Running is all that they can do. Nothing else would matter at this point. A blue hair boy and a red hair girl ran from the pantry in search for food while the guards were busy with other things. The food in hand was for one of the younger kids who fell I'll. The guards of the Tower were horrendous to them to the point that they don't care. Because of it they have to steal right under their nose. What they didn't realise was that there were a guard came to their general direction and began chasing them.

"You little piece of shit! Get back here!" said the guard. With two joining them, the two children ran as fast as they can but it was almost futile until someone shouted.


As if they were commanded, both children duck as a big stone was thrown at him. While in pain and his colleagues pick him up, the two continue before passing a boy with auburn hair.

"Quickly, run! I'll handle them!" he said at the two.

"Come on! We have to move fast! Quickly!" said the boy swiftly


"You little shit! I'll kill you! You hear you disgusting chi- Aagh!", another stone hit the guard while the boy still collecting stones.

It than and there, that was the first time they saw someone standing up for them charging in towards them.

It wasn't long after that, they reach their cell back and immediately gave some food to the I'll child. An old man was handling the young boy who was sick, immediately rip some flesh of fruit and gave it to the sick child. While he did that, the two kids place the rest at the one corner that the guards couldn't see. They were tired and wanted to sleep but they need to be a wake just a little longer.

"Erza, Jellal. Thank you for gaining food for the poor boy."

"It was not a problem, Rob-san." said the blue hair boy now known to be Jellal.

"Y-yes. It was not a p-problem." said the. red hair girl, Erza.

"But how did you get here so fast? Even I not that fast." said one older child of the cell, Wally.

"Yeah. It was nyan't possible for you to get here fast?" said a girl with cat like features, Millianna.

"A older boy came and help us. He throw stones at them before we ran pass him. I think he have auburn hair?" said Jellal.

"Wait! You mean you met Shirou?!" said one of the younger kid.

The other older kids look at the you get ones as they explain who they were talking about.

After the explanation, the rest if the older to vaguely remember of the boy or heard words of him.

"Oh yeah. He help me when I have to carried a heavy load, nya. I wonder how he was so strong?" said Millianna.

"I heard that he help anyone's load so they can rest, even if it was for a short time." said an older name Sho.

And for a while, the cell buzz about a hardworking boy who help without reward. A saint if they want to called him that.

"Useless runt! You're disgusting to look at. The next time you misbehave, I'll take matter into my own. I don't care what the higher ups says. puh!"

The guard then tossed the boy back into the cell where Erza and her friend was out. It wasn't rare to see guards placing new prisoners into a different cells. It usually means that the guards have lesser jobs so be it. But that wasn't the case. The level of prison in the Tower were different from each other with the higher you are the tougher the work load you have.

It was cruel yet merciful that they were still somewhat on the lower level only by a margin as they were closed to the upper level.

"That's him right?" asked Wally to Erza and Jellal. The two seems to see the hair. It was auburn as they describe after they came back.

"Now children move away. He's hurt and I must clean his wounds." said Old man Rob. As he moved towards the boy, the boy grunt as if he was trying to get up on his own. However, Rob stop him.

"Now, now. Just stay calm and let me help."

The boy said nothing as the rag on his body was moved. It was a lucky break yo know that the cell was slightly dark so that the children couldn't see, but the Old man gave a teary eye. The boy wound was much worse than what he saw to other children when they went out of line.

Bruises all over his upper body. A feeling of cracked ribs as well as whips mark on his back and lower body.

"Dear God. Boy, what happen? This wound isn't normal. How are you alive?" asked Old man Rob worriedly.

"I-I have... a strong will. Just...needs rest." the boy said with difficulty.

"I'll try and fix you up. And than you sleep. I'm very sorry for this." he told the boy

"Not... your's.."

As he patch the boy with whatever limited supply they have, which is close to none. Old man Rob asked the boy his name.

"S-shirou... Em-Emiya..." he reply as the old man did what he could.

Shirou pov

I fell asleep minutes s after the old man heal to the best he could. While it wasn't much, it still help. Now, how did I get here at first? All that I remember was that I was in house waking up from my sleep. I remember it clearly. The sky was clear and the moon was full. I, aged to say the least. My body was older than most and it was stiffer than others.

The years was kind to me at least for a little while. Even in the past, I have always being grateful with what I have. Yes there were time where I have my own regrets, like lending Rin more money than what she is in need. Or unable to save more people. Or saving Illya. Oh that one mistake I couldn't retake. With a short life, she tried to lived in the fullest of state.

I hope your soul is back with your mother and the Old Man.

But with regrets came rewards in its own ways. Like children and grandchildren. Rin and Sakura once asked of me to fathered their children. While it was a surprise and a half, it wasn't like I hated the idea. But my dreams and ideal... it was difficult. I have been fighting just to be the heroes of justice for those that I can rescue.

I told them that I would be a horrible father but the two said otherwise. Rin even baldly state about Artoria would disappointed in his statement. I knew about the relationship of herself and Mordred. She does cared for Mordred and only trying to protect her from the duty of being a king.

I, have loved Artoria just like I have with Ron and Sakura. The three of them saved me in more ways than one. But as time passed so do life. There were more in my life that care the -nee, who would always come now passed at the ripe age of 79.

Many of my friends passed which wasn't much to consider seeing how small my friend group is.

I have missed many of them.

As sat on the patio of my estate I look at the moon and remember the night I had with Kiritsugu. The night that took the mantle of the hero of justice. The very mantle that an alternate version of took as well, cursing him with the never ending cycle of regrets. The Archer servant during the fifth Holy Grail War.

But I didn't became him. I refused said offer that he was given from Alaya and worked up myself. I have lived to see the day of that cynical bastard.

I smiled as my body grew even weaker. Tired and old, this body is nearing its end. With no time at all, I cast my very last trace for my life.

"Trace. On."

A golden glow appear as a sheath came into being. It was weaker than original but it those work none the less. A beautiful sheath that hold the very concept of defense. The one that was own by King Arthur. The thing she cast aside and honouring the sword of promised victory. The key to the ever distant Utopia. Avalon.

Tracing it was the easiest part as it was with me the longest. I took hold of the sheath and hug near my chest. Making I didn't gave it any mana, it would just silently glow near as I look at the night sky once more as my eye lid felt heavy.

My time has come. And I passed.


But then I woke up in a cell filled with children, adult and the elderly. Be it man and woman, they were here in the cell.

But how? I knew I have passed away naturally and felt my soul being taking away, so why?

"Oi! All of you wake up! It's time to work! No work means no food! Now on with it!" said a guard.

He was wearing an armour mixed of leather and steel. The steel protect the shoulder and chest but the leather protect the joints. I tried to scan it but I couldn't. How?! I first look true myself but I can't, so using my all was, converting one if my nerve to circuits, I structural analysis myself and realized my circuit was close except one.

'What happened and where am I?!'

And that was sic months ago!

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