Today is a bit of a special occasion. Why? Because today is Ganyu's birthday! Happy birthday, Ganyu! She's honestly my favorite character from Genshin and sort of what motivated me to be a bit more interested in it. Prior to her, I sort of had an uninterested and somewhat casual glance at the game, then she popped up, I grew to like her, and it eventually led to me trying the game out. I don't have Ganyu, but I've been saving up for her. I think I got like… uh… 4K or 5K Primogems saved up? I think? I don't remember the exact count.

So, in honor of her birthday, a little one-shot to celebrate it. This will be… Aeyu… I think the ship name is? I'm not totally sure what it is, tbh. And while I personally prefer Traveler Lumine, I do like Aether and Ganyu as a pair. Just… cause.

Alright, let's get this birthday celebration rolling!

Disclaimers: Genshin Impact belongs to Mihoyo. Special thanks to Muk and Sean for giving me some feedback on a particular scene.

Aether let out an exhausted sigh as he fell over backwards on the ground, simply staring at the evening sky for a little bit.

"Hey, you can't go to bed yet. We have to get back to Liyue Harbor!" Paimon reminded him.

"It can wait…" Aether tiredly responded.

To this, Paimon pulled out a book from Aether's bag and simply showed him the highlighted date in it that had been circled and marked numerous times.

'December 2nd- Ganyu's Birthday'

This caused Aether to instantly stand up and make a run for the teleport statues. Paimon giggled a little before following after him. He let out a bit of a pant as he saw the closest one was a fair bit away, only for him to channel the Electro power to boost his speed through the roof…

After a quick stop by somewhere to quickly bathe and look nice, Aether headed off to the building that the Liyue Qixing operated out of in the harbor city. His walking led him to the city at just around sun-up, which made him smile a bit. He took a moment to settle his nerves before he walked on in and looked around a bit.

"Over there," Paimon whispered to him, motioning over to where Ganyu was.

Aether simply smiled as he walked over to her and then spoke up, "Hello."

"Oh, hello, Traveler. Is it business or personal that you're here?" Ganyu asked in a formal manner.

"Personal. Shall we get going?" Aether asked with a smile.


"You said we could spend time together today."

Ganyu blinked a bit, then looked over to a small list she had and saw that, indeed, it said she was set to have the day off.

"That… I did. I promise I'll be ready to help you with whatever it is you need after I'm done," Ganyu assured him, quickly getting a piece of paper that needed to be signed.

Aether just narrowed his eyes at her a little bit, then let out a heavy sigh…

"Hey, I'm taking Ganyu out of here for the day. She said she would be having the day off," Aether spoke up.



The people in the building looked to see Aether had picked Ganyu up and was carrying her over his shoulder like she was a sack of potatoes.

"You said you put in the paperwork to have today off, so I'm making sure you accept it and relax a little," was all Aether said as he walked towards the door with Ganyu in tow.

The other employees in the building watched this display and decided to not say anything about it as they tried to keep their focus on the work they would need to deal with while Ganyu was having her day off.

Ganyu just exhaled, realizing Aether wasn't going to be stopping anytime soon, so she should just accept the scenario she was in. He walked along for a bit and then soon put her down, then quickly pulled out his day planner.

"Did you forget what day it is?" Aether asked.

She blinked a bit and tried to think about it a little, only for Aether to show the book to remind her.

"Oh. My birthday? That's today. …oh…"

"Did you forget your own birthday?" Aether soon questioned, which made Ganyu laugh a little nervously, "Well, let me be the very first to tell you… happy birthday, Ganyu."

"Thank you, Aether. I appreciate it," Ganyu said with a smile, "...and now I see why it is you asked me to take today off. I assume you wanted to spend some time with me?"

"Indeed I do," Aether smiled, "Come on. Let's just have some fun today."

With that, he gently offered her his hand. Ganyu couldn't help but give a very faint blush before she accepted it and he guided her off, the two walking together.

The two walked along the south exit of the harbor city and towards some of the mountains that lined the area.

"I heard recently you were making preparations to travel to Sumeru. How has that been going?" Ganyu soon asked.

"Slow, but steady. But, enough about that. I want to focus on you today," Aether informed her, quickly turning around, "So… where would you like to go? Say it, and I'll do my best to get you there. …as long as it's not anywhere further than Mondstadt or Inazuma…"

Ganyu gave an understanding nod, then thought a little bit about it, "Well… I've never been to Mondstadt before."

"Alright. Here we go," Aether smiled as he walked forward, gently guiding Ganyu forward. They soon arrived at a statue, which Aether gently placed his free hand on. A light shined from the statue, which made Ganyu quickly cover up her eyes with her other arm…

When the lights faded away, Ganyu gently moved her arm out of her face… then gasped upon seeing they were actually in Mondstadt. She looked around in shock and wonder, then glanced over towards Aether.

"Tada~! Welcome to the land of freedom," he proclaimed.

"… did you… huh…?" Ganyu started to question out of genuine shock, only to get a bit of a 'shh' motion from him.

"Just a little trick, but shh…" he told her.

"Oh, Traveler~!"

Aether turned and gave a small smile as another girl hurried over to him, soon followed by an older gentleman.

"Good to see you," the older gentleman greeted.

"Same to you two. Oh, uh, Ganyu, these are Amber and Kaeya. Amber, Kaeya, this is Ganyu. She's the special friend I told you guys about the last time I was here," Aether informed the two.

"Oh, it's nice to finally meet you!" the girl, Amber, happily greeted, "The Traveler told us you're an archer. How about we have a little competition in the future?"

"Uh… maybe? I'd have to look into my schedule…" Ganyu quickly responded to the earnest and bouncy girl.

"No worries. The Traveler told us you'd be busy, but I do hope we can hang out at some point!" Amber beamed.

"As do I, seeing as we share a Vision," the man, Kaeya, added as he motioned to his own Cryo Vision.

Ganyu didn't quite know what to say in response, so she gave a small nod of her head to the two.

"Oh! Have a great birthday, Ganyu," Amber smiled.

"Yeah. Happy birthday," Kaeya added on.

"Thank you."

With that, they both headed off to leave the duo alone. Aether smiled and, taking Ganyu's hand in his own, guided her towards a small restaurant and handed her a menu.

"Order as much as you'd like, Ganyu. I'll cover the bill," Aether told her.

"Really? Are you sure about that?"

"It's your special day, and I have means to get more Mora anyway. Have as much as you like."

"Paimon recommends the sticky honey roast! It's so good!" Paimon quickly chimed in.


Ten minutes later, Ganyu had finished her third of the sticky honey roast, while Aether was still working on the food he had ordered. Ganyu smiled, leaning a bit into her seat, as she patted her stomach.

"You like the food?" Aether spoke up.

"Yeah…" Ganyu nodded.

"Alright. We're gonna head off to Inazuma in a bit, there's a surprise waiting for you there," Aether told her.

"...really? Are you sure it'll be safe for us?" Ganyu questioned.

"The borders opened up after he knocked some sense into the ruler there, so it's all good," Paimon informed her quickly.

After Aether paid, he and Ganyu walked a little bit, and soon happened upon someone playing a lyre for a bit. Aether kept walking, only for the person to notice them.

"Oh, hi there!" he greeted.

"Oh, hey, Venti," Aether waved.

"Good to see you, Traveler. Oh? Who's this pretty lady?" Venti asked.

"This is Ganyu. She's the friend I talked about," Aether informed.

Venti gave a small nod, then started to play a birthday song on his lyre for her. Ganyu simply smiled a bit as he played. She clapped after he finished, making the bard smile a bit.

"Any friend of the Traveler is a friend of mine! Have a great birthday!" Venti smiled.

Ganyu gave her own smile and walked forward, with Aether about to follow…

"Hey, when the wedding happens, I'll be sure to play at it for you. No charge," Venti said with a teasing grin.

Aether glared a little at him, while Venti just snickered a bit with that teasing grin. After Aether rolled his eyes, he quickly hurried up to Ganyu's side as she stared at the teleporter.

"We're using this, right?"

"Yup," Aether nodded as he took her hand, "Sorry I've been doing this without asking."

"...better than being carried like a sack…"

Aether couldn't help but chuckle a little, "Uh… sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it."

Now at Inazuma, the two walked along for a bit with some smiles and curiosity. Ganyu gently marveled at the now peaceful hub of the island's main city, seeing how calm and happy people were now.

"The Raiden Shogun's not an issue… it's… honestly kind of nice to see…" Ganyu remarked.

"Yeah, it is," Aether nodded, "So, now, people can have their Visions back."

Ganyu gave a small smile, gently moving her hand by her own Vision as it gave a soft little hum as she moved her hand against it.

"Hey… I've been meaning to ask… how'd you manage to get your Vision working back then?" Aether questioned.


Aether rushed to try to get in the way of the Raiden Shogun's attacks as Ganyu and Razor both had lost access to their Visions and, subsequently, their elemental powers. Razor ended up passing out from exhaustion, while Ganyu was struggling to keep fighting. Aether let out a small sigh as he stood firm, only to get hit by a powerful attack from the Raiden Shogun.

Ganyu pulled back on her bow, mustering every ounce of energy that she could call upon. Fear filled her body as she watched the Raiden Shogun get closer and closer to Aether. She kept her focus on the fight as best she could, while thinking about anything that might get her Vision to work.

'Think about Rex Lapis… let him guide your hand…' Ganyu thought, trying to focus as much as she could. She then heard Aether gasp, which made her look to see that the Raiden Shogun had managed to zap him, but he was still alive. Paimon flew towards him and was desperately trying to get him to wake up, but he wasn't moving, 'Aether! No! I won't… I won't let this be his end!'

As her thoughts drifted towards him, her Vision had started to regain a little bit of its hue…

"I won't… let you… hurt him!" With that proclamation, a little bit of Cryo energy managed to charge into Ganyu's bow. She then managed to fire it near the Raiden Shogun, and, while the bow did graze her arm, it did manage to land a bit of Cryo energy on her. The shogun looked in shock, as Ganyu fell backwards and tried to catch her breath.

"We were lucky that Thoma could get us out of there," Aether remarked, "But… still. How'd you manage to pull that off?"

"I… just… um… thought about… um…" Ganyu nervously spoke, trying to find the right words.

"She probably thought about you!" Paimon teasingly spoke.

Ganyu's face lit up a red shade from the remark, as did Aether's, but Ganyu was a bit more embarrassed about it. She took a small step away from Aether as his attention was drawn away by something.

"'d you know…?" Ganyu soon whispered to Paimon.

"...wait, really? Paimon was just kidding. Thinking about him got your Vision working?" Paimon questioned.

"...yes. I just… didn't want him to be hurt. I thought about keeping him safe… and my Vision started to get a bit of power back…" Ganyu admitted in a whisper, "I don't know how."

"That's sweet," Paimon giggled, "You know… Aether talks a lot about you and holds you in high regards."

"...that… makes me happy…" Ganyu remarked as she blushed, "I hold him in high regards too…"

Paimon simply smiled before she heard something, "Oh, come on. Don't wanna be late."


Ganyu walked over to see two other people. The first of which, she recognized from her time working alongside Aether in Inazuma when he first arrived there, Ayaka. The other was new to her, but she sensed an air of something… different… about this other guy.

"Greetings once again, Ganyu-san," Ayaka greeted, "Happy birthday."

"Yeah, happy birthday!" the burly guy said with a grin, "Oh, I'm Arataki Itto. Just call me Itto. Your buddy here helped me out of a bit of a jam after you left the first time, so I kinda owe him and have been helping him out a bit."

"I apologies for having needed to leave when I did," Ganyu quickly told Ayaka, "I-"

"It's alright, Ganyu-san. You were needed back home, so it's fine," Ayaka assured her calmly, "I do hope that you enjoy a bit of time here in Inazuma now that it's become more peaceful."

"Yeah! This place is more than fit for some short birthday adventures because of him!" Itto added, giving a motion over to Aether.

Aether just nervously laughed a little bit in response to that, clearly trying his best to be humble.

"He is amazing like that…" Ganyu spoke, only to quickly cover up her mouth as she realized she said it aloud.

Aether soon started to blush a little bit at that compliment, while Ganyu just gave a nervous smile after she uncovered her mouth. Ayaka, Itto, and Paimon all stared a little at the two, then Paimon gave a fake cough to indicate for someone to say something. Ayaka quickly caught on and walked over with a gift for Ganyu.

"I had offered this to Aether previously, but he said he prefers what he already wears. Then he suggested I give it to you," Ayaka informed as she handed a box over to Ganyu.

Ganyu gave a confused look before opening the gift to reveal a kimono, "Oh~..."

"Like she said… I like what I wear, but… I thought a kimono might be something you'd enjoy," Aether explained.

"Thank you. Um… is there somewhere I can go change?"

"Sure, Just follow me," Ayaka said.

The two girls headed off, leaving Aether with Itto and Paimon. The trio simply watched them walk away before Aether gave a bit of a lovesick exhale and smile.

"You got it bad, huh?" Itto asked.

"Like you wouldn't believe…" Paimon exhaled, "Paimon's pretty sure he fell for her the moment he first laid eyes on her."

Itto chuckled a little bit at that and then turned to Aether, "If you manage to score with her, then let me know. I'll get my gang to celebrate."

This quickly snapped Aether out of his daze and he turned to Itto, "...don't… say stuff like that…"

Itto ended up laughing in response, then giving Aether a pat to the back.

Ganyu soon returned, wearing a purple and blue kimono that draped over her body, and was wearing sandals that Aether could hear via the sound they made. He blushed a fair bit as he stared at her, with time seeming to slow down so that it was only them.

"Well… how do I look?" she asked with a smile.

"Divine…" Aether said without thinking.

This made Ganyu blush and gently twirl around to show the kimono off a bit. With that, Ayaka and Itto headed off to leave them be.

"Shall we explore?" Aether offered with his hand extended to her.

"We shall," Ganyu smiled as she accepted the offer.

They roamed around the streets a little bit and Ganyu soon got a few snacks, including some dango, and happily enjoyed them as they roamed around.

"So beautiful…" Ganyu remarked as she looked around.

"Yeah…" Aether nodded, though he was clearly looking at her instead of the area around them.

Soon, after Ganyu got back into her regular outfit, Aether, Ganyu, and Paimon arrived up at the tops of Mt. Aozang and stared down from it. The evening sky and the cool winds up top were a nice little cap off to the day.

"Before I forget… I have a little more for you," Aether informed.

"Aether… you've already done so much…" Ganyu spoke up.

"Please. Just… let me pamper you a little more…" Aether told her as he took something out first, "What's a birthday without a cake?"

"Not a birthday at all!" Paimon added.

"It… took a while to get it right," Aether informed as he handed her the cake.

"Oh, Aether…" Ganyu spoke with a bit of a blush, "And you even got Glaze Lilies for it!"

"Just the best for you," he smiled.

Ganyu happily started to eat a bit of the cake and just smiled widely at how good it was. Aether just gave her a small smile before having a little cake as well. The two soon heard something and quickly turned around to see the source.

"Happy birthday, dear Ganyu."

"Oh, hi Cloud Retainer," Ganyu greeted.

"Good to see you," Aether smiled, "Hope you don't mind us here. Just… doing something special for her."

Cloud Retainer simply perched herself a distance away from the two, clearly tell them that it was alright.

After finishing up the cake, Aether proceeded to hand her a present. Ganyu opened it up and gasped upon seeing it was a bow that was clearly very unique and had a bit of energy.

"It's called 'Amos' Bow'. I worked hard to get it, and I thought it would be best in your hands," Aether told her.

"Aether… thank you so much… I appreciate it…" Ganyu told him as she gave him a hug, "This has been an amazing birthday. I appreciate you for being here."

He simply gave her a small smile before the two ended up gazing at the stars in the night sky. They sat down beside each-other and simply stared out in wonder.

"I feel like I must have spoken more after meeting you than I have in the last ten years put together. If I keep going like this... maybe one day I'll be able to move on to something other than secretarial work…"

"Like… traveling?"

"Yeah. …maybe even see where you came from," Ganyu suggested, giving Aether a bit of a knowing look, "You're not from around this world, right?"


"What was your home like?"

" be honest… I don't remember a whole lot of where I'm from…" Aether admitted, "And I just… enjoy traveling around. I hope one day, after I find my sister and get my powers back completely… I can travel again… and bring you with me."


Aether nervously blushed and chuckled a little, "...yeah. You're… really dear to me. I hope… maybe someday… to bring you with me to see other places. …I'm not saying to do that now, but… in the future."

"I'll consider it," Ganyu told him.

"If you were to ever go with the Traveler, then you have my blessings," Cloud Retainer told the bluenette.


"Of course. You two are close to each-other, so I see no reason to deny letting you go with him," the swan explained.

"Thank you…" Ganyu smiled.

"It means a lot," Aether added.

Cloud Retainer simply gave a knowing nod and then went back to quietly watching the two.

"Paimon feels like maybe Paimon should let you two be for a little bit," Paimon figured, "Paimon won't go too far away, but you two should enjoy the moment."

With that, Paimon floated over towards Cloud Retainer's side. Aether simply gave a small smile, then went back to watching the starry skies with Ganyu in relative quiet.

"...can I ask you something?"


"In our times traveling and fighting side-by-side together, I have to ask… would you say I'm... more of a Common Chest or more of a Luxurious Chest? I—It's fine. I—I can, uh... I can take it."

"...the most luxurious around," Aether told her, making Ganyu blush.

Aether and Ganyu remained close to each-other, with Cloud Retainer and Paimon deciding to give the two a little bit of space. Silence got a grip on the two as they remained together and watching the night sky.

The sun started to peak up into the sky, causing Ganyu to stir a little. She rubbed her eyes, then saw Aether was fast asleep next to her. She gave a small smile towards him, then quickly snuck a kiss to his cheek. With that, she headed off of the mountain to head back to the harbor while Cloud Retainer kept an eye on Aether's sleeping body.

Aether eventually woke up with a yawn, rubbing his eyes in exhaustion.

"Good day," Cloud Retainer greeted.

"Oh. Hi. …did Ganyu leave already?" Aether asked.

"She did indeed. I had hoped to see you two side by side a bit longer," Cloud Retainer admitted with a smile, "You make her so happy."

Aether just nodded with a bit of a smile as he took the blanket and put it into his bag.

"Paimon thinks we should head back to the town to see her before we head off," Paimon suggested.

"Sounds like a plan," Aether nodded.

Aether looked around, only to see Ganyu wasn't around. He headed over to her desk, then spotted a letter sitting on it that was addressed to him. He proceeded to open it up and start reading it…

'Dear Aether-

I've heard my colleagues say that among humans, birthdays are very special and are important occasions to be celebrated. They are days to go to places where you normally wouldn't go, and spend Mora on things you wouldn't normally buy. Only then would they be considered birthdays.

But for me, the passage of time is a trivial thing. I'm always very busy on my birthdays, and they always go by the same way every year.

During my nap today, you unexpectedly appeared in my dream. You said something to me with a smile... unfortunately, I can't seem to remember what you said after I woke up.

Maybe it's a sign that there's something you want to tell me? Perhaps I should take this opportunity to meet you again soon... either way, I've prepared a gift according to Liyue customs.

Here are some Qingxin seeds, so you can experience the joy of planting and harvesting. Ah... there's no more room left to write about tips on planting and tending but it's alright, let's just discuss it when we meet.

Wishing you the best, Ganyu'

He looked over to see the present on her seat and he gently accepted it. With that, he walked along with a content smile and a bit of a blush.

And that's the story. I really had a lot of fun writing this. While not much may have happened, I had fun writing how Aether and Ganyu interacted. I think I got her character decently well, and it worked out well.

A quick little shout out and thanks to CC_Writes_Stuff for mentioning the bow weapon and giving me a quick idea for something to Aether to give to Ganyu. It's a good weapon for her, so that works out. So, thanks for that.

I'll admit that I was going to have a bit of a kiss scene, but I decided to not use that and instead feature Ganyu's letter from the game. Not gonna lie, I gushed a bit when I saw it. It was so sweet! Plus, that item you get that heals so much, that looks amazing. Certainly going to be saved for an emergency situation. And, I checked, I have just about 7K gems saved up for her rerun.

Also, something I wanna briefly gush about… I made this little thread on Twitter to celebrate Ganyu's birthday, and I gave an at to Ganyu's English VA. She actually saw it and left a comment! I gushed so much at seeing that. So happy!

And now… favorite part. Gotta be honest… can't pick one. There's so many cute scenes and moments that I like from this. I really just… had fun with this one, and I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Happy birthday, Ganyu.

Just Live More.