Wish Bear likes to make wishes come true and believes there's nothing in the world that a wish can't help. She's a special kind of dreamer who enjoys a good loving life, and wishes all good boys and girls to. She was almost seven now and had gotten more powerful. She heard a faint wish; "I wish I had someone to luv me!" Without realizing it, she left her dimension and landed at #4 Privet Drive, Surrey, England, in a cupboard under the stairs. A bloody boy about her age was there, bleeding from the belt marks and obvious broken arm. The boy just stared at her in a Daze. "Are you going to Luv me, or am I dreaming again."

"Yes, I will luv you", looking at his homework saying his name; "Harry Potter!" She was crying for him. She took the gold light of granting him, his wish, without a second thought. She transformed into a red haired seven year old girl, with the same emerald eyes as the boy. She realised to late that part of the glow was coming from him into her. Lily and her had a long talk. Wish Bear and the partial spirit of Lily Potter are two that become one flesh. Lily's spirit had no soul, but would do anything to protect Harry. She was very unhappy with Petunia and Dudley, she hated Vernon. Even though she had his mother's hair and eyes, she was looking like Harry. So when Harry said; "I wish your going to be my sister and no one knows different." It happened that everyone knew that the twins who lived had defeated Voldemort!

"My love, Harry, you need to pish us someplace safe." Harry nodded at her, not thinking about healing himself, as he knew it would happen over night. He was thinking about the story, the Queen keeps her subjects safe. "I wish we were with the Queen!" Luckily she was still dressed as it was 7:09 PM. She was talking with Charles about needing a Royal Wizard, as she did not trust the incompetent in charge. Suddenly in the room, a bloody boy, obviously hurt and a red haired girl appeared. Harry fell unconscious. Ely Braine grabbed Harry, saying his name, hugging him.

Chales called for a doctor, which had the SAS guards come in. One of the guards muttered loud enough for the Queen to hear. "It's the bloody Potter kids" Three others ran in; "Detain Him", (In her royal voice) pointing at the one who spoke. A doctor and nurse ran in, heading for the queen, as they did not see the children. They glanced, seeing a guard being handcuffed by two others. "Not me, them," pointing at the two small, obvious starving and bloody children.

Once the doctors had Harry comfortable, The Queen asked who they were. "That's my twin brother Harry James Potter, known as freak, boy, and arsewipe. I'm Ely Braine Potter, known bitch, freak, and slut; your majesty," she replied, bowing.

The guard, who had said nothing; Said out loud; "Blow me, bloody Dumbledore!" He looked down, blushing. "So you know who they were on sight and you know the long bearded nosy one. I need the rest of Our Sport And Social in here now." Mics were clicked and orders given. Some were discombobulated at what they saw. "All of you to the walls and corners, shoot anyone who suddenly appears out of thin air. Do We make myself clear. What will be discussed is classified Treason Red!"

All the guards straightened. One spoke. "Your majesty, I don't know what Perks did, but it should be able to be explained."

"Detain him as well!" He handed everything over. "So you know Perks is a wizard, you have no wand, so are you a Squib?"

Sport And Social (SAS) royal guard were given a new briefing that evening. It started a major change in the future for most people.

Albus's magic of healing kept him from knowing what was going on, as the blood could not be drawn back into Harry. So it lived, showing on his thingies, that the wards were up. Wish granted Harry's wishes and helped save the magical world and British Monarchy, as the Royal Wizard.

Ely Braine and her Love Harry James were happy all three hundred of their years of marriage.

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