For the past three days, Shirou discuss with many of the denizen of the tower prisoner and told them to wait for his called for a talk. It wasn't much of a talk but a statement.

Many ranging from children who are barely even 10 till the elderly. Many of them have suffered and many of them had struggle. But that will end now.

"Everyone, thank you for accepting my invitation. Now I know this, all of this is risky. Many would get in trouble for this, but I have something to say...

I have found a way out."

Many of them were shocked or just play stupid. A way out? Here!? But that would be impossible! Many had tried and we're killed on escape. Even the children knows it.

Erza would as well thought of what the adults were thinking. To escape is equal to death. However, many wanted out of the Tower. Many had family, friends, hell even a child of their own, if they ever so survive. And a child, which did they barely knew, knows a way out?

"Oh please, like there is a way out. If there is then we would be dead before we know. Besides, how do you think we are going to get out?" said one of the adult prisoner.

Many grunted in agreement.

"There is a way. A supply ship will be arriving soon tomorrow. If we want a chance, then take it now." stated Shirou.

Shirou knew he wasn't the best with speeches (author note: so am I.) but he knew there was still hope. While the air around them was dense with magic, he couldn't do much with it seeing that he doesn't have enough practice with how much time he has.

But a every now and then, he silent pushed both his body and circuits to made a weapon. Something cheap. Something mundane. And he did it. The current amount of denizens there are only hit a hundred ten man, if minus children and the elderly, that would be sixty man left.

So working as hard as he can, he trace the black blade Kanshou and everyone was astounded. He did his purpose. All he have to do was shows his magecraft.

"Wait, you could use magic?!" said a female prisoner.

The denizen were either happy or relief! They could go home... The could work and maybe lived again.

"It you follow me, I will let you all out. If you hated that, then place your trust on this sword! If you can and will than place on both of us your trust! We will get ooooouuutttt!"

Many weren't moved or anything. He saw them literally standing still and silent. He sighed at this fact.

He couldn't do much about anything. If anything, he had no chance of gaining their trust. After all, he doesn't have charisma as a personal skill, so he would believe and know that it was useless.

But a single came to stand. He look at Shirou in the eyes before smirking and turn his head away eyes close and mutter, "What am I doing?" before he turn back to him.

"Fine! I'll follow you! It is embarrassing to have a child of all thing do the work. All you too! He offering us a chance to escape. Of freedom. Come on now, don't you fill something within you? We can beat them."

Everyone, every single one if them, look at each other. Indeed. It was embarrassing for them to follow a kid, who they know will be the one to suffer more. After all, what drive humans more than pain and anger? Easy, pride. And adults being save by a kid? Bah! That would never going to be let down ever if any of them talk.

So many of them rose up from the ground. Men, women, some able elderly and many teens all the like took this chance.

If Shirou wasn't shocked from before, he is now.

Heh... maybe Saber would be proud of him. Sorta.

"So, what's the plan kid?"

With a smiled and some projections, he began telling the plan.

The day the of escape have arrive and like clockwork, the supply ship came at dawn. While it was quiet, it was as well that everyone escape. As the plan was follow, they follow Shirou's plan.

While some of them ran through the hole on the wall at that he created with another person help, they began. First was to make a big enough distraction at the Tower, while he wanted to do it him self, the adults stated that they will be the one who do it and Shirou being Shirou, flat out denied that.

It was a sight to see several adult fighting over a child who thought of the plan. In the end, they settle made into two groups.

As that shows, the operation began. Shirou Projected or to Earthlanders, summon multitude of weapons. All of them were mundane at best Shirou could projected but the unique thing about them is this.

While he still testing his magecraft, he found out that the world didn't outright denied them. Moreover, they were given a little boost. An extra effect.

His magus side was showing as he continue to experiment a bit and came to a conclusion.

Seeing his element was sword, his world would reject it as it wasn't a element of the world. But Earthland is different. They see swords as a element, resulting him being able to project and dismiss them with ease. And little to no cost.

Without rejection over his magecraft,he wonder with UBW could be projected.

However, he had to work on that later.

And now, many of the teens, adults and able elderly took a sword and ran to the ship. The guards were there but as they fought against Shirou's swords, the blades gave in and armor been cleave.

Many were shocked but it only lasted for awhile. What's more was that Shirou and his group came running. As they were close, the guards came in wave. Some were badly hurt or just angry but it didn't change as, Shirou and his group reach to the ship.

As all of them got on board of the ship, Erza, Jellal and the rest were glad. No, not glad... Happy. Relieved that they can escape that hellhole of a nightmare but something wasn't right.

Erza look around at Shirou still at the bridge of the ship looking at the on coming guards.

"S-Shirou... What's wrong?" asked Erza.

Shirou turn to face Erza as she look at him worriedly. He gave a smiled to her look at her. One of eye were gone but he could tell that they were the same color as hers. Saber. He was wishing he could be with her but as long as he lived, he will and still went on a journey to reach that utopia.

But right now in front of him was Erza Scarlet. The last name was given from Jellal and believed it would suit her. Well, he wasn't wrong. He could tell that she represent the same aura as Saber but she wasn't her.

As the guards were getting closer, Shirou Projected Kanshou. The blade was white as the cloud while the guard has a yin- yang symbol on it. He gave Kanshou to Erza as he look at her.

"You do remember the story of this sword, am I right?" Shirou asked.

Of she do. While they were discussing away from the adults, Shirou Projected the two blade he used in his lifetime and told their story. While the boys found the story sad, the girl turn to a water work though Erza were holding hers. How couldn't they? It was a romantic yet heart broken story of love to seek help for the falchions itself. They were even told that no matter what, the two will return to each other. No matter where. No matter how long. They will always will be together.

As she remembers it, she question why he ask her that question, only to be given Kanshou by Shirou. She then realize she been pushed. What she saw that Shirou mouth something but she couldn't make it out.

But what he say, ' I'm sorry.' with a smiled.

He ran off the bridge and ram while moving it away from the ship as he cut off the rope that held them.

If Erza ever had the chance to catch him, she would be likely be dead. Because of that Shirou turn to the on coming enemies.

"That brat! I should have kill you from the beginning!" said one if the guard. But as they were put on a hold as Shirou summon more blade. He then fire at the ground, making a small yet noticeable line of steels.

"If you dare to came and attack, then over the line. And if you do, then I'll kill you!" stated Shirou.

It wasn't that the guards were scared, nope. No sir. They were nervous. Surely he's bluffing. Kill them? If he could conjure the swords infront if them, than maybe he could. They thought only their captain spoke,

"Come on lads! He has wasted his weapon. The kid probably have no more of them."

Indeed. If they think it thoroughly, he could use requip magic. It wasn't a difficult magic seeing it was a very versatile magic. If they thought the chance to beat him. After all, he gave all of his weapon, which they believe he stole them from the armory, to the other prisoner at the ship. So they pass the line of swords. But to this, Shirou ,of course, laugh.

All of the guards were caught on surprised. Why was he laughing? How could they know?

But Shirou does. If he learn anything in the past and now, is that he have to play as if he already won. Archer, while he knew he was him, even if he was a possible future of him, had memories of other him, past and future.

He saw the one where he beat Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes and won but without a prices.

All he have to do was be like Gilgamesh. While he never met a rival, minus Enkidu, he knew how to play the battlefield if his stories of his legend was right.

He then projected more blades and swords.

The guards were baffled. Not only he have more swords but he held even spears, axes and daggers of all sizes. All of the were beautifully crafted.

As ten becomes twenty and twenty becomes thirty, the air, now filled with weapons as the guards back up. Fear filled them. It was as if death appear infront of them.

Before Shirou attacked, he heard a voice.

"Do you wish freedom?"

His body stop moving as he continue to heard the voice continue to talk.

"Freedoms will be granted by our lord, Zeref."

Shirou think of nothing. He knows that it was possession and so, he projected the weapon that could help cancel the effect.

He, then so whisper, the blade name as it manifest.

"Rule Breaker." and stab in the leg.

And then he seek it. As well as summon it, the blade that shall end this hell on earth.

With a outstretched arm, he grasp an invisible handle which came to life.

" I am the bone of my sword."

Words carries power and so everyone of the guards had felt a pressure like no other.

"I called upon thy, of sword of Fallen Victory!"

And thus the sword was form. Grasping with both hand, he shouted,


With that not only the guard but the tower and surrounding area was demolished. And what was left was nothing.

Back on the ship however, Erza was being hold down by her friends as they trying to stop her from jumping over board.

"Erza stop! What do you thing would happen if Shirou saw you like this?!" said Sho.

"I don't care! Let me go! Damn it!" exclaimed the red hair.

Why him?! Why is it have to be him?! Is the world that cruel to her that it force one if her friend to sacrifice himself!




However, Rob came and calm her down as he bring her to the part of the ship that still visible to the Tower.

"Now, Erza. Can you see him?"

Erza said nothing but nodded. What she was Shirou summoning more swords.

She could tell. How each of them were beautifully design. But she him stop and proceed to stab him on his leg with a jagged blade

Erza turn to Rob only to shook his head.

"I am aware how powerful the boy was but I don't know why he stab himself."

It were a few short distance, only for them to felt pressure so thick that a nice could cut through it. Many either puke or fainted. Made sense, they survive for so long that the fatigue and weakness had taken over.

It was only then a magenta- like color light appear, carrying a large amount of magic dispersing in large quantity. All of the passengers don't know any better but Rob. The old man saw what he thought could be that one magic.

"Fairy Law... One of the three great Fairy magic."

He only saw it cast by none other than Makarov. But he heard story that the first guild master was able of it as well. But it felt different. There wasn't any hope in the blast. Just despair...

His eyes were shocked wide open as he saw Shirou convert it towards despair. No one can change it but if he was able to then... And was able to use it...

All he could do now was pray. Erza saw Rob was being silents. She then saw the light. It was powerful, so much so that surrounding tree and land was consume. So why did the old man prayed.

While religion wasn't a big thing in Fiore, it doesn't mean that they didn't exist.

She knows that praying was hoping for a miracle but then she thought again and...

Her eye widen as she realized it. If that light consume everything, wouldn't it consume Shirou. Tears were flowing from eye to her cheek.

Why? Why wasn't she strong enough? Out of all of her friends, she would be consider someone who need help to take care of. She was weak. If she was stronger won't it be better.

Her face turn sour and now she was crying. She hated it.

She hate crying... but what can she do? What else can she do?


She would deny this reality. If she could, she would believed that he was still alive. She knows Shirou magic and she know that the blade, Kanshou, haven't left yet. That means he was alive but how can she get back?

She then remember that Old man Rob was guild member.


Just maybe...

She have to work. She will. No! She must work hard. To get strong. To be strong! Than she could made a reward. If she could, she will search herself but if she was busy, then the reward would be the high enough for the search.

And maybe...


Within her heart, within her soul, lies a land. Unlike the hill with swords mark as grave with gears turning on the horizon with sunlight on brim them.


What lies was a simple cottage with a small forest and an empty plain. And stood there was in front the cottage was Kanshou.

I'm the will of his sword,Head to battle with him by my side,In hope to seek for the future,In hope to save him from despair,I came to protect him,As how he protect me,Hopefully dream a world where we free,This is my ultimatum, in hope to liveFor granting me,...

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