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Tru Davis had enough; she laid in bed in her apartment, tears streaming down her face, as she thought of the brother she had buried the day before Harrison, her life lay in tatters, her room looked dull and lifeless, and her friends had gone no one came to the funeral, it was a sad day in the Davis household.

She closed her eyes, trying to remember something good. She knew her calling had killed something deep inside and wanted it gone; she could not cope anymore; in this grey life without her sunshine, her brother, revenge is what she wanted, so set out to become what she became.

Tru got up and made a call; she spent the last few years gaining money; she gave up morals and lived in the grey areas of life. She sometimes relived a day and would try to save the life but not let it get to her; if she did not save them, she spiralled into the underworld and let it drag her down; she also became a cleaner and would get nearer to her goal to kill the faceless one, who killed her family members.

She finally had a name, the waif; it took three months, but she did it; she took the life who took her family. Tru walked out the door, leaving carnage in its wake a bullet lay in the waif head and her brains on the walls, an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth and a life for a life. Her brother met the world to her and now she taken the bitches life that took him from her.

Unfortunately, someone saw her leaving the house that night they were in the shadows.