Chapter 3: The first contact war, part 2.

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Planet Shanxi

We can see that there is a lot of activity as the soldiers and civilian workers do everything to get ready for the upcoming battle.

The teams of combat engineers were doing all that they could to place small structures that will act as decoys forcing the Turians to divide their ground forces all over the place while at the same time small teams of marines had prepared some traps to give them a welcome party that the Turians will never forget.

In the middle of all this activity, we see how a group of Quarians stands before a rock that was as big as a five-story building.

"I still can believe my eyes" – Zona.

"I know that we were present when they activate this illusion but I never imagine that it could be so real, no one in the Citadel space has this level of tech," said Tarlok as he is still recording everything. "If we manage to survive this and I upload this to the galactic net, I will have the channel with more views in the entire story"

"We need to survive this for that to happen" – Rafil.

"I am starting to believe that these humans had a better chance to win this battle than what I previously believed" – Tali.

"I hope that you are right, otherwise we are all dead" – Lenos.

"You hear the general, they do not need to win, just hold the line long enough for their fleets to come and if all their fleets had energy weapons like the one that they used to destroy the Turial patrol, I can see them winning this battle." – said Tali as she walks through the rock as her body disappeared as she advanced.

Her friends follow her one by one until everyone was inside the 'rock', but the reality of this rock will mark the difference between life and death for all the people who will risk their lives in the defense of this colony.

The gate, Tali, and the other Quarians had seen the human portal technology and they were impressed, not even the Protheans had developed this kind of technology and this new race had already proven that they have science and technology that they only saw in movies and novels, but now they were not only possible but also very real.

And if this big gate can connect planets by just walking through it, this will change the story of the galaxy.

Tali could see many technicians were working on the gate to complete it as soon as possible, some of them were flying, and even if Tali knew that the humans could fly, it was still something that surprised her.

"Red alert, Red alert, a Turian fleet has just entered the Shanxi system. All personnel man your battle stations" said a female voice in the speakers. Soon they also hear General Willians.

"To all the personnel, I know that many of you are afraid as this will be your first time in combat, and that is something normal, but I know that with your training and your fighting spirit you will fulfill your duties, because today for the first time in our history, we are fighting to not only protect our specie but also to represent it. The high command said that we need to hold the line for three days before our reinforcement arrives, but I said that in those three days we will show to those poor bastards that they pick up a fight with the wrong species, and when their few survivors get back home and tell their people stories about the horrors and nightmares that they suffer here, there will be no one as crazy as trying to attack us again. So good luck and good hunting"

The battle cries that follow General Willian's declaration could be heard in different places all over the planet.

In the orbit of Shanxi

In the space around Shanxi, there was no time for heroic speech as the Turian fleet began to fire as soon as they arrive, there was no attend to communicate or demand a surrender, they just open fire as soon as they arrive in attack formation.

However, this was not a surprise for Captain Anderson because this was one of the possible scenarios that he has predicted.

"They didn't even try to talk with us," said one of the officers of the CAS Magallanes. As their ship shook with some mass effect gun hits their barriers.

"We hurt their pride and they want our tech, and they believe that there is no need to talk with us and that they can take it by force, so they do not want to waste time, All ships began with the plan"- Captain Anderson.

Thanks to the information that they receive from Tali and her friends, Anderson has an idea about the weapons and tactics that the Turian will likely be using.

Anderson knew that they could use their numbers to defeat their barriers, in special if the Chaldea ships are in close formation, for that reason Anderson give the order to be in an open formation with a big distance between their ships and never in a position where two of their ships will be in a direct fire line.

He also knew that with only a couple dozen of ships it will be impossible to resist the attack of the Turian fleet in a head-on battle, so he will not even try, instead, he give the order to target their biggest ships, and after they fire their first-round they will proceed to use attack runs, similar to the ones used by the torpedo boats in WWII, always staying away from the front of the Turians ships, that is where their mass effect cannon is located.

"All ships, FIRE!" said Anderson.

As all the ships that were defending Shanxi fired their main gun at their targets, some hit their targets, but in many cases, the Turians had placed their dreadnought behind other ships that received the energy shot, destroying them but leaving the dreadnought still operational.

According to Anderson's plan, after they had opened fire against the Turians, they will now make use of the mobility of their ships against Turians ships and do as much damage as they could before they had to retread and use hit and run tactics because Anderson knew that they will not last long against those numbers and he will not sacrifice their ships in that way.

In the Turian flagship Spirits Revenge

"General Desolas Arterius, we lost two dreadnoughts and five light cruisers," said a bridge officer.

"Enemy ships have broken formation and are getting closer at attack speed," said another officer.

"We had the number on our side, split the space around us into sectors, and had a specific battle group cover and fire at the enemy ships that entered each sector, if we manage to incapacitate a ship we must isolate it and send boarding parties" - General Desolas Arterius.

Soon the space between the two fleets was full of light, from an outsider's point of view, they may look beautiful, but in reality, it was a deadly dance as the ship move to avoid a direct hit by those lights because if they fail to do it, the price to pay could be their deaths.

Some Turians ships already found that a direct hit from the human's ship is all they need to destroy them, which was evident by the debris around their fleet.

But that didn't stop them as they kept firing with even more intensity until they managed to land enough hits on a human ship.

CAS Magallanes.

"Captain, the Intrepid is in trouble," said the sensor operator.

Opening the link in his station Anderson could see how the CAS Intrepid had received severe damage, as the enemy did not stop firing at them.

"Sir, the Wolf is also in trouble," said the same operator.

"Order all the other ships to cover them, send the order to those two ships to get as close as possible to Shanxi, and use their portals to escape to the surface."- Said Anderson.

All the ships follow his orders but The Turian refuses to allow the two damaged ships to leave the battlefield.


"We lost the Intrepid, they didn't manage to get close enough to use their portal and escape to the Shanxi," said the operator.

"What is the status of the Wolf?" asked Anderson as he focused his attention on the present; he will have time to regret the loss of those men later if he manages to survive.

"They will get in the portal range in 50 seconds".

"As soon as the crew escapes to Shanxi, order all ships to move to the second position."

All the ships followed the order; however, the wolf had a special gift for the Turians.

As soon as they get into range of their portal, the captain orders them to cut the power and vent the atmosphere through some hatches; the idea was to make the Turians believe that the CAS Wolf was dead in the water and that they could just capture it.

They did not have to wait too long as three Turian ships took the bail, and were moving to their position, the captain seeing this gave the order to all hands to abandon the ship through the portal, and join the land defense of the colony.

At that moment, he and his first officer input the command to begin the self-destruction sequence in the silent count. Then the captain and his first officer room to the portal room to join their crew, but before the captain left his ship for the last time, he could only say. "Thank you" to his ship, before he leaves and the portal closes.

A second later, the Turian boarding party manages to get inside the Wolf.

"Secure all the decks, try to find the crew, and capture them alive if possible," said the boarding leader.

After a few moments, all the soldiers reported that they had found no one.

"Are you sure?" asked the leader.

"Yes, we managed to find some red substance that seemed to be their blood in some parts of the ship but we have not seen any crew members, not even a corpse"- soldier.

"This is stran-"


The countdown ended at that moment, the CAS Wolf, in his final act, not only took the Turian boarding party but the three ships that were getting close to tow it.

All this was seen by General Desolas Arterius. That was monitoring what he believed would be their first capture of a human ship.

"Status" General Desolas Arterius.

"We lose the boarding party and the three corvettes that we send, we are not picking any signal from them, we lose them" - a communication officer.

General Desolas Arterius cursed inside his mind.

"Tell all the ships to not attend to board any other ship, we can't lose more people like this."

"But our orders are to capture samples of the enemy tech, what will we do if we cannot board their ships?"

"There must be engineers, maintenance crew, and personnel in that colony, send the order to capture any humans that do not look like soldiers. All ships advance to the orbit of that planet, send the third group to the other secondary relay, and place blockages, I am sure that this new specie send a call for backup, and in a matter of time we will have to fight an entire fleet, we will use the blockage to reduce their numbers as they come out of the relay"- General Desolas Arterius.

Soon the Turians ships advanced against the planet, all the while the defending ships were using hit and run tactics, knowing that they could win against those numbers. However, they will not make things easier for the Turians as they continue to attack, in each attack, they took a couple of enemy ships but they also receive damage and put their barriers at their limits.

Soon the number of defenders was reduced by one, some of them were lucky enough to get close to either the planet or to another ship to evacuate before the active self-destruction, but sadly not all were that lucky.

After two hours, the Turians already had their ships in the orbit of the human colony and had begun to send their ground forces.

On the surface of Shanxi.

The marines and civilian workers could see how the drop ships from the Turian Army were getting closer, normally they would like to shut them down as soon as they could, but general Willians had another idea.

"If we began to shut them down now, they will scatter and that will make hunting them even harder, allow them to land and give them two hours to begin to download their equipment and gather their weapons and soldiers in one place and when I give the order we will blow up that place into a thousand pieces with all those Turian on it"

For two hours the soldiers play the dangerous game of waiting without being seen.

Just as General Williams said, the Turians had selected a landing place and had benign to turn it into their operation center.

It had been 1 hour and 50 minutes since they had arrived and little they did not know that their time in the world of the living was about to end.

"Had you found any of the humans of this colony?" asked a captain to an L.T.

"So far, we had not found anyone, maybe they are hiding on one of those flying islands," said the L.T pointing at one of the flying islands that had surprised Taly and her friends when they first saw them.

"How in the name of the spirits is that possible," asked the Captain.

"I don't know, maybe when this planet becomes ours we can have some Salarian come and take a look at this place, I am sure that this place will be very interesting for them," said the L.T.

"Maybe, but at this moment I am more worried about the population of this place, the fact that they had not tried anything worries me," said the captain.

"Sir, we are the best military in the galaxy, and even if they had better ships that can worry the flyboy from the navy they had not to hope of facing us on the ground, maybe they learn that from the codex that they took from the Batarians and for that they chose to hide." The L.T.

"I hope that you are right because I cannot get over this feeling," said the captain.

"What is that?" asked a soldier that was behind them.

When the captain and the l.t turned to see what the soldiers were talking about, they saw that he was looking up, when they followed his eyes, they saw a strange circle made of light right about them.

"What could be that?" said another soldier.

He did not have to wait for his answer as the energy of the circle began to increase and before they could do something the magic circle released its energy over their base.

Their equipment, weapons, food, and soldiers, as well as their ships that had already landed, received an impact of pure energy, that while not as powerful as a strategic class magician, was enough to kill many in the first strike and injure or damage the few that survive.

"Is an enemy attack!" screamed one of the few soldiers that managed to survive the attack.

But to his horror, the attack had just begun as he could see how from a floating island many dark figures had jumped. Wait a minute, they weren't falling, they were flying!

"By the spirits, they can fly!" said the same soldier, even with their more advanced mass effect tech they are not able to fly with their battle armor, the fact that this new race could have battle armor that allows them to fly, shows how advanced is their tech or worse, what if they could fly because it is a characteristic of their race.

None of that mattered for the Turian's soldiers at this moment as they saw how the enemy began to land right before they could enter the effective range of their weapons.

Thanks to the Quarians and the weapons that they took from the Batarians, they already knew many of the characteristics of their weapons, including their effective range.

"We will make them pay …." Before the Turian soldier could finish his line, his body began to pump up until the point that he exploded, covering his fellow soldiers with his blood and bowels.

"By the spirits," said the scared soldiers.

However, that was not the only terrible surprise as they could see white beans of light that began to pierce them, increasing the number of casualties while others just kept exploding after their bodies pumped up. Soon the last of the few surviving Turians that were on the landing-place died.

Then the marines' son began to walk around the area to make sure that there was no survival. Many in the future would say that that is a war crime, but in this situation when they do not have the resource and time to deal with the POW, that order makes sense, also because the ones that will complain about that are always are idiots that had never been in a battlefield and believe that the world is pink color.

"Sheppard reporting, the Turian landing place had been destroyed, all of them are dead"

"Good work, now get the hell out of there before they call for an airstrike, go to the next location," said General Williams over the radio.

"Yes sir" – Sheppard

With that said, he and the other marines took off for that place and flew away.

They did not know that one of the helmet cameras from one of the dead Turians soldiers was still active and broadcast all battle.

One of the officers who saw the destiny that their ground forces suffer is General Desolas Arterius.

"I wonder what that creature said?" said a Colonel.

"Most likely he was reporting to his superior, They had the advantage that they can understand our language thanks to the codex that they took from the Batarians, but we still need to learn theirs," said a Mayor.

"I still cannot believe that our landing place was destroyed by a small group of soldiers" the Colonel.

"Those weapons that they use, did you see them" – said General Desolas Arterius, attracting the attention of the other officers. "They bypassed the kinetic barrier and that circle in the sky before the landing place was destroyed, it looks similar to the one that appeared before their ships when they shot their main weapon, just that smaller".

"From what we can see it is an unknown form of energy," said a Lt

"I am also worried about the fact that they seem to be able to fly, that gives them a huge advantage in special because the surface has those flying islands, we do not know about any other planet where they exist" - General Desolas Arterius.

"If they can fly because of their armor we only need to study one after we capture this planet, but if they can fly because of a characteristic of their species we just need to gather enough bodies so we can make the autopsies," said the Colonel.

"This does not change our goal, prepare a new landing place and this time make sure that we have enough air cover." Said General Desolas Arterius.

Soon the Turians began to make a new land base, but this time they expanded their security perimeter and had a more active air cover. They will not make the same mistake the first time.

The gate, CAS forces HQ

"Amazing," said Tali. She and her friends had just seen how the same marines that rescued them destroyed a Turian base.

Even more, the way that they did it was something that scared them, the best soldiers in the citadel was destroyed in less than five minutes by a squad.

"The Turians will come in force, their pride will force them to do it," said Lenos.

"I know, but they will need time, and any minute that we can win is a minute that our fleet is getting closer."- General Willians.

"General, the Turians are landing in various places at the same time, they had air cover," said an L.t as he was pointing to the holographic table.

"Show me" – said General Willians as he saw the new display. "It seen that they took the bait, their landing place is in the same areas where the energy transistor that we set in some of the unfinished building, they will be on guard this time, send the order to all the commanders, attack if they believe that they had the advantage"

"Yes sir."

"Any progress with the gate," asked Willians.

"We put the crew of the Wolf to help the engineering and construction teams to speed up the process but at best we had gained just a couple hours with their help." Said the l.t.

"At this moment I will take anything" answered Willians.

Near the coast, is the construction site for the water-processing center.

This is where the colonists were planning to build the water-processing facilities, but now it is a trap that they have a place for the Turians.

By placing an energy source that the Turians could detect, they knew they would do two alternatives.

One, they will try to take the installation hoping to get access to their technology.

Two, they will destroy the facility fearing another trap, and then try to rescue anything that they could from the debris.

However, that did not matter because that building is just baited and the trap is somewhere else.

"They are approaching from the sea". Said a Marin that is looking at the Turians ship coming over the sea.

"That is perfect, at my command we will deploy our little surprise." Said the captain of the squadron assigned to this area. "Ready NOW!"

At that moment, the marines that were waiting for his signal activated their magic and from the sea, many ice spears were shot toward their enemies.

Many of them were destroyed initially, but some managed to escape.

Some of the marines celebrate the result of their work.

"Silent, we will celebrate later, now we must leave before they have the time to reorganize," said the captain.

However, his warning came too late as a Turian fighter that was proving high altitude cover managed to detect them and open fire, some of the marines were lucky to be far away from the impact point but some did not have the same luck.

Amount them some even try to create a barrier but it was useless, only the A-class magicians and above would have a chance to stop the attack of a fighter, but sadly even in this era, only one in ten thousand could be an A-class magician and even them Chaldea always keep an eye over them.


Because in the past they were called a strategic class magician and for one time they were known to be the strongest amount magicians, but not anymore, that title belongs to the S class now, the Servant class, whose powers are so strange that even in a world full of magus they are hard to understand.

Even now, the people are still wondering if they are the reincarnation of the heroes of the past, or if they were chosen by those heroes to receive their power, no one knows, but what they know is that nobody messes with a servant.

Cursing the loss of their friends, the surviving marines move to the next location.

The same scenes could be seen all over the place as the battles increased their numbers and intensity. Leaving an increasing number of deaths on both sides.

In the Turian flagship Spirits Revenge

Deep inside the flagship of the Turrian armada, we can see how several officers and scientists were gathered. It had only been one day since they arrived on this planet but the losses that they had received were more than what they had expected in the entire operation. This new species surely knows how to fight.

"Give me your report," said General Desolas Arterius.

"Sir. After the events of the destruction of the first landing place, we were forced to slow down or ground operation and land in different places, some far away from the mainland to avoid another attack, now we not only need to keep a great number of our land forces close to the landing-place to protect them, but now we need to transport them, also we still need to find their HQ" said a mayor.

"What about the structures on this planet?" - General Desolas Arterius.

"They are new and incomplete, that tells us that they had just recently moved to this planet"- Mayor.

"Did you learn something about them, their weapons and biology?"- General Desolas Arterius.

"About their biology, I can tell that at first glance they look related to the Asari, but DNA tests from the bodies that we manage to recover show that there is no relation." Said one of the doctors.

"About their weapons, we manage to recover some from their bodies and our technicians are still trying to understand how they work, but given that, as we fear, they are energy weapons and they do not use element zero, and for that, the science behind them is unknown to us," said a colonel.

"And their fly skill? It is their armor or it is a trait of their species." - General Desolas Arterius.

"Again the tech behind how their equipment works is still unknown to us, so we can be sure if they can fly because of their armors," said the Mayor.

"And studying dead bodies is different from studying living ones. We need a still alive prisoner to see if we can get some answers," said the doctor.

"That will be difficult as they can fly to escape from us, also those energy circles, we had seen how they are used in more than one way to attack us," said the mayor as he pushed some buttons and a video recording began to be played on the main scream of the room.

The video shows the battle close to the beach that had just happened a few hours ago. It shows how the Turians ships that were getting closer to the beach were destroyed by some ice spears.

"As you can see, one of those circles appeared below some of our ships and absorbed the water and turned it into ice that then was shot against our ships, their kinetics barriers were overloaded by the mass of the ice, and the ships were destroyed." Said the mayor as he played a second video.

"This other video shows how those circles appeared when troop carriers and their infantry escorts stepped over them and a second later, were thrown twenty meters into the air to be destroyed by the force of the fall, we still need to understand how that works to develop an effective defense against them," said the mayor.

"We had learned one thing about those circles and these human battle tactics today," said General Desolas Arterius as he saw how all the present were now looking at him. "Tell me, why didn't those circles have a remote control, a countdown, or a proximity sensor? Could it be that they can only be activated by those creatures?" General Desolas Arterius.

"Interesting, are you saying that those circles are created not by their tech, but by them?" asked the doctor.

"Or it could be that those circles need something from these humans, it could be some kind of neural control or something," said the colonel.

"We will know more after we capture them and take control over this planet, order all our fighters to destroy all of their buildings from a safe distance, we now know that they are traps, but at the same time, we may had win an advantage, did you see how their traps are trying to take us away from these two locations," said General Desolas Arterius as he points two sectors in the maps. "I believe that if they are trying to keep us away from those locations, then there must be something important there. Send a group of Special Forces; we need to know what they are hiding there."

"Yes sir."

Just a couple of minutes after General Desolas Arterius gave that order, all the Turian fighters inside Shanxi's atmosphere began to target all the other buildings that were set up as tramps, destroying them.

Back in the CAS HQ.

"General Willians, they had destroyed all the traps that were set for them," said a soldier.

"What is the status of the marines that were in the locations to activate the traps," asked Williams.

"Thankfully they were at a safe distance when the buildings were destroyed so they are fine."

"Sir, the Turians are heading to the shelter where some of the civilian workers were sent," said another soldier.

"Sir, another group is coming right to this location," said another soldier

Everybody that listens to that last message becomes worried.

"Had they detected us?" asked General Willians.

"I don't think so, the route that they are taking will place them less than two miles from our location," said the same soldier that gave the last report.

"Send the marines from the destroyed traps to help the civilians" - General Willians

In the shelter location.

"Hurry up! Those damn aliens will be here at any moment." Said a Marine, as his squad was the closest to the shelter and were the first ones to respond.

"They are here!" said another marine as he pointed to a dropship that landed at a safe distance and could see how soldiers were jumping out of the ships.

"Get ready and take those civilians out of here"

And so the marines began to cover the escape of the civilians, but the Turians didn't give them time as mass effect fire began to hit the barriers that the marines had placed.

"Give them hell!"

Spears of ice, fireballs, earth spike, and spells that cause the Turian's bodies to blow up even with their kinetic barriers were used as much as possible.

But Turians keep coming.

The marines kept covering the retreat of the civilians as they flew away, some of them even flew and created magic barriers between them and the Turians.

Soon the enemy's number began to make a difference. That is when the Turian's special force arrives, a squad formed only by biotics steps forward.

"What is the situation?" asked the leader of this group.

"Sir, we had seen a group that appeared to be civilians, because they didn't have weapons and armors and their clothes were different, they flew away as the soldiers protected them". Said a Turian soldier.

"I see, so they can fly because it is a trail of their specie, I am sure that General Desolas will want to know about that"

"They are heading to another of those fly islands, but that makes it harder to follow them as they can just fly away without the need for any ship"- a Turian soldier.

"Yes, but there must still be some civilians in that place," said the Special Forces leader.

"How do you know that?" asked the soldiers.

"Because their warriors are still here, even when they had the opportunity, they hadn't attacked us yet, that means that they are protecting something, if I must guest I would say that they had civilians still in that place"

"I see what you want us to do."

"Focus your fire on their soldiers and cover our advance, we will do the rest."

On the side of the marine's defenders, they knew what was about to happen thanks to their training and because some of them could use the remote view, similar to the one used by the Saegusa family.

"They are going to hit us with everything that they had? Isn't it?" asked one of the marines to his L.T.

"Yes, but we are going to make them regret that choice." Said the L.T.

"So if this is our last stand, I am sure that I will run loose on them," said another marine.

"Tell the civilians that are still inside the shelter that after we charge against the enemy they must fly away, they will be too focused on us to pay them attention, use that chance to escape" then the L.t looks at his marines one last time before he said. "Fix bayonets".

Normally in this era, the use of bayonets should be considered something insane, but with the awakening of magic 200 years ago, the magus that could avoid bullets and the magic tools that have the form of swords, so the order Fix bayonets now means get ready for close-quarter combat.

"Remember that those mass effect guns are faster than bullets, almost the speed of light, use all that you got on your magic barriers and advance as fast as you can, once we get into their ranks they wouldn't be able to use their heavy weapons on us or they risk hit their people, use that change to kill as many as you can to create a big chaos," said the L.T. "marines it had been an honor"

Looking at his men one last time he gives his final order.


At that moment, the group of marines jumped from their cover and began to advance as fast as they could toward the Turians, the marines that were experts on barriers were leading the charge as they projected their barriers covering the advance of their fellow marines.

However, the number of enemies was too much and their barriers began to fail as small cracks could be seen grew until they were big enough to allow the enemy fire to pass the barriers and kill the magus that created them, but it was too late for the Turians as their final task was complete and their fellow marines were now faced to face against the Turians soldiers.

Swords, spears, tomahawks, and pistols were the weapons that now are causing damage to the Turians.

The Turians Special Forces that were getting ready to attack the marine's positions were taken by surprise by this insane attack, some of them tried to place a kinetic barrier to protect against these humans, but they saw in horror how one of them was cut in half with a sword, something that should be impossible, but it was not only that, a Tank, a damn tank was also cut in half by another human using a sword.

Soon all the regular soldiers were cut into pieces and some of the Turian's special forces were next to them, but sadly some of the marines also fell, and now only the only one remaining was the L.T that was looking at the last three Turians from their special forces.

The L.T was pointing them with his spears, his helmet was broken allowing the enemy to see his face.

"You better surrender, this place will fall under the control of the Turian hierarchy and your race will serve us as a new client race"

"You had no idea of what you had just caused, do you?" said the L.T as he ignored what the Turian just said.

"You believe that you were facing the top-of-the-line ships and that this place is an important installation or something? This is a new colony, the ships that were protecting it are the oldest of the fleet and our government already knows about this. Do you think that that fleet that you had over this planet will resist our counterattack? They won't last ten minutes and when they are all dead we will pay a visit to this citadel of yours to show you the big mistake that you just make"

With confidence, said the L.T. was injured and knew that he was dying but he was ready to challenge them until the end.

At that moment, he saw how a single ship was heading in the same direction that the civilians had used to escape, he only had his spear and three enemies right in front of him, but saying, what the hell, he jumped and He threw his spear with his last strength. The spears flew towards its target, destroying it.

The Turians took this opportunity to shoot and kill him, but the damage was done, he destroyed the ship and was hunting the civilians.

"I can believe that just a squad destroyed all our forces in this place." Said a Turian survivor.

"Not even the Krogan could cause us this level of trouble"

"Stop the talk, we still need to see what was in that place," said their leader as he and the last survivors of his unit headed to the shelter.

When they got there, they began to explore the place. Room by room.

It was at that moment that they found a small surprise, a small group of civilians that were so scared to try to escape chose to hit the shelter hoping that they would not find them, they were wrong and now those 15 civilians had just become prisoners of the Turians.

Back with General Willians.

He could see how the Turians had begun to explore the area around them, thankfully the Turian are not able to see through the illusion that they place to hide their HQ and the Gate, as all they could see was just a big rock.t

"Sir, we lost the red team and it is seen that a small group of civilians was taken as prisoners," reported a soldier.

General Willians did not say anything but they could see that he was not pleased with that news, they are losing too many people and while they are doing severe damage to the enemy, their numbers give them a big advantage.

"How long until the gate is completed?" asked Willians.

"At less another 10 hours"

Williams knew that he will need a miracle to overcome this situation, however on the other side of the galaxy that miracle was about to make a move beyond insanity but will add another great achievement to its name.

On the other side of the Galaxy. CAS Enterprise

"We are in position and all the calculations are completed," said Joker.

"Excellent," said captain Tolwyn. "Attention all hands, we are about to try the jump node in T minus 2 minutes, secure all your stations and get ready, and do not forget to pray that we manage to survive this"

"Joker, proceed with the jump"

"Yes sir."

At that moment the Enterprise, proceed to get in the right position and speed to try the dangerous maneuver.

As they were getting close to the orbit of that star, they could see how the old ship began to shake, as the countdown got smaller.







To all the crew of the Enterprise, it is seen as if the time has just frozen for a second before it began to run again, but this time the view from outside of the command bridge shows a completely different view from before.

"Sir, we are in the Shanxi system, we did it," said Joker.

All the command crew began to celebrate.

"I need tactical information, what is the status of the enemy fleet, and what happened to our forces? Had they detected us?"

"Our sensor said that there are around 150 enemy ships of different class over the planet with another 100 around the mass relay that leads to our territory, it is seen that they are preparing a blockade against our forces, also because our exit point was near this star is seen that they did not detect us," said the sensor operator.

"Sir I found our ships, they are around the fifth planet asteroid belt," said another operator.

"Contact them in a secure frequency," said captain Tolwyn.

After a few moments on the main screen, they could see a familiar face.

"Anderson? It is great to see you alive" - captain Tolwyn.

"Tolwyn? How in the root name are you here?" – captain Anderson.

"A node jump" was captain Tolwyn's answer. And he had to admit that he enjoy the reaction on Anderson's face when he hear that.

"Only you will be insane enough to try something like that," said Anderson.

"It works and now we had a carrier on the battlefield and 150 fighters ready to give them hell to those Turians" - captain Tolwyn.

"We need to inform general Willians about this." Said Anderson as he give the other to contact the HQ of Shanxi.

When they link the call and General Willians saw captain Tolwyn's face, he has the same reaction as Anderson when he hears how he manages to get here.

"Tolwyn you are as insane as the people said but it is good to have you on our side."

"Thank you, sir."

"The situation on the ground is bad, even if our marines prove to be more effective than the Turians soldiers their number gives them a big advantage"

"What are our orders?" asked Anderson.

"What is the status of your ships Anderson?" asked Willians.

"Bad sir, only a few are still combat-ready, the others need serious repairs to keep fighting, we try to make some hit and run tactics but as you said their numbers give them an advantage, in the end, we were forced to jump to this place so we can make some repairs"

"I see, listen, in about nine hours the gate will be ready and at that moment the fleet will come with everything that they had, but the Turians ships around the relay are a trouble, we need to find a way to clear a path for our reinforcements," said Willians.

"About that sir, I got an idea, an insane one but I believe that it can cause chaos around the Turian fleet and if we coordinate our time it will be around the same time that our ships will be arriving," said Tolwyn.

"At this moment I will take anything and you are the experts on fleet's tactics"

"I give the order to arm all the star eagle with anti-ship missiles; I plan to send two groups of fighters, one to attack the ships over the planet and the other one to attack the ships around the relay."

"Fighters against a full fleet?" asked Willians.

"They do not need to win, just cause chaos around their formation," said Tolwyn.

"But they will be able to get close enough to cause that chaos?" asked Willians.

"We had run this simulation since we found that alien dreadnought on Mars; their defense system will ignore anything that does not possess element zero on it and will label it as space trash and only take action if that trash is on a direct collision course with their ships. The Star Eagles will fly on a superior vector to avoid activating their defense and once they are over their fleets, just like the dive bombers of WWII, they will dive and release their missiles," said Tolwyn.

"But that will be enough to cause chaos in their ranks?" asked Willians.

"Our anti ships missiles were designed to destroy ships similar to the one that we found on Mars, besides they would not be able to ignore the Enterprise once it jumps right next to them and fires its main weapon," said Tolwyn.

"That is insane," said both Anderson and Willians.

"This is not the first time that a Ship named Enterprise has to face an entire enemy fleet alone and won; we will be fine, also we do not have another choice if we want to win this battle," said Tolwyn.

"I will inform the Chaldea HQ that the attack will begin in 8 hours and 44 minutes," said Willians.

"We will be ready"

With that, the communication ended.

General Willians proceed to make contact with the HQ and proceed to inform them about the arrival of the Enterprise.

"It is seen that the oracle division was right and the Enterprise will be a key factor in this war," said Kiritsugu.

"What are your orders Mr. President?" asked an Admiral.

"We will follow Tolwyn's plans, at this moment, and based on the information from the oracles, this is our best chance to victory"

A few hours later, Back in Shanxi.

The Enterprise was in the process to send all its fighters into the battle. The plan was simple, they will fly high to be undetected, and when they are over their targets, they will attack.

However, to increase their chances to avoid the enemy sensors they will turn off all the no essential systems, so now that they are in fly formation they will speed up to battle speed heading to their targets.

Even in an era where magic and science become one so many people still question, why a fighter that looks to be designed for operating inside an atmosphere does operations in the space.

The answer was simple because that way it could operate in the space and the atmosphere and be good in both.

While aerodynamics means nothing in space, they give the star eagles an advantage when they get inside an atmosphere, and with the reactionless thrusters installed inside the fighters, they could operate in the space making turns and maneuvers that only a space fighter could do.

Also, those same reactionless thrusters used with less energy could improve the performance of the star eagles when they flew on a planet.

"Sir, the two groups are heading towards their targets, the blue team will hit the ships that are part of the blockade in the relay, the red team will hit the ships in orbit of Shanxi, their ETA to their targets is 3 hours," said the sensors officer of the Enterprise.

"They are very young," said Tolwyn as he saw the fighters leave into the deep space.

"Sir?" asked Joker.

"This was supposed to be a training tour, the final before they graduate from the academy and now they are the tip of our sword, this will be their first real combat experience and sadly for many, this will be the last one," said Tolwyn.

"Sir, with all respect in this situation it does not matter if you are a rookie or a veteran, we all had the same duty and at this moment we also had a job to do," said Joker.

"You are right, prepare the hyperdrive and the main weapon, as soon as we jump in the middle of their fleet open fire and try to hit as many of their ships with our first shoot, we may not have the opportunity to make a second one"

Oasis colony, Human territory.

This colony was of the last terraformed before the Shanxi colony and now is full of soldiers from the 101 airborne, waiting before the gate.

As a security measure, a Gate can only be connected with a specific gate and every colony has two gates, one that connects them to the previous colony and the second one that connects them to the next one, creating a structure similar to a spider web, if you want to go to the colony number five from Earth, you will need to move to the colony number two, the use their gate to move to the colony number three and the process repeats itself until you arrive at your destination.

Many said that this process was too complicated and that the colonies should have more gates to connect and that this security measure was not necessary, but after the events when the public learned of the Turian attack on Shanxi, they no longer complain about any security measure.

Moreover, while colonies with many gates exist, those are the capitals of sectors and had a big concentration of military force.

Oasis is not one of them, and the reason why there are so many soldiers is that the second gate of Oasis leads towards Shanxi, and for the last hours, they had been waiting for the gate to open so they can show those aliens that they mess with the wrong species.

However, even with all that motivation, they are still very nervous, one of them is a young girl named Jeanne, who was born in France in the area known as Normandy, which is a place that even over two hundred years after the events, they still represent and honor the soldiers that free them when their country fall in WWII, for Jeanne growing up looking at those representations ever since she was a kid was something special and when all the nations of Earth joined to become a single government and army, she jumped at the opportunity to join the legendary 101 division, as she always admires them.

It may be her destiny that her first assignment with the 101 airborne was to be on guard duty to respond in case a colony has any trouble.

At first, she believe that this was some joke, then someone mentioned the possibility of a training exercise, which ended when she saw the declaration of president Kiritsugu Emiya informing the people of Earth of the situation of Shanxi.

Over the last day, they received all the information they had on their enemy, weapons, tactics, and everything they could use against them over the last day.

Jeanne and other soldiers were doing when a new one came running.

"Hey, listen, this is something big!" said another soldier that has just come in a great hurry.

"By the root John, what is the jury?" asked Jeanne.

"The gate from Earth, Three S class has just arrived"

That attracts the attention of everyone, the S class, also known as the Servants, were a force that deserve both fear and respect, ever since the incident in Japan where the world learned about their power, they had received the title of the strongest fighters. The fact that three of them are joining their mission, means that Chaldea is planning to end this as fast as possible.

Jeanne rise her hand to touch her dog tags nervously. However, they were not normal dog tags, while the two are the normal dog tags that have the identification and medic info of the soldiers, the third one is special because it is made of a combination of mystical alloys.

It was developed by the seats of Avalon and inside has a mystic code that in the case that the holder awakes as a pseudo servant will react and provide the material that will change into their noble phantoms.

Like many, she ever wondered if her destiny is to be chosen as one of the legendary heroes of the human story, but she never thought that that was possible or that she will have the opportunity.

The fact that three of them will be leading this attack means that this battle will make history.

"Who they are?" asked one of the soldiers.

"They are all from the Emiya family, Sieg, Archer, and Arthur," said the soldiers.

"The president is sending three of his grandsons?" asked another soldier.

"All his grandkids and kids are servant class" was the answer of another soldier.

Before they could say anything else, the voice of their CO on the speakers attract their attention.

"Attention to the military personal, the gate will be open in 30 minutes, get ready to combat and kill any alien that has a bird face."

As soon as he said this, all the soldiers began to form up with Jeanne as one of the first on the row, looking at the back of three hooded figures.

Whiles this was happening in an alien space station that was the center of the Citadel power, councilor Sparatus receive the call for an emergency meeting, and considering the information that he has just received from his homeworld, he already knew what this meeting is about and all that he could do was ask to the spirits why he accepted this work.

End of the chapter.