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Chapter 30: Cat-Dragon Ending

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Marriages are the quite interesting interesting.

People will always have fun, people will always cherish the newly-wed couples, but they would also ponder on what is happening once the ceremony was over. I could tell this last bit was something that many were curious about- especially with Kuroka being Kuroka and having mentioned 'something special' for us that night. What she didn't say, however, was that I already knew what it was and... I didn't mind it considering how long it's been since I dealt with her.

Now, to say that I had truly planned this far in my life would be a lie but... the night of this wedding was definitely less of a surprise for me and more of an expected gift as Kuroka had told me about this neatly-wrapped thing to enjoy once we were done with the officialization and the feast ensuing that bigg event.

Resting comfortably in the middle of the king-sized bed, a very horny Vali Lucifer shuddered happily as her tied-up nude frame waited for this very moment-

"I brought some cake~!" Kuroka announced giddily, relieving the silver-haired girl's hunger as she had skipped most of the feast to be ready for this. I don't know for sure how she got the whole 'self-binding' thing done, magic perhaps, but it was actually well done with the knots to not be too tight or too lose.

I know many would think that I am being quite a lot permissive and kinky as the night of a wedding should be only meant for a husband and his wife to enjoy, but there was a legitimate reason I had granted Kuroka's wish on the matter: since she was getting at a rather delicate part of her pregnancy, it was best to limit sex to an extent and... that constituted an issue for the Nekoshou as she needed a way to scratch her reasons.

Hence why she had bought a strap-on, some egg vibrators and a rubber paddle for the occasion.

Since Vali was as much cooked for me as she was accepting of Kuroka's dominance in bed, it was a win for all to just involve her on the matter. And while Vali cuddled up to my shoulder while eating the cake on a small plate with a tiny fork, Kuroka hugged her from behind, groping her a bit while teasing her with the strap-on by rubbing the artificial length along her wet slit.

It was quite 'tame' for what we had in mind, with Vali getting primed to what was going to be a rather intense threesome as Kuroka was horny and wanted this to be one of the best sex sessions we ever had. Once Vali was done eating, her lips were stolen in a brief kiss from me and... then Kuroka took over by clashing against the submissive dragon's tongue with hers, the strapon suddenly prodding and then penetrating her... butt.

Magic was used to make it a feasibly pleasurable first anal experience, with Vali incredibly happy for the ordeal as she got her ass pounded silly while being slowly coaxed closer to me as... I went to claim her pussy.

"Ah~! Tw-Two at once?"

"Yep," Kuroka purred. "I hope you're ready because this is just... the beginning~."

It was mostly double penetration for the entire session, but the positions we took would change from time to time to allow it to become rougher and sloppier, with Vali's dragon-like stamina being subjected to quite the test of endurance as the pounding never stopped- not even for a brief moment.

"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~," She would go at times, with brief interruptions as Kuroka would give her some well-placed slaps on her butt, causing her to tighten up even more due to the pain-induced pleasure.

Her pussy would never get any looser through that never-ending fucking, she was always showing silly expressions while moaning and craving for more. The girl was outright pent-up, and quite eager to hurl herself at the pleasure as she was unwilling to let go for hours.

And, even when her arms decided to let go of me, Kuroka would just push her against me and keep on using us to sandwich the girl in twice the pleasure she was accustomed too. It was so cute the she started to cuddle up against me while I took to lean in and kiss Kuroka a bit more.

It was roughly four rounds into the intense mating that the Nekoshou decided to drop in a detail which, as far as I could tell, she hadn't initially planned to mention to me.

"Y-Ya know, hubby... I put some super-fertility potion in that cake~," Kuroka announced, nibbling a bit at Vali's ear so that the half-devil could hear that perfectly. "One of your cumshots would be enough to breed her but... you came a lot in her. I wonder if we will get a triplet out of you, Vali-chan."

"A-A triplet?"

"A big family. We both want that, you told me this," Kuroka hummed with pure bliss, while pressing her cheek against the younger girl. "Don't you want that? For John to make you a mommy?"

"A mommy... A mommy~. I want to be a mommy~!"

Her legs suddenly shifted to wrap around my waist, pressing me close as I continued to thrust in and out of her earnest hole. I was a bit annoyed by this surprise, but I suppose it was meant to happen. I mean, we were doing it in an unsafe day and without condoms- I kind of was mentally prepared to impregnate Vali, I just didn't expect them both to want this that badly.

Luckily for me (and my poor hips as fucking a dragon-girl can be quite intense), Vali ran out of energy two rounds later as she burned it all quite fast the moment she was told the news.

"She's really out, huh?" I asked as we admired the sight of the girl snoring quietly on the side, drooling even as she was in quite the best state of mind she could have ever asked for.

Then, I turned to Kuroka and we both shared a tiny grin. "Up for some slow love-making?"

Her lips twitched in delight as she crawled up to me and soon positioned herself on top of my groin as she softly rode me. I held her hands, never stopping staring at her with delighted eyes as we both found our closure for the night in something as wholesome and much-needed to remind ourselves one thing- I married her first, and nobody was going to take that away from us both.

We didn't go beyond a single tame round, with Kuroka already drained due to her pregnancy making her stamina a bit flimsy, while I had dumped way too many creampies to actually demand more. Vali snored cutely while resting on my left side while Kuroka used my body as a pillow to sleep over, wiht her head nuzzling against my chest affectionately.

But while this would be a good point where to end the story... it wasn't the last part of the 'night'. By the second Midnight struck, the bed suddenly filled up with more girls as the 'only married couple sex' rule was expired and... the girls were all tired and in need of some much needed cuddling. With a few of those getting a bit gropey, but overall tame during that sleep session.

Despite that cuddle pile forming and shifting the circumstance in this very situation... I kept on holding both of Kuroka's hands as she rested happily on my chest, her growing pregnant belly pressing softly on the side as she happily smiled through the remainder of that slumber.

This troubled life of mine could now perhaps... be quietly pleasant.


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