I know, I know. Another beagle story, right? Just can't help it. It's a drabble, too... lol, since those are back in style. This one will be exactly 100 words every chapter. It's a mix of drama, romance, snark... smut.

I started writing a full-length fic two months ago, which will post after the holidays. This drabble is just a bit of funa palate cleanserafter Shiver.

Huuuuge thanks to Mel, Abby, and Noemi for making this process so fun! Puffy hearts to Lizzie for the lovely banner!

Updates will be once or twice daily.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


I hate Edward Cullen.

I hate his perfectly messy hair.

I hate his overstarched, overpriced button-downs.

I hate the way I get a whiff of him every day when we're in the elevator. He smells like expensive cologne, coffee, and money.

He comes from wealth and I highly doubt he's had to work hard for anything in his life.

Not like me.

Not like all of the other associates at Cullen & Cullen Law Group.

He strides into the elevator now and completely ignores me like he does every single day.

And maybe that's what I hate the most about him.