A/n: Now since this story that we are just getting into the story that I have happened to be looking forward to me writing this story for about maybe my tenth or many more times where I have been trying to write this fanfiction at all for, well to give myself to answer your questions by answering it in two answers to a question about why I am writing this fanfiction at all. One, that this will might make me happy at first and share this story to show the readers how my writing has been advanced from my first horror story called the Sandman after my true first fanfiction about the game God of war (2005 version not 2018 version which it was being written in 2013) but i forgot what is the laptops password on my dads laptop. There will be will only be some celestial spirits who will get their backstories in probably a separate story or just in this as other chapters before the actual story which I have no idea of who else to do when I chose Loke, Aquarius, Aries and the Celestial King since that doing all of them will be a pain in the ass to write at all on paper at first but since it will be on computer which will be a zilch. And two, I wanted to post this story on these sites for people to read on these apps or websites to have it read by many stories for us fellow writers to publish on for example most stories you will find would be from what I have found to be useful like Wattpad, Webnovel, Archive of our own, , (As for adult-fanfiction is known for it being in the rated eighteen of writing fanfiction lemons or any hardcore stuff which you can find a lot of the most crazy shit on there which I won't get into but just try to find some stuff that is in the category of hardcore and you've found yourself in one of the most intense stuff) stuff that can be posted on AO3 or adultfanfic, and DeviantArt which is also known for making any fanart or fanfiction and there is Hentai foundry, it is another fanfiction site but it is used for writing another hardcore stuff like Cucking, Ntr, and other stuff with some hentai photos. But for me to write something what around four thousand words for a fucking author note is a pain in the ass for me to try and write at all where that I, Milf_hunterKakyoin69 would try to at least get around 500 or up to 2,000 words would be easy for me to write, but I would sometimes write nonsense like some of my stories in the past that I have written and I have mentioned in my old stories I have written called the Sandman (which is going to be rewritten and try to keep it horror type without mentioning going with anything bullshit like Thor and Loke popping in which was written after seeing Avengers movie)

There is another story in my past on Wattpad called being in love with a lamia which is a good story with around over 7,000 words on my old account called Brendanmill8. Since that I have to deal with that story I had to been written as a message for me that I need to continue that story and don't worry, I am putting it on two different things to write which one of them is Google Docs to rewrite as a Monster Musume fanfic where the son of the main character at the end of it will end up with some of the girls, and then there is the other which is Writers Mantra which is where this story and the Falling for a Lamia story goes first as a rough draft. Somehow I do have plans for some stories and hope to put some them on some Erotic story sites called Literotica and Chyoa, which I won't say which story will be on there and what won't go there at all. This story that I am writing at all is just for fun and that it isn't for anything else yet, but truthfully for me to do or a serious story that I would have to write are just going to stick with one chapter as I am writing on here (which I got tired of trying to be writing long hand for this chapter but I would for writing the prologue chapter for volume 1) unless I get board and write a chapter from this book in the future and try to find a way to go from the beginning and get to this chapter and write after that or just put that aside and then write to where it is, which I have some stories that would connect which is another story I definitely got bored where it is called reborn in Naruto with Template system (where it was hard to choose between Gol D. Rodger or Joseph Joestar, and another story called One Piece girls x male reader which is an adoption story I was was able to get from another author called Redhood274 which is based off of his series One Piece girls x male readers which we will have different ways. That story of my version is going to be based off of a Jojo bizarre mixed into the story as soon I get back to it. This story I haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet since I need to watch some anime to get to understand what I want to use for this story)

As for what else I am doing is publishing a chapter a week and try to at least post more of this first before adding the Fallen Fairy goes to the grand line and then publish that after since this will be the Main story until I get to the part after they leave Edolas is where I will write the Fallen Fairy goes to the Grand line. Because right now I am writing my own version of this story on here, A03, and Webnovel (the first place that is going to be published will be here first) and to top off of what happens is this in shorten of how I want it to go for a reincarnation fanfic is ten chapters before the story happens since I write too much and have a hard time to figure out how I want the character to go down and that seems to be it. As for the questions which I would guess you would ask like

What its about?: Easy the oc gets killed by truck-Kun in a unique way and is sent to the afterlife where he meets god, chooses what he wants and gets sent off to the world.

Will it be a crossover?: Eh, sort of, since it is part of a sort of book series but only will be mentioned, the crossovers would be like Naruto and One piece since this site doesn't have a third option to choose

Will there be a bio?: Nope, a status like those gamer type of fanfiction system and no he won't just get it instantly, he will learn the attacks and try to find a way to use his magic to use the attacks like Bakugo's Phoenix attack against Deku.

There will be some attacks he will keep as it usually for example Kamehameha. There will be some references of some other animes like as I mentioned like Gintama with some parts to parody, bobobo-bo bo-bobo when the battle starts as a sort of flashbacks plus I am new to here sort of which I don't remember doing much on an old account except for reading and tried to do a Dbz/Fairy Tail crossover and I think that is totally all except that I have a tend to look over and see new Ideas to write some to add. As for this I plan on writing one shots on three Celestial spirits and the Celestial king like some Ideas I had put like having Sanji or Jiraiya as Loke which I had a hard time trying to figure out. I do have some story Ideas for Aquarius since I want her to have a backstory Idea to either have Tatsuki or Kūkaku or Tsunade to be Aquarius also but not enough for her and Jiraiya to reunite or Sanji having a nosebleed and kicking all of the guys asses that he dislikes or instead have a rival/friendship moments which Loke will have that moment with the Oc.

There was Aries who I wont have anyone become her but have something interesting like becoming a mother (if it goes the Jojo route) by force from a man who was her contract master which he fucks her forcefully (probably go a bit rape but apologize at why he is doing it where she sense he's slowly dying and want to give her something he wanted to when he was alive and not sick) where her sons who grew jealous of each other where one becomes the original start of the Joestar's and Brando family and a different one (if it goes to a Dbz route) where she has two sons being that of Broly (cannon and non cannon versions)

As for the last one being the Celestial king where an Oc ends up getting yeeted by Truck-Kun where he becomes the celestial king. Truthfully I must go through each page I have written doesn't seem right with how I started off with Madara's reincarnated Life since that one will be its own story with another story about both Indra and Asura Otsutsuki but that one is mostly Indra Otsutsuki where he meets Zera and Mavis. I want to try to do something a bit different to tell my own version of a reincarnation fanfic. If it is going to have ten chapters before the main character dies or just put them as memories i would do it. If I feel like it without trying to take breaks and forgetting to work on it, I will have this fanfiction have ten chapters with an authors note and some other stuff that will be part of an Auxiliary chapters for this story before the main character dies or just put them as memories where i would do it to put it before I figure it out since I had one chapter that could be split into three or more. For that I, Milf_hunter_Kakyoin69 [OI, STOP TRYING TO SOUND LIKE THE MAN DIO HIMSELF] where I do also want to try to fuse a bit of the hentai series that I have seen before and try to write again using it as a based story before the Oc gets reincarnated into his new world which originally just started like those other reincarnated fanfic where the Oc gets up from bed and goes out to find a girl being taken hostage and the oc be a hero and dies to save her cliché or get hit by the legendary Truck-Kun type of cliché which I have something planned differently for that chapter when I get to that part.

The hentai series which that I have seen before and truthfully my dumbass self thought that it was going to get an anime adaptation like Emergence/Metamorphosis (or as in the meme being 177013 and I believe the Jojo version is canon for my opinion) which will come out next year (somewhere around in that month of April of 2022 but no day) and some other Hentai adaptations like Saimin Seishidou episode 5/6 in March with the two Milfs that where I was told the animation wasn't going to happen which I was dissapointed at first but then the announcement was told where I was happy to see how to Milf the two which surprisingly from just watching the Trailers that somehow I already like the two voice actors that Japanese animation studios at Bunnywalker chose the right voice actors to play as the redhead daughters Milf of a mother namely Natsumi Obata which I also like the blonde one who her name is Reika Kurashiki since I like that both of them are grade A Milfs since I have a thing for Milfs and their hands. The other Hentai adaptation is Akane wa Tsumare Somerareru (I wish I can show it but instead Ill show it on AO3 since Wattpad has a thing for anything sexual, and doesn't even have a place to put photos except for cover art) where it will release episode 1/2 also being announced and coming in the month of March which I can't wait to actually see it get adaptation. Those series that of the hentai I am talking about and writing down for an Idea is Taimanin Asagi. There will be a fuse between the hanime (hentai in anime form) which will also be based off of season 1-3 (sadly there is two episodes in season 3 because I would have loved to see Asuka trying to save her adopted brother but get screwed by her sister instead) with a bit off the visual novel but without the hentai part and a bit of the video game called Action Taimanin. There are some other hentai that seemed fine to add like Kuroinu Kedakaki seijo wa hakudaku ni somaru, Metamorphosis (only some characters from those hentai who I liked will be mentioned in this fanfic) there are some references from some movies like John Wick series (John vs Viggo. John vs all of the characters like Ares, Cassian, Zero and whoever is next in John Wick 4) Tombstone (Doc Holliday vs Johnny Ringo, and Wyatt Earp vs Clanton-McLaury gang) and many others action movies that I can t think of. As for right now I am trying to figure out which way to go for my fanfiction so until I can write any idea by spinning a wheel of fanfiction crossover Idea I will try to make ten chapters in the Taimanin universe until the chapter where the oc dies.

As about this story where I am trying to create something that will be different than any type of fanfiction that I have seen on Wattpad which are those Lasagna (I mean Lisanna) stories where they have Lisanna became a bitch as she is made by the authors to have her hate Lucy (Truthfully originally Lucy wouldn't be in this story. Well sort of, I am going to have her complain about not having screen time for the Hargeon chapter which before rewriting this story so many times where Lucy would be in Edolas but will be with the main characters brother in that fic or have her as the characters System for having the system become Lucy as she will bitch at the main character system. But now it would be that she become like a love interest with a bit of teasing) trust me I am still going to make her a bitch (both Lucy and Lisanna). For any ideas about this fic was originally just going to be a straight up strictly Fairy Tail fanfiction which is hard to choose what will be mentioned so I decided to bring in some (It will be Multiverse instead. So for right now will be a JJBA Alternate universe with no stands and that will be based off of after stone ocean) with it being a crossover with Fairy Tail and One-piece crossover (If I get many likes and other stuff on Webnovel called power stones and on Wattpad which I just want to see this story go over 9,000 reads, I don't care how many votes there are. I will go to a different anime universe with whatever team that the oc goes with whomever the Oc is with) Elements of Ideas with other fandoms like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and many other fandoms that would seem right but somehow I started to get into JoJo's Bizarre adventure anime (some how I am still on Jojo part 3 and spoiled myself with Amv's of all of the stardust crusader's vs Dio and his minions with part 4 and 5 which I somehow took a break and still want to continue but I got lost but I do remember that i am at where Joseph Joestar and Muhammad Avdol are off to fight against Mariah) Truthfully by using many sites to publish this story would be on here like Wattpad, Ao3, Inkitt and Webnovel which all I like. (But I wish that Webnovel update with a new way of adding of photos or videos to show the readers what we are talking about instead of putting it in the comments) and I think that is all for what I have to say or write at all. As one Author to another or to the readers

And to finish it off, there are going to be more characters instead of the four that are shown. It's not just a crossover, its more like a multiverse crossover but it will be Fairy Tail and One piece for a small bit of One piece and what not