Here we are readers who have made it so far without getting frustrated with how long it will take to get to the first actual chapter without saying dropped and never reading this story at all which deep down I feel sad and don't care at the same time, if you don't want to finish starting this story its up to you.

So, in Earth Land, there is an organized system that Guilds utilize to intermediate Jobs which Mages are able to partake in and receive reimbursement (Getting payed) upon completion, most commonly by Jewels which they can return home to spend it on either of many things like clothes, food, supplies etc that they feel like spending their payment

Job Types

There are normal types of jobs which they can be vary in difficulty and are divided into different ranks that exist all among in all of the legal guilds. Mostly the current known ranks are normal (They can range from D, C, B, and A ranks which can also be simular to the Naruto ranks of missions) S-Class, SS-Class, 10-Year and 100-Year Jobs since they are divided as such where in order to have the mages by distinguish them by the level of difficulty involved (Think of it also by Rpg leveling systems that deal with a ranking system) This also helps a Mage select a Job that is convenient of their capability.

Normal Jobs

These type of jobs cater to any mages of many different levels of strengths, and a Mage does not need to be exceptionally strong to undertake these assignments that they take and complete. Also, the reward is variable upon the task required to complete, so Mages may leverage amongst different available missions to the amount of Jewels offered when making their decision of what mission to participate in.

To give example of what these normal missions and their descriptions are from the Naruto missions ranks and from the missions reputation chapter to give for an example of seperating in the normal chapter

D-rank: These missions would be considered just normal and they pose almost no risk to any of the mages that took this job where it usually consist of odd jobs like Babysitting, Farming and the payment would go to a thousand Jewels to five thousand.

C-rank: They are missions that usually just involve somewhere escorting some people like powerful people which can range from any of the Rich, Magic council and some other type of people like business men, builders or moving an some objects like helping people move from one house to another, finding lost items that seem to be lost but are somewhere never to be unexpecting, and these jobs are in other places outside the guilds home town.(for example the person or thing that the missions states can range from a higher being like a King or Queen or Prince/Princess who are being hunted to being assassinated by some dark guild or bandits or that the object is something more valuable in their life and expensive)

Rank C missions also deal with for the mage who took that mission which it can be finding a lost Items that seem to be lost but are somewhere never to be unexpecting in places somewhere never to be unexpecting other than your respective town like it can be a doll that was lost in a town. And they also sometimes ask for some stuff where it can also deal with delivering packages where it can be delivered to distant places where it is usually counted as C rank missions where sometimes it can be a bit that these missions are usually sometimes sus. But are worth the price of jewel which can get you around at a decent price sometimes if your lucky and get there with in a certain day and are not a dragon slayer on any type of movement being it from any like trains, vehicles and they would get at least a bonus if lucky and sometimes can be dangerous

B-rank: They deal with usually defending someone or something important where it carrying important stuff or the assassination of weak or unprotected persons Like for example (Im gonna use Tazuna from Naruto) you would have to escort and protect a damn drunk who is trying to rebuild a fucking bridge or carrying the arc of convenient across a damn desert where it would might be to end up dying to ghosts. Sometimes the missions where it is carrying important stuff or the assassination of weak or unprotected person(s) are missions of this rank. Because of this, these types of missions where it deals a risk of a confrontation and getting killed, are very high on this kind of missions (Seriously it i reminding me of the Gato episode with the bridge builder of wave mission in Naruto) and mostly the assassination would rather be of a dark guild then of a legal guild and that they go for at least a good price.

A-rank: which are mostly where most people deals with Invasion,where this is where most of the mages who took these missions where they are jobbed to protecting the village against invasions of of different people where it is being bandits, dark mages, monsters, wyrm and other things that feel like deal with to destroy an entire village. Sometime they also deal with the assassinations of powerful people, covert operations of high risk, which all of this are usually what you'll have to deal with taking care of most A Rank missions. There is usually the risk of death on these missions which is extremely high if it is the Mage or the client or anyone that has to be dealt with during these missions at all.

The Eligible participants who take these jobs are all mages who they are all part of any of the Legal Guilds.

S-Class Jobs

These types of missions are extremely dangerous since where the mistake may lead to a Mage's death. For this job to get would be taking a special thing where to give an example would be like how Stewie graduates from the Green room to the Purple room in Family Guy which this thing that a mage who is chosen to become the highest ranking for a mage is called the S-class trials where chosen mages from any of the legal guilds are sent off to challenge off against other S-class mages or even if they are lucky they face off the master of that guild. Once the mage becomes an S-Class Mage where they would be warned that these types of missions where it tend be actually really dangerous tend to be urgent missions of great danger or matters of world importance. However there is an exeption to this rule where that a group of non S-Class Mages must be accompanied by an official S-Class Mage where it is seen with a three group like the "Take Over Siblings".

These types off jobs usually range from assassination of people of world importance, to performing actions that could turn a situation upside down for a large faction or even Country, these missions tend to be almost impossible to be done and thus are extremely rare. Failure of such a mission will usually mean death to those who have taken up the missions. For the mages to be stopped from completing any high level missions within the blink of an eye, there are minimum page requirements specified for each different rank of mission that are posted in the guilds. Even though the minimum requirement is somewhat fixed, it can be changed by how much the contract puts out during the mission which they should understand that they should be told before going out on a mission. Sometimes these missions that the mage take to help any of these clients that posted this mission where it tends to be almost impossible to be done and thus are extremely rare to complete without having to deal with something bad to happen (Like for examples: Mirajane decided to go on her first S rank mission with her two siblings where a demon that was wreaking havoc there and you know the rest) most failures of such for the missions that the mages took will most likely usually mean death.

The reward for these Jobs can be rather large, with some missions, such as Subjugation missions, spanning into millions of Jewels. The Eligible Participants who took and they gained the S-Class status mages were Lauxus Dreyar, Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss, Gildarts Clive and Mystogan (aka Edolas Jellal)

SS-Class and other types of Jobs (SS-class jobs-100 year quest)

These missions can be inferred to possessing a much higher level of risk and difficulty than S-Class Jobs. An experienced Mage must have acquired S-Class status to undertake these missions. The missions may also be given to an eligible candidate within the Guild that the Job is mediated through. The Eligible Participants who ar experienced S-class mages which it seemed to be Gildarts Clive. Since there are other types like Ten Year Jobs which as the name suggests where these missions that havve beeen available for over Ten years and these types have yet to be completed since they are known to be incredibly dangerous and that the eligible participants are only the most powerful S-Class mage like gildarts or Makarov Drayer.

There is another one called the hundred year job which it is simular to the Ten Year job, but these are named as such due to the fact that the missions have been available for over 100 years but have yet to be completed by any Mage. There was one mage being Gildarts who he is the currently the only known mage where he went to undergo this mission, but he was unable to complete such mission since he had fought against a dragon and lost to acnologia (Gildarts *sulks in corner and sniffs* Y-You didn't have to be so damn honest) where he lost an arm and a leg to the bastard dragon. Gildarts is the only one and the first one where he returned alive from that job. Since it would infer the immense level of danger involved with these Jobs where Natsu and the rest take on these jobs in the 100 year quest that is coming up.

The eligible Participants who take these jobs are only mages of the highest calibre where they are eligible for jobs of this rank who would dare to take it.