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Well, I thought of this story a few days ago.

I also wanted to get back to my roots. I started out writing in the "Ultimate Spider Man" series. I wanted to try to see if I could write a Spider Man story again. I hope this is going to be a good story,

I will like to note a few things;

Number One; At this point in time Spider Man does not have Organic Webbing, or Venomous Stinger, or Fangs. He is a top-tier base line Spider Man.

Number Two: I am basing him off a combination of Spider Man: the MCU Spider Man, The Amazing Spider Man, and a couple others.

Number Three; Spider Man will not be Nerfed too much after this. This is just the start. I may do some flash backs to paint a picture of what I want to happen.

Okay, with those out of the way, let's get started on the story!





(Third Person Point of View)

It has been three years since Graduation. It has been two years since the teams split up, Ava went back to South America. Sam went back to Space with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Danny went back to K'un-Lun. Flash joined the Marines with the Venom Symbiote, Harry joined him as Anti-Venom. Mary Jane with the Carnage Symbiote became a Reporter and an Actress she moved to California. Finally, it has been a year since Peter Parker joined the Avengers as Spider Man.

Spider Man was web swinging through the Big Apple, going through Time Square in the heart of New York City.

Spider Man stilled enjoyed helping the little guy, but he also knew that he was needed to save the world and the Universe. He has even saved the Multiverse multiple times since he was a young teenager.

His spider-sense went off as he let go of the web that he was hanging on and dropped a few inches as a sniper's bullet just missed his head by a mere centimeter. Spider Man said into his commlink, "We have a sniper. Repeat we have a sniper shooting at me."

Tony Stark's voice came into his commlink a few seconds later, "Roger that Spider Man."

Iron Man flew out of the Avenger Tower a couple of seconds later.

Spider Man went to shoot a web line, but a few loud bangs rang out *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*, Spider Man was able to dodge the shots easily enough, but one hit his Web Shooters, taking it out of commission.

Spider Man landed on a roof top in his signature crouch as his eyes lenses narrowed as he gave Iron Man an update, "Iron Man, who over is shooting at me, is either the luckiest guy ever, or he is one of the greatest shots of all time. He took one of my Web Shooters out."

Iron Man frowned and said through the commlink, "I thought you could dodge Lightning and Lasers?! How can a bullet take it out?"

Spider Man muttered a few words, annoyed but spoke louder and said, "I was in the middle of swinging. It was either tanking the hit or dodging it, and unlike you, I do not have armor!"

Tony Stark rolled his eyes and said, "Spider Man, you have a Vibranium Armor, but you never wear it! Now, why is that?"

Spider Man growled, annoyed, and said, "Less talking, more finding the person who is shooting at me!"

The story about the Vibranium Armor is a rather long story, but the long story short is that Spider Man helped Black Panther and the County of Wakanda, and as a reward, King T'Challa, gave Peter Parker a nanobot Vibranium Armor, it was modified to be that of a Spider Man suit instead of a Black Panther suit. Spider Man seldom ever wears it because he does not want to become reliant on it, nor does he want to misuse it. Peter tried to refuse to accept the gift. Still, after a speech from the king of Wakanda, he reluctantly accepted it out of respect.

Spider Man was brought out of his thoughts as his spider sense went off. He ducked under another shot as he began to roll and jump around like a grasshopper in a hot skillet.

Spider Man grunted in pain as he was knicked in the upper part of his left arm. Then, he said to Iron Man through the commlinks, "I have been knicked in the shoulder."

Spider Man began to run towards the direction of the shooter.

The sound of Repulsor Blasts could be heard through the commlinks.

Spider Man ran in the direction of where he saw the red and gold flash of Iron Man's armor.

As he leaped off of the roof top, he allowed himself to fall for a few seconds to gain some speed. Then, he shot a web line attaching it to a billboard and grunted in pain as the web line was fired from his injured arm.

After a few moments, Spider Man landed on the roof top where the Sniper was.

Iron Man was trying to take him down, but the Sniper was too agile similar to Captain America.

Spider Man leapt into the air and went for an Axe Kick, but somehow the Sniper knew this was coming and rolled out of the way and pulled a pistol out, and fired three shots out in quick succession.

Spider Man easily dodged the three shots as he drew closer to him but had to jump back to avoid a knife thrust. He went to kick the gun man in the groin, but the sniper side stepped it and threw the knife at Spider Man, who easily dodged it without a second thought.

Iron Man grunted as the knife went through the armor and stabbed him in the leg. Then, he said to his team mate, "Careful Spider Man, the knife cut through my armor like a hot knife through butter!"

Spider Man nodded his head and said, "Okay." Then, he blitzed towards the Sniper and went for a haymaker to knock him out, but instead of decking him in the jaw, the Sniper caught his fist as though Spider Man was a mere child.

Spider Man smirked under his mask as he drew upon his Spider Strength.

The Sniper smirked through it was hidden by the full blank mask as he threw Spider Man up into Iron Man.

Spider Man shot a web line at the Sniper. However, the moment the web touched the Sniper, a current of electricity ran through the web, shocking Spider Man, though Iron Man was safe in his metal suit.

The Sniper said phrase as he jumped off the rooftop, "Perhaps next time, Spider Man."

Iron Man flew towards the edge of the building with a stunned Spider Man in his arms. It was only a second, but the Sniper was already long gone.

Tony Stark muttered, "Who or what the heck was that?!"





Well, this was chapter One. I hope that you all enjoyed it.

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