Chapter 1

Ronald Weasley's pov

He wake up groaning and lazily opened his eyes his mom was shouting him to come down….ron Weasley always felt like outsider to his family….he always felt like his parents neglected him for his siblings

Bill Weasley was his eldest sibling and probably the most handsome he was the head boy of Hogwarts and now was working as curse breaker in Egypt

Charlie Weasley was brilliant flyer and was the quidditch team captain who later on went to work at dragon reserve in Romania

Percy Weasley was intelligent and also Hogwarts perfect he was Arthur Weasley favourite son

The twins George and Fred Weasley were the creative lot while his sister ginny was the Princess that everyone adored(being the only girl will give you that advantage)

And then there was him a disappointment...he was not as brilliant as bill or Percy nor as agile as Charlie nor as creative as the twins that's why he was never the centre of attraction except Today

His Hogwarts letter had come yesterday and he never felt such joy before except the whole family will be celebrating his acceptance to Hogwarts

He hopped down the stairs happily today was his day he could finally tell his Father about chess and talk to Charlie about the dragons

"Good morning mum"he said while placing himself in the chair...his mother didn't even seem to hear him she was busy dotting ginny...Ron felt a pang of jealousy over it but he didn't say anything…

"Oh you are awake"came his father voice

Arthur Weasley was a taller than average wizard While his hair looked like it was kissed with fire..

"Good morning dad" ron said and then he noticed his dad was carrying his office briefcase "are you going somewhere dad"he asked...Arthur look troubled" have some important paperwork left at the ministry"

"But dad you promised to stay with me didn't even stay for my birthday!"Ron exclaimed slamming his fist on the table

"Mind your tone young man or I will make sure you do!" His mother snapped then she went back to cooing Ginny...ron suddenly felt bitter rage and jealousy over being treated like this but he didn't say anything

"Bye love "arthur said while pinching Ginny cheek and then he billowed away towards the fireplace

Feeling like utter scum ron slipped from his chair and sulked around burrow...his mother was too busy to notice him so busied himself throwing stones in pond..all while moping over his insecurities…. why did mom and dad treat me like shit always…all while showering their attention towards my other siblings...I thought Fred lied about mom weeping when I was born but it was shaping to be truth every time I spend time with my family..a few tears leaked out from his eyes and he wiped them harshly

The burrow was swayed with the huge amount of aroma that came from the delicious food molly Weasley had prepared….all of the ron sibling except Charlie were currently huddled together in the living room along with arthur Weasley who was currently talking with his eldest son

"I am telling you dad Egypt is just's filled with magic from wizards of old...the pyramids have secrets of thousands year unfold"bill was going on about his life as a curse breaker in Egypt a happy smile on his face

"I am proud of son" arthur patted bill while also giving him his proud smile...the sort of smile that ron was never at the receiving end

"That's so cool" Ron exclaimed "I also want to become curse breaker bill"he added with some childish gleam..

"Icckle ronniekiens"Fred sang….."a curse breaker" George also sang

"An ambitious dream brother dearest don't you think considering you are not as smart or cool like bill" Fred added and then twins started sniggering at their own joke…

"None of that" his father scolded the twins but ron felt his happy spirit break they are right I am not as brilliant as bill what was I thinking...a curse breaker….but he also felt angry towards the twins for saying something so rude and his father just waved it off!...maybe dad also somewhat believed the twins? that's why he wasn't so angry...

"Ron can become whatever he likes...stop it you to"bill added sternly and then he ruffled ron hair "don't believe them younger brother they are just pulling your leg"he Said

Ron felt somewhat soothed with Bill's words...Bill was the only sibling that seemed to care for ron...when everyone ignored him Bill was constantly trying to uplift Ron's spirits…

"Which house do you wanna join Ronnie?"bill asked, before ron could reply his mother barged in "what type of question is that bill….of course ron will be in gryffindor...we are notorious for sorting into gryffindor since forever..and of course his brother will there to watch for him "her mother replied

"I don't need protection mum!"ron Snapped "I can watch out for myself "he added afterwards

"Tone! Ron And eat quickly Arthur and I want to talk to you about Hogwarts " molly said...ron ears perked at the mention of Hogwarts and he started eating as quickly as possible..

"Ron as you know you will be starting Hogwarts this year so you need a wand "his father said calmly...they were currently sitting in the living room while ron siblings were catching up with bill

"Yes! Dad, when we are going to get my new wand ,I have been waiting since myHogwarts letter came in!" Ron exclaimed happily at the prospect of getting his own wand..

" will not be getting a new wand…as you know Percy was made prefect this year so molly and I decided to give him a owl as a gift"his father replied and then he took out a rather worn out wand and gave to ron... "that's Charlie wand it's yours"arthur said

"WHAT! I am not getting new wand"ron exclaimed " is Percy owl more important than my wand?!"ron fumed

"Don't speak like that to your father Ronald billius Weasley!, Be glad that you are getting even that"his mother snapped

Ron just clutched his hand in fist till his knuckles turned white his whole body was shaking with rage and unfairness he felt…"son"his father shook him…." don't touch me!" He snapped then he ran full tilt towards his room and locked it

It wasn't fair ...Percy was getting his own owl and he was forced to have a second hand wand ,everything he owned was second hand...but he never complained….his family never paid him any attention but he never complained...but now enough was enough!, He would not sit idly while his own kin him

This was going to change and the only way out for Ron was Hogwarts... It was the ticket to finally come out from his siblings' shadows and be someone worthy... Hogwarts was the train that will take him away from the people that have not respect for him

A sudden knock at the door broke Ron's thoughts and he frowned at the door "ron it me please open the door"came bill voice "why are you here bill go away"ron voice was hoarse but still he opened the door and saw bill looking at him with a sad smile.

"What do you want, Bill?" Ron asked, "Are you going to lecture me too?"he added I just wanted to check on little brother bill replied while getting inside the Ron's room

"Now tell me why did you run off " Bill asked him…"dad gave me Charlie's wand while Percy got himself a new owl!..No one loves me here and I can't even blame them. I am worthless! "ron replied bitterly some of his pent up anger coming up through

"That's not true you are anything but worthless ron " Bill replied firmly.."as for the wand you know of your are conditions ron we are not exactly swimming in galleons you have to compromise sometime Ronnie "

"But why do I have to compromise everytime bill why!? Everyone in the family got new wand and I bet Ginny will get it too when the time comes, why I only have to bear the brunt everytime?ron questioned the older wizard

"I know Ronnie but that's life it's hardly fair ,but Hogwarts Ronnie that's your key …. it's level playing ground dominated by those who are hardworking and determined ….work hard Ronnie and Hogwarts will give you the platform to succeed to show the world your valor" bill replied reassuring ron with his words

"But how I am going to do it bill I am not exactly brillant like you " ron asked his insecurities coming through

Then work hard! Ronnie work hard,don't whine Ronnie, the world doesn't care of your whining ,it only cares about brilliance

Something clicked inside Ron's mind and before long he was mulling bill word's over his head…"I am going to show them bill that I am the one not be crossed"ron replied as firmly as he could

Bill couldn't help but smile at his little brother...the road ahead was tough but he believed ron to sustain and succeed..