Chapter 29

Another Normal

Harry returned to his house after spending the afternoon over at the Greengrass Manor.

Shortly following the ritual, in which Proserpina Greengrass had magically adopted him as her son, he had been since then hogged by Astoria, who hadn't let him leave her room for nearly two hours straight. And when he finally did, wanting to meet Daphne before going home, she had already left for some family business. Neither Proserpina nor Astoria had been forthcoming about what that was.

He didn't know Daphne was that involved in her family business.

He really wanted to see her even though they had already met yesterday at his birthday party. Well, he would just meet her tomorrow then.

"I'm home." said Harry.

His mother was sitting in front of him on the sofa, her gaze darting to him as soon as he stepped out of the fireplace.

She smiled warmly, putting the book down. "Welcome home, Harry. How was Proserpina's first lesson?"

He slumped beside her before falling on his side, resting his head in her lap.

He looked up at her amused visage, his lips quirking up. "It's a secret. I'm not allowed to discuss a single thing about it. That's Aunt Proserpina's strict order. But since nothing really happened today, I don't have much to say or hide."

"Nothing?" She asked with a frown, running her fingers through his hair, drawing out an appreciative hum from him.

"Nothing. No training. I'd have been home earlier if Tori hadn't imprisoned me and made me play all sorts of embarrassing games with her." He muttered with a scowl.

"Do I even want to know?"

"No, you don't." he shuddered.

She giggled at his look of horror. "You can deal with deadly monsters and the worst scum of society every day and yet fear the twelve-year-old girl."

"Because I can't just decapitate her if she annoys me. That leaves only a few solutions to deal with her antics. And her damned puppy eyes are effective. Too effective. I can't even remain angry with her."

He winced when the word decapitate left his mouth. It was too soon for 'decapitation' jokes.

He saw her flinch, most probably remembering the state of his dead body in the morning. But she bravely moved on, ignoring the unexpected bump in their conversation.

She laughed, patting his head. "I understand. That's exactly how I feel about you and Iris. You both can be rather annoying sometimes, but I can never hold onto my anger or annoyance when I look at your adorable faces."

"Don't make me out as Tori's parent." He protested, not liking the comparison.

At that, she got a thoughtful look in her eyes. "This might actually be true. She never had a father and you were always there for her from the beginning. She might really look up to you as a father figure."

"If you're forgetting, that little tyke wants to bang me. I'm certainly not her father figure. You had to just make it weird." He whined, scrunching his nose.

She raised her eyebrows, pinching his cheeks. "That little tyke doesn't want to bang you. She is just in love with you or has a strong crush otherwise. Not every love needs to include sex. And how is it that you are fine with the idea of banging me and Iris, but feel weird about being Astoria's parental figure?"

He grinned abashedly. "Being Tori's father figure isn't my cup of tea. That'd just lead me to an early grave. As for making love to you and Iris, I've never hidden my admiration for your beauty. It had slowly turned into an obsession and then kept growing until it became something else. I love you and lust for you with all my being. Having sex with you is a dream come true and nothing to feel weird about.

"Regarding Iris, she is my perfect partner, my soulmate, my twin. She is fated to be connected with me in everything, to remain with me forever. Our love and affection know no boundaries. Sex is just another thing we'll share between us, like everything we've shared before. It won't cause much change in our relationship."

Lily listened to his impassioned argument with fond exasperation. "I know, Harry. I know. I do hope it won't change anything in any of our relationships. Some things are too precious to be spoiled for momentary bodily pleasure."

"It won't change anything. You'll always remain my lovely mum who I adore with all my heart. And my bonds with Iris will forever be unbreakable and incorruptible." He responded confidently.

She smiled down at him, caressing his face and placing a brief close-lipped kiss on his mouth. "I hope so."

"Mmm, kiss me again. But with more effort." grinned Harry, receiving an eye roll from his mother.

"We'll do that at night in my room. I don't want Iris to stumble on us while we're making out." She shot down his request, pinching his nose.

"Fine." he assented with a lazy smile. "I can wait till then."

She just shook her head, snorting at her lustful son. "You know, you're not supposed to be looking forward to shagging your own mum."

"Normally, yes. But not everyone has the best-looking woman on the planet as their mother. Honestly, this month where I'm able to have sex with you will become the best time of my life." He chuckled, taking her hand away from his head and putting it on his lips, kissing her knuckles.

"Don't know if I should be flattered or weirded out." She couldn't stop the proud smile from taking over her lips.

In the end, Lily Potter was just another human who delighted at hearing her own praise. And she knew that Harry's words weren't just hollow comments to slip into her knickers, but the absolute truth he believed in. It added a lot of weight to his compliments.

"Be flattered, mum. There's no one more beautiful than you. I can travel the entire multiverse and won't find a prettier woman." He remarked earnestly.

"I'll say you're more than a little biased." She grinned, placing another chaste kiss on his lips, this a little firmer and longer than the last one.

"Maybe I am. But who cares." He shrugged, which didn't quite properly work since he had his head laid in her lap.

"Only if you weren't my son, Harry. Then the sex wouldn't have been so full of awkwardness. At least for me, it was like that. I've never thought I'd be forced to fuck my own sweet boy. Although, I'm pretty sure you enjoyed it more than you should have." She said with a sad smile.

Harry bit his lip, thinking about what to say to make her more comfortable with the idea of them engaging in sex. The term 'enjoyed' was an understatement.

He had become addicted to her body. To her intoxicating scent. To her furnace-hot tightness. To the way she moaned and cried when he pumped into her. To the way she had dragged her nails on his back when things had gotten rougher and wilder. And to the way she had smiled and relaxed in his arms when they had climaxed together.

He was greedy. He did not want to stop when this month ended. He wanted to keep shagging her.


To make his desire come true, he needed to choose his words carefully.

"How about you think of sex as just another way to show affection? Just a new normal? You don't get uncomfortable hugging me. You don't feel queasy when kissing me or cuddling with me. Can't you start thinking of sex the same way? Just another type of affection between us. Forget about what sex means normally. We are not normal. You're not my wife or my girlfriend. I don't see you that way. You don't see me that way. But I still want to have you in deeper ways, in more possessive ways. Can you understand what I'm saying, mum? I know it all sounds bizarre."

She wore a small pleasant smile as she combed his hair, staying silent for a minute before responding. "I understand what you're saying, Harry. I'll try at least."

"That's all I'm asking for."

"Okay. I changed my mind. I can be compelled to let you bang me sooner. You want to have sex now? I haven't forgotten your daily needs. I just needed time to come to terms with this morning's tragic event. And I think I have. We don't need to wait for the night." She offered with a mischievous smile.

Even when all he wanted to do was nod and carry her to the bedroom, he shook his head. "We'll do it at night and then we can rest together. That's more appealing. It'll be just like old times when we slept in the same bed."

"If that's what you wish." Her emerald eyes shone with love, his words touching her heart.


"You didn't tell him anything, did you?" Proserpina asked her younger daughter after Harry went home.

"I did not. Though I think we should have. Harry would've surely helped her." Astoria answered, her tone laced with uncertainty.

"No, let Daphne be. She had chosen her path. She wants to do this by herself. We will not question her determination." She replied softly, patting Astoria's head gently.

"It's not her determination, I question. It's her ability. She is not old enough to run after the myth. She should have waited some more years before plunging into the unknown." The little blonde countered sourly, not happy with her sister's stupid decision.

"I know, Tori. Let's hope she will be home soon."

Astoria nodded reluctantly. "But what'll you tell Harry when he asks about her whereabouts?"

"Family business. He knows enough to not question more."

"That won't satisfy him for long. And he'll soon ask for a more concrete answer." Astoria stated sceptically.

"I will have some excuse ready by then." Proserpina mumbled tiredly. She wasn't sure if what Daphne was doing was brave or moronic. But her eldest daughter was a headstrong girl who wouldn't stop at anything. Not even at her mother's order. The best Proserpina could do was believe in her.

'I hope you come home soon, Daphne.'


"You sure about this?" Iris asked dumbly as the pale figure of her opponent stood in front of her with its wand ready.

Currently, the Potter twins were in the glade that lay in the forest behind their manor, preparing to train magically and becoming less reliant on their system skills and weapons.

She had heard what happened to her brother this morning. She didn't know how to react other than give him a strangling hug.

He had been killed.

The traumatised look on her mother's face told her that Iris might have been more horrified if Harry's death had happened before her own eyes.

But since she saw that he was mostly well after his death, she didn't experience the crippling heartbreak that her mother had suffered.

While Iris had been sad, she didn't cry.

It just felt too unreal for her. She couldn't imagine a decapitated Harry.

Well, she could and did, but it looked only comical in her mind. She couldn't see the real image of a headless Harry lying on the forest edge.

She should have been able to picture that.

She had seen enough decapitated bodies, she had beheaded enough bodies to know how it would look if that same thing happened to Harry. But however much she tried, she wasn't able to visualise that catastrophic scene.

Maybe it was for the best. Perhaps it was a defence mechanism she subconsciously picked up to not be wrecked like her mother.

She was glad.

She was glad that she wasn't capable of conceiving any vision of that incident.

"Yes, I'm sure. You are strong enough to take him on." Harry yelled, sitting on a rock at a safe distance from the place of action.

Aura napped, curled in his lap, in her original cat form, uncaring of the pale man with black eyes. Harry petted her absent-mindedly while his attention was on the spar that was going to take place.

Voldemort vs Iris Potter.

To be specific, this Voldemort was the one from another world. Where Harry met his good friends Daphne and Tracey.

He sighed, run over by nostalgia.

Thinking about them always led to bitter-sweet feelings.

He hoped he would see them again.

'And now I might just accept Daphne's advances when she offers herself to me.' he thought with a wry grin.

He knew that everything between them had been platonic and she had been just teasing him. But sometimes he questioned himself, thinking she might have liked him in more ways, possibly in a sexual way.

Maybe he was being delusional.

Truthfully, the past had started becoming blurry and he wasn't sure if what he thought now was the truth or a mere wishful dream.

The sound of fighting dragged him out of his mind. Aura perked up, opening her golden eyes wide and staring at the match.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Iris dodged the Killing Curse with disbelief written all over her face. She hadn't thought she would see it in a friendly spar. But then again, her opponent was an undead Voldemort. She shouldn't have expected safe spells.

She returned with a piercing curse. She had learnt silent casting this summer. And her spell repertoire had also increased abundantly since she started training last year.

The former dark lord simply batted it away and said blankly. "Crucio!"

She shot him a dark look, jumping to her side and sweeping her wand upwards.

The grass below him turned into sharp glass needles. Voldemort wasn't quick enough to escape them safely. Two shards quickly punctured his right leg before he was able to undo her spell.

While Voldemort was vastly more skilled than her, he was still only level 150 as she had been informed by her brother.

She had a massive advantage over him due to the level gap between them, hers being 250. She was a lot faster and had more mana than the undead. She just had to be swift and not make any errors. Then she would easily win this spar.

She shot a strong Exploding Charm, on the ground right in front of him.

Dust and grass burst out of the ground with a loud boom, clouding around him. Iris again swept her hand and turned the grass into glass missiles. A wave of air forced the dust toward the former Dark Lord.

She hoped to blind him and restrict his movements.

When the dust cleared, she was surprised to find him entombed in a golden shield. His dead eyes fell on her and he spread his arms to his sides.

The golden barrier disappeared and a black miasma seeped out of him, writhing in front of him before turning into a big black shadowy ball. He pointed his arm forward and the ball flew toward her.

She ignored her beating heart and leapt to her right side, easily missing the spell. She got on her feet elegantly and prepared to cast a cutting spell.

Unfortunately, she wasn't given the opportunity.

The shadowy ball which she had dodged earlier, returned swiftly with double speed, slamming behind her.

The silver necklace around her shone brighter and nulled the curse which would have killed her otherwise.

She grunted angrily, glancing at her amused brother.

"Again?" He yelled.

"Again." She yelled back.

Voldemort's injury closed unnaturally and he stood healed and ready once again.

'This time I am going to win.' Iris vowed.


Harry strode into his mother's room.

He was a little confused about the time. They had decided to do it at night. But hadn't determined any particular hour.

So, an hour after the dinner, he decided to visit her, praying he wasn't going to disturb her.

However, when he went into the room, she wasn't there. For a moment, he thought she might be outside the master bedroom, but a conspicuous gown sprawled on the bed caught his eye.

He walked to the bed and inspected it.

A short black silk negligee lay upon it. Both, curious and horny, he picked it up and looked at the translucent, virtually transparent, nightie.

An amused grin broke over his face. It seemed his mother was making an effort to overcome her morals. To look at their activity in a more favourable light.

The nightdress was provocative. He reckoned it wouldn't even go past her mid-thighs. And the top wouldn't be able to hide enough of her breasts with that plunging neckline.

It would look damn sexy on her.

He dropped it back on the bed and made his way toward the master bathroom.

While no noise came from it, because of the silencing charms, he was sure his mother was in there.

He undressed, piling his clothes on the floor, and pushed open the door.

Lo and behold.

There she was, under the shower head, as naked as him, with her eyes closed and her back facing him, allowing the water to drench her thoroughly.

She had yet to notice his arrival.

He shut the door quietly behind him and took a moment to admire her body.

From his position, he could only see her backside.

Her hourglass figure.

Her beautiful blood-red hair flowing down her waist.

Her slim waist curving into wide-toned shapely hips.

Her big plump arse staring at him, making his blood sing and travel south.

He was granted a hint of her sideboobs when she spurted some shampoo on her hands and raised them to apply to her head.

In seconds, Harry sported a boner. But he remained still for a couple of minutes, getting lost in the stunning view. Watching how the shampoo foam glided down her hair before tracing her left buttock and then dripping down her leg.

The gentle pitter-patter of the falling water lulled him into a trance-like state, calming his mind and giving focus to the single thought rapidly expanding in his head.

He crept behind her, stopping when he was just a step away from her, letting the shower douse him, leaning forward and breathing in her newly shampooed hair.

It smelt tangy. And citrusy. And bewitching.

Lily stiffened when she sensed another presence in the bathroom. "Harry, is that you?"

He closed the distance between his front and her back, embracing her, coiling his arms around her waist, entwining his fingers together, and resting it just above her groin. He pushed his chin over her shoulder, placing a kiss on her cheek. "Yes. It's me."

"Oh, you foolish boy, you scared me." She relaxed against him.

"Sorry." he mumbled, tracing his lips over the side of her neck, over her warm soft skin.

Lily shivered, becoming aware of his hard shaft wedged between her cheeks. "What an impatient boy! I had something special planned tonight. You just had to crash it."

Harry's fingers untwined and he brought his hands up, cupping her massive breasts. "Hehe. Sorry. I couldn't wait." He sighed along with her, squeezing her tits, his fingers sinking into her voluptuous flesh.

"Oh dear, let's do it now then. I'll make it special tomorrow." She grumbled, her breath hitching in her throat as he pinched her stiff nipples.

Harry turned her around and smashed his mouth on hers.

Lily's eyes widened as he kissed her so passionately. She wrapped her arms around his neck and reciprocated his needful kiss.

She stifled a yelp when his hands dropped down to her arse, grabbing hold of her cheeks.

Harry could feel the heat of her core as his fingers grazed around its border. It wafted over his fingertips, making him realise how warm her pussy was.

He yanked her off her feet and carried her out of the bathroom.

"We are still dripping wet." She lamented with her legs crossed behind his waist and her arms around his neck. She waved her hand, using wandless magic, drying them instantly and turning off the shower.

"And now we are not." He smirked and put her down in the middle of the giant bed.

"Sometimes, I think I spoil you too much." She muttered under her breath.

But Harry didn't pay any attention to her words. He spread her legs, running his finger on her slit before slipping his two fingers in.

"Mmm…" She moaned, biting her lip.

He fingered her slowly, his digits disappearing in and out of her slick pussy, which became wetter and wetter. Her heat churned around his fingers as he explored her silky passage.

"Ahh… yes… Harry…" His mother made soft incoherent noises as he pleasured her. He leaned over, still fingering her, and pressed his lips on hers.

He swallowed her moanings and welcomed her tongue with his own. They met inside his mouth, swirling against each other, filling his mouth with their combined taste.

He broke off the kiss when she began trembling. He stared at her lust-filled eyes, at her cute scrunched-up face, as he swiftly shoved his fingers in and out of her.

She gave out a loud moan, clenching around his fingers, soaking them with her discharge.

She breathed out audibly, loosening up and releasing a pleasured sigh. "Holy fuck, that was good, Harry. I rate it 6 out of 10."

"Really? Only 6. One day, mum. One day you'll rate my skills 10 out of 10." He replied playfully, licking off his fingers, relishing the impish gleam in her eyes.

"We'll see. Now lay back and enjoy." She giggled, sitting up.

She pushed him down on his back, her hand lingering on his chest. She settled beside him on her knees, bending down to grasp his cock.

Harry reached at his side with his arm, placing it on her bare plump arse. He groped it blindly as her fingers curled around his throbbing erection.

With his eyes closed, he kneaded her round flesh while she stroked his dick. He vibrated for release, jerking whenever her thumb caressed his peeled crown. His eyes snapped open when he felt warmth and moisture surround his cock.

Lily closed her lips around his sensitive head and blew on it, taking pleasure in the way he jolted. She moved past his crown, slowly swallowing his shaft until nothing was left to swallow.

"Mummm…" He moaned breathlessly as she leaned down, taking his entire length inside her mouth, her jaw aching around his quivering girth.

She breathed in his strong musky scent, slobbering on his cock with fervour as she began bobbing her head, deepthroating him. She made a gurgling sound in surprise when Harry's hand moved down between her arse cheeks and his fingers buried inside her snatch.

Her own hand moved between her legs, teasing her swollen clit furiously while he fingered her hole.

She groaned all over his cock, sucking and blowing on it. Choking on it.

Soon, he couldn't take it anymore. "Mum, I'm coming."

Instead of saying anything, she simply eased up, keeping only his crown in her mouth. She squeezed his cock gently and sucked on his head.

Quickly, he came into her mouth. Deciding to return the courtesy, she gulped down his semen. It didn't taste as bad as she had feared.

Not giving him any time to breathe, she squatted over his still-hard boner. Burning with need, she sat down, letting his cock sink inside her at once.

"HARRY!" She screamed, climaxing as soon as his dick bottomed out within her. The combined earlier teasing from her son's fingers and her own had kept her on the edge. But as soon as his crown hit her g-spot, she saw stars, blinding, pleasure erupting from her core. She clenched tightly around him, her hot wet pussy suffocating his towering shaft.

She slumped over him, pressing her face into the crook of his neck. She trembled from the aftershock of her climax. It had been a while since she had come so hard.

"Rest, mum." Harry smiled in her hair, kissing her mouth, snaking his arms around her waist before rolling them over, getting her under him, and coming over the top.

She lay there in a sluggish trance as her son started thrusting into her.

"Hmmm…" She made soft moaning sounds as his cock disappeared in and out of her slick cunt. Harry grabbed hold of her arse and angled it up to get better access to her pussy. She coiled her legs loosely behind his back, letting him ram into her with fast and hard thrusts, letting him hammer away.

The vociferous noise of their slapping hips filled the room. That was the only sound Lily's ears heard. Her own incoherent groans got lost under the racket of their wild joining.

Harry sank his fingers in her boobs, burying her hard nipples underneath the pad of his thumbs. Lily jolted, her eyes opening as a tingle grew in her chest, as heat brewed in her nether region once more.

She couldn't believe it. She was going to orgasm for the third time in a row. She grabbed his head and nestled it at her bosom, smiling blissfully as he engulfed her nipple, sucking on it as he used to when he had been but a child.

"I'm coming." He muttered with glassy eyes, looking up at her from the valley of her breasts.

"Do it." She whispered back, her voice shaking from the effects of the approaching orgasm. She brought his face to hers and met his lips with her own, kissing him wantonly.

Seconds later, they came. First Harry and then Lily. His own release triggered her climax, her inner walls clenching tightly around his dick. She was glad she was on the potion. She didn't need the headache of becoming a mother again.

They shivered together, as their bodies were ravaged with nerve-numbing pleasure, as heat spread in every part of their skin, in their every single cell.

Harry pulled out, allowing his white cum to trickle out of her overflowing pussy.

"Well, we are covered in mess." Lily smiled in contentment. Honestly, Harry's earlier suggestion had calmed her chaotic heart. This sex was just another normal form of affection she would share with her son. She wasn't totally used to the idea yet. There was still a small part in her head that yelled at her for committing this sin. But it was becoming quieter and quieter.

And the joyful satisfied look on her son's face made it worth it. She waved her arm, cleaning them up. She wasn't going to sleep with all this sweat and semen.

"And now we are not." Harry chuckled, looking up at their clean bodies.

He snuggled behind her, pulling her tightly in his arms, and closed his eyes.

Their sleep would be interrupted by many bouts of sex. But neither of them would complain.

Harry was a young horny teenager who always craved for sex and Lily was finally getting into form after breaking her more than decade-old dry spell.

Both were quite enthusiastic to lose themselves in the heat of sex.

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