flask from her pocket. "It's Wiggenweld. Take a sip whenever you feel a bit fatigued. Don't take the whole thing at once though, this is meant to be a long-lasting high potency version."

"Won't I get in trouble with teachers thinking it's alcohol?" Harry asked.

"A quick revealing charm will show that it's Wiggenweld. Nothing against the rules about that. Besides, you need it to keep up with us." Daphne said. "Now come on loverboy, we've got a ball to attend."

The opening ceremony for the Yule Ball was thankfully very short. Dumbledore gave a short speech about how lovely it was for the schools to come together for the event, and how he was happy that many people brought students from other schools as their dates. He then brought out the Champions and gave them the floor, as the band started a slower song for the Champions to dance to.

Harry felt the many eyes on him as he and Luna glided along the dance floor in their own little section, and the nervousness must have been showing on his face. "There is no need to worry Harry. You are doing very well." Luna said, smiling up at him.

"I appreciate the sentiment Luna, but these nerves are really getting to me." Harry said, as he pulled her a bit closer.

"While they are watching, they aren't judging. I imagine there are more eyes on Fleur than on you. After all, she doesn't seem very happy with her date." Luna said, glancing over at the French girl.

"I had hoped Roger would be a better date for her, he hadn't made a great first impression on her initially, but it seems even after that she doesn't like him very much." Harry said, somewhat sad for his friend.

"You will need to make sure she has a good time tonight, get her away from him." Luna said.

"Shouldn't you be more concerned with having a good time yourself? While I do plan on trying to cheer Fleur up later, it is you that I'm dancing with right now." Harry said.

"I have a Harry to make me happy all the time. I would be equally as happy to simply be sitting on your lap in the Sphinx Club room right now while we read over a book. Although dressing up has been rather fun." Luna said. "Do you like the dress?"

"I love the dress, it screams Luna and you look good in it." Harry said, taking a chance to look down at the garment.

"Sorry I don't have much in the way of breasts to fill it out more. I imagine that would be quite titillating for you to look down." Luna said, causing Harry to cough a bit.

"Don't catch me off guard with something like that Luna." Harry said, trying to regain his composure.

"But it's no fun if you see it coming." Luna said, looking around as the first dance ended. "It seems that our opening number is finished. I believe you should switch off for another girl. I'll see you when it is my turn again."

"Are you sure? You could get another if you wanted." Harry said. The girls hadn't laid out any specific order for the night, largely expecting to just shuffle him around as they wanted.

"I'll be okay. I believe the other girls have something special planned, and I don't want to be in their way." Luna said with a smile. "Have a good time Harry!"

"There you are. lover boy. You and Luna looked so cute." Daphne said as she wrapped her arms around Harry's shoulders and Harry grabbed her waist.

"I'm glad you think so." Harry said, as the pair slowly turned in their dance. "Thank you for the Wiggenweld, I'm sure I'll need it before the night is over."

"You're welcome, I know our relationship is weird, and having so many of us will make it hard to keep up. You're doing a good job, the potion should just hopefully make it easier." Daphne said. "Those dancing lessons have done pretty well, you haven't stepped on my toes once."

"I wouldn't jinx it. The night is still young, and my stompers are ready for action!" Harry joked, taking an exaggerated step with his foot. Daphne laughed.

"I think I'd rather have something else over top of me." Daphne said sultrily.

Harry pulled at his collar a bit. "I uh… can't tell what you mean." He said, his eyes trying not to make contact with hers.

"Is it really such a surprise Harry? We've been dating for nearly two years now, you're attractive, and I intend to spend the rest of my life with you. Why wouldn't I want some more… intimate attention?" Daphne asked, leaning up to whisper in his ear. "I know I'm not the only one of us looking for a piece of Mr. Potter tonight. I imagine you'll be very busy. Luna found us a nice secluded spot away from everyone. With your permission, we'll be having our wicked ways with you."

Harry froze as he looked at Daphne. There's no way he heard her right. "You don't mean." Harry said, dumbfounded.

"Oh yes I do. I know myself and Padma are more than ready, and I believe Susan is more on the side of doing it than not. I imagine it'll depend on how she feels at the end of the night. Hermione I'm unsure of, although if you asked her, I know she would say yes." Daphne said. "You should, it would be unfair of her to miss out on the fun."

"But… what about Luna?" Harry asked, worried for his youngest girl.

"She's said she's not ready for that step yet, but said she's more than happy for us to go ahead and take it. She even joked about watching." Daphne said, her voice whispering huskily into his ear. "You let us take care of you afterwards once you finish taking care of us tonight. Especially if something I think is going to happen happens, you'll have your hands full from tonight on."

"What do you think is going to happen?" Harry asked.

"I'll keep my cards close to my chest for now. Just because I think it'll happen doesn't mean it will." Daphne said. "Now, my song is over. Go get Padma, she wants to talk to you about tonight."

Harry reciprocated the kiss as Padma gave it to him, but his mind was focused elsewhere for a moment. The information Daphne had given him had short circuited his brain a bit, and seeing Padma in her saree hadn't helped matters.

"So, Daphne told you about our plans for tonight?" Padma asked, after separating from his mouth. "You look so frightened."

"It's not every day a bloke has his girlfriend effectively tell him 'hey, you're getting shagged tonight by me and possibly 3 others.'" Harry said, managing to pull himself back down to Earth.

"One would hope not, but most blokes would also be too excited to even think about being nervous. Yet here you are." Padma said, laughing a bit. "You're aware this doesn't happen without your say so right?"

"I know, but I'd be stupid to pass it up. It's not like I'm not interested, it's just. Well I've never done anything like that before. Doing it with only one of you girls was set up to be a terrifying, if exciting night of my life. The fact that four of you might be there? I'm worried I might not stack up." Harry said.

"If you're worried about your equipment, I can speak for all of us and say you're fine in that regard. If you're worried about stamina, there are potions for that, and it's not like we'd think less of you if you need one. There ARE more of us than a normal man would have after all. I'd be concerned if you could completely handle all of us without some kind of help." Padma said. "Just relax darling. We love you, that's why we want this. It's not just hormones, although that certainly is part of it, we just realized that we want you, all of you. Tonight was a good night to give it to you. To give you the last firsts we can. At least until you walk us down the aisle."

"Still not over the offer at the start of the tournament?" Harry asked.

"I'm holding you to it. Although I was wanting to start formalizing marriage talks this year anyway. I'm turning 15 this coming year after all, which is when Magical Families really start taking marriage offers seriously. If we were both in India, we would have been having this talk shortly after I turned 14." Padma said. "I worry for Parvati, since she hasn't found a boy of her own yet."

"Parvati seems to attract a good deal of attention. I doubt there's any concern over her not finding a boyfriend." Harry said. "She looks like you after all, so she's gorgeous."

"You calling my sister pretty in front of me?" Padma asks with a sly grin.

"Only because she's your identical twin. You know you're my favorite of you two." Harry said, giving her a quick kiss.

"I know, but I love hearing you say it. Parvati gets attention from boys for sure, but I worry about her finding a good one. I lucked out because I fell in love with a boy who is not only lovely to me, but from a respected family. You're everything I could dream for in a boyfriend, Harry, and even my grandparents who are staunch traditionalists in India, can't find any faults in our match." Padma said. "Sometimes I half expect them to try and have you sign a contract where you marry us both."

"Please tell me you're joking." Harry said.

"I'm not, while it would be unorthodox, if you had a brother they would be an ideal candidate for my sister. Since you don't, and Parvati doesn't have any specific match of her own, it wouldn't surprise me if my grandparents ask my dad to give us both away to you." Padma said.

"That sounds… well not right by my standards." Harry said, squeezing her a bit. "What do you think about it?"

"I want Parv to find something like what we have. Even if she found it WITH you that would be fine, but she deserves the chance to find it on her own." Padma said.

"You seem oddly fine with the thought of there being another girl in this group." Harry noticed.

"We're pretty sure there's one other who will be joining us, even if you haven't figured it out yet. We've been trying to get you used to the idea." Padma said. "I only tell you this now because I think you're open enough to it to consider it."

"So all that talk of 'completing my Hogwarts set? You want me to have another girl from Gryffindor?" Harry asked.

"Not necessarily from Gryffindor, that was just an avenue we pursued in getting you to think about it. Lavender isn't really interested in you like a boyfriend, and I think Parvati would prefer to have a boyfriend that she doesn't share with me. The only other Gryffindor girl we could even really consider would be Katie Bell, and you don't know each other well." Padma said. "What we do know is there is at least one other girl who is interested in you and only you. She hasn't spoken to us yet, but we can tell. We want her to speak with you."

"Doesn't that mean that you guys would get less time with me? Doesn't that bother you? You don't have to share me anymore if you don't want to." Harry said.

"We know, but we also know that she doesn't just have a schoolgirl crush on you, or feelings for the 'Boy-Who-Lived'. She is in love with Harry Potter, the same Harry we do. Just because she wasn't at that point when we started doesn't mean she shouldn't be allowed her chance." Padma said.

"What are your thoughts on the matter? Not the consensus, what does Padma think?" Harry asked.

"I think she's lovely, and someone I would love to have as sister-wife. I also know that it would be nearly impossible for her to find anyone else who can fill the role you've taken in her heart. While there is always some part of me that wants you all to myself, I know that I wouldn't be truly happy with it. The other's feelings are just as strong for you as mine, and you need to have many children to further your line anyway. The deal we get out of being with you is among the best we could possibly have in our situation." Padma said, leaning up and kissing him. "Not every pureblood girl gets to truly fall in love with someone she's going to marry. So many are political marriages. Parvati and I were raised such that we knew it was a possibility, although our parents would take measures to assure that we liked, if not loved our suitors. I imagine Daphne and Susan were raised similarly. Luna likely would have been, had her father been a more traditional man."

"So the teasing from Marianne is just another part of this ploy?" Harry asked.

"No, she does also have feelings for you. She just also has them for Ivan. If she did decide to go for you over him, we would have discussions, but I believe she would be a fine sister-wife." Padma said.

"You're really on about us getting married recently." Harry noticed.

"Of course I am. I love you, and you could ask me to marry you right now and I'd start wedding plans. Although I'd make sure you were asking the other girls first. I know I'm spending the rest of my life with you Harry. That is equal parts exciting and terrifying, but I wouldn't trade it for the world." Padma said, as the music began to die down. "That's my song finished, go find Susan." Padma added, pushing him off.

Harry, after the conversations he had had with Daphne and Padma, was having some difficulties keeping his eyes from wandering to Susan's assets as they danced. It wasn't helping that the song the band was playing right now was particularly upbeat, causing the girl to bounce happily on her feet, allowing her chest to bounce in a particularly eye-catching way. "Daphne and Padma told you about tonight then." Susan said, noticing his slightly wandering gaze.

"I'm sorry." Harry apologized, looking rather ashamed with himself.

"Don't be, do you think I chose this dress for you NOT to look?" Susan said, as she subtly pushed her arms together to emphasize her cleavage. "I don't like other boys staring, but you can do it as much as you like Harry, provided you remember the girl behind them."

"You know I could never do that Susan." Harry said, as he kissed her on top of her head. "You know I would love you with or without your…. I believe you called them sweater puppies in the past?"

"I did, and I know. I'm honestly glad you are looking at them, it's making me slightly less nervous about tonight, knowing you'll have some part of me that you find appealing." Susan said.

"I find all of Susan appealing, and while her most important feature is in her chest, it's not her boobs. It's her heart." Harry said, taking a finger and poking where her heart is.

"Careful Harry, don't want to get too handsy before tonight." Susan said, batting her eyelashes. "If you want something you'll need to wait."

"You women are going to kill me." Harry said, his face flushing completely.

"Good. It means our feminine charms are working." Susan said, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. "I'm glad about tonight. I was nervous, but having you here? I'm not anymore. I know I'm making the right choice. I love you Harry, heart and soul."

"I love you too Susan, heart and soul." Harry said, pulling her closer to him.

After Harry and Susan's dance ended, Harry quickly made his way over to Hermione, who was sitting on one of the benches near the edge of the dancefloor.

"Care for a dance my dear?" Harry asked, reaching his hand down to her.

"Have you been off your feet yet?" Hermione asked.

"I haven't, but I believe that after you I may take a seat for a moment. You are the final one of my girlfriends to get a dance after all." Harry said.

"We'll dance for half the song then, but then you sit down. I'm not much of a dancer anyway." Hermione said as she took his hand and stood up. The pair wrapped their arms around each other and began to sway in their own little corner of the dance floor.

"So, Daphne and Padma told me about something interesting." Harry said, trying to figure out how to broach the subject.

"Oh. Yes. I suppose they would have." Hermione said, her face flushing red.

"What do you think about it?" Harry asked, holding her close.

"I don't know what to think really." Hermione said. "I know I love you. I want to be with you. This is just…I am unsure of what I should do."

"You know I won't force you into anything. I wouldn't do that, and we both know I couldn't do that even if I did want to." Harry said, smiling a bit at her.

"I know. I want this. I want you. I am just unsure if I am ready for that step. This is not just the… fooling around we did at the World Cup. This is… well this is the big step." Hermione said.

"I know it's a big step. That's why I want you to be totally sure when you make it." Harry said. "I won't think any less of you, or love you any less if you don't want to do this tonight. I can even tell the others they need to wait if you're that uncomfortable with it."

"NO! Do not do that." Hermione said. "My reservations should not make you cancel tonight for the other girls. We all agreed that it was okay for those who wanted to do it tonight. We had a long conversation about that already."

"Alright. I won't cancel. Just understand that I love you Mione. No matter what happens, you were my first friend, and I love you just as much as all the others." Harry said, holding her close. "I would love the chance to have you tonight. To show you how much I love you. But I won't make you be there. You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

"Then… maybe I will just watch. I know it is… strange. But so much of our relationship is strange. There will be times in the future that I will need to watch, maybe this will be the first. Maybe watching will… make me want to do it." Hermione said.

"That… that's pretty titillating." Harry said, coughing a bit.

"I imagine it would be." Hermione said, flashing him her beautiful white smile. "I bet you just can not wait for the five of us to have our hands all over you."

"Where'd that shy girl go who was unsure about this?" Harry asked playfully.

"She's in here, but she also knows that she wants you, and even if she doesn't go ALL the way, she still wants some of her man." Hermione said. "I did read something in a book that I think you would find… exciting."

"I didn't realize you read those kinds of books, Hermione." Harry said.

"I didn't before the World Cup. But once we decided to… progress our relationship, I realized I could use some advice, and I do not believe asking my mother would be ideal." Hermione said. "I believe this is enough dancing for now. Sit down, have a drink. Once you've rested a bit. I would like you to go check on Fleur. I don't like how her date was looking at her."

"Yes dear." Harry said, kissing her as the pair sat down.

Harry wandered through the small section of a rose garden that had been constructed just outside of the Great Hall. Marianne had said that Fleur had come this way after separating from her date not too long ago. Harry found Fleur, sat alone on a bench, gazing at the moon on the cold winter night.

"Knut for your thoughts Fleur?" Harry asked, taking the seat beside her. Fleur was wearing a beautiful silver chiffon dress, that hugged her figure quite nicely.

"Oh, 'ello 'Arry. Should you not be dancing with your girls?" Fleur asked, turning to look at him. A deep sadness filled her eyes.

"Perhaps, but they, as well as I, were worried about you. We noticed you didn't seem to enjoy Roger's company very much." Harry said, looking at her.

"I wish not to speak of zat cretin." Fleur said, scowling a little at the ground.

"I'm sorry I suggested you go with him then. I just couldn't think of anyone who might do better." Harry apologized. Finding Fleur a date had been quite the nightmare. Of all the men in the school, the only ones she felt that would do things other than ogle her the whole night, Roger was the only one that was free.

"It is not your fault 'Arry. You cannot control the actions of an imbecile like him." Fleur said. "I should 'ave known 'is resistance to the allure was an act. Once we were together 'e attempted to grope me like a common 'ore." Fleur said bitterly.

"He didn't?!" Harry said in disbelief. "Looks like I'll need to go have a talk with him. No one does something like that to my friend and gets away with it." Harry said, starting to get up.

"Non. Do not get yourself in trouble for my sake. 'E did not last long before I dealt with 'im myself and left. I believe I may 'ave broken 'is foot." Fleur said.

"Are you sure Fleur? I can go…" Harry started, working through his mind the things he could do to Roger. The older boy may have more education than Harry, but Harry knew Roger had no dueling training, he could dismantle him quickly.

"I am quite sure 'Arry. I would rather you sit 'ere with me." Fleur said, urging him to sit back down. Harry obliged.

"Your girlfriends told me they 'ad something special planned for you tonight." Fleur said, leaning back against the bench.

"They did?" Harry asked, bewildered.

"Oui… they 'ad… invited me." Fleur said.

"I'm sorry about that. I guess maybe they misunderstood something." Harry said, somewhat concerned.

"No, I believe they understood something quite clearly." Fleur said, before turning to Harry. "'Arry, what do you think of me?"

"Well… I think you're a lovely girl. A fierce duelist, and one of my closest friends. I am ecstatic that I had the chance to meet and get to know you." Harry said truthfully.

"Would you do me a favor 'Arry, please cast Lumos with this wand." Fleur said, pulling her wand from her person and handing it to him.

"I thought you said that only someone you loved could cast a spell with it?" Harry asked.

"I did. Please try, for me." Fleur said, as Harry took it.

"Lumos." Harry incanted, and a brilliant light shone from the tip, brighter than all of the stars in the sky.

"I knew it." Fleur said, looking at Harry. "I suspected, but I know now. Harry, only someone I love with all of my heart, could cast a spell with my wand. I know there are others, but I love you 'Arry. I realized I was infatuated with you before the World Cup this year, and I was so excited to spend the year with you 'ere at 'Ogwarts. Getting to spend zis time with you… my feelings blossomed, ballooning into something more. When a Veela falls in love, she does so for life. My feelings for you will never wane 'Arry. Please… let me love you."

Harry was stunned for a moment. Fleur… was in love with him? He wouldn't believe it, but the proof was here in front of him. Ollivander and Tracey had both confirmed that a Veela hair wand would only work for one who was loved wholly by the owner. Someone as wonderful as Fleur, was in love with someone like him.

"'Arry, please say something. Zis silence is 'urting me." Fleur said.

"I'm sorry, I just… really? Me? Fleur, you're wonderful. Why me?" Harry asked, looking to the older girl.

"Is it so 'ard to imagine 'Arry? There are already five girls who love you like I do, why would there not be a sixth?" Fleur asked. "You are everything I could ask for 'Arry. I want you more than anything."

"You're the one they were talking about." Harry muttered, realizing what Padma had meant by there being another girl.

"Oui. I had not spoken to them about my feelings, but it seems they knew without me needing to. They know the love they see in each other's eyes when they look at you, and recognized it in me." Fleur said. "I love you 'Arry, and if you will 'ave me, I would be yours and only yours from now on."

"Are you sure Fleur?" Harry asked, looking to the older girl.

"More than I 'ave been of anything in my life. My heart, my soul, my magic, it calls for you. It needs you." Fleur said.

"Then… I guess we'll be in this together." Harry said, turning to look at her. "I don't know how to handle six girlfriends, but I didn't know how to handle five when this started. I suppose I will learn."

"You will do fine 'Arry. As long as you love us, nothing can go wrong." Fleur said, as she leaned in and kissed him.