chapter 2


Molly Weasley pov

" always filled with muggles" molly fretted,The Weasleys were currently standing in the king cross station, the children were eager to join the platform 9 ...molly looked down and saw all of her children laughing and enjoying….well all except ron

Ron had been…. different since arthur and I gave him the wand ,he didn't talk or lazed around the house like he used to nor he played around like his siblings,he didn't talk to us unless important and when bill left Egypt ron started spending more and more time in his room,he was becoming mistrusting and bitter towards his family,molly could see it in his eyes...she knew that she was not been a good mother for ron but she could not forget that horrible night

It was the day her water broke ...arthur had rushed her to st Mungo hospital…. despite the pain Molly was happy to finally have a daughter,the mediwitch had confirmed that her sixth child was a baby girl but then

"Excuse me mam,do you know how to.."a dark haired skinny boy who wored baggy muggle clothes and broken round spectacles pointed to the barrier

"How to get to the platform?"molly asked and the boy nodded "well you have to Just run straight through the wall" , seeing the boy eyes widened molly chuckled "it's ron first year too...go on ron show him how to do it"

Ron Weasley pov

Must be a muggleborn ron thought and ran through the barrier,he then found himself staring at the beauty of the Hogwarts platform finally Hogwarts I am coming he was feeling giddy seeing the red train that would take students to Hogwarts it's so beautiful I can't wait to see Hogwarts

Bill had left for his work shortly after the party but not before giving ron his old first year notes he also left ron his old book focussed on various basic spells

In those four months ron had found himself planted in his room reading the first year materials over and over again till he understood them completely,his parents never cared enough to see what he was up to

In those four months he found that he have a natural affinity towards charms... It came naturally to ron and soon ron found himself fascinated with charms I cant wait to meet the charms teacher at Hogwarts bill had told ron that it was taught by a half goblin but was quite intelligent and head of ravenclaw house

"Guess whom we saw mom"the twins exclaimed"Harry Potter he is on the train"

"Harry Potter is in the train?"ginny asked awed

"Yes gin-gin want to met him"Fred sang

"None of this "molly scolded "now get on the train it's time"his mother's said looking at the watch

Ron rolled his eyes at the twins antics and was about to enter the train when molly stopped him "ron come here for a second"his mother called in corner away from his siblings

"What is it mum?" Ron asked "the train is about to start please hurry",molly looked him for few seconds and then started searching something in her pouch after 15 seconds she took out a beautiful emerland coloured ring from her pouch and handed it to ron

Ron took the ring confused,it was an old beautiful ring and the green colour ring was enhancing it's beauty ,ron saw that something was engraved on it but it's was too damaged to see clearly

"What is it mom? And why are you giving to me?"ron asked confused

"It's a family heirloom ring ron "his mom replied though she sounded little sad and it belonged to you

"Me!?" Ron questioned " why not give this ring to bill or Charlie or Ginny?

"Because as I told it belongs to you ron ,now wear it" his mother ordered,Ron slowly put the ring to his right hand to his suprise the ring adjusted itself and fit it to his finger completely

"Now off you go and take care all right!"his mother said ,ron absent minded nodded and went to find the compartment still reeling from this strange encounter this is the longest mom talked to me alone...why offer me the ring?! ...she never offered me something so expensive then what changed ? Maybe she was feeling guilty over not paying me enough that can't be she still looked sad after giving me the ring

Ron found himself a unoccupied compartment and went inside still mulling over the ring he put his trunk under the seat and settled in the seat facing the window, the train moved with a jerk and he almost tripped on the ground..cursing the train he settled on his seat and took out the spell book that bill had left him

He had completed most of his first year in theory except herbology and Transfiguration… when he had told bill this in a letter,bill had replied saying Transfiguration was one of the tougher branch of magic and it's takes lot of effort to understand it..he had also memorized most of the spells he found in the charms book but never practiced it he flipped over the pages and started reading

Wingardium levoisa the levitation charm wand movement envolved a swish and a flick

Episeky the healing charm just point the wand at the damage and say the incanation

Lumos the l... suddenly his compartment slapped open and girl with wild bushy hair entered his compartment "have you seen a toad? ..a boy named Neville has lost his toad" the girl asked in her bossy tone, ron noticed that the girl had bossy stance too her hands were on her hips and she was watching him with narrowed eyes

"No I have not seen it " ron replied annoyed at being intrupted the girl was about to leave but then a idea clicked inside ron mind he had learned the theory behind summoning charm ,this was his chance to test the theory…"wait "he said while taking out Charlie old wand " I can find it for you"

How!? She sounded suspicious ron just pointed his wand at the corridor and yelled "accio neville's toad " the wand suddenly felt hot in ron's hand then it cooled down and ron felt like he was holding a normal stick made of wood not a wand

"Is this even a spell? " the girl asked in a bossy voice "I never came accross such spell while reading my standard textbooks for spells grade 1"

Ron felt blush crept through his face and his ears were turning red , he was about to reply to her when he saw a chubby boy coming towards them"Hermione I found it" he said nervously

"Well then we are going!, I am Hermione Granger by the way and he is Neville" the girl

"I am Ron Weasley" ron replied ashamed that he could not perform the summoning charm after saying goodbye the bushy haired girl and Neville left for their compartment while ron settled himself on his seat

Ron mulled over why he can't perform the summoning charm,he opened the spell book and saw that he had performed the encanation and wand movement correctly,after mulling over it he came to the conclusion that his wand was the reason that he can't perform the spell, a wave of pure jealousy and hate washed over him when he thought back to the day he was given a second hand wand while his brother Percy got a new owl

A voice echoed around the train asking the students to leave the trunk in the compartment and instructions on wearing the school robes before arriving at Hogwarts ..ron stood and went to change in his robes still mulling over his wand and the antic ring,he thoughts came to stop when the train stopped moving

Ron made his way off the train and was shocked to see so many children at one place ,they were all shouting and chatting around ,some of the older students were already moving around while the first years like ron were awed to silence ,a thundering voice echoed through them "Firs' years" the voice thundered "yeh're with myself, come with me " Ron saw that the voice originated from the tallest man ron have ever seen ...the man had monstrous height with beard that's seems to not washed and uncombed hair considering it's state

"He must be the ground keeper "Ron thought,bill had told him about the ground keeper of Hogwarts was pretty tall and scary man but was a softie from inside but Ron clearly didn't expect what he was seeing now

"Ge' in yr boat firs' years " said the ground keeper, Ron hoped into the boat and saw that the water was black probably some charm work he thought while he was musing over which boat the ground keeper would fit in..he was joined by two pretty girl one of whom had read hair and the other had blonde hair

"Hi! I am Susan bones and she is my friend Hannah abbot" the red haired girl said with a pretty smile

Ron ears turned red ,he didn't have many experiences taking to the girls except mum and ginny "I am Ron Weasley" he replied somewhat nervously

Susan was about to say something when her eyes widen and a look of pure awe expression came to her face ,ron noticing the changed expression turned his head to see and his jaw dropped

"Hogwarts witchcraft and wizardy castle came to his view" ,it was magnificent,the castles walls were almost touching the sky while the clouds sorrounding the castle was giving it a magical touch ,ron had never seen such a beautiful place before bill was right this place is so huge and magical

Ron looked around and saw that everyone reaction was same as him,he also saw the the skinny dark haired boy gawking like the fish,he chuckled at his reaction…. Ron could feel in his bones that Hogwarts was now the key for his success

They finally docked the boat shack and the ground keeper led them to the castle and stopped before a gaint door ,he spoke with a rather stren and old witch "first years you will wait here while we prepare for you, keep your voice low and do not wander off "she said in low and commanding voice and then she left through the gaint door

Ron stood there absorbing the beauty of the castle ,he looked around and saw that the dark haired boy was talking to Neville he had brillant emerland eyes and messy dark hair ,he was about to talk to him when the stren witch returned

"Follow me now " she said and opened the gaint doors ...ron along with the first years went through the door entered a grand hall,it was filled with older students sitted across in four long tables , Ron also saw many of them looking at him this made him uneasy so he looked straight ahead where he saw the staff sitting on the staff table ….In between them sat Albus Dumbledore his twinkling eyes aimed at the first year,Ron also saw a worn out hat placed on the stool

"Now those whose names would be called would come and sit in chair where he would be sorted into their respective houses "

"Hannah abbot "the stern witch called and a blonde haired girl went to sit on the stool

Professor placed the worn out hat on her hair

"HUFFLEPUFF" the hat shouted and Hannah flinched before joining the Hufflepuff table while the great hall students clapped for her

"Potter Harry" professor callled and ron saw the the same dark haired skinny boy reaching the table he is Harry Potter bloody hell

The great hall had erupted into chatter at hearing Harry Potter name...the stren professor placed the sorting hat on his head "oh Harry Potter what a surprise"the hat voice boomed ,the hat sat there on his head making faces while Harry did the same from the looks it looked like they were having a discussion of sorts maybe I could convince hat not to place me In gryffindor his thoughts were cut down when the hat shouted "GRYFFINDOR"

The great hall erupted into cheers and ron heard the twins shouting "we got Potter ,we got Potter"

"SILENCE" the stren witch ordered and then she looked over the parchment and called another student for sorting, meanwhile ron was impatiently waiting for is turn if his guess was true then he could talk sorting hat into not joining gryffindor

"Weasley ronald "the professor called stopping ron thoughts ,He slowly went ahead of the remaining students and sat on the stool,the stren professor then place the sorting hat on his head

"Another Weasley" the hat joked inciting laughs from the students inside the great hall,Ron ears turned red but it was covered from hat so now one saw it

Um..hello..could you hear me?

"Of course the hat "answered

"Bloody hell that's awesome " ron exclaimed

"Indeed" the hat chuckled and now let's see what inside"..hmmm.. intelligence…..need to stand out from the siblings shadows…hmmm….. such ambition" the hat mused

"Please don't put me in gryffindor " ron pleaded

"Why not, you will do well In gryffindor….I can see it clearly Ronald" the hat replied

"I don't want to stay in family shadows ,Bill said that Hogwarts is the perfect place for that,if you put me in gryffindor then I can never come out of it " ron reasoned

By now the great hall was filled with whispers of the students and even staff members were staring at ron sorting

"It's not so easy ronald..from what can I see you are fit for either Slytherin or gryffindor….If I put you through have to sacrifice everything to succeed….you will be standing against the the very values your family worship" ,nothing would be easy you will be backstabbed at every corner ,but in return Slytherin will provide you the platform you have In your mind

"Slytherin will help you succeed to heights your family never could, you would make out a perfect Slytherin but you have sacrifice ronald... nothing in this world is free,are ready for it! ?" the hat went on inside ron head

After thinking for more than thirty seconds ron replied determined" i am ready "

The staff members were now openly whispering and staring ron alongside the students of the great hall.

"Very well,the path you have chosen is filled with difficulties but fear not Ronald work hard ,all the best " the hat said inside ron mind and then started speaking loudly

"You were the difficult one but I have made my decision " all the best ronald better be


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